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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story.


That evening Nicholas took a very long shower. He was finally unlocked again, and the soreness of his anus made it difficult to clean. Despite being free, he simply stumbled into bed: mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. He knew more was coming tomorrow, and when he woke up he had several offers for morning hook ups. Nicholas thought to himself that this was his life now: waking up to texts from men looking to use him sexually. Nicholas picked the one he knew to be closest, as he knew his aunt would be by in the afternoon. Taking advantage of his unlocked penis he and one of his guys from school enjoyed some reciprocal oral sex. Nicholas enjoyed it, as he had rarely gotten his dick sucked, but he figured he deserved it, and it was ok since he was gay.

Cynthia picked him up early that afternoon. Nicholas was plainly dressed, just a white arm length button up shirt that was untucked and a pair of jeans. His hair hung in a loose brown mop around his face, nearly down to his neck, and she had wondered about cutting it, but figured it made it easier for men to grab him by the hair. That didn’t mean some changes couldn’t happen.

She gave Nicholas a joint while she driving, hoping to relax him. Yesterday was certainly a life-changing event for him, but he was still used to having mostly private encounters with men, rarely having been out in public with them, and not nearly enough people at school actually knew about his faggot proclivities. He was just another guy at school, perhaps a bit reserved or shy, a bit alternative because of his lip piercing and the triple ear piercing that they could see. She explained as much to him, “So, they might guess that you’re gay. I mean, if they don’t know about what’s been going on with all the guys. It’s not like you can walk around with your “Faggot” tattoo visible to everyone, all the time. Today will be about fixing that problem! It’s going to be a totally new look for you!” she beamed as she found a parking space at the local shopping center.

She had taken him to one of the larger malls around, the more high class ones, all indoors. She knew it would have everything she needed. She started with his pants. Price didn’t bother her much. She purchased him multiple pairs of skinny jeans, all dark blues and blacks. Some were torn fashionable at the knee, or had extremely worn in looking thighs. She made him try on each pair, doing a spin to make sure they accentuated his butt. They moved onto tops, and she found a store that had tons of shirts for bands no one had ever heard of. She picked out quite a few, black with a strange logo or band name on it. Some were completely sleeveless, while others were short sleeved, summer things. He also ended up with quite a few form fitting pure black tops. When he tried them on, it was pretty clear his nipples were pierced. She made sure they all clung to his skin, and were just long enough that he bent, a person might be able to see his panties or part of his tattoo. Most were arm length, and their cut and style was made for slimmer men. Nicholas went along without protest, thinking there were much worse things she could be picking for him.

Things only started to hit him once they went accessorizing. She had him try on bracelets, and decided on a black leather band with small spikes all around it. She found him similar belts as well, and she even bought him one of those beanie hats that slouch back on someone’s head. She pondered some new jewelry for his earrings, but decided that could come later. Cynthia took their bags, and she sat Nicholas down in the food court, so they could speak for a moment.

“So, Nicky, you’re going to need a new haircut. And I know just the type for you! But here’s the thing, I don’t actually know any hairdressers. So you’re going to have to in there alone, and ask for it. Here, just show them this.” She said, taking out her phone to show him a picture: It was a young guy, with dark hair with the fringes blown out straight and green. He also had some kind of make up around his eyes and a nose ring. Nicholas did get a gay vibe from the picture, and touched his hair. He’d look like a gay emo scene kid or something. Yes, he was gay now. This seemed both far less drastic than say, having a gang of strangers’ hump you full of cum. At the same time however, it was drastic: everyone would see this. He could not conceive of himself looking any different than he already did. And at school, well, a new haircut is always noticed, but this would be a very drastic change.

Cynthia went on “So, it might be a while. They’re going to have to dye your hair black, and I think instead of green we’ll go with a bright purple for you. A nice large patch of it along the front” she said, reaching out to touch his hair, “Just tell them you want this, with purple highlights! I’ll send it to you.” She said, texting gebze escort him the picture, “Just make sure you have them show you how to maintain it. It’s part of your role to take care of your appearance, to be the best looking faggot you can be.” She opened her purse, taking out several hundred dollars, once he had accepted, she shooed him away “Go on, I’ll be waiting out here. We still have plenty to do today.” Turning away from him and looking at her phone.

Nicholas was only slightly stoned from his joint, and simply went along with it. She hadn’t even asked if he’d do it, just instructed him and off he went to make himself look gayer. Nicholas was rather relaxed through the whole process. I mean, once he’d shown the hairdresser the picture of what he wanted, he did feel incredibly nervous. But the hairdresser was a professional, and didn’t show anything. Nicholas enjoyed the whole process actually, and wished very much that he could touch himself, but couldn’t. The whole process was lengthy, but as the hairdresser finished styling him, Nicholas kept an eye on things, to make sure he could replicate it. He ended up with a hair spray as well, to hold it in place. Nicholas shyly made his way to his aunt, who took one look at him and smiled “There, isn’t that better? But let’s put the whole thing together.” She said, getting up and walking towards the bathrooms, handing Nicholas a bag with the particular outfit she had chosen for him.

Nicholas made his way into the stalls, thinking it was a nicer bathroom than he was used to being on his knees in. There were no mirrors as he dressed, and aside from his shirt being skin tight, he didn’t feel that different than usual. He slipped on the spikey leather bracelet on his right wrist. And the similar belt as well. He took out the stretched out beany, a finely knitted black, lengthy thing. He dumped his old clothes in the bag, and walked out, looking in the mirror.

What he saw was attractive to him. And very new, making his stomach lurch. He did indeed look like a gay emo kid, barely old enough to be out of high school. This black shirt left no doubt that he had nipple rings on under, and showing part of his chest, just to the top. It wasn’t long enough to really tuck into his skinny jeans, and hid part of his belt that was studded with little metal squares. He put on the stretched out beanie, leaving it like he’d seen others wearing it, up the front of his head and falling backwards. His bright, almost neon purple highlight stuck out. This was clearly a choice in style, to anyone looking at him.

His aunt clapped her hands when he came out, grinning from ear to ear. “Yeah, definitely gayer. We’re getting there, bit by bit. C’mon, we’re gonna go get your nails done.” And Nicholas swallowed and followed her. He had never even considered his nails. His aunt found a nail saloon nearby, and went with Nicholas this time. The woman at the counter had assumed it was for Cynthia, but she was quick to say they were here for nephew. Nicholas didn’t miss the small beat as the counter lady looked at him, wanting his nails done, put one plus one and figured he was gay. That difference in how he knew he must be perceived gave him an instant boner. It pushed against his panties, causing the smallest of bulges in his new jeans, if anyone had been looking. Nicholas ended up with a manicure followed by matching his nails to the color in his hair. She played the age old trick, once he was finished, to look at his nails. He instinctively held them up like a woman, and mentally applauded herself.

Several hours had passed by the time they got back to the car. She let Nicholas know they had another stop to make at Nicholas favorite piercing and tattoo parlor. She offered him another joint as she drove, and Nicholas was able to play with himself. He had started rubbing himself through his jeans, as she explained what she had in mind. “So, I think we’re going to pierce your lower lip on the other side, a left and a right. We’ll stick two of those half rings with tiny balls at the end in, I think that’ll look good. And one of those little spikey-at-both-ends metal bars on your right eye brow. And of course, your tongue, a nice barbell in there. I’ve always heard men liked getting head from someone with a tongue piercing, so you absolutely need to have one. One look at your face and that should tell everyone who you are in an instant.” She paused, making a turn and looked at him while she was at a light: His jeans had been unzipped, and his hand was rapidly squeezing his penis through his panties.

She looked at him and smiled, a very genuine smile, “You are a giant fucking faggot. I mean that. I know I sort of did this to you, so I should expect it, but you’re masturbating in your aunt’s car while I’m giving you a gay makeover and you’ve become such a giant sissy faggot that you just can’t help but play with yourself.” Nicholas was pumping away through his panties as best he could, hoping none of the nearby cars could tell.

Cynthia went göztepe escort on, “Anyways, that shouldn’t be too long, and since your tongue is going to be sore for a while you can blow Micky first. That part shouldn’t take so long, but I’ve been talking with Belinda, and the new tattoos are going to take some time. Well, tattoos. Today she’ll just do a bit. Y’know that masculinity symbol? One of those, in hot pink. It’ll be in front of a picture of a waving LGBT flag. That one’s going on your right forearm. Helps make you easier to identify on sight and you get to show some gay pride, which is a bonus. But I think we’ll do some more body art. Your right arm above the elbow and all the way up your shoulders is going to have some very nice roses wrapping around it, with thorns. She showed me some women she had done that type of thing for, it should look good on you.”

She could see he was getting near to his orgasm as pulled into the now familiar parking lot, “And the chest tattoo is absolutely necessary for you. Something that covers the entire area, almost up to your collar bone. I’m thinking a splash of colors, like an explosion, with queer written boldly in the center. It could be rainbow colored, and we can put a little picture of a unicorn horn on there and some pink hearts, or a butterfly! I guess we could add more later. But I think that should be enough, along with your new look.” Sometime during his aunt’s description he filled his panties with his sissy cum.

She laughed kindly, letting him catch his breath. Yes, he would have to suck Micky’s cock and get pierced again. She advised him the pain for the tongue piercing was very temporary, and he’d hardly notice having a dumbell piercing in there. Then, he’d let Belinda work his forearm tattoo, which she could complete in one sitting. The rest would come over the next few weeks when Nicholas could afford the time.

Nicholas followed her in, and she flipped the open sign to “Closed”. Nicholas was rather self-conscious at the moment, the first time he would really be around people with his new look. Equally, he had just orgasmed and was not feeling horny at all, and wondered what the old him would’ve thought the new him was on his knees for Micky. In relative silence Nicholas performed his duty, swallowing his second load of the day, and thanking Micky for it. Micky grinned, knowing Nicholas would be back on a regular basis for the next few weeks, slapping his dick against Nicholas’ face once he was done, before getting to work on his new piercings. Cynthia had taken a video of it in profile, and to anyone who didn’t know him, it just looked like an emo gay kid casually sucking some thick cock, his mouth moving and throat gulping towards the end and licking his lips clean. A short while later, after the bleeding had been stopped from the piercings, her nephew looked at himself in the mirror, he touched his new piercings, feeling the strange objects that were now a part of him. The one bar was through the lowest point of his eyebrow, and his tongue was still throbbing. He stuck his tongue out and looked in the mirror: there was no way anyone would not look at him and realize he lived an “alternative” lifestyle.

While Cynthia was certain her nephew would’ve anally pleased Micky as well, she knew his hole needed some rest. There was some alcohol in the store for just this purpose, and Nicholas took several shots of vodka as he pulled his shirt off and lay on his back. Belinda had no questions of his willingness, and pulled his right arm aside, and began to work. Occasionally Nicholas would clench up, the pain just enough to cause a cringe as she continued to place a waving LGBT flag that took up much of the front of his forearm. Once done, she added the masculinity symbol, larger and overlayed on top in hot pink, which she outlined with black. She began to outline some of the roses she would draw up his right arm as well when Nicholas began sobering up, that was enough for the day. She thanked them both, and Nicholas would be back on Tuesday afternoon to continue. She had Nicholas thank them both as well.

She dropped Nicholas back off at his apartment, reminding him to make sure he was still servicing his growing circle of gay college friends, but for the moment it was ok to let his ass take a rest. Or, as Cynthia had put it, “You had nearly a dozen cocks last week and then another dozen in a row yesterday, gotta keep it in good shape.” Nicholas trudged on up to his apartment, collapsing once he was inside and alone.

His tongue still throbbed, and he kept subconsciously licking at his new piercings, or the barbell in his tongue with some effort would brush into his teeth. His shirt was rolled up and a bandage was covering the tattoo for now. He went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He knew he had a paper to finish for tomorrow, but there was still time. He lit up a joint and played video games, having another joint shortly after, touching himself as he relaxed. He knew he had to get to work, halkalı escort but he was turned on. It had been hours since his last orgasm, and he could hardly concentrate. He went back to the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. He had seen plenty of sissy porn by this point, and he began to strike poses in the mirror. Or trying to make his face seductive, pursing his lips and kissing. He pulled his pants down, then his panties, staring at himself as he masturbated. None of the people he had sex with, even James, were remotely as gay looking as he was at that moment. Many of the men who had sex with him were bisexual and plenty were gay as well, but not like him. He simply lusted after men. He was learning all the newly made sides of himself, sides that thought having a boyfriend would be cool, a side that liked gobbling up and ingesting his own semen. He imagined himself flirting with a man, maybe Derek, though Nicholas current ideas of flirting were quite direct. He blasted his hand with cum, panting and forcing himself to lick his hand clean.

Nicholas managed to focus on his studies for the rest of the evening, once his balls had been emptied again. The next few days passed by without much excitement. Nicholas continued to service several men with his mouth, letting his ass recuperate. Most of his partners complimented him, but his new gay emo look and forearm tattoo pretty much spelled things out clearly. He continued to see Belinda to keep working on his shoulder tattoo as well, and rather looked forward to having his face filled with Micky’s cock. He was able to keep a focus on his studies more often than not, and had to masturbate to focus. The relaxation of having his penis free again was intoxicating at first. The orgasms were fine, but by Thursday he was finding them less fulfilling. He mounted his dildo on the bath’s edge, lubing it up before sliding down on it slowly. There was definitely still some soreness for him, but the sensation from having his ass filled instantly made him rock hard. It wasn’t the same as the real thing however, and Nicholas suddenly realized that he truly craved being on the receiving end of anal sex. He’d been fucked so many times in the past few months, gotten used to it, enjoyed it… but now he actively wanted it, even looked forward to it. He felt as if he was so pathetically gay that he had to resort to using a plastic molded dildo to get off.

His mouth was quiet busy that lunch as the school friend he was pleasing had a car. Nicholas was well aware of the looks he received after he exited the car. He was extremely self-conscious and licked his lips, wondering if he had left cum on them. Even when his lips weren’t blowjob fresh, he was aware of a change in how people regarded him now. Outside of using the LGBT clubroom on campus, he was relatively quiet. That night, Nicholas decided to post on Craigslist, and see if he could find what he wanted.

His posting was titled “Sissy seeks twink faggot for gay love tonight”.

“I would like a twink, with a nice cock to make love with tonight. I am a full blown sissy faggot, and would like to make out, kiss, lick and suck on you. You can use me as much as you like, as long as all your cum ends up inside me. Please send lots of pics!” it read. Nicholas felt relatively little shame at posting on Craigslist or using Grindr. He could have as much sex as he wanted now, any kind of sex, as long as it was with men. He had thought about what kind of cock he had wanted tonight, and then what kind of body would be attached to it, and what kinds of things he wanted to do with it.

This time around, he was significantly pickier. Minutes turned into half an hour, turned into hour and more. His aunt texted him with a link, and as he was flipping through his responses so far, he took a look, half knowing what it was: His gangbang video. Or more precisely, just the first seven minutes of it. Nicholas had to admit that he couldn’t really tell a difference between him on the screen, and the sissy faggot porn he’d watched in the past. A shameful feeling somehow mixed with pride at a video of his gay gangbang was out there, his face clearly identifiable and happy.

He resisted playing with himself, because he wanted a strong first orgasm later. There were several men that Nicholas would have gladly had sex with, but he settled for what he had requested: a 6’3 and one hundred seventy pound, 27 year old twink. His picture was him only in a pair Calvin Klein underwear. He was lanky with just the slightest trace of muscle showing, and completely hairless as well. His hair was cut relatively short, and his face had higher cheek bones and larger green eyes, thin lips. He was more aristocratic looking than feminine, but what pleased Nicholas was the thick impression of the guy’s cock pressed against his thigh.

The name he gave was Evan, and his response was simple, “Not gonna lie, I’m pretty gay for you. I’d love to spend the night getting to know you.” Nicholas felt pride at that comment, but honestly, Evan’s body would’ve done it alone. He quickly setup a time later in the evening, and offered to host. At that moment, Nicholas greatly enjoyed the fact that he had his own place now. He hadn’t spoken to any of his old roommates since he left, they were never that close, and Nicholas imagined if they asked, he would’ve had sex with them too, now.

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