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Maria looked up at the big gates of the museum and felt like crying. There really was no way out. She would have to wait until daybreak, which was hours and hours away. Maria wondered despondently what time the museum would open. Maybe the cleaners would arrive at 5am, she thought, but that was still a long way away. And what about Tony, her husband? He probably wouldn’t even notice that she was missing, the fat lazy drunkard, he was probably fast asleep in front of the television, watching a baseball game or something.

She began to feel a little nervous, there in the near-darkness with only some dim illumination from the night lights in the vast hallway. As she walked back into the museum, she could hear her own feet clattering against the hard floor of the museum. The only other noise was the distant hum of an electric generator, far away in this huge building.

As she walked she opened her bag to make sure that the Roman dildo was still there. The big, heavy object was still tucked away where she had left it after masturbating in the restroom. The thought of it was strangely reassuring – and still alluring. There was something compelling about the object, and for a moment she thought about going back to the restroom for another session with the toy.

Instead, she wandered to her right towards the Egyptian section. The Metropolitan Museum of New York is famous in the world of antiquities for its priceless collection of Egyptian artefacts – not least an entire stone-by-stone recreation of a tomb where a prince was buried 3,000 years ago. She examined the hyroglyphics on the walls of the tomb, tiny carvings of birds, strange symbols and little characters. “I wonder what it all means,” she asked herself. There were some mummies as well, which made her shudder slightly. The room was a bit creepy, and she decided to head elsewhere. “I suppose I could take in a little culture while I’m stuck here,” she thought. “It’s not like I can get any sleep here or do much else.”

For what seemed like ages – but was probably only half an hour – Maria explored the museum, looking at Byzantine art, ancient Christian glasswork (taken from European churches), “primitive” wooden figurines from west Africa, some of them contemporary, and many other things beside.

Eventually she wound up in the area where she had attended the evening lecture on ancient güvenilir bahis Rome. The chairs had all been put away and cleared. There was no sign that a hundred people had been sat there only a few hours earlier. This time, Maria took her time to look more closely at the many objects in the room. There were amphoras, and beautiful metal necklaces, and bowls made from crystal and stone. One necklace took her fancy – it was made of silver, with a centrepiece of green stone in mosaic set in more silver. She wondered what it would look like on her lower neck, above her ample cleavage.

Maria had been an awkward teenager, and was rarely – if ever – asked out on dates. No one had ever told her that she had a wonderful pair of breasts, mainly because no one else had seen them. As a young woman she had dressed awkwardly, in clothes which covered up her ample figure. She worried about her wide thighs and heavy bottom. Until Tony, she had never had a boyfriend, and no one had ever told her the truth – that she was a sexy young thing. True, there were prettier girls, and thinner girls. But, and this is the objective truth, Maria’s 36 DD breasts were more wonderful than she had ever realised. And, now in her 20s, she had blossomed.

She went to look at the statues, which were scattered around the room in various poses. She was drawn, in particular, to one in the centre of the hall, a young man, with a garland of marble leaves around his head, totally naked, posing on a small podium. Stood next to the statue, she could see the skill of the artist, who had depicted every muscle and twist of his torso and every feature of his beautiful head and face. Idly, she ran a hand across the stomach of the statue – completely flat it was, and so hard and toned – and down between his legs. The stone-carver had made his genitals very small, she thought. Or maybe he was just very slight all over. She stroked his buttocks, which were tight and rock-hard. If only Tony looked like this, she thought to herself. He’s like a God. A stone God from ancient times. He seemed to be staring down at her with an impassive, arrogant look in his handsome features.

Suddenly, she felt an incredible impulse deep inside her. To touch him further, and to lick his body. “This is ridiculous,” she thought to herself. “What on earth are you about to do?” But she was unable to resist the urge, güvenilir bahis siteleri and leant forward to press her face against the statute. Holding it by the buttocks, she ran her tongue up the nearest thigh and up to the marble testicles and cock. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, what about CCTV, what the hell am I doing,” she thought as she began to lick the stone penis in front of her face. Maria did not have much experience of giving head, but she sucked and licked against the impassive stone, imagining that it was a real man, a sexy man.

Bizarre, she thought. I don’t remember the penis being erect. Surely, three minutes ago, it was just a small flaccid thing. But now, no doubt about it, the statue’s cock had risen to six inches or so within her mouth. It was still marble, that was true, but it felt warmer, less stone-like than before. Often when you find yourself in a strange situation you carry on regardless. Sometimes it is easier to continue than to ask too many questions. And that was exactly what Maria did, as she found herself fellating the full six inches of hard stone which had risen from the statue.

With one hand she stroked the statue, feeling the hard ridges of his abs and pecs, so strong and hard. The muscles in his thighs, athletic and strong, hmmmm that is good, she thought.

The situation was so unusual, so horny, that she started to stroke herself between her legs with her left hand. She rubbed through the material of her jeans, feeling her arousal hot and damp under her clothing. Still she sucked and licked the stone manhood which was in her mouth. With the stone cock deep inside her, she looked up at the statute….his face was still immobile, impassive, showing no emotion at all. Maria was so horny that she reached down to undo her jeans, slipped them down her thick legs, and then dropped her knickers. She was now too horny to care. Reaching inside her handbag, she pulled out the stone dildo, and started to rub it against her hot pussy. Still sucking the stone erection, she began to work the dildo into her cunt again. She was so horny that the big marble phallus slipped into her easily, opening her up, easing itself into her. She gripped it greedily, stuffing it in and out of herself.

There she was, with one stone cock in her vagina, and another in her mouth. So this was what it would be like to have iddaa siteleri a threesome, she thought to herself. Well, something like this. She could feel an orgasm starting to build deep betwen her legs as she pumped the marble in and out of her quim.

Just then, something strange happened. Maria felt two hands grip her head. What the hell, she thought? She carried on fellating the big hard cock, which felt warmer and warmer in her mouth. Looking up, she had an incredible shock. No longer was it a statue, looming above her, but a man – a living breathing flesh-and-blood man. “Keep sucking”, said the man. “I’m really close to cumming in your mouth.”

Maria was so startled….the statue….made of marble and stone…was now a human…alive…so she kept on sucking and licking, even as the man gripped her head even harder in her hands. She kept pumping the stone dildo into her hole, rubbing her clit with her spare hand as the dildo slipped almost entirely up between her lips, disappearing into her widening pussy. “I’m nearly there,” said the voice. “I want you to swallow the whole lot.”

And with that, she felt a spasm inside her mouth, and the cock began to jerk within her cheeks and lips, spraying jet after jet of warm liquid into her mouth and throat. Like a good Catholic girl, she carried on sucking, swallowing as streams of spunk hit the back of her throat, swallowing down all of the cum as the statue – or was it a man – came in her mouth. Maria felt his hands tighten around her head as he came in streams and streams inside her mouth.

Maria carried on pumping the stone dildo into her cunt, pushing it hard inside her as she felt her own orgasm build. She clenched tightly around the toy as she felt herself tipping over the edge. Oh my goodness, that feels amazing, she thought to herself as the orgasm flooded through her body.

“My God, that’s good,” came the Italian-accented voice from above. “I haven’t cum for hundreds of years, please excuse me,” it said, as she felt the white liquid spilling out of the corners of her mouth and on to her chin. There was too much cum for her to swallow the whole lot. Down her chin it dribbled, dripping down on to her front. Maria looked up, to see the beautiful face of an Italian man, the same face as the statue, yet now, somehow, alive.

“What on earth is happening,” she asked, releasing the cock fro her mouth and pulling the dildo out from between her legs. The marble object was slick and wet with her pussy juices.

“Welcome to the museum,” said the man. “I am Max. I am going to enjoy getting to know you. And your name is?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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