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Naughty Santa Chronicles – Episode 1

Thirty days out, Santa was into the home stretch. The toys were all coming along nicely and wrapping and tagging elves were working all shifts and were ahead of pace for the last decade. He had checked in on the reindeer training grounds and all of the herd were reaching peak preparedness. It was all coming together perfectly and he smiled!

He stepped into the private library where he kept his snow globes and lists. Most everyone slid easily into one camp or another these days. It really boiled down to less than 3% of the children worldwide that he still had to make determinations about. Were they naughty or nice?

Picking up his globe for a specific region of the United States, he walked over to his desk and began checking in on elves that were stuck on shelves, in trees as well as hung from fan pull chains and one that was swimming in a toilet bowl!! (That makes the naughty list determination real easy!!!). He was updating the lists and making good progress when he came to Lilly’s name.

Lilly made him smile. She was not a child. She was not a teen. But she had been a favorite of old Santa’s for years! He got up and quietly clicked the latch on the library door. As he made his way back to his desk, he slid the suspenders off of his shoulders and smiled to himself.

You see, in order to be the one that determines who is naughty and who is nice, you have to have expertise in both! And while Santa was nice for all of the boys and girls the world around, when it came to some who grew into womanhood….

Lilly was just getting in from a workout at the gym. She was a good girl. She ate the right foods, did not drink too much and never got drunk. She worked hard for her bosses, … and they in turn walked around very hard for her!!! She undid her long brown hair and shook it out. Then she pulled the light-weight baggy sweatshirt off over her head and tossed it into her clothes hamper. When she looked into the mirror, the old elf felt almost as if she were flashing that fantastic smile of hers right at him!!!

She turned this way and that and looked at herself from all kinds of angles. Nick did as well!! As he slowly rubbed his bulge, his eyes moved down her long beautiful neck. He could almost see his white gloved hands wrapped around her throat; her mouth opened and she ran her tongue around her lips as if she could hear his thoughts. He groaned. With the thumbs of her hands she slowly pushed the straps of her bra from her shoulders. Normally she wore a sports bra when she worked out, but seeing her in a rather flimsy almost see-through bra did not disappoint Santa! No not one bit, as she revealed her own two globes that Santa desired to have resting across his ornately carved desk!!

“Lilly has the absolute best tits!” Nick quietly mumbled to himself. Her tits were natural, round, low on the chest and yet not saggy in any way!!! The cleavage between them was a graceful valley where he had seen her add just a touch of scent from time to time and he longed to bury his bearded face and inhale her fragrance. She unsnapped the bra and as it slid down the fit contours of her arms, he memorized every curve and shadow of her torso. Yes, her nipples were hardening into tight thimbles like fleshy gumdrop treats that his mouth longed to taste and suck on. Even as he watched, her areolas tightened and darkened. The firm nipple flesh crinkled and seemed to ache for him to come to her and taste of her sweet treat!!

There was that smile again. When she did that, it was almost as if she were looking back at him and seeing him pull his cock out. His face flushed at the idea of her seeing him stroke his thick cock. His face really heated as he thought of her long fingers reaching out and sliding his dick up and down her cleavage as she pushed her generous tits together. Mmmmmmm.

She stepped back from the mirror just a little and looked back at him with that coy little smile. She knew!! Somehow, she knew he was watching, or that at least someone was!!! That smug smile, flirting with him and teasing him … just daring him to come to her and do more than watch!!! Her thumbs hooked into the thin bands that made up the waistband of her panties, and she wiggled her ass at him! Leaning forward just a little emphasized that dramatic flaring from her waist out to her hips! She was definitely not a child; not with a body like hers!!!

Slowly she revealed the dark, shallow cleft of her round bottom, bending further and further forward. Her puckered round sphincter, like a tiny starfish in a circle appeared and old Father Christmas wished he could stick his candy cane deep into her sphincter!!! And then the fleshy folds of her pussy appeared in the shadows of her thighs. He realized he was leaning forward, nearly straining to lean forward, to see and possibly even catch just a wafting scent of this beautiful woman!!!

She pushed her panties down the length of her sculptured legs and then, standing almost escort ankara folded in half, she slowly brought her hands up over the graceful contours of her legs until she cupped the perfect round hemispheres of her ass. She smiled back at him in the mirror. She slapped first one cheek a couple of good licks and then the other! Santa shuddered as he watched her lips pucker into an “oooo” and he saw the red prints of her hands on the silken white flesh.

“Girl, put whatever you want on your list year!!! You are sooo bad you make my good golly list!!!” Santa whispered.

The library shelves a few feet behind him and to one side quietly slid out and then to the side. Santa looked over to see a petite elf by the name of Felicia step quietly into the room. She was one of the few that knew of the secret door. Fewer still who knew that when the door was locked, Santa was checking on the naughty girls, and was opposed to having company… unless said company were willing to put the Hoe Hoe Hoe into the evening!!!

Santa picked up the globe as Felicia smiled at him and began walking towards him after closing the hidden door. She was tiny, barely even four feet tall and yet as curvaceous and developed as any porn star could hope! She reminded the Old Man of Winter of some of the young ones he watched, only she had over 100 years of talents and experience gained that few mortals could hope to achieve!

Santa pushed back from his desk and turned the chair toward his guest. He saw the glint of lust and desire in the nymph’s eye as she quickly approached and knelt down between his knees, now looking even more tiny! She pulled her top down and revealed the twin swells of her own breasts. With chin tucked low, she rolled her eyes up to look coyly into the benevolent man in red’s face. He gave her a quick smile and nod and then turned his attention back to little Lilly in the globe.

Lilly had walked into her bedroom and was bent over the bed, arranging pillows and pulling down sheets. Her breasts swung heavily and easily as he watched the muscles in her abdomen tighten while she turned and pulled and got the bed ready. She reached over and pulled something out of a drawer in her nightstand,… and then smiled back at him.

Felicia’s warm lips slid like velvet over the sensitive tight flesh at the tip of his cock and he looked down to see the sprite slowly taking her lips running them over his aching cock. She was the best tease of hundreds that he had known throughout the millennia! She flickered her tongue wickedly across the underside of the rim of his head and Santa reached a hand down to behind her head and pull her face around his needful cock! Her smiling face sank slowly down to bury those features in his white curly pubes as he looked back at Lilly.

“I don’t know who you are, but I can tell that there is someone there watching. I remember growing up and suddenly being aware of your eyes wandering over my flesh. It used to make me shiver. Then it began making me wet. I felt like such a slut! Then, when I was 18 Mom took me to see Santa one last time. I had that same shuddering feeling as I walked up to sit on his lap. It was like he had seen me naked. Seen me using my hair brush. And he said that I had been naughty. He was right and we both knew it. Mom thought it was cute. But I remember putting my hand down and feeling your cock. It must have been nearly as big as this toy! I almost came that night sitting on your lap!”

She was running a red and white, candy-cane striped adult toy in and out of her pussy slowly. It glistened wetly every time it slid out and the old man felt himself biting his own lower lip watching her. She cupped her tits with her other hand, teasing the nipples out, pulling on them and offering them to him. He could feel his heart hammering as he wanted to take and pull that fake cock out of Lilly and feel her wet soft hot flesh wrap around his shaft. He wanted,… no he desperately needed to bury himself balls deep into that bald wet cunt! She was writhing in her own need now and he hoped he could hold off long enough to explode with her!

Felicia stood up and turned around. The tiny sprite lifted the hem of her short dress and pulled the throbbing Claus cock to point directly at a small slit surrounded by silken dark hair that caressed his privates in the most incredible ways possible. He watched the candy shaft sliding into Lilly as his own dick sank into the tight passage of Felicia.

“Oh, God, I want your fat cock in me!!! Santa if you are there, fuck me good!! Cum in me Santa that’s it!!!! OOooohhh!!!” and in that instant as he watched the mortal body of the woman tremble and then seize up with muscle spasms and trembling ecstasy!!!

A moment later, Felicia squeezed her flesh around his meat stick and Santa roared as his chestnuts turned, twisted, rose and pumped out spurt after spurt of Santa snowballs deep into her steaming furnace of a cunt! Santa barely managed to put the globe safely on his ankara escortlar desk before his body went into automatic pussy pounding mode! He slammed in and out of the tiny little feminine form and she cried out as he filled and then flooded her sex with his seed until it was squirting out of them each time he pounded his dick deep into her!

Santa sank back into his leather chair and Felicia a few minutes later got up and caught the jizz that poured out of her in a towel that was kept in Santa’s bottom drawer. She wiped herself and then the big man’s softening member. He smiled at her as she rearranged her clothes. She climbed up into his lap and kissed him sweetly before scampering out the same way she had come into his library.

Santa turned and saw Lilly returning to her bedroom from the bathroom. She smiled a lopsided smile toward the mirror from which he watched her. She blew a kiss his way and climbed into the bed and turned out the light. He was about to turn away when he heard her say, “I hope I make your naughty list Santa. But I also hope you come to my house on Christmas and eat my cookie!!!” She giggled and went to sleep.


Yes, Santa is one Jolly old soul…. who wouldn’t be with an army of elves at your call and the ability to look into any bedroom in the world whenever you wanted!?!?!?!

If you enjoyed this little romp, let me know and read the next episode to see what other mischief takes place at the North Pole!


Naughty Santa Chronicles – Epi 2

Naughty Santa Chronicles – Epi 2

When Carol agreed to marry Santa and become Mrs. C, she knew that her life would change, but moving to the North Pole had at first been wonderful…and then boring. Once April rolled around she began seeing less and less of her groom and that was a bad thing.

You see, part of what had attracted the old fat bastard to her to begin with was her ravenous libido! He knew that it mattered little what time of day or night he checked, Carol was nearly always wet, always with her big tits on high beam and he even claimed that she often did naughty things in her sleep, and Carol thought that explained a lot of her dreams… and the wet sheets!!!

For the first few months, the North Pole had been fabulous!!! It was night almost 20 hours out of the day, and Carol used that, and his long candy cane to satisfy her cravings for many of those long nights!!! They had initiated nearly every portion of the gumdrop candy factory and there were several children’s toys that were used in not so innocent ways during those days!

But now, what was she do? Rubbing her clit had been her private relief since way before she even knew what sex was! She would lay back in the bathtub or in her bed and… it just felt good! But now, having been fucked by a man and feeling his flesh lengthen, harden and pierce deep into every one of her orifices, a simple finger rub just did not do the trick. She needed more. She needed much more!

A knock at the door announced that the elves were in the hall and were waiting to come in and service her bedroom. She was running behind. She was not even properly dressed. She looked down at her legs in their stockings that she had just finished attaching her garters to and her large white (Santa called them his snow drift) breasts were barely under control in her bra and she had her red robe fringed in white fur over her shoulders. She was not properly dressed, not at all! “Just what would the elves think, seeing Mrs. C this way?” she giggled to herself as she pulled her hand out of the front of her panties and adjusted the waistband.

She stood up and started to reach for her dress in order to hastily pull it on over her head when she stopped. “What WOULD the elves think…?” A very naughty smile crossed her lips as she looked slowly from her dress to the door. She was second in charge of the North Pole. She had even overruled Santa on a couple of decisions lately…. So what would happen….? Drawing a deep breath she called out, “Just a moment….” Carol stepped into some heeled slippers and checked herself once in the mirror before striding with as much confidence as she could to the door. She took another deep breath to calm her suddenly racing heart and pulled open the heaven oaken door.

“Good Morning boys, won’t you come on in? I have been … expecting you.” She said and then chuckled quietly as she watched the three male elves look her up and down in sheer astonishment. Then each one as their eyes finally came back up to her face smiled at her in a manner that immediately conveyed that they were ready to do far more than just fluff her pillows!!!

As she stepped back into the room, the three quickly came inside and she noted that they each took the moment to look her over again. She smiled as she slowly moved to close the door. She could almost feel their eyes raking her pale flesh. When she turned to face them, they each sincan kaliteli escortlar had developed significant bulges in the fronts of their pants. She allowed her gaze to rest on each of their pelvic regions before she raised her eyes to meet theirs. She sucked in her bottom lip as she began to walk slowly and deliberately over to stand right in the middle of all three of them. “I know this may seem a little strange to you, but I am hoping that it can become rather normal for us and I am counting on you to be discrete. So what do you think?”

The three elves eagerly nodded and the tension that Mrs. C had felt building exploded out of her in a laugh! She stepped forward to the elf in the center and physically raised his face from where he was staring at her jiggling breasts. She bent forward and kissed him long and hard on the mouth. A few seconds later, her hands were cupping the hard flesh sticks in the front of the elves tights to either side of her. It was only a breath later that she felt 6 hands, tentatively touching her body and moving over her long neglected flesh. She moaned as they touched her ass and as fingers played over her breasts. She wondered if it was the pounding of her heart that was making her titty flesh jump!!! She was in heaven!!

She broke her embrace off and the two elves to either side of her slid her robe off of her shoulders. She led them around the end of the huge four-poster bed and for a moment she imagined tying a naked elf to each post and sucking them each off for hours on end!!! The mere thought sent a shudder down through her spine and exploded on the button of her clit with a powerful wave of pleasure!

One of the elves reached behind her and with nimble fingers, unsnapped her bra while the other two had the straps down her arms almost like the old fat man going down a chimney. She sat down on the bed with a giggle and scooted herself into middle as elf clothing went flying every which direction.

She marveled at their thin lithe bodies. Upon first glance they were merely the size of school aged boys, but then lower… they were sporting long hard cocks that looked like those she had once seen on horses!!! The nest of dark curls looked soft and almost wispy and their balls hung much lower… but were already starting to tighten and rise even as she watched them in fascination. When they would bend over they showed round smooth hairless bottoms that nearly glowed like new fallen snow and there in the center of their butt creases were perfect star shaped sphincters that made her mouth water with a longing to taste!

They all three bound up onto the bed and one jumped to either side of her and each took one of her large full breasts in their hands and began to suck on her nipples. She looked down at the third as he stared back at her with a lascivious smile. He slowly crawled to the foot of the bed and then up between her legs, never letting his eyes wander from hers. When he reached the point where her well trimmed pussy nestled in the v of her leg, he bent his head low and took in a deep breath. His eyes closed and a dreamy look spread across his face. Slowly, he dipped his chin down toward her and then she saw the most marvelous long tongue flow out of his mouth to flicker over her clit!

Carol had always had nipples that were sensitive. Even as a little girl, her nipples would poke out in daring ways and as she began to bloom, even men older than her father had occasionally stopped to stare at the proud nipples that poked into the air boldly in front of her! Now, with a hungry mouth sucking on each of them, she was nearly in heaven! She could feel their lips clamping down on her flesh and their tongues rolling and teasing her flesh out longer, harder… more needing. When they sucked hard or raked her flesh carefully with their teeth she let them know they were reaching her point of tolerance as she wrapped the hair at the back of their heads in her hands.

Their greedy sucking would have pushed her over the edge of an orgasm all by themselves, but the talented tongue between her thighs made her breathless and kept her there for what seemed like forever! He made a small fist that felt like a perfect cock sliding in and out of her hot vagina, but it was the elf’s mouth that seemed to have a super-natural knack for knowing when to increase pressure or flick a touch in a slightly different place or way. He was simply scrambling her brain into so much mush and she was certain that if she died right then and there she would have died the happiest woman on the face of the planet!

She lost track of the number of orgasms the three gave to her and decided at some point that it really had only been one orgasm that began and rose and fell, only to push her over the edge over and over and over again.

Eventually, her hands found their ways to the two thick, throbbing sticks that poked rudely out of the torso of the two tit suckers. She could almost get a hand wrapped around the shaft of each, but not quite! They were hot in her hand and as she slowly stroked them she could hear and more importantly feel their moans! With the back of her fingers she could feel their enormous scrotums pulling up and their testicles bouncing off the back of her hands.

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