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The birds chirped and the sun shined through the windows. It was a beautiful morning and I intended to take full use of the day. Not to say I did anything different but today would be a good one, I knew. So I crossed the yard when I saw her daughter leave for work. Letting myself in, she said nothing as I slipped my boxers down over my morning wood and stepped free.

The tingle started in my toes and spread with each quick stroke of my hand. I was past the point of no return and beat faster. Looking into her eyes, I wanted her to see me cum. But still I couldn’t make eye contact…she was too busy staring at the end of my prick.

Tensing muscles screamed for release. My scrotum, unusually large I have been told, wrinkled up in anticipation. No longer did I feel my testicles swing into the bottom of my hand as they had for the past few minutes. Drawn up closer to my core, I’m sure it looked just like a prune, a hairy prune.

Stroking harder, the tingle seemed to echo from my toes to the hair on the top of my head and back again. Waves Başakşehir escort bayan of pleasure overrode my senses. I coasted on a sea of ecstasy, mere seconds before the first pulse burst from my tip. A roar filled my ears as I clenched my body in anticipation, my hand a virtual blur. The look of disgust that crossed her face was the final straw. With her eyebrows scrunched and her lip in a sneer, I almost felt the sperm leap through my body. Her terror increased as she could only imagine what would soon happen…

Trembling, I stopped pumping briefly and simply gripped my favorite toy by the base. My purple head swelled to enormous proportions as the first white spurt leapt free. One, two, three, strong spurts that very nearly missed my target. A quick reposition of my hips, which altered trajectory, ensured then next three would land successfully where I wanted them. My clenching abs burned with each contraction, sending the tip of my cock to bounce through my hand. Ironically, this bobbing helped Escort Bayrampaşa the seventh glob reach its goal. Nearing the end of this delicious high, I resumed stroking my length, bringing the final few shots out. Nowhere near as strong as the preceding, nine and ten practically fell from my still aching head…and still I stroked.

No more of my juice would come, just strings of clear precum. Or is it aftercum? Catching the light, I briefly saw a rainbow. Coming to an end, I breathed deeply while covered in a smooth sheen of sweat. With my still hard but spent cock swinging free and feeling the cool air on my now empty balls I crossed the room to stand beside her. A small drop of the clear liquid had collected on my head aching to drop free…and join his brothers in the bowl I held in my other hand.

So I picked up the spoon sitting on the table and scooped it up. Feeling the cool metal on the overly sensitive tip sent a shiver through my body. She quickly glanced down at my still bouncing member Beşiktaş escort and brought her eyes, finally, to meet mine. Filled with loathe and desire, all at once, she resigned to her fate…as she had done since this endeavor began.

Placing the spoon in the still steaming bowl of oatmeal, I pulled a dollop heaping with my male seasoning free. Not a word was spoken as I brought the dripping mess to her lips. After a brief hesitation, the cavern opened. No teeth poked from her gums, she refused to wear her dentures anymore so what did she care. Her only stipulation was that whatever food she received was soft enough to gum down.

The first bite was always the hardest for her. Never having smoked, she tasted every bit of my male mayonnaise that covered her breakfast. I then handed her the spoon. Her liver-spotted hand shaking as she took it Every morning was always the same, the struggle of the first spoonful, but it faded faster than it rose. She always ended up wolfing down whatever I sat before her. She wouldn’t remember it anyway. All she said was “Too salty.”

I had the best of everything. I got paid to jerk off and feed it someone! All I had to do was keep an eye on my elderly neighbor and make sure she got a “filling” meal. Sure, I’m sick. Sure, I’m a perv. But I also have a pocket full of money, an empty ball sack, and no one to tell on me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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