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I woke up at seven to my alarm clock blaring the morning radio show. Half awake I slipped on some boxer briefs. Ever since high school, I preferred sleeping in the nude. The chill of the morning air in my room immediately brought Goosebumps as I pulled the cover off to continue getting dressed.


I’m dressed, having slipped on a sport thermal and some running shorts. I could never run in workout pants so keeping my upper body warm was the next best thing. Brushing my teeth I remember brief snippets of last night’s dreams.

One of them involved Caleb. I was at a coffee shop and as I walked in he turned around and smiled at me. I was thundershocked by his expression to say the least. It was really a turn on.

Walking back into my room I began to pack my gym bag. I was hoping to shower back at the gym since the park Caleb and I were going to train at was only across the street, but then again my apartment was only 5 minutes from the gym. I packed it anyway hoping maybe I could share another shower with Caleb. This was becoming an obsession I thought to myself.

By 7:45 I hopped into my truck and was well on my way. Trying to pump myself up the best I can I blasted some music. I parked at the gym, figuring I’d be showering their anyway and I could put in a brief jog across the street to warm up.

Stepping out I noticed only a few cars in the parking lot, but one closer to the street. This was probably Caleb with the same idea. Jogging across to the woody park I saw Caleb stretching out on one of the park benches.

“Morning sunshine,” Caleb said as I approached. I feigned a smile. “Not up to another training? You’re not going to bow out after the first day are you?”

“You wish,” I said in retort. “Nah, just a little tired and feeling sore today.”

“Well a good morning run to get that lactic acid out will do ya good,” Caleb said with a smile. My heart skipped a little this was that same smile I had in my dream.

We stretched for a few minutes. Caleb began showing me all the stretches that really get the leg muscles loose and pumping. While stretching my hamstrings, he lightly ran his fingers down my thigh to show me what muscles are actually stretching. It was hard to contain a smile so I put my head down.

The run was uneventful. Running at a quick pace through the hilly paths of the park my mind was more focused on keeping up with Caleb. For an older man he still had endurance and speed. kartal escort The hills blew my legs as Caleb would yell back at me to pick it up when he noticed me lagging behind. Me heart beat hard and my legs started to feel heavier.

By 8:45 we cleared nearly seven miles. Returning back to the park bench we did an easy warm-down and stretch. Both of us were to tired to talk and simply breathed into our long stretches.

“You did good Derrick, but you still got a lot more to go,” Caleb said breaking the silence.

I nodded still trying to catch my breath. We both got up and began to walk across the street.

“You gonna head home to shower or are you gonna do it at the gym?” I said as we reached my truck.

Caleb leaned on the bed of my pick-up as I reached in to grab my gym bag.

“Might as well shower here since we’re here,” Caleb responded opening the trunk of his sleek luxury sedan to retrieve his gym bag.

Walking up to the gym we noticed the lights were off. A sign hung at the door read “Gym temporarily closed due to blown transformer”.

“Ahh, shit!” I exclaimed. This means I WOULD have to go back home to shower.

“Well I guess we just shit our of luck.” Caleb said in response. “I guess I’m gonna be a late for work and the highway is torture trying to go back up at this hour.”

“You could come by my place and shower there,” I said impulsively. It came out faster than I can think about it.

“Oh, yah sounds good…You don’t mind really?”

Too late to take it back now I thought. “No not at all.” I said as nonchalantly as I could. “Just follow me, it’s only down the street.”

Getting into my car I felt nervous. I only met this guy yesterday and here he was going back to my place to shower. On the way to my place I convinced myself that Caleb was a trustworthy guy and not some ax murderer. That was extreme but I sometimes get paranoid.

We parked on the street as I beckoned him into the courtyard of the apartment complex.

“Nice place,” Caleb said looking around.

“Yah, it’s quiet. Not too many kids. Mostly couples.” I said walking up the stairs to the second floor.

Pushing in the door, I opened up the blinds. “You can hit the shower first since you have to take off for work pretty soon. It’s the door straight down the hall. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks,” Caleb said as he walked toward kaynarca escort the restroom.

I sat down on the couch. My legs were still burning. I was glad I had the day off today. Leaning back a little to relax, I began to doze off.

I woke up to the bathroom door closing. Caleb came out of the hall dressed in a business suit that made him look sharp and professional.

“Oh c’mon that run wasn’t that hard now was it?” Caleb said with a laugh seeing my rub my eyes and yawn.

Trying to get up I winced in pain. “Ugh. I didn’t know I was gonna get this sore.” I pulled up, a shot of pain traveled up the backside of my hamstring causing me to fall back onto the couch with my eyes closed.

“Hey hey, easy now,” Caleb said dropping his bag and running to the side of the couch. “Let see what’s going on.”

“Cramp. Back of my leg.” I said gripping my right thigh and biting down on my teeth.

Without saying a work Caleb pushed my hands aside and gently kneaded the back of my thigh. I slid down into the couch and onto my stomach giving him more access to my leg.

“Let me know when I got it.” Caleb said gently moving up my thigh slowly squeezing and kneading my hamstrings.

Halfway up I hissed in pain burying my head into the couch arm. He stopped changing his technique by pushing up softly with the muscle. I sighed in relief. This felt good. He pushed the leg of my running shorts up. Using both hands he began to massage my right thigh with his thumbs slowly working out the cramp he identified.

I closed my eyes letting his hands slowly rub my thigh. He adjusted positions to apply better pressure. Dropping my left leg off the couch and onto the floor he sat down on the couch pushing his upper body into my hamstrings.

“With muscle pain, you need to massage the whole length of the muscle to find the true source.” Caleb said gently.

He moved his hands up gently near my butt. I signed as he rubbed my back thigh from my butt to the angle of my knee. Propping my left leg back up on his knee he began to massage both of my hamstrings simultaneously. The feeling was amazing as I began to loosen up my body to yield to his skillful massage.

It must have been nearly 15 minutes until Caleb slowly eased off. I was nearly asleep when I realized he stopped. I can feel my rock hard erection from the massage underneath me. I shifted a bit to let me cock kozyatağı escort slide up.

“How you feelin’ bud?” Caleb said as I opened my eyes.

“Better, thanks coach.” I mumbled. Caleb chuckled.

Reaching over he grabbed my thigh to turn me over. I resisted seeing that my cock was still rock hard from the intense pleasure his massage gave me.

“What’ the matter? I’m just gonna check up on your quads.” Caleb said to my sudden resistance to his last action.

In panic I replied, ” I’m fine just gonna lay here a bit to relax.” As I rolled buried myself deeper into the couch cushion.

Caleb lifted an eyebrow. Getting up he began to turn around. I breathed out in relief.

“Got ya!” Caleb shouted. In a flash he jumped back around to flip me over without me realizing it. I almost peed myself not expecting him to practically lift me up and slam me back onto the couch on my back.

There I was my cock rock hard creating a huge tent in my running shorts. I bent my knees to try to conceal it as a simple fold, but the cramp remained causing me to quickly abandon this idea. By now Caleb’s eyes were fixated at the massive tent in my shorts. We both seemed unsure what to do. In my mind the attempt to conceal my boner was futile.

Caleb moved first. Not saying a word he began to massage my quads lower at the knee. Looking over at him he seemed to ignore my erection not noticing it was there in front of his face. His squeezing and kneading kept my cock hard as I Caleb continue the massage.

Hoping for Caleb to make a move I opened my legs a little and closing my eyes. His hands slowly moved up my thighs. His fingers moving up the sides of my quads while his thumbs worked on my inner thighs. His hands thumbs moved perilously close to my balls letting his thumbs slightly grave the bottom.

I did not dare to open my eyes. He began to move back down causing me to contract my muscles in my penis causing it to jump. His teasing was driving me mad. He paused obviously seeing the jump the large tent in my pants made. He continued back down slowly.

“Ugh, Alright Bud. I..ugh suggest you take an ibuprofen if you still…still are feeling sore. I should head out for..ugh work now. You know gonna be late.” Caleb said strangely. This was the first time I heard Caleb stutter.

Opening my eyes I quickly sat up feeling awkward. By the time I got up he already had his bag and was halfway to the door.

“So..ugh Caleb when’s the next practice?” I said trying to sound as if there was nothing out of the ordinary other than my raging hard on that was beginning to get sore.

Caleb stopped at the door. “Tomorrow night. At the gym bout’ seven.” He said not turning around. I grunted in approval. He was already out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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