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Anastasia Knight

I’m all set. I adjust my little top and make sure my her cleavage remains discreet. I’ve chosen a short pleated skirt and I hope it’s not too provocative. I haven’t known Yvan for long and it’s our first date tonight. He rings the intercom and I wait, a little anxiously, at the door. I run my fingers through my long red hair to give it some volume and I take a deep breath to calm myself. He knocks clearly and I open it for him. I have a small blow to the heart as I feel like I’m rediscovering him. He’s quite tall and strong. Certainly not the type of man that attracts me at first sight. On the other hand he has such intense gaze that he hypnotizes me and when he smiles at me, my legs weaken. I try to keep my composure and smile back at him.

“Good evening Yvan. Please come in.”

I give him room to come in and close the door behind him. When he brushes past me, I get a little shiver that runs through my whole body. I’ve never felt anything like that with anyone before. I lock the door, turn around and freeze on the spot. There he is, a few centimetres away from me, his dark gaze plunged into mine and I immediately feel a ball of heat arising in my belly. I remain perplexed and intrigued, because I don’t feel in danger. He then takes my face delicately in his hands and puts an intense kiss on my lips. I giggle, surprised and caught unaware of his boldness. He then plunges his tongue into my mouth. His kiss becomes even more intense. It only takes me two seconds to succumb and melt to this fiery kiss. I moan and respond voraciously. I don’t recognize myself.

‘What’s happening to me?’

We kiss for long minutes and my body yearns for his touch, so when he puts a hand on my back to hold me tight, I press myself feverishly against his muscular body and moan more beautifully. He is powerful and I feel at his mercy in his arms. Yet I am not afraid, he gives me trust and I abandon myself as I have rarely done before and certainly not as quickly.

‘He’s going to think I’m an easy lay!’

I try to reason with myself, but I feel the heat ball growing in my belly and the beating of my heart accelerates. His kiss is exquisite and I swoon at the touch of his lips and the sensual dance of his tongue with mine. He presses himself against me and I feel my breasts being deliciously pressed against his chest. His belly comes in contact with mine and the sensation is divine. He slips a thigh between my legs and I hiccup when he presses it against my sex. My heat ball explodes and my body blazes up like a straw fire. My reason is swept away by my bestial and primal self, so long hindered by it.

‘Fuck, I want him!’

Then my hands, which I can no longer control, begin to caress and undress him. I quickly take off his shirt and cover his muscular chest with caresses and wild kisses. I’ve never fantasised about muscular bodies, but now I’m crazy about them. He regularly takes my mouth with his fiery lips and each time I melt a little more.

That’s when he definitely wins me over. He looks me straight in the eyes and slowly goes down without breaking contact. He kneels down in front of me, in a state of excitement. He lifts my skirt and reveals my little satin and lace panties. He takes them off sharply and plunges his face between my thighs and divinely attacks my sex. He licks it voraciously and sublimely tortures my clitoris. I close my eyes and let myself be capsized by his ardour. I am a sweet and loving girl. I really appreciate the tact and voluptuousness, the slow and languorous caresses.

Yvan devours my pussy like no one has ever done before and I am completely conquered. I don’t stop moaning and hiccupping under his sovereign assaults. One of his hands goes up against my belly and his caress is so profound that I feel like he is caressing me deep inside. It continues to rise, expertly passes under my little top and takes my breast vigorously. I put one hand on his hoping, halfway, to calm his ardour, because he hurts me a little. Then he sucks my sex so unpredictably that I gasp and look at him with my eyes and mouth wide open. The sensation is so strong that I even appreciate his hand that virilely squeeze my breast, pinching my nipple between his fingers.

“Haaa! Ho! Yes! My God!”

My eyes revert with pleasure when I feel his fingers intrude into me in an imperious way. I get so wet that they penetrate without any problem, despite my rather narrow pussy. I grab his hair and move my pelvis to rub against him.

‘That’s so fucking good!’

The idea of cunnilingus has never turned me on more than that. The thought of oral caresses on my genitals usually disgusts me, until this sublime moment. I feel my legs gradually weakening and they start to shake. His tongue, lips and teeth are wonderfully active and my pussy begins to pulse with desire.

‘Oh shit! I want his cock! I want him to take me there! I want him to take me now! Right now!’

I want to, but I can’t talk anymore because my excitement is so intense.

‘Fuck, fuck, is he eryaman escort bayan going to make me cum right now?!’

I can’t hold back my screams when the tsunami wipes me out.The tidal wave is so sudden that I can’t hold anything back and I soak his face and fingers with my juices. I didn’t know I could do that. He stays there, playing and torturing my sex which throbs and convulses with pleasure.

He stands up again and I kiss him greedily, discovering my taste on his lips and cheeks. I catch myself licking him to wash him of my fluids and produce greedy ‘hum’.

‘But what’s happening to me?’

We kiss again for long minutes. We are always at the front door of my flat. Once again I don’t understand what’s gotten into me, but I unbutton his trousers and grasp his radiant cock, after having plunged my hand into his pants without a moment’s hesitation. It’ s warm, hard, vibrant and I’m delighted. I masturbate him a little and don’t resist him when he presses himself at the entrance of my little secret temple.

“Oh yes, Yvan, take meEEE! HAAAAA! HOOOO!”

He enters with a sharp jerk and I shout with surprise and pain. I’ve never had such an imposing visit and he came in without knocking. He doesn’t give me time to pull myself together as he penetrates me violently, slamming his pelvis against my clitoris. Each thrust triggers an electric shock, which spreads all over my body. I can hear him growling and grunting and I get very excited about it. Under my hands I can feel his body stretching, tensing and raging inside me. The feeling is incredible. I can feel him drilling my womb, which is tightly wrapped around him. That’s when I see us in the mirror at the other end of the corridor. The vision is highly erotic. I see myself standing against the door and Yvan powerfully propels his hips between my spread out thighs.

I admire his back muscles, finely chiselled, contracting under the effort. I caress them ardently. He passes his hands under my butt and lifts me up as if I didn’t weigh more than a feather. I wrap my legs around his waist and we weld our lips together in another fiery kiss. He takes me to my room and puts me on the bed. Still inside me, he grabs my ankles and spreads my legs and immediately resumes his wild strokes. I am lost, I can only moan, scream, gasp under his majestic assaults. I’ve never been taken like that and I’m all over the place. He’ s going so hard that I have the impression that he penetrates me completely, from head to toe. I feel the shocks from my pubis to the top of my head. I am overwhelmed by a flood of sensations so intense that my brain can no longer function in a reasoned way.

Yet I am an academic, an intellectual. I love mind games and long, argumentative and enriching conversations. I’ve always considered sex a little too primitive to really get involved in it. Just when I thought I’d reached the height of the intensity of our frolic, he turns me over and puts me on all fours, vigorously plunges his fiery spear back in and I scream with pleasure. He grabs me firmly by the hips and goes wild, spanking me cheerfully with his lower belly. I can’t believe it and can’t even express myself in words.

“Hoo! Ho! Ho! Han! Han! Houf! Hoooo!”

Once again, it takes me all the way and I shout my pleasure. I have a moment of panic because I feel a second orgasm coming on me like galloping horses. I want to stop it because I’m afraid of its intensity, but I can’t.


My body is convulsing and Yvan has to cling tightly to me to stay inside me. I collapse all the way down on the bed, all sweaty and the breath completely syncopated. My eyes can’t settle, my mind is completely foggy. As I struggle to regain my mind, he straddles my tight legs and resumes his powerful comings and goings. He grabs my beautiful round cheeks with both hands and applies a movement opposite to his own. The sensation is so strong that I grab a pillow and muffle my screams inside. I can feel my pussy dilate and marry every inch of his magnificent cock. The feeling and sound of my buttocks slapping against his thighs drives me crazy. His grunts and moans turn me on just as much.

“Oh Fuck! Yvan! It’s so good!”

I manage to tell him between two screams smothered in the pillow.

He’s been taking me manly for a long minutes and he still hasn’t cum yet.

‘My God, this guy is like a war machine!’

While I’m lost in ecstasy, he adds to it by sticking a finger in my little hole. Once again, the exceptional circumstances that I am experiencing make me take pleasure in it when the idea would have disgusted me otherwise. The sensation is sublime and I am delighted with the pleasure and encourage him to continue, even though he has no need of it. Suddenly I feel his hand caressing the back of my head and then grasping my hair firmly. He pulls on them and forces me to straighten my head out of the pillow.

“Hooooohoho! Ha! Ha! Han! Han! Hannn!”

My whole body is stretched ankara escort out like a bow and I’m over the moon, dominated like never before and yet I’m loving it so much. That’s when his grunting becomes more intense. I feel his rod twitching inside me and he releases a guttural grunt as I feel his powerful spurts literally flooding me. I exclaim to each one of them. I love the feeling of being filled in this way. I can feel his spunk spilling around his cock, buried deep inside of me. I am overwhelmed. I let out long ‘Mmm’ of delight. He stays inside me until I calm down and he catches his breath. I look over my shoulder and see him covered in sweat. I smile at him with my eyes full of gratitude and happiness.

He will then put me back on my back and slide me to the edge of the bed so that my head is in the void. I don’t understand immediately but everything becomes clear when he brings his half stiff cock, covered with our common juices, close to my lips. The smell that assails me is strong and surprises me because I like it. I kiss him on the head with the tip of my lips but, as he has always done from the beginning, he plunges his soiled member into my mouth. The flavours that spill over my tongue and down my throat melt into a thunderous effect and I happily swallow what my tongue and lips take in. I moan and rave about the pleasure I take in sucking it. Once again, I get a kick out of doing something I used to disapprove of in the past.

‘But how does he do it? This guy, is he a magician or what?!’

I literally start pumping him full. I hear him moaning and it makes me even more passionate. Then I can feel him grabbing my head with both hands and I let him do it. He pushes his cock deep into me and I want to welcome him as best I can. The first few times are difficult because I can’t control my gag reflex but he persists and I finally manage to control myself. Once he is sure that I can take it all, he takes my mouth and throat as he knows how to do it so well: violently and vigorously. I let him fuck my mouth and I am thrilled to allow him to take me like that. His sex penetrates my mouth and goes down to my throat but I have the impression that he takes my whole body right down to the tips of my toes. I put my hands on his beautiful muscular ass and accompany him in his assaults. His hands then take my breasts and knead them outrageously, taking me up a notch.

“Hum! Hum! Ghag! Ghag! Haumm! Haumm!”

I’m conquered, I don’t want it to stop. It makes me discover a side of myself that I didn’t know.

He’s going to take me like this for hours on end, making me come many times. When he stops, I am completely knocked out, close to unconsciousness. My bed is completely soaked with sweat and our fluids. I can’t manage to calm my heart, which beats like hell in my chest. I am unable to move, short of breath, without strength. I can hear it chuckling and moving towards the bathroom. My mind is so foggy that I can’t even get offended by his boldness. He takes a shower and gets dressed again, while I am smashed on my bed. He gives me a passionate kiss and leaves without saying a word. It takes me long minutes to regain control of my body. When I get out of bed, my legs can barely support me. I feel my sex pulsating as if he was still inside me.

‘God! What a savage! He literally fucked the shit out of me.’

My thoughts don’t seem to be my own, my words seem so vulgar. I stagger to the bathroom. When I stand in front of the mirror, I can’t hold back a burst of laughter when I see the big heart he drew there with the shower mist. I look myself straight in the eyes as I try to find out who this person is, who has just been humped at her place, by someone she didn’t even know, on the first date and who has had the time of her life. I bite my lip as I think back on everything he did to me. I caress myself everywhere and I get shivers of pleasure from it. My body shakes uncontrollably for long seconds. I’ve never lost control before. This terrifies me and excites me in an incomprehensible way.

‘What a fucking kick! WHAT A BLAST!’

I contemplate the result of our lovemaking. My milky skin is marbled with scratches. I have the mark of his fingers on my round, firm breasts, my buttocks are reddened by the countless spankings I’ve received. My long red hair is soaked and stuck on my crimson face, usually moon-white. I slip into a cool shower to try to give myself a little more vigour as I am exhausted. As I bathe with difficulty, the images and sensations assail me like a stroboscope. I am submerged and have to lean against the wall so I don’t fall to the bottom of the shower. My body starts shaking again and my sex pulses and contracts violently.

‘What the fuck did this guy do to me?!’

It takes me a good two hours to get out of this deliciously obnoxious state. Just when I thought we were going to spend a long evening together, I find myself lying alone in my bed longing for him like never before.

His next visits are of sincan escort bayan the same kind: no or few words, fiery, wild, impetuous sex. Without really noticing it, completely overwhelmed by emotions and sensations, he prepares my little ass to be deflowered. He goes there progressively and skilfully, using lubricant to avoid me too much pain, which could make me leave the moment. So it’s not surprising to find myself screaming my vocal cords out, on all fours, with my ass proudly upright, a plug slipped into my depths and him, straddling my ass, impaling himself with all his weight in my garden which holds no more secrets for him. I explode with such strength that the decency and etiquette of the girl from a good family, which I am, are completely relegated to the back of my mind. I scream, I drool, I stutter, I suffocate, I vibrate, I rock, I cum and I explode. What drives me crazy is also hearing him force his way into the depths of my pussy, which is completely constricted by my extreme orgasm. While I’m in the middle of this ecstasy, he removes the plug and replaces it with his glans. The sensation is simply exquisite.

“Yvan! Wait a minute! Just wait! Gentlyyyyy! Haaaa! Hannnn! Hooooo! YES!! OH FUUUUUCK! HANNNNNNN! HOOFFFF! HOOOO!”

He goes slowly but without giving me time to relax. He’s raping my ass and I’m losing my mind.

‘It’s totally insane!’.

I love pain as much as I love pleasure. Once completely in my depths, when I feel his balls rubbing against my vulva and his lower abdomen against my coccyx, I hear him roar with pleasure and I accompany him emphatically.

“OH! FUCK! YVAN! It’s so good! Han! Han! I love it!”

He feels me ready and makes me tip over into a world that I would never associate myself with.

“Do you like that, Nathaly?”

His voice is deep and vibrant. It was his voice and his gaze that seduced me when we first met in the museum bar.

“Oh! Yes, Yvan! I love it!”

“Tell me what you like? “

His voice is authoritative and imperious. I must answer him, I don’t want him to stop.

“Oh! Yvan! I…”

I hesitate and I feel it slowly coming out.

“Ho! No! Yvan! Stay in!”

“So, tell me what you love so much Nathaly!”

So I say things to him, that I never thought I would be able to say, and I become particularly talkative.

“Oh! Yvan! I love your cock! I want you! Go ahead and fuck my ass! Unleash yourself! Oh my God! Yes! Like that! Oh my GOD!”

Galvanised by my words, he lets go and I capsize again, only being able to express myself by onomatopoeia for long minutes, until my first anal orgasm knocks me down. My poor neighbours must be sick and tired of hearing me because I am screaming my head off. My whole body is filled with violent spasms and Yvan clings to me to stay stuck in my ass. When I calm down a little, he starts to penetrate again and I go away again. I didn’t know me that kind of endurance but he’s fucking impressive. I’m on the verge of fainting at my second orgasm. It came from so far away that it almost knocked me down. I’m inert again on my bed, sweating and out of breath, while he goes to wash himself.

My ass is still dilating and tensing involuntarily when he comes out of the shower. I can’t even turn around, I lie on my stomach and feel his fresh body sliding against me. He lifts my buttocks with his muscular chest and then slides it over my back until it sits on my shoulder blades. I then feel his whole body against mine and I groan with pleasure. My whole body starts shaking uncontrollably. Suddenly it becomes tender and soft. He gently spreads my hair and gently kisses my neck. His hands glide over my arms, up to my hands and our fingers intertwine. I already feel him stiff against the parting of my butt and I’m already longing for it. He rubs himself gently between my cheeks and I invite him to plunge into me, pulling my ass up as far as I can.

The emotion overwhelms me when he penetrates my pussy with an ineffable slowness and softness. A ball swells up in my throat, I can’t hold back my emotions and I start to cry hot tears. Between two sobs I beg him not to stop. He destroys my last protection by taking me like this. He is so gentle, so caring, so attentive to me, his hands are so sweetly delicate on me. He caresses me with all his muscular body, with such soft skin.

I am completely taken and my mind is bubbling. When long minutes later, still weeping and sobbing, I am completely swept away by an orgasm such as I have never felt before, I scream my orgasm into my pillow so that the whole building can’t hear me. My body no longer belongs to me as it convulses with force. The spasms that run through my body are so intenses that they hurt me and I shout at each of them. My pussy is completely stiffened on its burning rod and I can hear it growling with pleasure and pain as its penis is almost crushed by my womb. My climax is gradually slipping away and I find it extremely difficult to catch my breath. In my descent I hear myself saying words to him that seal my fate:

“Oh Yvan! It’s too much! I love what you do to me! Do what you want with me, but don’t stop! I’m all yours! I’m your thing! Take me! Fuck me! Do whatever you want to me! I love the way you take me! What a fucking blast!”

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