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This is the smoking fetish version of the well-known fairy tale Rapunzel.

I hope I have not ruined it for anyone. I hope it’s also enjoyable.

Feedback is appreciated but not expected.



Once upon a time there was a couple that had everything, they had the large house, the large garden, they were happy. But they really missed one thing in their lives. For many years the longed for to have a baby, a child that they could bring in to the world together. They both had busy lives and their own careers.

At the back of their house, at the bottom of the garden there was a tall wall with a gate locked from the other side, Ludwig had never tried to climb the wall even as a child, as it belonged to a very scary lady, and she was known as Lady Gotha. The village called her a either a bitch or witch depending on who you spoke to.

Ludwig and Pasha’s bedroom window looked out over the wall and into the ladies garden; on sunny days they could often saw her pottering around in the garden with a rolled cigarette dangling from her mouth as she tended to the various plants and flowers. However, as she was a strange lady, potentially a witch, they were not the usual plants. Ludwig was convinced she was growing and smoking her own tobacco. Often as she got closer to the wall, her smoke would often drift up in to the bedroom. Pasha was the first to complain that the bedroom stank of smoke.


After many years of trying in every room in the house, at every possibility and every position conceivable, and they soon found some that weren’t, after what felt like a lifetime, Pasha finally fell pregnant; the happy couple were over the moon.

There was one exception for Pasha after a several weeks of knowing that she was with child.

“I have a strange craving Ludwig!” Pasha moaned one Wednesday morning.

He rolled his eyes “It’s because you are pregnant!” Ludwig replied between mouthfuls of his toast. “Do you want gravel on your toast this morning?”

“Don’t joke darling, no it’s not for gravel, bacon, or even rice pudding, it’s…how do I put it?”

“I don’t know?”

“Well, hmmm, it’s for a cigarette.” Pasha said as she nervously scratched her head.

“What? Why? You don’t smoke?” Ludwig said tutting in despair.

“I know, but you know I did when I was younger, long before I met you, but it’s true, I don’t smoke. I just have a craving for it!”

“Well can we see if it goes away?” Ludwig asked. “I might do?”

Pasha nodded “I guess so.” She stated reluctantly and picked up her white slice of jam covered toast and started to slowly chew.


“It’s no good Ludwig, I NEED something!” Pasha said as she walked in to the living room after half an hour of pacing up and down the hallway.

“But what can I do about it now?” Ludwig said looking up from his newspaper. “Haven’t got a secret stash of cigarettes we can magic up!”

“I know, I know” she mused “But that awful women, Gotha, our neighbour with he big house, walled garden and forest, she grows tobacco just over the wall?” Pascha suggested.

“Oh yes, and how would we get it and even if we had it, then dry it?” Ludwig asked raising his eyebrow.

“I don’t know, SORT it Ludwig, and use the oven or something. I NEED nicotine…my body is asking for it!” she demanded, her hands on her hips.

“Darling you know it’s bad for you and our unborn child?”

“As is stress, and I am stressed!”

“Pascha, relax please!”

“Yes, I know, I do know, but my body is screaming for it! I don’t think I can eat or do anything until I get some, my body is all of a flutter for it” she said as she started again pacing up and down the corridor.

“I know what, it’s a full moon this evening; I will climb over the wall this evening and see what I can find.” Ludwig said scratching his chin trying to think what to do.


“I’m getting too old for this” Ludwig said as he shimmed up the wall after standing on the dustbin.

“Shh, you will be fine; we don’t want to get caught!” Pasha whispered as she started nervously pacing up and down the garden path in the darkness nibbling on her cuticles as she watched Ludwig finally hop over the wall.

After much scrabbling and rutting Ludwig appeared back over the wall with a handful of the tobacco leaves. “Tada” he chimed as he landed bending both knees holding the collection of leaves. “Now what?” he whispered.

“Is that all you got?” She whispered looking at the grabbed handful.

“How much were you planning on smoking?” Ludwig asked trying his best not to shout.

Pasha ignored the question “Let’s get them in the oven overnight, the leaves need to dry!” she said, pondering how she was going to sleep thinking about the possibility of smoking them.


“What are you going to smoke them in?” Ludwig asked peering over Pasha’s shoulder as she opened the oven door to reveal the roughly dried tobacco leaves.

“Rizla’s güvenilir bahis what else?” Pasha said as she turned around in the kitchen and then opened the bottom sideboard cupboard and dropped down on her haunches and rummaged around pulled out an old brass tin case with a CDN and smiley face stickers on it, which she carefully opened to show lots of old unused cigarette papers in it.

“You what?” he asked with his eyes out on stalks.

“Like I said earlier, I did this many years ago.” She smiled sheepishly. “Help me shred the leaves sweetheart, I can’t smoke them like that.” she grinned. He reluctantly nodded and they both sat around the kitchen table shredding the leaves and putting them in small bags.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Ludwig asked once they had finished as he watched in awe as his non-smoking wife nod and then skilfully roll the cigarette by putting a bit of cereal card in the end, followed by the dried leaf and then rolling the paper up.

“See, just as I thought, it’s like riding a bike?” Pasha grinned as she presented the slightly bent but rolled cigarette between her fingers. She then used the long gas stove lighter to light her first cigarette. She took a couple of deep puffs and exhaled. Coughed then spluttered. “Oh my god, I needed that so much” and she coughed, and then dragged again “That is absolute bliss, I’ve missed this” she smiled the forced the smoke out, she then instantly drew heavily again, as Ludwig coughed heavily as the house started to fill with her exhaled smoke.


Over the coming days and weeks Ludwig got quicker and quicker at climbing over the tall red brick wall before bedtime so they could dry the leaves overnight as Pasha’s craving for and subsequent need for smoking a cigarette increased. They determined it was lot cheaper and environmentally friendly to do it this way than actually buy the tobacco from the newsagents in the city. They had however had to buy more Rizla paper.

Chapter 2

One stormy night Ludwig was looking out the bedroom window as the rain and wind rattled the frames.

“Darling, I can’t hop over the wall tonight, I will kill myself, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“But we don’t have enough leaf for tomorrow’s cigarettes?” Pasha whined. “I am still getting these pregnancy cravings for cigarettes, have I not explained this enough times darling?” She said standing beside her husband, motherly stroking her slightly expanded belly before drawing on the rolled cigarette in the other hand.

“Can I go in the morning?” Ludwig begged avoiding the plume of smoke coming out his wife’s mouth.

“You will have to be early, otherwise Gotha will be out there harvesting her own supply!” Pasha said stubbing the cigarette out in the makeshift ashtray of a bedside drinking glass.

“Thanks darling, let’s hope it’s not too wet in the morning! Can you wash your teeth again before getting in to bed?” He asked hopeful of his wife as she padded back in to the bathroom.


The morning sun was shining through the curtains as Ludwig rolled over into the bed to give his wife a kiss.

“Morning darling, hope you slept well?” Ludwig asked.

“I was tossing and turning all night.” Pasha whined “this pregnancy thing is difficult to get comfortable!”

“I am sorry to hear, that, we have only got a few months to go! Then we will be kept awake anyway!” Ludwig attempted humour.

“True, but your main focus this morning, before going to work, is to get over that wall for me!” Pasha said as huffed as she sat up in bed. “I have enough for this last cigarette,” she stated as she picked up the rolled cigarette on the bedside table and proceeded to light it and inhale deeply on it “and may be couple more in the morning,” she said as she exhaled, “I promise that I do only smoke them if I get those annoying cravings sweetie,” and she inhaled again on the cigarette, flicking the ash in to the glass, “but I will need more leaves this morning, darling.” She said exhaling again and she leaned in for kiss.

Ludwig sighed and accepted the now accustomed smoky kiss, “Okay Darling, I will go and get you some more leaves.” He said as he shuffled out of bed and went to get dressed.


Ludwig climbed on top of the dustbin and shimmed up the wall, and with his usual flourish he flung himself over the top of the wall dropped down the other side, as his feet hit the ground, he heard a noise behind him.

“Ahem” the wizened old Gotha coughed and looked down at him as he landed.

“Oh!” Ludwig said emphasising the O with his lips, whilst looking directly up at Gotha with her cigarette dangling out the corner of her mouth.

“How dare you come in to my garden!” she shouted at him. “More importantly, I assume you are the one that is stealing my important tobacco leaves!” she screeched.

“Err, yes, err, sorry, it’s because of my pregnant wife!” Ludwig grovelled.

“Pregnant you say?” güvenilir bahis siteleri Gotha asked inquisitively and calmly as she nodded.

“Yes, my darling wife is five months pregnant, she got a craving for, err, these leaves, your leaves, we could see them our window,” he nodded up and behind his shoulder, “she has now refused to eat or drink anything until she had smoked them, and it’s getting desperate, it’s all you know, err, unfortunately spiralled from there.” He begged.

Gotha stood there and listened to Ludwig’s grovelling tale nodding and thinking and taking short puffs on her dangled cigarette the smoke drifting from her nose. As he finished, a thought came across her face. She inhaled deeply on the cigarette and removed it from her mouth as she exhaled and grinned showing off her surprising bright white teeth.

“I have a proposition for you. You can take as much of my beloved tobacco leaf as and when you want, using the gate in the wall there, which I will now unlock for you.” She pointed. “On one condition, once your child is born, you give it me! If you don’t, there will be nasty consequences for you, your wife and the child. I promise!” she grinned and smiled and rubbed her old hands.

“What? We have been waiting for years to have our first born; you can’t take it away from us, that is so not fair!”

“That’s the deal, take as much leaf as she needs, but as soon as that baby is born, its mine!” she cackled, laughed then coughed. “You should not worry, I will bring the baby up as if it was my own, it will not want for anything.”

“Are you sure?” Ludwig asked.

“Very!” Gotha stated

“I will have to talk to the wife, and make a decision!”

“No, you shall make the decision now, you can have the tobacco leaf in your hand, and you can have as much as your wife requires, as I try, but I certainly can’t smoke it all” she winked as her bright blue eyes which sparkled within the weathered and wrinkled face t “but you can take some, and continue to harvest it and have as much as your wife wants, if…” she drew hard on the end of the rolled up cigarette, “…I can have your child.” She said with the smoke drifting out of her mouth.

Ludwig panicked “Yes, whatever, certainly, the wife needs to smoke her tobacco leaf, and she wants it now.” He said in frenzy of shear panic, picking up a bundle of leaves, his thought pattern not really evident.


“You did what?” Pasha said tucking her blonde hair behind her ears, whilst the tears tumbled down her red puffy cheeks. “Say again, and slowly you agreed what?” She asked again before dragging hard on her rolled up cigarette and exhaling a plume to the ceiling.

“I am sorry darling, I am so sorry for getting caught, I really should have gone out in the rain last night, I am so, so sorry!” Ludwig cried.

“We will just ignore her, we have tried so hard for this baby,” she pulled up her t-shirt and stoked her extended belly, “look at me, at it, look, we can’t give it away.” She drew hard on the cigarette and cried again as she exhaled.

“Darling, we can’t, she has threatened to curse us both, as well as our child, she is a witch, and you know what the people in the village say. She will not curse us unless she takes the baby away from us.” He cried, “I am so sorry darling” and they both carried on wailing long in to the night as Pasha lit and smoked cigarette after cigarette.

Chapter 3

Over the next few weeks and months, Pasha belly grew steadily larger, her cravings for her cigarettes continued at a pace, even with Ludwig now demanding she stopped for all three of their sakes.

“I’m just having the last one for the night!” Pasha said as she placed her Rizla paper on her belly as she was lying in bed and leaned across and pick up and then sprinkled her dried tobacco leaves in the cigarette just as she finished rolling it, she giggled the cigarette fell into the bed. “Darling did you see that?” She asked.

“What?” Ludwig grumpily replied as he was lying on his side looking away.

“The baby kicked the cigarette off my belly!”

“Darling, it was clearly trying to tell you something.”

“Oh come on darling, it’s not long now, and these cravings should finish!” she replied as she placed the cigarette between her lips.

“Hmmm.” Replied Ludwig as the flame appeared against the darkness of the wall, their heads briefly illuminated against the dark wall, followed by the ritualist cloud of smoke exhaled as she dragged away.


A few weeks later, a little earlier than they expected a screaming, but healthy and beautiful girl was born. They named her Nicole, as a tongue-in-cheek nod to her mother’s incessant need for nicotine during the pregnancy.

Pasha diligently looked after her, as any mother would. She tried hard to minimise her cravings for cigarettes, and tried her best not to smoke when nursing and failed miserably. For the next six months, they fed her, clothed her and brought iddaa siteleri her up thinking that that Gotha had forgotten the deal but still checking over their shoulders she would appear at any second.

The evening that Nicole finally moved on to solid foods and cow’s milk they opened a bottle of champagne they have saved from her birth. Pasha had been looking forward to her first glass of wine with her now ever present cigarettes. She had been telling Ludwig how she used to enjoy a good smoke when in the pub with her friends. They opened the front door and fired the champagne cork out the door and down the garden path. They shut the door and poured then clinked glasses and celebrated.

As they poured the champagne for their second glass there was a loud knock on the door.

“Nic’s asleep, who would knock on the door at this time of night?” Ludwig grumbled as Pasha sipped the wine.

“Answer the door quietly then!” Pascha said before dragging on the companion of her evening cigarette.

“Ah, good evening, where is my darling little baby? I assume no longer quiet so little?” Gotha asked as she marched uninvited in to the hallway and into the kitchen.

“Shush Gotha, she is sleeping!” Pasha asked with a pained expression on her face as she followed her in.

“Ah a sleeping baby girl, how wonderful how lovely and cute! Where is she?”

“She is in her room in her cot.” Pasha replied.

“Excellent, I will be back later to collect that as well.” Gotha grinned.

“You are taking her and the cot?” Pasha asked.

“Of course, that was the deal; I see you are still smoking my tobacco?” Pasha said pointing at the kitchen table with the brass tin and a bag of dried tobacco beside it.

“Err, yes, it’s been rather nice. I thought once the pregnancy came to end, my cravings for the dried weed would have past, but sadly it hasn’t.” Pasha said biting her bottom lip before replacing the cigarette between her lips and attempting drawing again on it between before picking up the lighter and relighting the rolled cigarette and taking another draw.

“They have a habit of doing that!” Gotha said wryly watching Pasha fight her roll up cigarette to get her nicotine hit.

“But why are you taking my daughter?” Pasha pleaded, “She is a good girl!”

“Because, of the deal your husband made with me. You are still taking my goods; I am now going to take yours.”

“Will I be able to see Nic?” Pasha asked.

“Nic…What a wonderful name? Nicky or Nicole? Oh of course you can always see her…from your bedroom window.” Gotha said as she cackled.

“Oh Gotha, that’s not fair! She is a Nicole!” Pasha said before drawing on her cigarette.

Chapter 4

That evening Gotha took the six-month-old child away from her parents and raised her. To Nicole she was great Aunt Gotha. Nicole had the best schooling, and could want for nothing, with exception of her parents who had been lost in a car accident when she was a young child. They often visited a grave yard to pay their respects.

Nicole had freedom as she grew to play in the large woodland, Gotha introduced her to many things, from harvesting, and then drying and rolling the tobacco Gotha smoked. Gotha also introduced Nicole to Gotha’s great uncles folly which was deep in to the woods. Between Gotha and Nicole over the years they set up and modernised the top of the tower initially as tree house, and later with basic amenities of a couple of chairs and bed. They had great fun climbing up the ladder on the outside of the tower passing things up to the top.

There was a young girl that often played in the garden next door called Tabatha, but she was forbidden to either talk to her or to play with her. She was on strict instructions to run away and hide when Tabitha’s dad visited the garden for some of Gotha’s tobacco leaf. As time passed, Nicole realised she had plenty to occupy herself in the large woods.

Nicole grew in to highly intelligent, stunningly beautiful women, with her favourite asset, her blonde golden hair. She was proud of her hair, and over the years they had let it grow longer and longer, beyond her lower back, then it was longer than she was tall.

Her life changed on the day after her eighteenth birthday. Without warning as the afternoon progressed as Gotha and Nicole were relaxing in the tower having a cup of tea as they did most weekends and the Gotha was relentlessly smoking her cigarettes, as Gotha stubbed out her most recent cigarette, coughed and got up.

“So Nic, it’s time that I left you on your own for a bit to get on with tidying this place up.”

“Oh ok,” said Nicole looking around at the sparsely fitted but very clean tower room.

“Whilst I am gone, could I ask you a favour? I will leave you some tobacco and papers, if you could be so kind to roll me some cigarettes, I will be back a little later.”

“Oh ok, thank Aunt Gotha.” Nicole said, shrugging her shoulders as Gotha got up, lit another cigarette and headed for the ladder.

Nicole didn’t think too deeply of Gotha getting up and wandering off, but as the afternoon went on and she had used the little gas stove to boil another cup of tea, had read some of her book, she was sitting there bored.

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