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Listening to the end of a Metallica song, he was in a groove, pounding out some hardware description code for the new design when he heard the sound of a screeching baby overtaking the grind of Kirk Hammett’s axe. He lifted the headphones off one ear to make sure everything was OK. The sound of the bathtub filling alerted him; apparently the new nanny was giving the baby a bath. That was unexpected. He jumped out of his seat without thinking and burst into the bathroom to check the baby and the water temperature. The baby was fine. The water was fine. But what an eyeful he had stumbled upon. As he left the bathroom, muttering an apology, he wondered why he had been so concerned. Maybe it was something about trusting a new person with a 6 month old baby, his first born. She had been kneeling by the bathtub with her arms stretched out, a perfectly normal method for bathing a child. But her position was somewhat compromising, her shirt was pulled halfway up her back, and her shorts were pulled slightly down revealing her undergarment if you could call it that. It was a bright blue thong, but not the stringy kind. The straps over her hips were maybe half an inch think, but it disappeared in a similarly narrow path down the middle of her lower back. There was no cheek exposed, except for a small gap between the top of the strap and where her shorts had fallen to. Also, and unavoidably his eyes had fixated on the rather large tattoo creeping up from her lower back. It was something of a sun tattoo maybe 4 inches in diameter with intricate flame detail. ‘I can’t believe our nanny has a tramp stamp’ was his thought a few moments later.

So much for the groove he had been in. This was a bit of a distraction, not only from the image imprinted in his mind but also the embarrassment he had caused for both parties. He didn’t yet know that this young woman wasn’t so easily embarrassed.

He had been a little reluctant about the whole nanny idea, especially with the realization that they could only afford someone in their 20s, the more experienced nannies commanding much better salaries. The thought of a young woman in the house during the day just made him a bit uneasy. He preferred that the relationship stay as professional as possible.

The truth was that he had female problems, that is, most women either intimidated him or inspired strong desires deep inside him with the strength to cripple. Maybe some of it came from being an engineer and a nerd for most of his life. He had married his high school sweetheart, a relationship that demanded celibacy during his college years. He had attended a mostly male engineering school, and while that made it easier to stay true, it magnified his condition. He was now many years removed from his college days, but he was still sexually repressed. The birth of his first child did nothing to improve things.

In his current work situation he was generally lacking in human interaction, so he liked the idea of having someone to talk to occasionally. He just knew if he got to know her too well, got too friendly, it could be a very big distraction, and work was pretty demanding right now. He worked from home as a chip designer. So he was somewhat relieved that he didn’t feel any initial attraction to her when she started on the job. She was 28, 5’8” and had straight shoulder length dirty blond hair, a pleasant face but a body that didn’t really draw attention. A hot ass walking around in the house would have been a very bad thing. ‘Hmm, so maybe she just hates panty lines’ he thought to himself as he put his headphones back on.

The lunch break that Friday was the first real conversation he had with her. The babies were asleep (she regularly brought her only child to work wit her). She was having her lunch.

“So how was your first week?” he asked.

“Oh it was fine, I’m ready for the weekend though. I’m a bit tired, still adjusting to the new schedule.”

“Oh yeah, its definitely not easy taking care of two babies all day and then not getting a break in the evening either.”

“Hmm, yeah, and I had trouble sleeping last night,” she said.

“Oh yeah, something on your mind?”

“Well my husband was working late and sometimes I have insomnia when he’s not around to help me relax.”

“Yeah I know what you’re talking about, my wife works in the middle of the night sometimes too.”

Then she continued, “And our apartment walls are very thin.. Last night some dude was banging his girlfriend in the next apartment. All I heard was ‘Oh, Oh, Oh’, and the bed knocking against the wall. It was so annoying, and they wouldn’t stop.. I tried sleeping on the couch but it was not comfortable.”

Stunned, he had a quick flashback to a recent trip to Atlanta where he had been woken up in the middle of the night by loud moaning in the next room. It was such a turn on – he had gotten out of bed to put his ear on the wall. He remembered her long loud repetitive moans. They were so unvarying it made him question their validity. Later after they had finished, he heard the couple out on the balcony bahis siteleri and he risked a quick peek through the window. It was a young Asian couple. She was clearly enamored with him, he might have been in it for the sex. He remembered how badly he needed to cum after that episode and he had ended up soaking the bed sheets. Now he snapped back to reality, and wanted to ask her if it was exciting at all, but he thought better of it.

“That sucks, our townhome walls seem to be very thick, we never hear the family next door,” he said.

Maybe this wasn’t going to be the professional relationship he was thinking of; she had brought up the topic of sex though perhaps inadvertently in one of their first conversations. That she would speak so candidly with him was refreshing. He liked her and wanted to talk more, but this was also a bit troubling. He had just recently gotten over his last obsession, a previous colleague at his old office. She was one of the only females he had worked with, and of course he had ended up wanting her badly. Now he made up an excuse that he had to have a working lunch and took a sandwich upstairs.

Later that same afternoon he came downstairs for a water refill and saw no trace of babies or their caregiver. It was quiet in the back bedroom, and the door was slightly ajar. He took a few steps toward it so he could peer inside. He saw his child asleep in the crib, and the nanny with her daughter were lying on the bed together. The little one was definitely asleep, but he wasn’t sure about her mother. She was lying on her stomach with her arms tucked under her chin. In that position his eyes were drawn to her butt which appeared substantial. She lacked feminine hips, but in this position he found her ass appealing. He couldn’t help wanting to grab a handful. He quietly tiptoed back to the kitchen and then got back to work.

Over the next few weeks they got to know each other a bit better. The relationship grew to be quite cordial. She enjoyed his intermittent company, and he liked talking to her and suppressed the growing attraction he had for her. He came to view her as a fickle minded free spirit, yet independent and strong willed. She came to know him as the goofy laid back guy who ‘was certainly not my type, but I know a lot of girls that would have the hots for you’. He found out her type was tall/dark/handsome. She had married a Mexican, a marriage hurried when she got pregnant with her daughter. Part of her family had shunned her because of it. Still she seemed devoted. She spent a lot of her energy trying to figure out how to make it work, because being married to an illegal immigrant made a lot of things more difficult.

During the week, he would normally try to exercise during his lunch hour, but during the winter months he did well to make it out twice a week. That left him in the house for lunch most days.

“Oh Vicki, please don’t microwave the breast milk. My wife thinks it breaks down the nutrients or antibodies or whatever.”

“Oh sorry, yeah, she told me that,” she said.

“I won’t tell her,” he smiled.

“How long is your wife going to breast feed anyway?” she asked.

“Don’t know, I think she wants to do breast milk til she turns one.”

“Hmm, I bet you’re loving this. I breast fed Ella for a couple of weeks, that’s all I could take. But man, my boobs were full.”

“What? Oh yeah, sure,” he muttered.

“So how big was your daughter when she was born, she’s a pretty big baby, she must have been what, about 8lbs?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, just shy of 8 lbs.”

“So how was the delivery, your wife is pretty small, did she have to get a C-section?”

“No, she was determined on the natural birth. No epidural, just a little narcotic. But labor lasted about 24hrs, not easy.”

“Oh wow. Ella was about 8 lbs too, but we were in and out of the delivery room. Once I was fully dilated, she slipped right out.”

There was an awkward pause. What do you say to that one? “Wow, you must have been relieved.”

“Heh, yeah. But we had problems getting the breast feeding going.”

He had to get back to work. The last part of that conversation lingered in his head. It was hard for him not to think about vaginas. He remembered the doctor pretty much had to grab hold of his daughter’s head and pull to get the shoulders out. He would never forget that moment, he swore he heard a crunching sound. He even gasped at the time, to which the mid-wife had responded, ‘It’s OK, it’s OK.’ Now he was induced into considering Vicki’s vagina. What did it mean, was she stretched out, or did she just have a big cunt? She was a good sized woman, but her hips didn’t seem that wide. It was a mystery, not something that he had the nerve to ask about.

That night he woke up in a sweat. He checked the clock, it was half past 4am. He looked around; his wife was nowhere to be seen. She was doing some late night lab work again. He tried to remember the last time they had sex. It was definitely before the baby was born, maybe 8 months ago. He was worn out from it. Now canlı bahis siteleri he tried to remember the dream that had awakened him. It started to come back as he realized his cock was still hard. He had that soft buzz only a wet dream could give. The dampness on the surface of his pants was still spreading from the massive load he had spent. Remembering the dream was more exhilarating than the mentally induced orgasm could have ever been. And this was one was very vivid and still fresh.

The dream was of her. She was on her knees and elbows. He had a hold of her straight fine hair in his left hand, his right hand was squeezing her right breast. He even remembered what his mind’s creation of her erect nipple felt like on his middle finger. He was plowing her furiously, with some kind of animal desperation that he didn’t think he was capable of. She was screaming in fast tempo, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ in what seemed to be coming through gritted teeth. He remembered admiring the perfect jiggle in her ass as he pounded her. The last image he remembered before waking up was her eyes as she looked back at him with an astonished look. Then there had been just the hot jet stream feeling of cum issuing forth from his cock. Holy cow he thought, no wonder I came so hard. It seemed so real. He tried to calm down and get back to sleep but insomnia had settled in.

As the weather warmed up he was determined to get into better shape, so he more frequently went for jogs during the lunch hour. It was also a good excuse to get out of the house, to avoid having too many comfortable conversations with the nanny. There was one time when he got back to the house after a good sweat and went upstairs to take a quick shower before getting back to work. But wanting to cool down a bit before the shower, he sat underneath the ceiling fan in the upstairs living room. In his townhome setup, he had a couch, TV, public computer/printer setup in the landing area just above the stairs. Adjacent were two bedrooms, one of which served as his office. Sitting on the floor in front of the couch he took a few deep breaths and started to get that horny feeling that sometimes accompanies a vigorous workout.

It started out not directed toward any thought or person, but as he became conscious of the feeling, it sort of steered in a particular direction. He could hear Vicki feeding lunch to the kids downstairs; it was safe. He thought it was a bit kinky to do it there, but without too much thought he adjusted himself so that he was lying flat on the carpet now with his shorts down to his knees. He kept seeing images of her bending over with that tattoo showing. He thought to himself, ‘Oh no am I really going to get off to her, this is starting a bad precedent’. But it was too late to reconsider then. He had no resolve left; he couldn’t fight it.

His penis quickly engorged as he started pulling on it, the initial endorphins flooding his brain. A few seconds later he was fully erect as he lightly rubbed the tip. He imagined her smiling at him with a seductive look, and then slipping off her shorts. He squeezed the base of his cock to trap the blood in the head, and he felt the tip for pre-cum. It was already bubbling up, but he wanted to save it for now. As a natural lubricant it dried quickly, so the more he could let drip down the head of his cock the better. A few more squeezes, a bit more massaging, there, enough pre-cum to coat the head of his cock and that soft spot on the front. Ahhh, that will accelerate things. He was now so focused on rubbing the sticky lubricant up and down his cock, he didn’t notice someone was coming up the stairs.

“Oh my gosh, Greg!” she said with a surprised exhale, followed by a playful but somewhat mocking laughter. “Looks like someone is having some fun up here…”

He nearly jumped completely off the floor as he pulled his pants up and arched his back to see the look on her face. But he only saw the back of her head as she walked into the bedroom. He put a couch pillow over his head in embarrassment. A moment later she re-emerged.

“Just getting some clean bibs”, she said followed by another giggle. She started down the stairs and vanished from sight, but added, “Oh, please, don’t let me stop you… as you were”.

He just laid there motionless for a few minutes while the embarrassment settled in. It was a feeling of wanting to sink down through the floor boards. Then he got up and headed to the shower.

He thought whether to skip lunch altogether so he wouldn’t have to show his face. But he was too hungry, and he might as well get the rest of her reaction over with if there was any left. He pondered his strategy if he should be confronted, and decided on levity. As he strolled into the kitchen and headed straight for the fridge, she was finishing up some dishes in the sink. He thought she wasn’t going to say anything as he made a sandwich, but then she huffed and turned around.

“Look, don’t be embarrassed and not talk to me, it’s only natural… I mean what you were doing.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry about that, canlı bahis I guess I needed a cold shower after my run,” he replied as he added the cheese.

“No need to apologize. So, I have a question for you… are you getting any?” she asked.

“You mean relish? yeah, but this jar is almost empty,” he answered, pretending not to notice the real meaning of the question.

“Hee, that’s not what I meant. It’s seems strange to me a married man like you needing to relieve yourself.”

“Ha, are you serious?” he retorted. “I guess you haven’t been married long enough,” as he smiled.

“Oh,” there was a pause. “I feel bad for you then.”

That gesture of sympathy, while sweet and warming initially, sparked a bit of frustration and anger inside him as he momentarily dwelt on his situation. He finished making the sandwich and tried to get out of there as quickly as possible. As he was headed back upstairs, he paused and poked his head around the stair well to see if he still had her attention. He did.

“Thanks,” he managed.

He didn’t want to appear rude, but it stung a bit, to need sympathy for how starved he felt. He really needed to get laid to release the building pressure, but he knew his wife wouldn’t be interested. For one, she was busy with work, and having a new baby to take care of in the evenings was exhausting. And second, she was still recovering from giving birth. She had wanted a natural delivery and got her wish. All the doctors thought the delivery would be quick. “Oh this baby is only about 6 1/2 pounds”, they said. Well they didn’t realize how well her body concealed the baby’s true size. His daughter had weighed a full 8 lbs when born and the delivery was long and painful for a woman her size. He was trying to be as understanding as possible, and he really had no choice. Putting his wife in any kind of pain was not really an option. And the thing was, she wasn’t one for giving out alternative forms of pleasure. No hand-jobs or blowjobs did she ever offer. He felt the frustration coming back over him. A few deep breaths, just put on the headphones and concentrate on work, he told himself.

Things worsened the following week, now Vicki was wigging out on him. He came down for lunch in time to overhear her shouting at her daughter, now about 14 months old.

“Gee Ella, you’re having a really bad day aren’t you. Please don’t spit that out.”

“Hi Vicki, a little tense today?” he asked.

“Mmm, Hi Greg, yeah mother and daughter aren’t getting along well today.”

“Too bad, I guess that can happen some when you guys never get a break from each other.”

“Heh, yeah, except this week she’s had her grandparents to play with. I think there’s someplace else she wants to be right now. So I called my mom, and she’s going to pick her up after lunch.”

“Oh your parents are in town, how long are they staying?” he asked.

“Two weeks, one more week to go,” she said. “And you’re right, I am a little tense today.”

“Oh I guess you’re like me, three days with the parents around is about as much as I can take at one time,” he said.

“Hmm, well its not that so much, except if they had stayed at a hotel it would have been much better. In fact, I’m thinking my husband and I need to get a room this evening if you know what I mean. Our apartment is too small, you can hear everything that goes on in the next room..”

Oh no, he thought, not this topic again. She noticed he cringed a little bit.

“Maybe I’ll come up to your office during nap time, and we can kill 2 birds with one stone?”

She said it with such an overly sultry delivery and fake smile that he knew she was joking. Still, his heart rate doubled. He couldn’t speak, so he just raised his eyebrows at her, feigning a bit of ignorance at her humor attempt.

“I’m just kidding, calm down big boy,” she chuckled.

“Why do you enjoy teasing me so much?” he asked.

She gave him a tiger growl, and said, “Maybe you’re just an easy target, Greg. I do enjoy it.”

Argh. This flirting was fun but he couldn’t stomach too much of it.

“Well just be careful with your teasing, ok? I am vulnerable to it and I have a lot of work to do,” he smiled.

“You know you can always release a bit of your tension when you need a little work break.”

“What!? In my office, that’d be weird,” he said.

“You’re telling me you’ve never taken a work break for that, yeah right.”

“Ok. Stop, I’m going back upstairs now,” he finished.

God damn, he was in over his head with this one. He really wanted her; her personality was so fun. He wanted to take the day off and just help her with the kids. But given his mental state, he knew he would eventually take it too far, and it would get weird in a hurry. To her she was just having a little innocent fun. She didn’t fully realize his condition, or did she? For him, the endless flirting would seduce him to the point that he would convince himself that she wanted him desperately, forgetting she was happily married. Maybe that was one of his personality flaws. He would lose the ability to separate reality from fantasy. A mental condition, something that might come from being cooped up and lonely for too long. Needless to say it was another difficult afternoon for concentration.

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