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You don’t know but I’m at the club also, watching you from a distance. Your naked dancing, your cute hips and bottom moving with the music in a suggestive way. Your tits moving gently, i just want to fuck you on the spot. You don’t realise but all the guys are watching you, some hard, touching themselves as they watch.

Someone approaches you, I watch you talk and notice you can’t help looking at his cock. He places his hands on your waist and you start moving together. I notice him pulling you closer, his cock now vertical against your stomach, you must be able to feel it hard against you. I know you dancing and a cock so close you will be getting horny…what will you do?

I watch him whispering in your ear then walk away.

You walk toward a door and into a room, I walk towards the door and notice a peep window, I take a look and soon realise it’s one way, the viewer can watch but not be seen by those inside.

You’re in the room looking around at the large bed in the centre, you climb on to the bed and start dancing…the lights go out…

You are standing on the bed entirely naked, kurtköy escort in the pitch black…I can see his night vision glass. You stop dancing as you hear something, I can see the person you were dancing with enter the room. He stands in front of you pulls you close and you start dancing again. You start kissing and you lower your hand and place it around his cock and start wanking him, he squeezes your bottom and slides his hand between your cheeks. You start to lower yourself, kiss his chest, stomach and then run your tongue along his erect shaft and then into your mouth. You start wanking him into your mouth. I watch wishing I cud cum up behind you and enter you, I start to move but stop as I see another door open. You are so focused that you don’t hear the door, another man comes up behind you, grabs your hips and lifts you into a doggie position, you get look round with a fright but then return to his cock. You wiggle your bottom slightly as he slides his cock between your cheeks and up over your back.

I wonder if you are thinking of me, I just don’t think so. He goes onto all fours and starts to lick malatya escort your bottom, your pussy and anus. I can see him squeezing your cheeks open to get his tongue as far into you as possible. I can see you eyes are closed and can hear faint moans as you enjoy them both. He goes back into his knees and slides himself slowly into your pussy then out then in. As he slides out I can see you moving your bottom back, you want his cock deep inside you. He pushes himself deep inside and you start to ride him. The first guy now slides himself under you, as the second guy withdraw himself the first slides inside you and starts to fuck you hard and fast. The second guys placed his tip over your anus and starts to tease you, his head goes in then slowly his shaft fills you. You always wanted to be double penetrated, you look like you are enjoying, your eyes are shut, mouth wide open and dribbling, your moans getting louder.

I’m wanking myself watching you, I see the door open again, I see another guy enter, I wonder if you can take another or even want another. He slides his erection into your open mouth. You start to suck kayseri escort him. You have three cocks inside you, all wanting you, all wanting to fuck this sexy girl they watch earlier on the dance floor. I can hear you coming close to climax, I can see the person in your anus cum first, filling your bottom with his hot wet cum. Your sucking and wanking has also made him cumin your mouth, a bead of cum dripping from your mouth. Finally the first person cums in your pussy and slides out of you. You lay motionless on you back on the bed as all three leave the room. I can see your chest heaving as to try to catch your breath. Cum now dripping from all you holes.

The door opens again as two people walk in with cloaks, one kneels between your open legs and starts to lick your stomach, pussy, clitoris and anus as if to clean you. The second sits over your head and places your mouth between their legs. They remove their cloaks…two woman…one licking you, the other…your tongue is in her. I knew you weren’t into this but you must be caught in the moment. I can hear you cum on her tongue and the other on yours. They have amazing figures like yours, curvy bottom and tits. I want to cum in you but want you to have your moment. They stand up, put their cloaks on an leave. You are spent, used, full of cum, satisfied…

I leave the club…x

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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