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Part 14 – Trust And Friendship

The next morning I awoke to the alarm. Amy and I were in our normal spooning position. I could hear Amy moaning as she awoke, and then felt her move as she tried frantically to switch off the alarm. Once she was finally successful, I turned around to face her. I leaned in and kissed her gently.

“Morning Amy, sleep well?”

“All the better to wake up with you.” And returned the kiss.

“Shower?” She smiled and shook her head. “Fuck?” She smiled and nodded her head vigorously.

“God, once we are in bed, you have sex on the brain.”

“I don’t see you complaining, besides lying next to you, both of us naked, just drives me wild.”

“I have to agree.” And I grabbed her hand and pushed it between my legs. “Believe me now?”

“Well whatever you tell me, I will believe you, but proving it sometimes helps.” She kissed me and her fingers began to move inside of me. “So can I try that new thing I wanted to do last night?”

“Sure, if you think we have time, if it works for me, I can try it with you if you want.”

“I will hold you to that. Something that always seemed too erm, dirty, I have so wanted to try with you, especially last night. So if you don’t mind, get on your knees.” I did as she asked, with not a doubt of trust. If she asked me to piss on her right now I would have. Anything she wanted she could have. So I got on my knees, her fingers came out of me, but then she parted my legs slightly and returned her fingers to there warm home.

“Your fingers feel so good in me, what’s the view like?” Amy didn’t respond. I looked back and Amy just looked like she was drooling at the sight of my ass. What a reaction, even better when I wiggled my ass from side to side, watching her eyes hypnotically follow its movement.

“God you have a great ass, just right.” Her spare hand began to caress both cheeks, pinching them, rubbing them and at the end gave each cheek a little slap. “Oh so soft and luscious.”

“What are you going to do?”

“This.” And with that she used the spare hand to separate my cheeks and started to lick my asshole as her fingers began to speed up. It was a curious feeling for sure, but it was such a turn on. I moaned loudly, and then my head buried itself into my pillow, muffling the screams.

“Oh fuck Amy, this feels so good.” I tired to keep my ass still to keep her mouth in place, but with her fingers inside of me I had to move slightly, but Amy kept up and we managed to keep a rhythm going. “Your tongue is such an expert at many things.” I told her as I got closer to my orgasm. My movements became harder and more erratic, but Amy kept up the best she good and I got closer, and closer, and closer, until finally.

“AMYYYYYYY.” And then collapsed on the bed, this time managing to stay awake, but wow. “Oh fuck Amy that was good.” Once my breathing steadied, I sat up, and pointed at Amy to do the same. This brought a smile to her beautiful face; even with bed head, which only made her look cuter. I crawled on my knees to get behind her. Her ass was perfect; I rubbed it and slapped it hard, that created a little moan from Amy, something to remember for later, but for now, I spread her legs and slipped my fingers into her, 3 of them, I then looked at the clock and it was nearly 7. As my fingers moved I spread her ass cheeks looking at her hole. I wasn’t even nervous, I just dived in and started licking her hole, after a few minutes I even managed to push my tongue inside a little. This seemed to really excite Amy as she grabbed my hand from underneath, to tell me that she wanted my hand to really fuck her.

“You like this don’t you baby, you like my tongue slip into your asshole.” All she could do was moan in reply, very loudly as I returned my tongue. I managed to move harder into her, and even towards the end, managed to put all 4 fingers inside of her. This really drove her to the edge, but not before her moans had affected me so much, that I managed to rub my pussy against the back of her leg.

“Oh fuck Amy, I am close.” Amy then screamed and a short while later so did I. And we both collapsed into each other. nişantaşı escort It was nearly 7.15 and we had to move. Slowly I managed to get on my feet and helped Amy up, dragging her into the shower, which would have to be very quick. Amy left quickly, after brushing her teeth, wrapped in her towel as she had to go next door to her room for her clothes. Shortly afterwards I was finished, I quickly got dried and dressed, my hair was still damp but would have to do. As I made my way downstairs for breakfast. Amy was already finishing her breakfast, but looked very smart in casual trouser suit.

“What did you want to tell me last night Amy about Melissa?” I asked as I started on my own breakfast. Mom and dad were just finishing there morning coffee.

“Well if you can talk to Melissa before lunch, about meeting us here, maybe you could meet me at my classroom at lunchtime, so she can meet me before tonight, put her at ease about talking to a teacher?” replied Amy.

“Amy that sounds like a good idea I was going to talk to her soon when I meet her before school.” I agreed.

“Amy, not that I think it is a bad idea. But as you know some of the other teachers like Melissa’s mum, so I think that you should be cautious, if any of them saw you talking to Melissa, Monica may find out and question your reasons why.”

“Oh shit, I never thought of that, god there is no easy way of doing this without it being here.” Said Amy, apologising for cursing. Mom waved of the apology, but sadly agreed.

“Sophie, when you talk to Melissa, try to be as discrete as possible, but let her know we are here only to help nothing more, don’t give too much away about what we will talk about, just ask that we will explain all if she is willing to meet us.” I nodded in agreement. Amy soon left giving me a kiss on the lips and spoke in my ear, so that no one else could here.

“I love you Sophie, this morning your tongue did fantastic work. I’ll see you later in class.” She kissed me again, said goodbye to our parents, before heading out the door.

“Mom, dad, Amy said the nicest thing last night. She is very happy to be part of this family and that you have adopted her, that she wants to change her name to Amy Green.”

“Really?” asked mom. I nodded. “Mark, maybe you can find out what she would need to do, if that is really what she wants to do?”

“And I thought this week was going to be quiet at work.” Dad chuckled.

“Thank you both for all your support, it means so much to both of us, and hopefully Melissa.” Soon we all helped tidy up the kitchen and headed out. Again Melissa was waiting when I reached her house. I still had not caught a glimpse of either of Melissa’s family, not that I wanted to. As we walked I approached the subject of coming to my house.

“Melissa, do you think your mum minds that you hang around with me?” I asked timidly.

“Actually, she doesn’t really know, I have not told her.” She replied.

“Can I ask why, not that I feel that not telling them about me makes me feel any less a friend. I just want to know, so that I don’t feel like I am getting you in trouble if I am your friend.”

“Sophie, it’s not you, it’s me, she has no idea who I am anymore. She never listens or pays attention to what I have said to her in years, so now I just don’t bother. She does not seem at all interested in what I do.”

“Well do you think you could come to my house tonight?” I offered

“What?” She seemed shocked at the suggestion.

“Well I want to be friends with you, and spend more time with you at my house, that’s what friends do, and I don’t think I would enjoy it at your house. Sorry.”

“It is ok, I wouldn’t want to go to my house either, you really want me to visit your home, what will your parents say, they may know my mum and want you to stay away from me?”

“To be honest with you, my parents suggested you visit. They want to meet you. I told them about you last night and as I said I mentioned about finding your father and about getting you away from your mum.”

“After all you told them, they still want me to come home with you tonight?”

“They kağıthane escort have some ideas, but would like you to discuss it with them directly, if you can trust them?”

“That sounds wonderful; you and your family sound great, I only wish mine could be that way.”

“But there is something else Melissa. Someone else I want you to talk to, but you have to promise to keep it a secret?”

“Who is it?”

“Remember I told you about someone else who had a bad life with her parents and people around her, she told me she really wants to also help you, but telling you about her would mean you cannot tell anyone. I want to trust you Melissa and if you say you will keep it a secret, then I will tell you?”

“I promise that I will never tell anyone about anything, if you don’t want me to. Whatever you say to me stays between us. Unless like yesterday either of us asks permission to tell others.”

“That is all I needed to here. My parents know a teacher at school, and kind of adopted her, because of her past, she has not been able to trust people and spent the past 12 years practically alone, no friends or anything. So about a week ago my parents offered her room at home to stay, to support her, like I have with you. We all need help sometimes and so far my parents have done me very proud. They really want to help you and my teacher.”

“Your parents sound even better, I really can’t wait to meet them and who is the teacher?” Asked Melissa.

“Miss Taylor, my English teacher.”

“I have never had her as a teacher, but I do know who you mean. I see her in the library a lot. I don’t see her with many teachers; I suppose having no friends makes you give up on people. But if she wants to help also, then obviously you and your parents have helped her very much.”

“We have, Amy has changed so much in a week, for the better.”

“Amy, is that her first name?” I can’t believe I let that one slip.

“Yes, erm, I call her Amy when were in the house, we have become really good friends, like sisters.”

“So does she help with your homework, I am terrible with English, she could help me when I visit?”

“Actually at home we are Amy and Sophie, not teacher student, so a part from asking how our day went, school is never, ever mentioned. This is very important to me that Amy is treated as a friend, not a teacher, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it must remain secret that Amy is not mentioned at school; especially that she lives with a student and her family. Please understand that we are trying to help each other and I really believe Amy can help you.”

“If it is that important to you Sophie, Amy’s name will never leave my lips outside your home, unless like now when we can talk without others listening. But at school, don’t worry, I don’t interact with teachers accept in class, so even though I might see her, I will just ignore her. I hope she understands that I mean nothing by it.”

“She won’t, we do the same, like this morning I have a class with her first thing, but we just act like normal in school, she is the teacher, I am the student. Nothing more.” I finished as we had just arrived at school, I think I told her enough, none of it really a lie.

“So want to meet for lunch later at the usual place, and we could discuss me meeting your family tonight?” She asked

“That would be great, till later then.” This time she hugged me, which I returned before we went our separate ways.

As I entered class, I caught Amy’s eye, and sent the message silently that things with Melissa were OK; surprisingly she seemed to understand as did I as she gave me one slight nod before returning to look around at the other students. I took my seat as normal at the back as we went over Monday’s homework. We had a group discussion about what we understood about the play we were reading. Then wrote some notes about what the class had discussed, before the bell finally went. I wasn’t last to leave but I did say a quick bye to Miss Taylor and left for double science. After science I grabbed another sandwich and drink from the canteen before joining Melissa at our usual lunch spot.

“Did osmanbey escort you speak to Amy about the meeting tonight?” Asked Melissa

“No, as I said anything of a personal nature, is only discussed at home, not during school.”

“Sorry, I should have realised that.”

“Don’t apologise for asking a question, were friends now, keeping secrets and sneaking around is all new to you, so if you don’t understand anything, ask, and if I don’t understand something, I will ask you or discuss it at home with my family.”

“In the 3 days I have known you, I have been so happy. I really wondered at one point why I even bothered with friends in the first place. But I realised since being friends with you, what true friendship is. All those other people who stopped being my friend years ago were not really my friends, if they had come to me and told me about why they had to end the friendship, I believe that maybe I could have at least felt they still wanted to be friends but that there parents influence was too strong to go against. But that is all in the past now, and being here with you, knowing that no matter what you will remain my friend through all my faults, makes me believe that life is finally worth something.”

“It is hard to meet someone you connect with and to stick by each other. What we have is special; being with you really makes my day. I get so excited to leave home in the morning so I can meet you, or when we meet for lunch. And when I get to walk home with you, I feel relaxed and very happy for the company.”

“So I guess having the teacher living with you is your big secret?” Asked Melissa.

“I won’t lie and say it is, I have other secrets, but unfortunately I can’t discuss them with you for a while.” This saddened Melissa. “Melissa I know we promised no secrets between us, that friendship is built on not keeping secrets, but there are things that I know, I have trouble dealing with and that I have made promises to other people to not reveal them. Please understand that in a way I am protecting you from knowing certain things, but I will tell you soon and you will be the first I tell. There will be a time where a secret can be a burden more than a responsibility, and this secret I have, I do not which to keep secret for much longer, but I did promise that I would keep it, until a time when people can know. Please believe me; I don’t want to lose you Melissa.” She had a tear in her eye as did I, then we hugged.

“I do believe you Sophie, I guess I thought I would know everything about you, but you also have integrity if you are willing to keep your promise not only to me but to others as well. You are a great friend, the best, and you mean a lot to me. What you have done is given me complete faith and trust in you. So whenever you want to tell me or if it is never, I understand, I suppose some things are worth hiding.”

“They are and thank you for understanding.” We quietly ate our lunch, not only digesting the food, but the information we had given each other. After we had finished eating, lunchtime was nearly over.

“Sophie, when we meet after school, it will be OK if I come over to your house?”

“Yes, I would love for you to meet my family; I have never had a friend over.”

“Never?” I shook my head.

“No. But things are better now I have you, you can come whenever you want. You can even stay for dinner if you want?”

“That sounds so nice, I can’t believe how excited I am, even though it maybe a tough night when we discuss my mum and stuff.”

“Whatever happens tonight is about what you want, so if we talk about it, it will only be if you agree. Don’t think I am just inviting you to talk with my parents. We can just hang out in my room, play on the computer or listen to music. We could read or just talk all afternoon. Whatever happens, I don’t want to force you into doing anything you do not want to, and neither will my parents nor Amy. They all just want to get to know you better because you are important to me, and as friends, help you if we can or if you want?”

“You are so wonderful; you speak so much from the heart it amazes me. OK then, I’ll meet you at the front gates and go to your house together and see how things go.”

“Agreed.” We hugged again before going our separate ways to class. I would see her one more time in music class before meeting at the front gates.

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