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This is a related follow on to my first story “Working out with Mia.” Sorry it has taken so long if you have been waiting for it. I hope you have, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


It is another July morning with a hot day ahead and rain expected later to at last bring some welcome relief from the heat we’ve endured for a few days now.

I had my favourite CD’s playing on random track selection with lots of them loaded in our multi-disc player. It’s great when you don’t know what you’re going to hear next but you know you love every track. And the choices and sequence of songs can be amazing too.

I stepped into the conservatory which was brightly lit with morning sunshine. It was pretty warm compared to the house so I promptly opened the door to the garden and found it was already hot outside.

I had felt horny as soon as I woke this morning realising I was alone as my husband had left for work a while earlier and now as I stood in the doorway and bathed my face in the sunshine, a gentle breeze suddenly flared and I felt the tails of my light silky robe open and lift away to reveal my thighs and my pussy.

It was like the wind was caressing me and without any hesitation I closed my eyes, pulled the loose knot on the belt and allowed the robe to fully open releasing my breasts to the warmth of the sun. The breeze felt wonderful rippling around my nipples as my breasts swelled and I relished the delight of full exposure.

My pubic hairs, now just a little triangle above my clit, were tickled nicely too and I couldn’t resist reaching down to my pussy with both hands to spread my lips apart. An invisible finger of wind joined with my own finger to dip in my pussy and stroke up my now moist lips to circle my growing clit.

I delighted in the touch of my fingers on my swollen clit as I leaned back against the doorframe. I felt sensuous as the breeze continued to stroke my body like multiple warm and hungry hands wandering up my legs and around my breasts. Our house is fairly secluded with no other houses afforded direct views into our garden but I had always wondered whether people might catch reflected views of the back of our house in the windows of our shed or greenhouse.

I thought of this exposure for a moment as I stood virtually naked and found myself quite turned on at the thought that someone might actually be able to see me, now touching myself, stroking my wet pussy with one hand and squeezing my breast and hardened nipple with my other.

I was beginning to get really turned on and desirous of a good come but then the sun blinked out with a cloud passing over and the breeze dissipated as I heard a dog bark and a child crying some way away and the moment was gone for me to stay focused on a lust filled reward.

I had to accept that it had been a wonderful taster and had certainly given me the desire to enjoy being naked again in my garden on another day soon. I could hear Mick Jagger singing “Can’t get no satisfaction” playing and thought that sums it up.

I went back inside and with some reluctance contemplated the chores I knew had to be done but still felt I had been denied having been pretty close to potentially a damn good orgasm and wondered when I might have another break later maybe.

Some hours later and it certainly was a hot summer Wednesday, now mid afternoon, and the expected rain had begun to fall gently, tinkling on the conservatory roof.

I’d finished all my domestic chores but was still naked under my short silky robe. I had showered earlier and now considered what clothes I might wear or rather how few I could get away with.

My mobile phone rings. It’s Mia! She tells me she has a painful shoulder knot after her morning exercise class and asks if I can help. Of course I tell her that she should come round as soon as she likes. As soon as I put my phone down I am grinning with delight in anticipation of seeing Mia again nearly two weeks after our lust filled liaison and I’m breathing heavily feeling excited like a child at Christmas.

One song finished and the next one was “When will I see you again?” by the 3 Degrees and I couldn’t help but break into singing myself given the appropriate lyrics. I couldn’t wait to see her again and began to wonder if my morning disappointment would be forgotten in a few hours time.

I had not yet told my husband about my afternoon of Sapphic lust with Mia but instead relished the frequent moments of recall each prompting arousal, with a strong need for release when I was on my own once or twice!

I do plan on telling him knowing he would be pretty turned on to hear about it given how much he loves the idea of us girls together and has said I should take the chance to explore any lesbian fantasies if any opportunities came along. I wanted to relish the feeling of just me knowing and loving it for a while longer.

The day after our first encounter I kept wondering if it had all casino şirketleri been just an incredibly realistic erotic dream. Was it my subconscious pricking hard at me, challenging me to accept my bi-curiosity? I was already happy to fantasize about how I might like having sex with another woman.

But you’ve got to love a hard cock! And I certainly do. I love my husband’s one deep inside my pussy or in my mouth. He knows I love sucking his cock a lot and says that’s one reason why he is bi-curious arguing that if women love sucking cocks then why wouldn’t a guy enjoy doing it too? Love his logic. I used that argument when considering the idea of me licking a pussy for the first time.

I’ve kissed my husband after he’s made me come with his mouth and quite like the taste of my pussy juice. I like sucking my pussy soaked fingers as I masturbate too. He likes me kissing him when I’ve still got his cum in my mouth and says it tastes ok. We’ll try anything! He wants to fuck my ass having fingered me a few times. It actually felt pretty good so I’m quite looking forward to it now but I’m teasing him a while longer first. Naughty but nice. I like sex probably more than my husband realises.

But I knew that it was no dream as at times I could still taste Mia in my mouth and the smell of her body, a uniquely intoxicating aroma, was strongly burned into my memory. A wonderful blend of her natural body odour and her perfume combined to send me into raptures. I had laughed as I thought about how she “looked good, tasted good and by golly she did me good,” when I realised that was the slogan for a beer decades ago here in England.

I bounced for a day between relishing the recall of our lusty liaison and being concerned over whether Mia may have regretted it later and might be uncomfortable with me when we next met. I needn’t have worried. I got a text from her saying she kept thinking about me and wanting to touch herself. Wow. “I came thinking about you last night,” she said. Very wow.

I got the massage table set up in the conservatory all ready to go whilst Riders On The Storm was a perfect accompaniment to the rain that began to fall again. After some twenty minutes I looked out at the now heavy rain to see Mia running toward the front door and I opened it just as she got there, to let her jump into the hall. I caught and embraced her and now both of us were in wet skimpy clothes with Mia in shorts and a light unzipped jacket. She had a cap on with her hair up under it and the hood on the jacket protected against the rain.

We laughed as we moved inside, embraced again despite her wet jacket and our lips kissed briefly after we looked at each other. Her breasts pressed against mine and I tingled with delight. The hood came down, the cap came off and her lovely hair cascaded down over her shoulders.

“I’ve missed you Mia,” I said. She had been away for a week and a stand-in had covered her classes so I had not seen her since our last meeting.

“I missed you too Jane, very much,” she replied.

“You’re looking fantastic,” I said as I stepped back admiring her figure and beaming face.

“I don’t feel that way with this shoulder though Jane.”

“Ok let’s get it sorted. Let’s get you onto the massage table in the conservatory,” I told her and beckoned her through the house.

I got her to sit on a corner of the massage table and she started to remove her soaked jacket but I took over as I saw it was a bit painful for her to do it. I placed the jacket over a chair back to dry out.

“Even your shirt is pretty wet.”

“I’m glad to get it off Jane, I can think of better ways to feel wet!”

“Me too,” I said grinning in recognition of what she meant.

Mia undid the buttons and standing behind her I peeled the shirt back to reveal her shoulders and remove it from her arms. No bra. I can’t resist so I lean in, pull her hair to one side and slowly peck a kiss on her neck then I pick up a small towel and begin to rub her back dry gently.

“We’ll sort out that shoulder and then see if you’re tight elsewhere shall we?” I told her.

“Oh yes please,” she replied and I let her take the towel to dry her front as I began to apply some oil to her problem left shoulder.

After a minute or two of upright massage I get her to lie face down on the table so I can work at her shoulder better and sweep my hands briefly up and down her back.

“Your back is a bit tight too Mia,” I tell her.

“I’m not surprised really,” she replied.

My hands eagerly rubbed her neck and upper back to ease the tightness and already I really wanted to move down and under her to caress the tempting accessible sides of her breasts.

With a few minutes of treatment I could tell the knots in her shoulder were going and so I asked Mia if it was feeling better yet.

“Yes thanks Jane, the pain has pretty much gone. It’s lovely to feel your hands on me again.”

“It’s my pleasure Mia, I’m glad casino firmaları it has helped. Shall we get those damp shorts off now so I can do your lower back?”

I didn’t plan on spending a lot more time on massage now as I found myself thinking ahead with a desire to touch and kiss her body.

“They are in the way aren’t they?,” she answered again with a hint of fun in her voice.

Mia raised up her hips moving on to her knees and elbows, popping undone the buttons on her shorts as she sat up briefly. I steal a kiss in the small of her back and I pull the waistline slowly down as she leans back onto her elbows again, revealing her lovely ass cheeks and a heavenly view of the valley between them.

With lust rising in me I plant gentle kisses from the tops of her cheeks all the way down to her pink rosebud ass hole as my hands squeeze her cheeks apart and the shorts are removed. She hummed a quiet approval.

Being the professional for a little while longer I got her to lay back down and I soften up the tightness in her lower back but with frequent strokes of her wonderful ass curves until Mia confirmed it was feeling really comfortable again.

She glanced round to look at me and said “I got your top a bit wet too Jane,” and then slowly moved up and spun round to put her cute ass down. Reaching up towards me she pulled gently at the loose belt on my damp silky robe as I delighted in a brief view of her ample breasts.

“Oh you certainly have got me wet Mia,” I said smiling at her.

She pulled me gently towards her with the belt ends in both hands and her legs wide apart as my breasts swelled and nipples hardened caressed by the robe as it fell open. It was a delicious moment of surrender as I stepped forward and Mia then sat up more to bring her face to mine and quietly said, “I want you Jane.”

Her mouth opened, her wet tongue came out and as I gladly brought my mouth to hers I felt the palms of her hands gently stroking my nipples. A heavenly wave wandered from my nipples down to my now very wet pussy and into my growing clit as our tongues met and danced together in a long sensuous kiss.

I sighed with delight as her fingers stroked around my nipples and our lips finally separated. “It started with a kiss” by Hot Chocolate had just started playing. It did indeed I thought.

I told her how glad I was to get her texts after our first time together fearing she might have had some regrets.

“I have thought about making love with you every day since Jane. I’m so glad you want more,” she said and our mouths met again for another embrace of tongues and lips.

“I want your lips on my pussy,” Mia said as she slowly laid back down onto the table with her knees wide apart and feet back on the table corners, enticing me towards her with her fingers dipping inside her, spreading her lips to reveal the source of her hunger.

“Oh god yes please,” I replied and reached out with two of my fingers to join her fingers touching the moist lips of her pussy. As Mia took her hands back up her body to caress and moisten her nipples with her own pussy juice, I stroked her glorious pink valley of lust up to her pearl of a clit.

I stroked down slowly all the way to her tight cute little ass hole before just briefly dipping into her wetness on the way back upwards. I lowered my head down to meet my saturated fingers arriving at her now hardened clit and gently placed my lips over it in a divine kiss.

Now I was filled with passion and hunger and with my fingers stroking and poking and flicking at her lips and clit, my tongue was madly following with licks and sucks and pushes inside Mia’s gorgeous pussy. The smell of her was intoxicating adding to my lust.

Mia groaned in delight and arched her back up squeezing at her breasts as I savoured her soaking pussy.

“Christ that is so good,” she said.

“I have a nice new toy to play with Mia,” I said reaching down into a bag within easy reach of the table and pulling out a lifelike, high quality dildo I had received recently. I had tried it once and it was fantastic so I really hoped she would like it too.

“Oh yes indeed Jane, let’s go for it,” she said as she quickly looked up to me holding it for her to see. It was quite warm already so I immediately removed it from the polythene bag it was in and stroked it enjoying how silky it feels.

“Oh that looks a real pleasure giver Jane,” she said. We had talked a little after our last meeting about how we both enjoyed playing with such little helpers.

“It certainly did the job for me Mia,” I said as I placed the head of the dildo gently against her ass hole and then slowly stroked the whole length of it on upwards through her soaking lips and onto her throbbing clit finishing with the balls pushing tenderly against her ass hole prompting Mia to moan gently with satisfaction.

“Please push it into me Jane, I want you to fuck me with it,” Mia said to my delight. I didn’t hesitate güvenilir casino to move given her lust filled request so I brought the dildo back down again and this time on the upward stroke I pushed past her cloying lips and the cock head disappeared into her hungry pussy until only the balls were visible.

I backed it out slowly nearly all the way and then pushed in again gently rotating it back and forth, which was rewarded with louder groans of pleasure from Mia.

I glanced up to savour a view of her breasts, saw her head back and eyes closed murmuring with delight as I brought my mouth to her pussy lips above the dildo and then used my tongue to flick at her clit. Slowly I pushed the dildo in fully then withdrew it and pushed it up towards her pink clit as her luscious lips wrap around it.

I even delight in licking and sucking the head of the dildo whilst I gather up her wetness with my fingers and play with her little cock-like clit. Her juices flow as the dildo comes out and I circle them around her ass hole too gently pushing at it as I sink the dildo back into her pussy harder this time.

“Oh that is good Jane,” she said.

As I glanced up to look at her again I suddenly saw a reflection in a silver vase behind Mia’s head showing something moving behind me and within a second I recognized it as my husband now standing at the conservatory door in his work shorts and top. I froze for an instant with my head back down. Is he going to say anything?

What if Mia were to see him too? But he said nothing so I stole another glance at the reflection and thought “Well he has seen us now so I might as well give him a show to enjoy.” I realised that Mia maybe had not seen him with her eyes closed and then I could see his hand was at his waist undoing his pants so I realised he was actually enjoying what he was watching.

In just the few seconds that had elapsed the eroticism had now heightened as I considered not only my lesbian lust with Mia but also the thought of my husband, now stroking his cock, as the voyeur seeing the sex show he would not have expected whilst I found new delight at the pleasure of my exhibitionism.

I continued to fuck Mia with the dildo removing it occasionally to stroke it soaked with her wetness over her lips whilst sucking her clit. Mia was getting more aroused and I could tell she would come as I fucked and licked her pussy further.

My husband had moved closer to my rear and I responded by pushing my ass up and out as I reached behind it with one hand to stroke my wet pussy and then without looking back I held my hand out toward him invitingly so he would realise I had seen him and wanted his cock inside me.

Immediately I felt his hot hard cock touch my fingers and felt his hands on my ass cheeks as he aimed for my hungry pussy. I pulled him against me and guided his cock head into me, pushing back to feel every inch of him then slip quickly into me as he held my hips harder.

He began to fuck me hard but without a sound and he felt bigger than I could remember for a while but I was so horny my pussy was tight around him as well, sending very pleasurable waves of lust all over me.

Everything was happening quickly now and I heard Mia say “Oh god that’s great, yes, yes, I’m going to come soon Jane, keep fucking me.”

In front of me was this hot lady about to come as I thrust the dildo in and out of her glorious pussy and behind me was my husband pumping into my tight hot cunt – yes I call it my cunt now – soon to fill me with his cum. How could I not be filled with lust at such an erotic combination?

When we are close to coming, my husband likes to tell me how much he loves my cunt and I find him calling it that quite a turn on and not at all negative so now I find myself thinking how good my cunt feels instead of my “pussy.”

Then all too soon I feel his cock suddenly swell repeatedly as he pumps multiple jets of hot cum up into me whilst Mia simultaneously screamed, “Yes I’m coming, fuck me, fuck me!,” and her head rolls from side to side as she rides out the orgasm.

It was almost as if she were addressing my husband and for a moment I could imagine him fucking her instead of me. God, even that was another huge turn on. I made sure I kept pumping the silicone cock hard into Mia and rubbed firmly at her clit with my other hand as I occasionally flicked my tongue against it too to send her over the edge and make her come a great one.

With the wonderful combination of erotic action as I fucked Mia whilst I was being fucked from behind, the taste of Mia in my mouth, and hearing her coming, I could feel my orgasm slowly building. It was like being near the sea on a hot day and hearing the waves in the distance as you walk towards the beach a minute or two away, looking forward to standing barefoot on the wet sand to then feel the waves come up and flood over you, knocking you over before enveloping you in cool water.

I could “hear” my orgasm getting louder and craved it washing over me soon. Come on orgasm, I’m ready right now I said to myself and then realised “Come together” by the Beatles was the current accompaniment to the ongoing sex spectacle. Oh yes.

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