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The front door opens, and you enter, weary and feverish, shutting and locking the house behind you. You manage a half-hearted greeting to the dogs as they happily circle your feet, wagging furiously, ever-thrilled to have you near. Once the dogs have been satisfied with a pet and a few friendly words, you place your backpack on the dining room table and remove your jacket. Just as you place it over a chair, you suddenly stop what you’re doing, unable to breathe at the sight in the kitchen.

I’ve been waiting for a while now, planning this so carefully. The timing couldn’t have been better though, and I can’t contain my grin. I’d actually had the cherry popsicle unwrapped and in my mouth just as you walked through the door. The rented nurse’s uniform — a tight little number in stretchy lycra-cotton — barely contains my breasts, its skirty bottom skimming midway up my thighs only just covering my pantyless self. It’s appropriate, all things considered. You’re not feeling well, and you needed a nurse, so why the hell not? The white stiletto heels I’ve got on have me almost able to reach the cabinets…it’s all so not me, but, again, you needed a nurse, so why the hell not?

My tongue licks in long, tantalizing strokes up and down the popsicle. My mouth engulfs the top, sucking it in deeply, my eyes never leaving your gaze. I release the popsicle out from my liplock and turn my back to you, tossing you a naughty smile as I do. Then I bend over slightly and spread my legs. With one hand on the wall to maintain balance, I reach through and slowly stroke the dripping popsicle against my cunt, having its juicy red coldness circle my inflamed clit. I give you a quick glance over my shoulder to catch your awestruck stare for a second just before I inch the popsicle inside of me, stroking it in deeply then slowly sliding it back out. This goes on for a minute, and the red popsicle juice runs down my thighs. I take the remnants of the popsicle, turning back around, and suck it off the stick, letting its sticky, sugary sourness burn down my throat.

My eyes are drawn to the bulky tightness in your trousers, and you’re there, just frozen to your spot, breathing so heavily. I lick a finger and run it over the trickles of juice staining my thighs, cleaning it istanbul escort up carefully. Then I push everything off the dining room table, and crawl up on top of it. On my hands and knees, I raise my ass up in the air, and give you an inviting smile over my shoulder, my tongue licking the popsicle juice from my lips. You don’t need any further encouragement. You spread my knees apart further and pull me close to the edge of the table. You lean forward while seated in a chair and bury your head between my ass cheeks. Your fingers pry me open, and your mouth and tongue work diligently at the cherry-drenched heat of my cunt. Your tongue curls inside of me and swirls around, licking out the remaining tartness. My moan is loud enough to make the dogs go running back into the living room. I grind my ass and pussy back against your face as your tongue suddenly flicks rapidly over my clit, and your mouth sucks on it, making it swell into a hard, little throbbing morsel. I feel a pulsing, tingling, pull, and it all just becomes more than I can take. I turn around quickly and climb down from the table, straddling you with my hands grasping at your hair. My mouth eagerly meets your own in a wet, sticky, hot kiss. You taste of cherry, of me, of salt and sweet tart.

“Nicer than Nyquil?” I murmur into your mouth.

You let out a little sound, I suppose it’s one of agreement, in the midst of our kiss. I hop off your lap and encourage you up off the chair by the hand, and then I lead you into your room.

You switch on the light, revealing tools of the trade I’m so sublimely sufficient in using. On your nightstand rests a champagne bucket of cool water, a tall glass of orange juice, a few bottles of meds and vitamins, a couple of hand towels, and, the final touch, a thermometer, I pull you to the bed, but not before helping you out of your stuffy dress shirt and trousers. You lie down, patting the space beside you, but I’ve other things in mind. I climb on top of you, straddling and facing you, a thermometer in my hand. I bend to capture your lips in another tangy kiss then release you, dab a towel in the water and wipe your sticky mouth clean, and then avcılar escort I stick the thermometer between your lips and underneath your tongue.

While we’re waiting for your temperature gauge, I slide down your body to nuzzle you through your boxers, inhaling your feverish, utterly masculine scent. I gently pry your engorged cock out to give it air — but only for a moment. With one hand capturing the base of your prick in a tight hold, I use the other hand to take the thermometer from your mouth. I give it a glance over, and, yes, you’re awfully warm, poor fella, and as I stroke you up and down in deft, firm movements with my hand, I can see this probably isn’t going to do much by way of cooling you down. According to your facial expressions, I don’t think it matters much. I lean over and clumsily set the thermometer back down on your nightstand, barely keeping my balance with my hand still gripping and pulling at your solid cock. Then I wiggle myself down and reach for the elastic around your boxers, urging them off you. Your prick is swollen and perfect. I lean over you and nuzzle and breathe hot breaths down its silky-strong length, teasing you with possibility. My mouth surrounds your scrotum, never touching it though, and your moan is loud, edging me to go further with my exploration. Your hands are rubbing at my head, offering me a little nudge… but not yet. I move back up, sliding the length of my body up on yours, reaching over again for a towel.

I sit up, still straddling you, and soak the towel in the bucket of water, squeezing out the excess water. Then I proceed to wipe you down gently, running the towel across your forehead and rubbing down your body with it in long, sensuous circles. Your hands reach up to unsnap the top portion of my outfit, freeing my full breasts from their confinement, and then you massage them in the same, slow, circular strokes I’m using to rub down your shoulders and chest. I turn around awkwardly, swinging my legs over and repositioning myself so that now my back is facing you and you can massage my pliant breasts from behind. That has to stop though as I’ve honed in on your groin, patting down the area around your cock with the towel, then squeezing your cock briskly through şirinevler escort the damp material. I toss the towel aside, and, in one swift movement, I grasp the hem of my nurse’s dress and pull it over and off me, leaving me in nothing but those strappy white stilettos.

I bend over your prick, my tongue flicking lazily over its ripe head. I slowly, deliberately, slide my juicy pussy over your torso as I shift down in a comfortable position so that I can take you fully into my wet, waiting mouth. My mouth sucks deeply at your hard cock, my tongue lapping languorously at its underside. I let my fingers form a ring around the base of your cock, pulling its skin up and down as I suck and nibble at you. My free hand gently caresses and then squeezes your balls as I suck harder, drawing my mouth until it halts at the plump, satiny head of your prick. I let you go, releasing you from the hot recesses of my mouth and letting my tongue dance underneath the head. My tongue swirls around and around it then licks up and down the underside of your prick in heated strokes. I feel your hands rub at my asscheeks just as I take you once more into my mouth, sucking at you forcefully. I jerk at the root of your prick with one hand and tease your balls with the other, cupping them in my hand every so often, as I continue to suck hard at you. I pull you deeper in so that the head of your cock is softly hitting the back of the roof of my mouth with every eager pull. My rhythm grows faster, my mouth inhaling you in further, as far as I can take you. Your body quivers a little under my touch. Then with one final, gentle squeeze and tug, you burst in my mouth, and you gasp in a long, jolting shudder. Your come slides down my throat, and I suck every last, salty drop from you, milking you until you collapse back down on the pillows with a sigh of sheer contentment.

I release my lips from your cock, licking you once more as I do. Then I take up the towel from its resting spot on the bed where I’d tossed it and gently resume my sponging you down, taking my time in caring for you. I turn back around, rearranging myself so that I am next to you. I have you take some vitamins and medicine with the juice. Afterwards, I kiss you softly, slowly and lovingly on the lips. You’re beginning to fall asleep, so I tuck the sheets and blanket around you, whispering a good night in your ear, flicking my tongue along your earlobe as I do. You’ll sleep well tonight. I’m sure of it. I unstrap my shoes and throw them on the floor by the bed. Then I snuggle up under the sheets next to you, wrapping you in my warmth…and hoping you’re much better in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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