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Note from author: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 3

I woke the following morning with a smile on my face as I replayed the night before in my mind. Naturally, as usual I saw that I had taken care of myself and then quickly did a mental plan for the day.

I had to clean out the coal shed today in work which was never a pleasant job so needed to make sure that I took spare clothes to work as mine would be very dirty. Following that, I needed to see mother and then it hit me, I hadn’t passed on mothers message to Liz. I quickly made a note and stuck it through Liz’s letterbox on the way to work.

It was a glorious sunny day, and I walked jovially to the bus stop. I resumed my metal to do list and added getting some flowers for Liz as a must do. I wasn’t going to turn up empty handed again, no way.

Once I got into work, I did the other bits and pieces I needed to and it was around 2pm by the time I got to the coal shed. It was at this point that I realised that I really should have done this job first as the scorching sun had heated the shed and I broke out in a sweat just sticking my head inside to get a feel for it.

I made a decision to do the work inside topless so I wouldn’t reinforce the dirt and dust by sweating into my shirt. It was tough going but after about an hour, I had managed to sort the shed out, sweeping the dust out, moving the coal which had collated into the corners towards the door so that it could be used. Another coal delivery would take place in a week or so’s time and what was there should be fine to keep the household running until that point, especially with the hot weather.

I exited the shed and made my way to the scullery to wash up. I used cold water into a bowl and started to wash down the upper part of my body. It was at that moment that Anne the scullery maid, or Annie, as she was known to the staff, entered the room. Anne was a short blond girl, quite pretty with smallish breasts. I knew her vaguely, more so from my mother talking about her than any conversation that I obviously had with her, as I hadn’t dared to previously.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, “I wasn’t expecting anyone in here, sorry Trevor.”

“That’s fine Anne, I’m just cleaning up, wont be long.”

“Well, I need to sort these pans before supper, I will wait if you are fine with that. And please call me Annie, I hate Anne.”

“No problem Annie.” and I flashed a smile in her direction. She looked shocked but recovered her demeanour quickly as I turned my attention back to washing up.

Suddenly, I became very aware of her intently staring at me as I was using the cloth over my arms and chest and I glanced up unexpectedly. Annie blushed, as she knew I had caught her, but I decided to make it easy on her and just went back to what I was doing. Inside, I had a smile of satisfaction as I wondered if she was turned on by my naked torso but I let the thought go as I finished up and put my shirt back on.

“All yours Annie.” I said as I smiled and walked past her and out of the scullery.

When bursa escort I visited mother later, she confirmed that Liz had visited and that they had had a great catch up chat. This seemed to have invigorated my mother and she asked all sorts of questions about my day and how the Fernsby household was doing. I reassured her that everything was fine and that the arrangements, which she had put in place prior to her stay in hospital, were working out well.

I said my goodbyes and left the hospital, stopping by the gift shop outside to grab a bunch of flowers for Liz and then made my way home.

Even though I had washed down earlier, I still bathed when I got home and 7.30 on the dot I knocked on Liz’s door to hear her familiar greeting.

I walked into the kitchen to see her at the sink. She was wearing a white, backless, free flowing dress and I approached her from behind, put my arms around her, kissed her neck and presented her with the flowers “Oh Trevor! They are beautiful, thank you so much!” and she turned in my arms to face me. Our lips met and I enjoyed a long lingering kiss.

“You must be hungry, have a seat and I will find a vase for these and then dish up.”

I sat down and we ate, freely discussing our days and what we had done. Liz told me that my mother had asked how I was and we both laughed when Liz said she had told her that she was most definitely looking after me.

I told her about mine, and my encounter with Annie, which peaked Liz’s interest. “Do you like her?” she asked.

“She is pleasant enough, but she isn’t really my type.”

“But you don’t know your type yet. You should ask her out, see how it feels. As you know, this can’t last forever, and you need to find someone who will make you happy beyond just the physical.”

After supper and cleaning up, we moved to the living room. I was surprised when we entered, as the room was almost in darkness apart from a few lit candles here and there. There was soft music playing from a radio in the corner.

“This is romantic.” I said as I ran my hand up and down her arm.

“I’m glad you think so, that’s exactly what I had hoped. Now, why don’t you let me show you how much I’ve thought about you today.”

With that, she stepped in close to me and put her arms around my neck and we started to slowly sway and dance. Having two women bring you up does have some advantages, as I had been the stand in dance partner for both my mother and Liz over the past few years. Many a Saturday night had been spend swaying in turn with both of them to music on the radio.

This was different though, there was an intimate, innate communication between us and my hands were wandering up and down Liz’s bare back, lightly touching the bare skin and gathering sensory overload as Liz herself had wandering hands, squeezing my behind and feeling her way up my own back.

“Tonight, we will explore something new,” she said as she started to unbutton my shirt “although I will tell you what you can do, you should only do it if you feel you want to.”

After my shirt, my trousers were next, followed by my briefs.

“Hey, didn’t someone say something about this being one sided?” I laughed standing naked in front of her.

“For the purposes of this exercise, I don’t bursa escort bayan want you getting too excited too soon.” she murmured and with that, dropped to her knees in front of me.

“Hhhmmmm, I’ve been looking forward to this since Tuesday.” she said before taking my cock in her hand, pumping it a couple of times and then taking me into her mouth.

“Oh fuck, Jesus Liz!” I moaned as she worked it in and out of her mouth, swirling the head with her tongue before driving it back down her throat. The feeling was indescribable from the vibration as she hummed contentedly whilst doing this.

With her other hand, she was cupping and massaging my balls as she worked her way backwards and forwards. I looked down to see her staring straight back up at me, and then she let my cock slip from her mouth before saying “Going to need a bit more practice to get this all the way in.” and then resumed her attention to my cock.

I knew that I wouldn’t last long like this but that didn’t seem to worry her as she sped up bobbing her head until at last I was fully in her. At this point, she started to moan louder and I noticed her hand had moved from my balls and was now between her legs and she was playing with her clit, rubbing it harder and faster in time with her other hand and mouth.

I heard myself say in almost a hoarse whisper “I am going to cum Liz.” and instantly she pulled me as deep into her mouth as I would go. This was the final straw as I felt my cock nestle at the back of her throat and I unleashed a torrent of cum. There was so much it was dribbling out of the side of her mouth as she fucked me with her mouth and tried to take it all. It didn’t help her that she had reached her own orgasm seconds after and I could feel her shaking as it coursed through her.

She sucked me clean as I withdrew from her mouth and I was amazed as she just swallowed the entire amount. “Oooppps,” she said as she ran her fingers over her mouth, chasing escaped cum before sucking it off them “missed a bit.”

I collapsed into one of the chairs as I felt spent. I looked down to see my cock was now flaccid which was unusual when I was around Liz.

Liz got up “Righto mister, its your turn now. Like I said, I will show you what I like but if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.”

“Are you kidding?” I asked “I would walk over broken glass right now if you wanted me to.”

“Well, we will see wont we?” and she moved the other chair closer to mine.

She didn’t undress but simply took off her knickers and sat in the chair with a leg over each arm as she had the night before.

“Come over here then.” She said as I moved to kneel in front of her, her skirt draping between her legs obscuring my view of her pussy.

She lifted her skirt to reveal herself “What I want you to do is to listen very carefully. I want you to start by kissing me here,” she pointed to a spot on her upper thigh “and then work your way up. I will tell you where to go.”

I knelt in between her legs and took in the aroma of her sex, pushing myself further inwards until I felt my lips touching her skin “Aaahhhhhh” she groaned as I started placing small wet kisses on her legs, alternating between them. I paused and blew gently on the wetness I had left escort bursa which caused her to shiver before I went back to working my way upwards.

I was determined to give her the same pleasure she had me, so I followed her instruction and made the journey, slowly but surely towards her pussy.

“Firm up your tongue and lick along the slit, don’t lap at it like a dog, use it like a finger.” she requested once I had got to her entrance. I had seen Liz’s pussy the night before and she had informed me through our lesson, that she took care of her ‘lady garden’ as she put it but warned me that again, all women were different in how they preferred their pussy’s to look.

I duly obliged on her request, carefully listening to the sounds of her breathing to gauge what was working and what wasn’t. When I ran the tip of my tongue over her firm clit, she let out a little gasp “Oh…Oh!” she panted.

I wasn’t letting her get her own way straight away though, reasoning that she had built me up to coming, so therefore she should suffer the same. I moved backwards, down her legs again with small kisses and she whined that she wanted my mouth on her ‘Where are you going?” she complained “back up.”

“What’s good for the goose.” I mumbled and once Liz had calmed down a bit, I started again, only this time, once I got to her clit, I inserted a finger into her “Oooooooohhhhhh, yyeeeessssss!” she hissed “more!”

Again, I teased her by moving backwards again but not so far this time before charging back to her clit, sucking it in my mouth.

Liz wasn’t expecting my return so soon and I found her hands clamped around the back of my head, pulling me into her, stopping me from moving away again. As I sucked on her clit, I inserted two fingers this time and worked them against the upper walls of her pussy.

Suddenly, Liz started to pant “Going to cum, going to cum, don’t you dare fucking stop, going to cum!” she repeated, and I could feel the start of her body going tense, her back arching towards me.

“Ccccuuuuummmmmmiiiiinngggg!” she screamed, and I was rewarded by a flood of juices from her pussy, which filled my mouth. I liked the taste and was still working her clit with my mouth, sucking it in and flicking my tongue on it. Remembering how sensitive she was after coming, I started to ease off, but Liz held my head in place forcibly “Don’t stop! Going to cum again!!!” she wailed as she bucked against my mouth one more time.

This time, she pushed my face away from her “Oh my god! That was….amazing!”

I felt, well, proud of what I had done, as I could see that she had experienced what I had and that I wasn’t some boy but a man, an equal who had received pleasure and then given it.

Liz sat back up slowly, a dishevelled look on her face. She noticed my cock had sprung back to life “I know what you want,” she whispered in my ear “but not tonight dear, besides, I don’t think I could take anymore.” and she got up. I grinned and stood up, getting dressed and ready to go back to my house.

“When will we have sex?” I asked, “I am not pressuring you or anything, but I want to make the most of the days we have left.”

“Soon lovely, soon,” she replied “it will be worth the wait, don’t worry. Did you like eating me though?”

“Loved it!” I said, grinning like a madman.

She came over, kissed me and said, “Not as much as I did love. I am spent so I am going to bed. I will see you tomorrow?”

“Absolutely! Goodnight Liz.” as I left for home.

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