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This is a multi-part story of how my girlfriend’s friend (Rachel) turns out to be an anal slut and our numerous adventures together as she becomes our roomie for six weeks.

This story contains blowjob, butt plugs, anal play, ass fucking and cheating.

You can go from here or read the series where Rachel and I have all sorts of dirty things going on.

If you’re under 18, please close this site and leave.

Note: English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes and let me know if you’ve enjoyed it and whether I should continue.


I woke up this morning all horny again.

After yesterday’s ass fucking session with Rachel, this was all I could think of now.

I finally fucked her ass hard last night, with a dominant touch to it.

I got up, had a shower and before I was ready for work, I started the coffee machine.

Rachel seemed to just get up too as the shower was running in her bathroom.

So, I made a coffee for her too and remembered the cum coffee situation the other morning and, since it seemed my cock was ready all the time now, I started to stroke myself thinking about fucking Rachel’s ass which made me come close very quickly.

I adjusted her coffee mug and spurted my morning load directly into her coffee.

Just when I was about to leave the kitchen for the bathroom, I noticed my neighbor again, watching me, but this time, she had a sexy, knowing smile on her face.

Did she just watch me jerk off into Rachel’s coffee, I thought?

I was almost a bit embarrassed when I saw her taking a sip from her mug, giving me a wink with her eye.

Uhhh, that’s hot I thought.

In fact, she was hot.

But then I just gave her a friendly smile and left for Rachel’s bathroom.

The shower stopped in her bath and I waited a few minutes before knocking on her bathroom door.

Rachel opened the door, completely naked, her hair still a bit wet from the shower.

“Good morning,” she said in an upbeat mood.

I handed her the coffee and she immediately took a sip from the mug.

“Mhm, thanks love, just how I like it” she knowingly smiled.

As she turned over to put the mug on the sink under the big bathroom mirror, I stepped closer to her and started to caress her beautiful ass.

I started to rub towards her intimate parts when I found her buttplug sitting deep in her ass.

Taking the butt plug with my fingers, I started to move it in and out of her ass, stretching her anus wide.

I noticed this was one of the plugs I haven’t seen her wear yet.

It was a very large one.

Shiny Black.

All made of stainless steel with a shiny diamond on the end.

Pulling the plug out to the max, her anus ring stretched again wide and when it reached the thickest part, Rachel closed her eyes and let

out a cute pant:


The plug now removed from her ass, left her tiny asshole gaped open a bit, until it closed again.

I looked at the plug and was seriously impressed.

It was very heavy and really big.

Such a tiny girl with such a big plug in her ass.

Reaching forward, I placed the plug on Rachel’s lips.

She took it from me and started to push it in her mouth.

The plug was almost too big to fit in there so she started to lick it more and pushed it again in her mouth.

Once completely in, I saw it making her face cheeks swell from the size and she couldn’t even close her lips around the thin end part.

My cock again at full flag, was now pointed to Rachel’s ass.

She leaned over the sink to stick out her butt more and I positioned myself at her back entrance.

Then, with ease, I slowly pushed my dick about half the length in her butt.

“Mhhmmpf..” she closed her eyes, enjoying the new invader but clearly having trouble keeping the plug in her mouth.

I started to slowly fuck her ass and once she found my rhythm, she was moving her ass against my crotch with each thrust.

Me now fully burying my cock in her ass with each thrust I picked up the pace again.

It was like in a porn scene.

Standing behind Rachel, fucking her ass in doggy style like an animal and her, with her butt plug in her mouth, producing so much saliva that it ran down on her chin and sleeked down into the sink.

Our eyes met in the mirror and she bahis siteleri showed a hooked, almost addicted look.

She was close to her orgasm when I picked the pace up the last time and hammered her ass furiously.

“Mhhhmpf, mhhhmpf, mmhpf, ahhhhhhh” She finally screamed, almost causing the butt plug to drop into the sink.

She let the plug fall into her hand and had a final cry of relief.

This is when I, for the second time this morning, unloaded another big load of cum deep into her ass.

Oh my god, her ass is glorious, was all I could think of when pumping her full.

Once my orgasm faded, I took her plug, sealed my cum in her ass, put on my trousers and gave a sharp slap on her ass.

“This one’s staying in there, is that clear?” I instructed her, not wanting her to fill her little cum bottle, but instead, carry my cum in her ass all day.

“Yes!” Rachel replied before taking a big gulp of her coffee.

“Have a nice day, see you later!” I said already on my way out.

“Oh, hey, ehm, would it be fine if Michelle joined us for dinner tonight?” she asked seriously.

She didn’t know that I saw all the dirty things the girls did to each other the other night.

“Oh sure, of course, that’s fine, it’s gonna be fun!” I said, trying to hide my over excitement.

“Cool, thanks, see you later!” she said, and I was out of the door.

How hot was that, I thought in the car on my way to work.

At work, I quickly googled Rachel’s firm and noticed that our companies have done IT projects in marketing together before.

When I browsed the employee site, I found Rachel of course but then next to her was her good friend Michelle, sexily dressed in a business uniform.

My mind started to race and I thought it would be interesting, to do yet another project with her firm, and smiled inside me.

Rachel texted me that Michelle would be over at my place at four in the afternoon for an early pre-dinner drink.

I replied that I’d probably be back around six. I wanted to give the girls some time to have fun and for me to be able to hopefully have yet another crazy nasty girls video.

It reached nearly four P.M when I decided to leave the office and drove home but stayed in my car, parked in the garage.

I started my video app and saw the girls having a glass of white wine in the living room chatting to each other.

Rachel was wearing her super tight light blue jeans again which were of very solid denim fabric.

I guess she needed the support of her jeans to keep the plug where it should be.

Her upper body was decorated with a white plain t-shirt with some text on it, but was very tight, showcasing her tits very nicely.

I loved that look on girls, blue tight jeans and a white t-shirt.

Michelle, with her nice long dark hair, was wearing a black stretch skirt that tightly wrapped around her waist and outlined a stunner ass and


Her look was completed with a light blue formal women’s shirt which was unbuttoned quite far down and presented a nice cleavage and full breasts.

They didn’t seem to be up for anything kinky (yet) so I enjoyed the two beautiful ladies a few more minutes before I closed the app and drove

off to the nearest supermarket.

Once in the supermarket, I headed straight to the cosmetic part and found a nice bottle of lube.

Just in case, I thought, paid and drove back to the garage.

Once parked, I again opened the video app and chose the living room channel.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Michelle, now in the same position as Rachel yesterday night on the sofa, was arching her back and sticking out her butt towards the camera

under the tv.

Her black skirt was rolled up to her waist exposing her white thong. The thong was pulled to the side and a deep red plug, similarly big sized as Rachel’s this day was lying on the sofa beside her.

Rachel, behind Michelle, was pulling the white thong to the side, away from Michelle’s puckered hole and appreciatively licking her ass.

Michelle was moaning quite loudly, as Rachel started to push her tongue inside her ass.

This show continued for a few more minutes until Rachel stopped and grabbed her plastic cum bottle out of her purse.

She opened the screw lid of the nozzle and pushed the nozzle inside Michelle’s ass.

Then, with a good amount canlı bahis siteleri of pressure, she pressed a load of my cum deep inside Michelle.

Michelle threw her head back as the cum touched her intestines, letting out a deep growl.

I couldn’t believe this, she too wanted my cum.

And I’d be delighted to help out and let her have some of the fresh stuff.

Rachel put her index finger inside Michelle’s ass to hold the cum in place. Then, she took Michelle’s red plug and, spat on it a few times, pulled out her finger from Michelle’s ass and started to press the large red plug into Michelle.

Michelle started to pant a bit and when the plug passed the thickest part and slid into her ass, she released a deep grunt.

The plug now decorating her ass with a shiny diamond, didn’t indicate how large it was.

Rachel slid the panties back over the plug, gave Michelle a few spanks on her perfectly shaped and fit ass and rolled down the stretch fabric skirt back over her ass.

Michelle adjusted her shirt which was tucked back into the skirt, making her look like a hot secretary from porn videos and they both sat back on the couch.

Rachel’s index finger was covered in some cum from Michelle’s ass, so she held it in front of her lips, pulling Michelle close to her face.

Then both started to kiss around Rachel’s index finger, making a cum mess on their lips.

Once Rachel’s finger was cleaned up, they stopped and started to giggle, Michelle pressing her hand on her ass to press the plug even more inside.

That’s when through my camera hidden under the tv, I was able to see my neighbor watching the two girls.

From the distance, I could see that she was wearing a shoulderless white blouse that exposed her cleavage quite nicely.

One hand was touching her boob and she seemed to be twitching her nipples.

The other hand was buried in her black pants, frantically rubbing her crotch area.

My neighbor was apparently enjoying the show presented in my apartment for the last few days.

I’d have to invite her for a ‘drink’ someday.

Wow, what a show, I thought. I wondered how the evening was going to go as Rachel still didn’t know that I knew about Michelle’s slut deal.

I checked my watch and it showed ten minutes to six.

I had a look at the video and the girls clinked their wine glasses and took a sip of the wine, leaving a clear lip print of cum on them.

I thought the timing was safe to go upstairs to the apartment now, so I closed the app and was on my way to the elevators and up into

the apartment.

When I stepped in, I managed to see Rachel quickly slip her cum bottle inside her purse and the girls were giggling away while greeting


“Hi girls, I see you’re enjoying yourselves?” I greeted them, giving both a cheek to cheek.

“Yeah, we’ve had some wine already, it’s so delicious” they giggled, already a bit tipsy.

“I’d love a glass too, but I think I’m gonna have a beer first,” I added, giving Rachel a smiling wink.

Rachel smiled back knowingly whereas Michelle looked away embarrassed, turning her cheeks even redder.

So she knew about the after-work beer deal, I thought.

Girls right, they tell each other everything!

We sat on the couch, enjoying our drinks and had a friendly chat.

I was glimpsing at their wine glasses from time to time, watching the

lip prints of cum and tried to find any visible traces of it on their lips, as they were speaking.

Finally, we made our way to the dining room table and Rachel served some delicious dinner and we had a great time.

After we finished, we decided to do the washing up the next day and found ourselves on the couch, Rachel to my left, Michelle to my right.

Some chick flick was playing on the tv as we sat there, enjoying some red wine when Rachel bent away from me a bit and moved her butt closer

to my hand.

Then, she started to press on her ass through her jeans, pushing on the buttplug.

She took my hand and guided it to her ass, pressing it on her ass area where I was able to feel her plug.

I did play around with it a bit, Rachel trying not to make any noises.

Then, she carefully reached to my crotch area and started to unbutton my shorts, never letting Michelle out of her sight.

Finally, she took out my cock completely canlı bahis and started stroking it. Luckily, there was a pillow next to my right so Michelle didn’t see anything.

So I thought.

Rachel unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down just under her butt cheeks along with her panties. Then, she guided me to her plug giving me a look which meant I should pull it out, I guessed.

I did so and Rachel put her hand on her mouth as it slid out at the thickest part, to cover her moan.

The cum was gone by now and the plug was only covered by a thin layer of lube.

Rachel took it from me and carefully started to suck on it, hiding behind me so that Michelle wouldn’t see.

Not that it would surprise her I guess, as she seemed to be the same anal slut, having a large plug inside her ass with my cum in her butt.

Rachel, with one hand sucking on the plug, with the other stroking my dick became more and more aroused as I could see.

I placed my hand behind her ass and slowly put one, then two fingers in her ass.

Her eyes widened at the sensation first, but then her look changed to a sexual one, starting to move up and down my fingers, sucking them in with her ass.

Rachel was stroking my dick, I was finger fucking her ass with two fingers, her getting eager and sucking on her plug.

Then, Rachel suddenly reaches for my other hand and guides it to under her t-shirt. She indicates me to pinch her nipples, so I press her right nipple hard between my fingers.

She seems to like the sensation and demands more and more, me starting to worry that Michelle by now must have noticed our tamperings.

Rachel suddenly lets go of my cock and soon I feel an all too known feeling on my dick.

I look down at my crotch area and now can see Michelle, bent over my cock, her lips caressing the tip of it.

They must have planned on this, it struck me.

Dirty little bitches, I think to myself but am prepared to take full advantage of the situation.

I release Rachel’s nipple and grab Michelle’s hair with my right hand and press her down on my shaft.

Surprised by the sudden harshness, she gags on my cock, releasing a lot of saliva.

Then, she picks up the pace herself and I suddenly find myself, finger fucking Rachel’s ass with one hand and getting my dick sucked by Michelle, my other hand guiding her up and down my cock.

I guide Michelle to the floor where she kneels on the carpet, my dick still in her mouth and puts her hands around my waist and back and starts to bob up and down my cock eagerly, now looking directly inside my eyes.

I can tell from her look that she wanted that desperately as her eyes look submissive and aroused at the same time.

I can’t believe I now have two beautiful sexy sluts, doing nasty things with me.

I tell Rachel to get on all fours and stick her ass out to me.

As she does my tongue finds its way into her ass and I start licking, caressing and fucking her ass with my tongue, without losing eye contact with Michelle, which by seeing this gets even more eager to suck me off.

Rachel immediately lets out a moan and presses her ass on my face.

This won’t last long as Michelle is now deepthroating me with such passion, bobbing up and down slurping away, giving me one of the sloppiest blowjobs I’ve ever had.

Rachel too is close as she closed her eyes now and seems very concentrated on the sensations in her ass, and as if planned she and I both cum at the same time, her starting to shake her legs and moaning loudly, me unloading myself into Michelle’s mouth.

Michelle keeps her lips tightly around my shaft as I was coming coming and once Rachel was relieved from her orgasm, kneels next to Michelle.

Michelle then releases my cock, keeping my cum in her mouth, showcasing it to me.

Rachel gets closer to Michelle’s mouth and the girls share a deep kiss, and I can see them making out with their tongues.

Finally, both having about half my cum in their mouths, they show it to me proudly and simultaneously swallow my load, leaving only a few spurts around their mouths.

My head is aching from what I’m seeing there on my carpet.

They both sit again next to me, taking their wine glasses and both taking a sip from them, leaving more cum on the rims of the glasses and put them back.

We sit there for a while quietly before Michelle leans over to me and starts kissing me deeply, her hand on my crotch massaging my dick through my pants, indicating that the evening’s not over yet and she too needs a relief.

That’s absolutely fine with me, I thought to myself.

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