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Over lunch we all agreed to rent a couple of canoes from the outfitter up the lake. We’d drive one of the cars up, and then paddle back and get the car at the end of the day. I called to reserve and I was disappointed to hear that they were closing at 5 PM today.

“But hey,” the man told me, “you can return them after hours. We leave chains and locks and you just have to secure them and the jackets and pads when you drop them off, and there’s a slot where you can slide in the paddles and bailers so they’re inside the shack. Lots of people do it so they can paddle in the moonlight.” That sounded quite appealing to me, and everyone agreed. So we went back to our campsite, made sure we took anything we might need out of our car, and headed out.

It was a perfect day for paddling, warm and calm, but when we got there we found out the outfitter had messed up. He’d only booked us one canoe.

“Fuck. Really?” I said. “There are six of us. Can’t you do anything for us?”

“Well,” he said, looking around and pulling on his beard, “I guess I can give you this one until 3:30. But you gotta have it back by then, it’s booked for an eight-day interior trip. I won’t charge you for it. Very sorry sir.”

“By 3:30?” I looked at my watch – it was 12:45. I looked at the others. They shrugged. “OK,” I said. It’s better than nothing. Thanks for making an effort.”

We spent the next couple of hours exploring the arms and narrows and reaches of the sprawling lake. It was a huge thrill for the boys, especially Tyrone, who’d never paddled before. We took turns in bow and stern positions, and taught the boys the basic paddle strokes. The time flew by, but we felt like we’d made the best of it. At 3:00 we dropped Emma and Natalie at the campground and started heading back down the lake to the outfitters. Being relied upon as bow paddlers was a big deal for the boys, and they worked their hearts out. When we dropped the one boat off, the outfitter let us hang on to the paddles, so on the way back we were a four-paddler voyageur canoe.

Dinner preparation was well under way as we arrived, and we were all in a happy and chatty mood after the day’s activities. Jed and I took a bin out and gathered a shitload of firewood, then I started chopping and prepping under Emma’s supervision while Richard and Tyrone entertained Jed and Natalie with countless pictures they’d taken of their sand castle city. We had a fine pasta and salad and consumed couple of bottles of cabernet while wieners and marshmallows on sticks made use of the fire. Tyrone brought out his iPad and the boys started watching a movie.

“Yo, guys,” I said, “this is camping. None of that stuff here.” They both looked up at me as though I was guilty of cat mutilation. “OK, OK, but look, if you want to watch that you have to do it in the tent, and keep the volume down. Some of us are here to enjoy nature.” They scrambled off to their pup tent, giggling about their triumph.

Jed and Natalie finished cleaning up and we poured another round. Emma was sketching something, but she put it down to toast the day again. The sun had set, and everything went quiet as we listened to the peaceful chorus of crickets and the gentle lapping of waves on the shore, with a tiny din from some superhero movie mixed in for good measure. Jed began to yawn again, and before long he’d retired to his tent. It was getting dark, but Emma was furiously sketching under the lamp light.

“Shit,” I said. “I forgot we have to take the canoe back and get the car. Jed, duty calls.” Natalie went to their tent and halkalı escort came right back out.

“He’s passed out.”

“Hey, sailors!” I yelled into the pup tent. “Report for duty. We have a mission.”

“What?,” Richard yelled back.

“We have to take the canoe back, right now.”

“Aw dad, we’re halfway through Molten Man. He’s about to spew lava on a streetcar!”

“Don’t you guys wanna have a moonlight paddle? It’s really neat.” There was a long pause, and then they answered in unison: “No.”

“I guess the three of us can handle it,” I said turning back to Emma and Natalie.

“You guys go ahead,” Emma said, not looking up from her sketch. I’d kind of like someone to be awake with the boys.

“Natalie? Don’t you abandon me too – I need a bow paddler.”

“Sure. It’s a nice night. What the hell.” What the hell indeed. Natalie was well aware that I could have paddled the canoe back solo, but she was trying hard not to sound too enthusiastic.

As we threw our vests and extra paddles into the canoe, I tossed in another small package.

“What’s that?” asked Natalie.

“Just some fun,” I said. We got in and pushed off, both knowing there was exactly a zero percent chance we’d go directly to the outfitter. It was a spectacular night for paddling. It was dead quiet, the water was a smooth as glass, and the moon’s reflection gave everything a magical quality. We paddled in silence towards the outfitter for about ten minutes, then I took us into a secluded reach I’d scoped out earlier. We pulled up to a natural smooth rock ramp and dragged the boat ashore. We were in each other’s arms before the paddles had hit the ground. I buried my face in Natalie’s hair, which somehow looked even more sexy since she’d tied it back after showering. I bit her ear and she let out little yip and then moaned.

All afternoon and evening Natalie had been wearing a jean top open at the back and I’d been admiring her bare back, fighting for the whole day the temptation to put my hands on it. And now I just had to kiss it from top to bottom. I turned her around and drew my tongue slowly down the middle of her spine, brushing my hands along her sides as I went. I travelled back up, kissing and massaging her back with my lips. Her body shuddered and she pushed her ass back into me. I reached round and filled my hands with her delectable boobs, bouncing bralessly under the soft denim. She grabbed one of my hands and began to suck on my finger, then gently bit the web of my thumb. I reached up and unbuckled her shirt and pulled it off her shoulders. I’m pretty sure there aren’t awards given just for shoulders, but if there were, Natalie would own the trophy permanently. I kissed them both one by one while I undid her jeans. Giggling, she reached backwards and pulled down my shorts and underwear in one motion.

“This penis. This big, long hard thing that brings only joy,” she chanted as she fondled my dick behind her back. “Best of all, it’s attached to the guy I love more than anything.” She stroked me sensually. I got her pants off and bent to kiss her delectable ass. I bit her cheek playfully, eliciting a long purr. Then I spread her cheeks and teased her anus with my tongue; she moaned loudly and held one breast.

“Oh god baby, I want you,” she whispered. She turned around and swooped down on my cock, licking and sucking like a starving animal. She nipped up and down its length, then she put it right down her throat and started throat-fucking me – I have no idea how she did taksim escort that without gagging, but that feeling will stay with me until my dying day. Then she licked and sucked my balls, almost making me come right there. Then she put my cock between her breasts and jerked it with them – feeling those big luscious nipples on either side of my shaft put me at the very doors of heaven.

“Oh baby, you just transported me,” I blubbered, half drunk with the sensation. Natalie looked around.

“We should have brought a blanket for this rough rock,” she said.

“Hang tight my love,” I said, and reached into the canoe for the package I’d tossed in at the last minute. I opened it up and pulled out a hammock, which I quickly tied between two nearby sturdy pines, adjusting the height until it was just so. I ran a long bungee cord up into another tree and fastened it onto one edge of the hammock, tilting the whole thing up into a chair shape. I must have looked funny doing it, naked with my cock standing erect for the whole time. Natalie looked over the arrangement.

“Hey, that’s great,” she said.

“You have no idea how great,” I replied a wink. I sat her down right near one edge and gently laid her back onto the canvas. Then I retrieved the two kneeling cushions from the canoe and placed then on the ground. I knelt before the delta, as Leonard Cohen said, and proceeded to slowly ravage my lover. I kissed a lingering path up either calf, alternating legs as I went, nestled briefly in the hollows at the backs of her knees, then kissed, licked and bit up the inside of her thighs. By now she was writhing, trying to push me further up with her feet. Finally she leaned forward and grabbed my head with both hands, plunging my face with surprising force right into her pussy. She screamed like a banshee when my tongue entered her.

“Oh GOD! Oh GOD! Oh GOD!!” I was able to position her fairly precisely with the swing, so my tongue found depths in her not possible on a bed. She groaned wildly and panted and humped my face. Again I slipped my tongue into her ass, and here too the swing allowed significant penetration.

“Ohhhh, Jake, ohhhhhhh…OOOOHHHHHH…” She rubbed her clit vigorously and came, extravagantly, with abandon, pounding my face with her ass and pussy, and spilling her juices generously. At length she had to push my face away while she continued shuddering and panting.

Her pussy needed a break, but before long I was able to address her breasts again. I knelt on either side of her and spend several minutes rubbing my cock head on either nipple, then all around their edges, driving us both mad. She arched her back, pushing her tits into my cock.

“COCK COCK COCK COCK…” she bellowed, grabbing at her breasts and my cock at the same time.

“Oh god Jake,” she panted, “how can there be this much pleasure?” We kissed deeply, my tongue nearly going down her throat, and she began moving her pelvis again, pushing it up towards my waiting cock.

“Fuck me, you amazing man you. I love you so much…” I let the swing move into the ideal position and brought my cock down to meet her pussy lips. I swear I felt them quivering. I began to massage her with my cockhead, drawing it over the whole area. When I touched her clit she started humping it, so I moved it faster across the same spot.

“Ohhhhhhhh…OHHHHHHHH…you’re killing me Jake…OHHHHHH…” Neither of us could take it much longer. I entered her, feeling the same mind-blowing electric pleasure I remembered from entering her that şişli escort first night. I stood and just took it in for a while, without moving. Natalie was moving quite a bit, trying grind her pussy into my cock, but she had no traction. I had hung the swing at the perfect level, and here’s where it paid off. I was neither stooping nor reaching, but standing up comfortably, Natalie’s pussy at the perfect level to engulf my cock. I began to gently rock the swing back and forth, and Natalie began fucking my cock, or rather we were both being fucked by the laws of nature. It felt very very good.

“Oh god yeah…Natalie… you are divine…” I moaned.

“Oh baby…ohhhhhhh…” Natalie moaned back. I leaned forward and put my hands on her breasts. I tweaked her nipples and she shrieked. Damn her nipples were sensitive little bitches! I hung on to both nipples and used them as handles, to direct the swing. Natalie moaned loudly and put her hands over mine.

“Ayeiiii…ohhhh… fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme Jake!” I started swinging wider and faster. This made Natalie’s pussy pound down on my cock with major force.

“OHHHHHHHH…OHHHHHHHHH…” Each returning motion almost pulled her off my cock, then she swung back and slammed into my cock. I worried for second it might be hurting Natalie, but there was no evidence at all of that. She was writhing and gyrating, pushing my hands into her nipples, and screaming with pleasure.

“ahhhyeiiiii, oh baby, oh god Jake your cock is magic…uhhhh…ohhhhhhh…”

“Ohhhh yeah… ohhhh, Natalie…I’m so close…”

“Unhhhhh… Unnhhhh… oh yes Jake, come with me, come with me, fill me baby, oohhhhh…” She screamed, a long piercing shriek, as she shook violently, squeezing my hands so hard they hurt. I swung her into my cock one last time and I lowered myself onto her and I kissed her, a beautiful passionate kiss of love, while I came too, in a river of love for this goddess, so far up inside her I half expected it to come out her nose.

“Ohhhhh…Natalie!!…” We were both quivering, holding on to each other, my fingers still around her nipples, her legs now completely wrapped around me.

We lay there for several minutes, slowly coming back down to earth from a monumental high. I kissed her again, lingering on her phenomenal lips for a while longer. I moved back a bit and looked at her.

“I have been on this earth for 41 years, Ms. Shah,” I said, “fully two thirds of which time I have been sexually active. And I can tell you with crystal clear certainty that this has been the best sex I’ve ever had. I think we’ve stirred the passions of the gods.” She smiled.

“I think you’re a god,” she said, “sent down from Olympus to find a human to breed with. I’m willing to volunteer for that project for as long as you’ll have me.” She kissed me again, and hugged me very tightly. We lay in a silent mutual embrace for several minutes.

“I guess we should get moving soon. The other mortals will wonder where we are.” I stood up and my cock slipped out of Natalie’s pussy. Our collective fluids literally flooded out of her, forming a sizable puddle on the canvas.

The rest of our paddling was even more beautiful and romantic than the first leg, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to hurry. When pulled the car into the campsite Jed was still passed out, the kids’ movie was over and Emma was coaxing them to turn out their flashlights. Her sketch was still on the picnic table, and she’d obviously got a lot done in our absence. She didn’t seem to be bothered by how long it took, or to even really notice. I guess she assumed we’d take the opportunity to paddle around a bit before giving the boat back. I held up Emma’s sketch to show Natalie. It depicted a young woman on a swing hanging from a tree; leg’s extended in front of her, head back, eyes closed, just enjoying the ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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