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Angela Knox stood in her walk in closet, shuffling through her clothes wondering what she was going to wear. It had been a few days since her daughter had handed her the letter from Mr. Smythe requesting a parent teacher conference.

She was nervous, not because of what the conference was about, because her daughter was very studious with good grades. She was nervous, because of how Mr. Smythe made her feel.

Every time she went to the school, when she was near him, she felt flushed. She often wondered if he noticed. Was that little grin him saying that he realized the power his presence had on her? Did he often have the same tempting thoughts that she did?

When standing, he had to look down at her, because of their height difference; her being only 5′ 4″ and him just over 6 feet. He always looked into her eyes. That was a rarity for her. Because of her breasts being very large, it seemed to be the first thing men noticed, but this man always looked into her eyes. Though when those sexy brown eyes looked into her green ones, she would avert her gaze, sometimes lose her words, and stutter a bit.

As she stood there in that walk in closet, she thought of these things and different images passed through her mind. She saw herself running her fingers through his brown hair as he kissed her. Would his kiss be as smooth and silky as her imagination perceived? What would his skin taste like as she ran her tongue along the sides his neck? Would his touch be gentle and teasing as his hands roamed her body or would they be rough with passion.

“Quit being silly,” she mumbled to herself. Really, for such things to happen would be unethical for a seemingly straitlaced man like Mr. Smythe. Doing such things with a parent would be too risky. Still she hoped.

Finely she decided on a sage green tank top that was not too low cut, so that she didn’t expose her breasts too much. It would show her curves without being overly flaunty. With it she wore a brown hippie skirt with a green tie dye effect that matched the tank top and a pair of simple brown sandals.

When Angela arrived at the school, the moment her car went into park, her heart started racing. She closed her eyes, leaned back in her seat, and took a few slow breaths….slowly inhale…exhale. “It’s just a conference,” she told herself.

On her way to Mr. Smythe’s classroom, which seemed an eternity, she noticed that the school appeared to be empty, but in the distance she could hear something that sounded like a broom sweeping, possibly a janitor. After all, it was five o’clock at night. Usually by that şişli escort time most of the staff was gone for the day.

When she arrived at Mr. Smythe’s classroom, the door was already open. She stood there for a moment, watching him. He sat at his desk under the florescent lights. Apparently deep in thought, he smiled slightly as he lightly scraped the center of his bottom lip with his two front teeth. She felt her heart beat speed up again. God that man is sexy, she thought to herself.

She took in a deep breath. When she exhaled, he must have heard her, because his head came up quickly. His eyes brightened as he looked at her and a big smile formed on his face.

“Come in Mrs. Knox!” The tone in his voice was obviously excitement.

As she walked towards his desk, she could feel her heart racing. As if he sensed her nervousness, in a reassuring voice he said, “No worries, it’s good news.”

“That’s good to know,” she responded, her voice shaking a bit.

When she reached the edge of his desk, he stood up. He slid a paper towards her using the tips of his fingers. “As you know, your daughter has been doing very well. I’d like to get her tested for our GT classes, but I need you to sign some papers first,” he said as he studied her face.

“Wonderful! Of course I’ll sign them.” She spoke forcing the nervousness out of her voice. She couldn’t help but wonder why he hadn’t simply sent them home with her daughter. You would think something like this wouldn’t be worthy of a conference. Did he arrange this so that he could be alone with her? Wishful thinking.

She reached her hand down to the paper that his fingers were on. As her fingers touched the paper, he moved his hand to the top of hers, lightly touching with tips of his fingers, moving them slowly from her wrist to the tip of her fingers.

She closed her eyes slightly, feeling her breathing quicken and her heart beat a little faster. A tingling sensation moved through her body. She suddenly felt warm heat rush to her groin area. Her pussy pulsated and she became wet with the anticipation of what would come next.

When his fingers reached the tip of her fingers, she raised her eyes to meet his. This time she didn’t avert her gaze. She allowed herself to absorb the passion in his eyes, letting him see her apparent lust.

After a few seconds, he quickly moved to her, forcefully putting his hands through her long red hair as he moved his head down to hers. His lips forced hers open as he probed her mouth with his tongue. The beşiktaş escort musky smell of his aftershave, the feeling of his firm grip as his hand pulled on her hair, and the silkiness of his tongue, made her drunk with passion.

They tore at each other’s clothes, breaking their kiss only to remove their shirts. Hands groped instinctively without thought; hers to his hair pulling him closer, her fingers digging into his back, roaming his chest feeling the curve of his muscles, and then feeling his hard cock outside of his jeans.

His hands roamed to her chest, moving the white lace of her bra down, revealing her large breasts, cupping her breasts, and teasing her hard nipples. He pinched her nipples slightly and then a little harder, twisting them, and playing with her nipple rings.

As he released his kiss, his hands moved to the side of her stomach. With a strong grip, he lifted her onto the desk, oblivious of the papers crumbling under her ass and falling to the floor. She leaned back using her arms to support her weight as he pulled her skirt up to her waist. Then he stepped back to admire her.

She laid there exposed, her breasts lying outside her bra and nipples hard , legs spread, and her wet pussy exposed. Overcome with desire and want, she put her weight on one arm, while the other played with her breasts. Her hand moved below to play with her wet clit and two of her fingers plunged inside to fill her need for him, and then back up to her mouth, tasting her own sweet yet salty nectar.

“Please.” The word escaped her lips in rasping breaths. Answering her pleas he began to remove his jeans, exposing his exquisite hard cock. His body wedged between her thighs and she sat up pushing her body close to his. His fingers probed her, feeling the hot moisture there, rubbing her g-spot and feeling it get larger with every stroke, the smell of her sex getting stronger as she got closer to climax.

Her mouth was on his neck, kissing, nibbling, and licking faster with every stroke of his fingers. The smell of his aftershave and salty taste of his skin mingled with the scent of her own smells, adding to her arousal.

As shivers went throughout her body, her muscles tightened around his fingers, and she bit down slightly on his shoulder blades from the intensity. Hot liquid released onto his hand and desk, drenching the back of her skirt. She stayed there for a moment, using his chest to support her and listening to the steady sound of his heart beat as her body relaxed from the intensity of her orgasm.

“Turn over,” he demanded. şirinevler escort Following orders, she turned around laying her chest on the desk, her ass exposed. With his hands on her ass for balance, he plunged deep inside her wetness. She let out a little screech from the force of his cock filling her. Her muscles there tightened as she sucked in a deep breath. As if it had a will of its own, her body responded, her hips moving back and forth, feeling the friction on her g-spot.

His body responded with the same rhythmic motions, moving away just far enough for the tip to be inside, then plunging deep inside feeling her cervix. Each time there was a slapping sound from his pelvis banging against her ass. With each hard thrust, she let out a moan. Her teeth dug into her hand as she felt herself getting closer to climax.

His hands reached for her hair, pulling harder as he got closer to release, making her own arousal more intense. His sweat dripped on the small of her back, turning cold from the air-conditioned room, and sending goose bumps down her spine.

He leaned forward, his chest on her back, the smell of their sex and sweat mingling together. He began to move his hips faster, plunging deep and hard inside of her. The front of her thighs pushed hard against the edge of the desk with every thrust, but all she could feel was pleasure.

Her moans got louder. She could feel herself about to cum again. Right as he plunged deep inside of her releasing his juices, he bit down on her back right below her shoulder. At that moment, pain became pleasure and shivers went through her body. She came, mingling her liquids with his, her body quivering beneath his and her pussy pulsating around his hard cock. They laid there for a moment letting their bodies relax, him still inside her.

“You better get those papers signed,” he whispered in her ear. The tone in his voice, made it apparent that he was smiling.

They both got up, and began to put on their clothes. She fumbled around the desk finding the permission form and a pen. Quickly she signed the paper, glancing up at him seeing his flirty grin. Her automatic reaction was to bite the edge of her lip with a slight grin in return.

“So, shall we have another conference soon?” His smile widened as he spoke.

“Most definitely,” she answered right before she moved forward to taste his mouth and the skin on his neck again. Then she pulled away to leave.

She walked out of the classroom, their sex dripping down her leg and her skirt wet with their mingled liquids. When she reached the front door of the school, there was a short grey headed man there to greet her. By looking at his grey uniform it was obvious that he was the janitor that she heard earlier. As he opened the door to let her out, he didn’t say a word, but the smirk on his face made it clear that he saw or heard. Though, at that moment she didn’t care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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