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Porn sites have entire sections of stories and videos of cuckold men who are embarrassed and shamed by their wives and their wives’ lovers. What you don’t find very often is the other side of the coin — the cuckquean. The wife or girlfriend that watches and is shamed and insulted by the husband or the lover. I can only surmise that men are nervous to piss off women who like to be the hotwife with their Bull and their cuckold husband but can’t handle it the other way around. Well, then, just don’t read on, because I fully intend to let my freak flag fly and my fantasy out there. Just like the cheating hotwife still loves her husband she is cuckolding the same can be sad of the cheating husband. My fantasies are about cheating, cuckold and breeding other men’s wives while either they or my wife are watching. These are fantasies…that is all.

Mike unlocked the door of his small investing firm and held it open for his wife, Eva. As they entered, he turned the lights on and checked the temperature in the front office. His wife went into her office and he flipped the light on in his office and put his briefcase down and hung his jacket on the coat rack. Sitting at his desk he turned his computer on and looked at his calendar. The new secretary was supposed to start today. What a tasty piece of ass that one looks to be, he thought to himself.

He was a successful investor and had put together quite the fortune while making other people rich as well. He was of Hispanic origins, Cuban, Puerto Rican or some such Latino identity. He was in his mid-thirties, handsome and intelligent. He kept his body in good shape with morning runs and gym routines two or three times a week. He didn’t wear his money so someone would meet him on the street and not really guess that he was doing pretty good for himself. His wife and he had two kids, a boy and a girl, both were in high school. Eva’s family was from Venezuela, wealthy oil tycoons back in their country before it went to shit. They managed to see disaster coming from a mile away and had taken their money and left, coming to the U.S. and settling in Texas, only to take their money and experience and get back into the oil business. Eva was beautiful, dark and exotic, with the perfect figure. She had that classic hourglass figure, a bubble butt, perfectly proportioned waist, and large beautiful breasts. Despite having two children she had maintained herself well. She had dark smoky eyes and long black hair.

Eva was a submissive by nature and she adored her husband, an adoration that, frankly, he did not deserve. To say he was a philanderer was to put it nicely. He was a man whore who cheated when and where he wanted and with whomever he wanted. He did not even try hiding it from her. Rather than being mad at him, she was proud that other women wanted her man and that, no matter what he did, he still came home to her whenever he was done with…well…whatever or whomever he was doing. She hated the fact that the humiliation of it all turned her on so much. She would listen to him tell her about some hot piece of ass he had fucked and she would clean the woman’s cum off his cock while she rubbed her own cunt and listened to his stories.

She remembered the first time she had discovered he was cheating. She had been horny as hell and he had worked late. When he walked in the door she was half naked and on her knees waiting for him. When she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out she could smell another woman’s pussy on him. She had started to get up and yell at him but he just grabbed her long black hair and shoved her face into his crotch. She had instinctively opened her mouth and taken him in. “Say hello to Miralda’s pussy, Eva, Mi amor.” He had said, “She said she hopes you enjoy the taste of her cum and she wanted to thank you for letting her use your husband’s cock.” She had teared up, even cried, but couldn’t deny that she felt a sense of pride and even lust as she had slobbered up all of the woman’s residue cum on his cock. That had been the first…and there had been many since. She shook her head and tried to focus on her work. The new office assistant was supposed to start today and she could not help but notice how her husband’s eyes had gleamed as he checked out the younger woman during the interview process. Eva had no doubt where this was going and she had mixed emotions about it though it was clear her pussy did not as she was getting sopping wet at the thought of it.

There is really something wrong with you, she thought to herself, not for the first time.

Samantha walked into the office and went to the desk that Mr. Sanchez had said would be hers. She stood up and straightened the tight pencil skirt that showed off her ass perfectly and fluffed the waistline of her satin white button up blouse and checked the cleavage on her blouse. The way her new boss had looked at her during the interviews had not been lost on her. Having met his wife she knew that he had a beauty he could fuck all the time and that he would look at her when he had THAT she was quite kaçak iddaa proud of herself. She had always liked older men and the dynamics of secretary and boss had always been fodder for her fantasies when she was rubbing her clean shave pussy.

She was like a freaking fashion model, beautiful with her blonde hair, blue eyes and alabaster skin. She looked like a porcelain doll and was every man’s wet dream. She had long legs and a gorgeous ass that was just perfect. Her breasts were beautiful and firm. She wore a bra more because polite society required it, because she was perpetually horny and because her nipples would have cut through the material of her blouse if she didn’t, she sure as hell did not need a bra to keep up her firm, pert young tits.

“Welcome aboard, Sam, and good morning. I trust you had a great weekend,” Mike said as she entered the office.

She turned around to see her new boss, Damn he looks good, she thought to herself. Indeed, he entered the room with a presence and the way he eyed her was like a wolf watching his prey, which was not too far from the truth.

Eva exited her office and had a big smile on her face as she said, “Good morning, Sam, you look lovely this morning.” Turning to her husband she said, “Now Miguel, go easy on her, you can’t eat her up, yet.” She laughed lightly as she took the young blonde woman in her arms for a friendly hug. She had watched the young woman enter and it was clear from the way she dressed and how she walked that she clearly had the same thing on her mind. No question now; this is going to happen, Eva thought to herself.

The day went smoothly and swiftly with Eva teaching Sam what she needed to know to do her job. Eva sent Sam into Mike’s office frequently, on purpose, pushing things along smoothly. Her husband deserved to have younger, pretty girls and this girl was a goddess. Eva could practically smell the young blonde’s cunt juice…or was that her own?

As the work day wound down and the front office door was locked, Eva went to the ladies’ room and Sam entered Mike’s office. She had watched him all day and had seen his eyes follow her movements. He had even “accidentally” brushed against her ass with his groin as he moved behind her, his permanent hard on rubbing against her ass. The tension had filled the office all day and she was about to test the waters. As she entered, he motioned to the seat directly in front of his desk and she moved to sit down, carefully crossing her legs in the classic Sharon Stone, femme fatale, move. The move was not missed on Mike and he held her gaze as he reached down to adjust his cock in his pants in a blatant call to her bluff. “Something on your mind, Sam?” He asked with a wink as she looked down at his crotch and back up to his eyes.

“A lot, how about you?” she replied with a pointed look at his growing crotch.

He chuckled, “You know Robin Williams used to say that it was a mistake for men to have two heads and enough blood to only run one at a time.”

She stood up and walked to his side of the desk, dropping a heel she sat on the desk and put her nylon covered foot on his chair, between his legs, “I guess it is easy to see which head is doing the thinking.”

Eva walked out of the ladies’ room and could see the little blonde vixen sitting on her husband’s desk. Conflicting emotions again filled her. On the one hand, she wanted to go in there and claw the woman’s eyes out. On the other hand, well, on the other hand, the submissive woman that adored her husband and was proud that he was hers did not want to lose him and…well…she had to admit that it turned her on. The shame and humiliation of that self-admission filled her and she bowed her head, watching her hand slide to the hem of her skirt as she lifted it and began to rub her cunt through her panties.

The slight movement caught the corner of Sam’s eyes and she turned her head slightly taking in Eva and her actions. As their eyes met, Sam winked at her knowingly. She slid her foot towards Mike’s cock and said, “I would love to be your assistant in every way, you know?” The way the windows and curtains in his office were set he could not see his wife and was unaware that she was watching everything that was going on. As her stocking covered foot caressed his cock through his suit pants she looked him in the eye and unbuttoned the top button on her blouse.

“You know your wife is in the office, is that a problem?” She spoke loud enough for his wife to hear the conversation enjoying the fact that she was about to fuck her husband with her right there.

Samantha had never considered herself to be a catty woman, she just liked married men. She always had. Married men were safer, they were attached, they were not looking to leave their set life. Besides, it turned her on to insult the wife, to drain their husband’s cum into her tight fuck hole and to send the married man home to his wife with the smell and taste of her cunt on his cock for the homely little wife to clean up. I guess I am a little catty, after all, she thought kaçak bahis to herself as she looked Eva in the eye.

The intoxicated man just shrugged and said, “It wouldn’t be the first time I fuck another woman. Though, she has never been around for it.”

Samantha just grinned at him, “Then maybe we should invite her in and let her help, what do you think?” She didn’t wait for his answer and stood up and turned to Eva and motioned to her, “Come on in here Eva. There is no sense in you sitting out there all by yourself. Make yourself useful at least.” The sweet young woman was gone and in its place was a catty little fuck toy that wanted nothing more than to humiliate the wife just to please the man sitting behind the desk.

Eva’s face turned red as she blushed from the shame and the embarrassment. She also had to admit she was a little flushed from being so turned on. As she entered the office she was stopped by the young woman, “Stop there at the door, puppy girl, you don’t get to come in here anymore with clothes on.” Her eyes twinkled as she looked at Mike and said, “Sir, may I take this puppy girl and train her to be useful for something?”

Mike was getting even more turned on, if that were even possible, by the turn of events. “Sure, do what you can with her.”

Walking over to Eva, Sam slapped her face and said, “From now on, once the doors to the office are locked you are to get completely naked like a good little bitch, is that clear?” The wife just nodded and bowed her head, her eyes watering from the stinging slap.

“Well??” Samantha said in a silky smooth voice, “Get naked.” Eva reached for the top button of her silk blue blouse and began undoing the buttons as the blouse opened she dropped it off her shoulders and hung it on the doorknob. Next, she unbuttoned her skirt and dropped it in a pool around her feet. She stood there in matching light blue satin and lace panties and bra, her panties already dark in the crotch area from the cunt cream that had soaked through. Samantha noticed it and looked at Mike, “Sir, I think she likes it.” Eva just shivered in shame and humiliation as she reached for the clasp on her bra, removing the material she dropped it on the floor and then pushed the panties down to join her skirt and bra.

Samantha noticed the thick bush. Mike had never liked it but, no matter how many times he had said something about it, Eva had refused to shave it or even trim it. In a way, she had held onto the stubborn determination to keep it more to piss him off and thus push him towards other women for the conflicted sexual turn on that she craved but couldn’t understand. Samantha sneered at her as she reached out and grabbed the bush firmly and pulled on it hard. “No wonder he doesn’t fuck you, bitch, you are a nasty little cunt.” Eva cried out in pain as she came closer to Same to try to lessen the pain. “Undress me so you can get me ready to fuck your husband, puppy girl.”

Eva obediently reached out and unbuttoned the blouse admiring the ivory white skin as it was revealed inch by inch. As Samantha shrugged the blouse off, Eva grabbed it and made sure to not put it where it could get wrinkled. Unzipping the pencil skirt she pulled it down and placed it with the blouse. Sam had already loosened the bra and taken it off throwing it on the chair as Eva knelt in front of this blonde goddess she could smell the younger woman’s arousal as she pulled down the panties. As Samantha stepped out of them she said, “Now stay on your knees,” as she grabbed her hair and dragged her, the woman rushing on all fours to follow.

Mike had just sat there and watched the happenings, intrigued and incredibly aroused, his hard cock straining at his pants. As Samantha approached, his wife in tow, she winked at him.

“Look, Sir, at this little bitch puppy girl I found in the office.” Samantha looked at Eva and said, “Now I want you to fish your husband’s cock out of his pants for me.” Eva shook her head no even as her hands reached out to unzip his pants, reaching into his pants, as he watched her, she grabbed the hardened meat as she pulled it out of his pants. She leaned forward to kiss it and was abruptly pulled back, “No you fat hungry sow, you don’t get to taste his cock, you aren’t worthy to, not as long as I am around.” Pulling Eva’s hair and pulling her head back she spit in her face.

“That cock is mine anytime I am in the room. Besides, why would he want to have a fat hairy slob like you slobbering all over his magnificent fuck stick?” Eva just nodded her acquiescence as the young woman laid claim to what was hers by marriage. She still had her husband’s cock in her hand and was about to release it when Sam said, “And what would you like me to do with that hard cock?”

Eva looked confused, “Whatever you want, I guess?”

“Not good enough,” the young woman replied.

Eva took a deep breath and whispered, “Please pleasure and take care of my husband’s cock.”

Samantha looked at her and replied, “And why do you want me to do that, can’t you?”

Eva shook her illegal bahis head, “No, he deserves better than me. He deserves a beautiful young woman to pleasure him like I can’t.” Eva’s voice choked up a moment even as her cunt juices leaked down her inner thigh.

Samantha stepped in front of the woman, still on her knees and says, “Hold it for me, puppy girl.” Samantha was straddling Eva’s arm, her wet cunt right in front of Eva’s face even as she held her husband’s cock for the young woman who bent over to take it in her mouth even as her cunt was pushed right into Eva’s face. “Go ahead and lick my pussy, puppy girl, taste a superior cunt, and get it ready to take your husband’s cock.” Eva had tasted other women on her husband’s cock before but had never actually licked another woman’s slit. “Snap to it bitch,” the young blonde said, “And if you do a good job I will allow you to suck your husband’s cum out of my snatch.”

Just when Eva thought she couldn’t be any more humiliated she was taken down another notch as she leaned forward and drank in the scent of the young woman before reaching her tongue out tentatively to lick the length of her slit. She tasted the young woman’s cream and then buried her face in it as she sucked on her lips, her clit, and buried her tongue as deep into her love tunnel as she could. At the same time, she could feel the young woman take her husband’s considerable length and thickness deep into her mouth and down her throat till her lips were pressed against Eva’s hand. It was surreal how she felt licking this young woman who was about to fuck her husband even while her lips swallowed his cock and caressed her hand, reminding her that she not only was “allowing” this as it were, but was assisting.

Mike just groaned in pleasure at the hottest scene he had ever seen. He was throbbing in the young woman’s mouth and throat. She pulled her lips off him and kissed his neck, “Sir,” she whispered softly, “may I please remove your pants so I can take you inside me? I really need to feel you deep inside me.” Mike nodded as he stood up, his wife’s hand slipping off his cock. Samantha undid his tie and then his shirt tossing them on the desk and quickly unbuckled his pants and pushed them down along with his boxer briefs he pushed his shoes off and stepped out of his pants and then sat back down in his chair. The young blonde turned around and looked at Eva, “Be a good puppy girl and put your husband’s cock where it belongs.”

Eva inched forward on her knees and reached out grabbing her husband’s cock as Sam sat down, holding it for her she guided it into the young woman’s pussy. She could hear the almost slurping sound as her husband’s fuck meat slipped into the tight cunt. She was about to move her hand when the blonde grabbed her wrist, “No, hold it there.” The blonde shuddered as Mike’s significant cock meat filled her slit and she came almost immediately, her cunt cream running down and over his wife’s hand which only made her cum harder.

Sam reached out and grabbed Eva’s dark long hair and pulled her forward forcing her face into her pussy. “Lick my clit, bite it, suck on it, like a good little bitch.” Eva began licking the young woman’s pussy, her tongue lapping at her husband’s cock as it rammed in and out of her. Mike was lost in the moment, his hands grabbing Sam’s hips as he fucked the young blonde, his wife’s tongue bathing his cock as it pistoned in and out of the young woman. All he could do was growl as he felt like the king of the world in this very moment. “I didn’t know you had such a good little puppy, Sir. You never mentioned that in the interview.” Looking down she saw a tear run down Eva’s face, “Aw the poor fat sow is crying, but her cunt is flowing, so which one do we believe?” He couldn’t stop fucking her long enough to answer as she rode his cock.

“Back up tubby,” Sam said as she pushed Eva away. Standing up she turned around and straddled Mike again, this time with her ass facing Eva. “Do be a dear and put your husband’s cock back in me,” she purred as Eva moved to obey. As his cock entered her tight hole again she looked back and said, “Look closer, fat sow, and look at what a superior pussy looks like. And then spread my ass cheeks and lick my asshole.” Eva moved without thinking and slathered the tight brown star of the blonde with her tongue. Eva ran her tongue around Sam’s asshole then down between her thighs over her cunt lips, down her husband’s cock and suckled on his balls and licked the young woman’s cum juice off them.

Meanwhile, Mike was about as far gone as he could go, his cock began to throb and Sam could tell he was about to cum. “Please, Sir, cum inside me. Breed me. Put that hot baby cream inside me while your wife licks my ass.” Eva could see as his cock moved, the member throbbing as his cum began to pump through his shaft into the pussy mere inches away from her face. He came and came, filling the younger pussy up till it was overflowing and seeping out around his thickness. As the white cream dribbled out she instinctively leaned forward and licked at his cum, lapping at Sam’s pussy coaxing another orgasm out of her as she consumed their mixed juices. As Samantha collapsed on his chest she kissed him and he kissed her in return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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