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My neighbour Michelle was away for the weekend again and as usual left me the keys so that I could feed the cat etc. On the Friday evening I called in to check things over and have a look around to make sure all was secure. All was well, the cat was fed & contented, “just got to use the toilet before I go I thought.”

I was in the bathroom, just finished, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the laundry basket was slightly open and a white lacy thong was visible sat on top of her laundry ready for the wash. Curiosity overtook me & I bent to pick it up along with a white lacy padded bra, I looked at the label, 34B, mmm pretty much what I thought, Michelle has small pert tits but she always makes the best of them & can display a nice little cleavage when dressed for a night out. The bra was a pretty pale blue lacy one with plenty of padding, “bet she looks good in it” I thought.

Next I lifted the thong up for inspection, so small & delicate for Michelle, she’s got quite a pair of hips & a large round firm rear end so it was a surprise to see that she wore such tiny lingerie, I held them up & imagined what she would look like wearing the bra and thong, and I felt the lacy fabric which had covered her pussy just a few hours earlier, my mind began to fantasise about her dressed in just the items I had in my hands, the thong just covering her snatch & bulging with her full blond bush, disappearing up the crack of her bum at the back. As I hadn’t yet ‘zipped up’ my dick had begun to rise, I was feeling pretty horny & in seconds I was fully erect, the foreskin esenyurt escort tight, exposing the red shiny head, what a surprise.

I raised the thong up to my nose & breathed in to see what aroma if any was left, there was a small stain where some moisture had left its mark & I rubbed my tongue over it to release the familiar tang of a woman’s cunt juice. My erection was now bobbing slightly & twitching I was so turned on. I reached into the laundry basket again & took out another black satin thong & wrapped it around my hard dick & slowly rubbed the material along the length of my erection whilst breathing in the sexual aroma from the white thong.

I was fantasising about Michelle and what she would look like lay on her back, legs spread wide apart pulling the thong off her damp cunt to show me her delights, the moist pink lips falling open & how her tits would look in the bra pushing them together aching for release. Things were hotting up for me I was rubbing the satin all over my dick & balls & needed to lie down to continue this thrill. I moved into her bedroom to lie on her bed still with the thong wrapped round my hard on but I needed to slow right down & savour the fantasy, I was in danger of blowing too soon so I sat up & put the thong to one side & let my breathing settle down.

Being curious I guessed there may be more erotic stimulation hidden in the drawer unit by the bed. Opening her bottom drawer I found a small black and silver vibrator, some lubricant & some black stockings with pendik escort suspender belt, patterned with lacy tops. Surprisingly the vibrator worked, batteries seemed quite new & it delivered quite a kick & would give her clit quite a good time too. So this was what she got up to, the picture of her fucking herself with the toy set me off again & I lay back to continue wanking with Michelle on my mind.

I could see her naked, sat on the edge of the bed with her thighs spread pumping her tight wet fuck hole with the vibrator, her pale freckled 34B titties swaying slightly, the dark nipples taught & puckered. Then she’s crouched down her cunt gaping open, using her toy to flick over the pearl of her clit, the lips of her cunt pink swollen & wet with her honey, her orgasm so very close. I slipped off my trousers & lay back on the bed. My dick was lay flat on my stomach & was hard as iron, I had the black satin thong wrapped loosely around it & rubbed the material along the length letting the friction of the satin against my dick bring me close to exploding with the image of Michelle’s fuckable hot horny naked body racing through my mind.

I masturbated imagining I was now fucking her brains out, her wet cunt clamped around my dick & her tight nippled tits bouncing up & down. I wanked & wanked with the scent of her sex in my nostrils slowing down as I felt the spunk coming & speeding up as I relaxed to increase the thrill turned on even more & more as the fantasy continued, I slowed to a moderate speed & let the tuzla escort black satin finish me off, my orgasm built up & I tried to make it last as long as possible, my mind was spinning, I’d lost track of time, the vision in my mind of my neighbour naked & being fucked by me was overwhelming & then it came. I felt it overtake me, I’d passed the point of no return & my hot thick spunk blasted out of my dick splattering her black satin thong, jet after jet was shooting out onto the tiny little crotch soaking it in hot white semen. My dick was still hard & twitching as I lay panting & sweating on her bed, my hand & the thong covered in sticky spunk.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when my mobile phone rang; it was in the pocket of my trousers which lay on the edge of the bed. I looked at the display & gulped when I saw it was Michelle phoning me. I took the call & trying calm my breathing spoke to the woman who’s thong I had just soaked in spunk, “Hi Michelle, how’s the trip going?”

“The trip’s off,” she replied “where are you? I need my house keys, I’ve just tried knocking at your door & I’m waiting outside my door now.”

“I’m in here feeding the cat,” I replied “hold on & I’ll let you in, I wont be a moment.” I needed to be quick if I was to avoid being caught with Michelle’s spunk stained thong in my hands & I scrambled to get dressed & hide the evidence.

“It’s OK” she answered “I’ve just found my spare key here in my purse.”

I heard the key in the lock & the door opened, moving quickly I was just at the bottom of the stairs as she entered the house, I’d dropped her cum soaked thong back in the laundry basket & I hoped that she wouldn’t suspect a thing. I must have looked a little flushed though & after exchanging a few pleasantries I excused myself & left to return to my house to get cleaned up. What a close shave that had been.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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