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Coffee shops are the new bars when finding eligible sex partners that have more substance than your drunken hookup from some Shady’s Bar and Grill. Women may feel powerless if they can’t persuade the opposite sex by wearing a low cut, hiked up slinky thing while prancing around with a half empty mug of sex on the beach, most likely less drunk than acting. Instead, we should ravel in this brand new age of progression as the women who marched together to gain voting rights had. Still my kind of hook up involves playful glances building up chemistry not just heat of the moment titillation while pheromones are blazing and sweat is mixing with drinks and saliva. So these days I don’t just linger around coffee shops because I’m a coffee addict—I can make coffee at home, I linger in hopes to catch an eager but unsuspecting prey with good taste and maybe even some brains. Maybe that reveals my taste in men? I have to admit I am attracted to nerds; good looking, sexy nerds with big cocks. And uncircumcised cocks would be best, please. And I’m sorry if I’m too straight forward or if this sounds like some Craig’s List ad. I’m not going for that but I am the kind of girl that can tell you exactly what I like, when I like it and how for that matter. Just listen and learn fellows.

Women are fucking hard to please sexually and emotionally. Jeez guys you are the king of saints trying to understand what we like or how we are feeling in that second let alone understand how our bodies will react to whatever the hell you think you are doing. So I make it plain and simple. I pick up the guy, who has nothing to lose and doesn’t even need to impress me. I am like a hawk: I scan the room and check off my list. Is he single? Is he married but seemingly in a bad state because of a domestic fight or perhaps he forgot the eggs and milk on the way home? Is he older than me or no more than 3 years younger than me? I’m into older men but once in a while a younger man will catch my hawk eye because, I can admit when pure perfection is in the finest. Beauty is irresistible. Lastly I scan their build. What? Really, you think men are the only superficial ones? That’s right, I’m looking for a full head of hair, decent brows, bulging pants bahis siteleri and tightness in the upper body. And the clothes say it all, my friend, even if they aren’t tight I can still make out what they would look like naked behind me fucking me into submission.

Now don’t get offended please, but really at this point in my life I want a hottie no less than a 6 on the hottie scale, pumping his no less than 6 inches of fleshy goodness into my soaking wet wonderland of fun. If the guy isn’t quite sure what to do with my double D’s I will give them all the orders they need to take control back into their own hands and turn me into hot oozing lava. All they have to do is sit back, open their ears and listen to my orgasmic cues and they will feel quite accomplished as a man. If the man I pick is not meeting my expectations, I simply end our encounter immediately with no apologies and make them leave or I leave if we went to his place. It’s that simple; no attachments, no multiple hook ups, no digits or facebook profiles exchanged. I’ve learned from experience that sentimental goodbyes and ‘thank you that was nice let’s do it again’ never works, and I had to learn the hard way.

Three months had passed since boyfriend
and I had broken up. Boyfriends earn their title after dating me for 8 months inclusively, meaning we are still dating other people while seeing each other and at that point I will either stop seeing them, continue seeing them and other people or ask them to become exclusive. So boyfriend
, lucky 7 was out of the picture and I was happily satisfying myself and keeping to myself for three months when Jake came along. It was a coffee break at Starbucks and I only had 40 minutes left before my hour lunch break was over. I work at a well known corporate banking headquarters where I coordinate meetings with expensive clients, supplying tapas and drinks. I was checking emails when Jake walked in line to order. Something urged me to lift my head and like clockwork there he was and I just about fell over. All my playful glances bullshit just dissolved in espresso steam. Almost immediately, my vagina began to tingle and I watched him for a few minutes, checking off my list. As far as I could tell canlı bahis siteleri this guy was single, it was his day off, he seemed innocently bored and he definitely needed something better than coffee to pep up his day. I gulped the last sip of my mocha with a shot of espresso down and threw away the evidence and then I walked up to his ear and whispered softly,

“You don’t know me, and I’ve only got 40 minutes but I think I have something for you that coffee won’t.” Jake turned toward me with a sweet grin and a bit of a confused look. “If you aren’t doing anything, we can take a cab back to my office building and I’ll let you taste the coffee I just wiped on my pussy for you.” It was intentionally raunchy but it worked. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other in the cab the entire way. I put his hand up my pencil skirt and he felt how wet I was already. I grabbed his biceps and squeezed as I cried out how strong they felt and he finger-teased me until the cab stopped at our destination. I almost came from the excitement and from not having any action in so long. I wanted him to rip my skirt off and fist me right there in the cab. I have the proper badges and keys so I took him to the back entrance and found an unoccupied storage space on a level that didn’t get too much traffic.

That’s when things got wild with only 30 minutes to spare. I told him to take off his clothes as I began unbuttoning each button of my silk in royal blue blouse. My Victoria Secret bra accentuated my breasts quite well so they looked perfectly fake. He had just taken off his pants when I grabbed his hands and had him unclip my bra as I slipped out of my skirt to comfortably kneel down onto my knees. I pulled down his boxer-briefs and he played with my hair. For a long minute I checked out his big beautiful cock before sucking it steadily but as fast as I could since time was of the essence and I still wanted to get fucked, hard at this point, really hard and from behind of course—the only way feasible. He loved it and moaned quietly with delight. He placed his hand on the back of my head and I love that only when I want it there, this moment being one of those moments. So I sucked deeper but a little slower and twisted canlı bahis upward as I slid up and down with my mouth. I played with his balls slightly and then grabbed his cock with my hand and smacked my double D tits with it.

“This pussy is ready for your cock. Do you want to taste it first but not too much?” Jake lifted me up and pinned me against the wall with his face in my crotch and sucked on my clit and licked my vulva until I let out a not so quiet moan. That’s when he pulled me from the wall and flipped me over so quickly I couldn’t keep up, it was so exhilarating. He bent me over and rammed his thick hard cock into me. He pulled it out slowly and rammed it in again. Jake knew how to fuck me before I could even tell him what to do. It was surreal and felt amazing but first times always do with people. Jake grabbed my tits and squeezed them as he pulled his cock out and drove it back in deeper this time and I let out a cry of excitement. He played with my nipples by rolling them in between his thumb and pointer fingers and pinched them with just enough force for that day. Some days the nipples require more pressure than others which is why men, you need to listen to what your woman says she wants or needs. Back and forth, in and out, thrusting and changing speeds and depths.

I cried out for more and he went harder and faster still grabbing onto my tits. He fucked me with his magical cock as I continued to moan with delight until I proclaimed I was going to cum and then without me telling him he put his three fingers on my clit. He rolled his fingers on my clit from side to side as his cock was swallowed by my pussy and a minute later I squirted all over his nakedness and let out a ground shaking gasp of pleasure as my body trembled he flipped me over to face me and came on my chest and face. It was the best fuck in a closet I had ever had and I wanted it again but my 30 minutes were up. How could I get dressed and go back to my job when my vagina was still pulsing as I radiated with smeared in cum cream? Before Jake left I asked him for his number and felt completely shy about it. I apologized for the awkwardness. He put himself in my phone under ‘no apologies, best uncircumcised quickie in a closet’ and I went two floors up to my office 5 minutes late, exasperated but completely buzzing. It had been Jake that gave me something coffee couldn’t and all I could think about was when I could have him again; maybe that night?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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