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And I have to admit, I was thinking things were looking up too. Especially for me and my out of practice cock. Yes, this would be a great summer. I was suddenly imagining wild and varied illicit encounters with Amber and mom. I watched as Amber got another mouthful of my cum and mom’s juices from mom’s pussy. She licked mom’s pussy lips clean and then fed her another mouthful. “Mom,” she whispered, “we’re his now. We’re his sluts. He can do whatever he wants to us and we’ll just beg for more, won’t we?

Mom looked up at me, then down as Amber sucked one of her nipples. She nodded slowly and then her mouth opened as she whimpered, “Ahhh…yes Amber, yes we’re his sluts. We live for his cum. God I want to suck that cock. Did you get to do that yet baby?” She looked down at Amber for the response to the question.

Amber looked into mom’s eyes. “No, I haven’t had the opportunity yet. Shall we? You won’t mind will you brother?”

I shook my head “no” and they pushed me onto the couch and knelt, each to one side of me. They kissed around my cock as they started to slide up and down it. I could feel the difference as the two of them licked and kissed my cock. Mom on the right, her tongue soft, almost hesitant as if she still had some reservations. Amber’s tongue to the left, eager and insistent, licking slurping up and down my cock. She stopped to suck one of my balls all the way into her hot little mouth as mom gently took my head between her lips. Mom started to moan as she took me deeper and deeper. I looked down to see Amber’s fingers in mom’s sloppy, wet pussy.

“Yeah, Amber, make mom cum while you two suck me. Ohhhh yeah.” I almost purred out the words as she pulled mom back for her first real slurp of my cock. Amber’s mouth was sucking hard, almost hungrily on my cock. I twitched in her mouth and could feel her licking and swallowing, as she tasted my precum. I felt the vibrations in her mouth as she moaned around my cock. Mom took both of my balls into her mouth, rolling them, teasing them with her tongue. She even bit down just a little finding the totally pleasurable point of taksim grup yapan escort pain.

“Oh fuck oh god who…who wants my cum?” I stammered as I moaned out the words.

Both said “me” at the same time. Their eager and yet pouty eyes proving I could never choose just one of them. I took mom’s hand and set her to stroking my cock as I pulled them closer to my cock with their faces cheek to cheek. “Oh fuck, open wide, ohhhhh here it comes ohhhhhhh…” I was moaning and my cock titched wildly in mom’s hand. Then gob after gob of hot sticky cum spurted from my cock. I don’t know how, but the first spurt hit both their cheeks. After that mom was careful to try to aim one spurt at a time to each of them. Their faces were coated in cum, their mouths were full of it.

After swallowing the first mouthful, Amber suggested “Mom, you should clean it up first, after all, he’s your son.” But first she licked mom’s face clean as mom did the same for her. And as mom set to cleaning my cock with a wicked and vigorous sucking tongue, Amber began to lick mom’s clit. Mom tried to control herself, but she couldn’t, soon she was cumming as she tried to finish slurping down my hot cum.

As mom slumped down onto her back, she moaned out, “You two mother fuckers are in for it when I recover.”

“No mom, you two are in for it when you recover. I have things planned now that you’ve only wet dreamed about. When I’m done with you two, you’ll be so totally mine that no other man could come close to pleasing you. You’ll beg me to do things you’ve never dreamed of, things that you used to swear you’d never do. You’ll make new friends you can share because they won’t know I’m your son, or brother. Hell, we’ll get some of your current friends despite the fact that they know me.”

The look they shared was somewhere between complete and total lust and utter fear. “Scared?” I asked knowing instinctively that their lack of verbal objection was a sign of submission. “Don’t be, I’ll never hurt you more than you want. And I’ll keep you both so very well fucked. taksim masöz escort But you’ll both obey me completely, or be punished.” I let the thought linger a few moments.

“Okay,” was mom’s whispered response. I was totally shocked that she replied first.

Amber nodded her agreement, and then verbalized it with an “All right.”

“You two have just made the best decision of all our lives. Now, mom, you get to watch Amber get fucked for the first time, since you missed our first. But I think you’ll get to see a different kind of first.” I pushed Amber to her hands and knees and she whimpered, figuring what was about to happen and being just a little scared by the thought. “You’ll love it Amber. Others have, and besides, what could go wrong with mommy right here with us?” I knelt behind her then slide down under her for a moment for another taste of her cunt. With my mouth full of her sweet juices, I licked her asshole, starting to lube it up. Then I repeated the teasing of her hot pussy with two fingers. And once they were coated slowly easing them into her lubed asshole. I added a third finger to relax her ass a bit and while it was sliding into her ass, my cock went deep into her wet cunt.

“God you two, my babies joined like that. Mmmm such a sight. I’m gushing juices it’s just so hot. Matt, please fuck her ass good and hard, and then take my virgin ass too. PLEASE?” She begged with her eyes just as well as with her words.

I pulled out of Amber’s pussy and slowly fed my cock to her ass. I pushed very slowly, waiting for her tight, tiny ass to adjust and relax to the length and girth of my cock. When all of me was in, my hips against her ass, I felt her squeeze me tighter with her ass. As she squeezed she whimpered, “Hold it there for a minute. God it feels so much bigger up my ass.” She alternated between squeezing and relaxing her ass (which was still quite a tight fit even when relaxed), and then she begged, “Big bro, please fuck my ass.”

As I pulled back, mom moaned. She watched as my cock slowly went in and out of taksim otele gelen escort Amber’s ass. My hands went to the half globes of her perfect ass cheeks and squeezed. Mom slid over closer and started to stroke Amber’s clit after Amber’s first moans of pleasure. Mom’s fingers only increased the intensity and frequency of the moaning. “Matt, pound her ass, we’ll make her cum with your big cock up her ass.” I started to pump my hips faster and faster, my hips slapping the cheeks I still held in my hands. My balls continually slapping her cunt as I thrust harder, deeper, faster.

“Oh god mom, fuck, Matt, oh god you two are making me cummmmmmmmmmm!” Her cunt spasmed on mom’s fingers, her ass clamped down and milked my cock harder. I had no control, my cock exploded.

“Fuck!” I screamed. My cock twitched and pumped fast and erratically as it spewed sticky cum into Amber’s ass.

Mom pulled me back as I started to slump forward. My cock sprayed the last spurt of cum onto Amber’s hot ass. Mom leaned in and licked the cum off the cheek and then leaned further and licked up the cum leaking out of Amber’s ass. “Mmm…” mom purred as she sucked up the leaking cum. I held her head there until I saw her tongue slip into Amber’s ass. Amber started her slutty moans again as mom cleaned up her cum filled ass with her tongue.

I pulled mom back. “Mom, do you like tonguing your daughter’s ass when it’s full of your son’s cum?” The tone of my voice was stern. I would later learn that it was the tone of a master to his slave.

She lowered her eyes as Amber turned to watch the exchange between the two of us. “Yes, I do son. I love licking your cum from your sister’s ass.”

“Good, you’ll get to do it often. And so will you Amber. You’ll both be keeping your asses clean enough to eat off of, or out of, from now on. And whenever you’re both around and I’ve filled one of your asses with cum, you’ll be licking each others’ asses clean of my cum. But there will be no more of licking pussies clean. And no condoms or birth control. If you get pregnant, so be it. Tomorrow we’ll establish more rules. But right now, I need some sleep.” I led them both by hand to mom’s bed. “We’ll all sleep here from now on. Always naked. First one awake sucks my cock. If I’m up first, one of you is getting fucked hard.” As I laid down I slid mom behind me and pulled Amber in front of me, resting my semi-erect cock between her legs. “Good night my sluts.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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