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Ruth and I have been together for just over 15 years and married for ten. We are both in our forties and keep ourselves in pretty good shape.

Ruth goes to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and has a really sexy body. She’s around 5ft 5″ with short dark brown hair, she has the most gorgeous ass and boobs which I reckon are just about the perfect size.

I’m 6ft with short light brown hair and I’ve been told a bigger than average cock.

This story is based on Ruth’s daughter Joanne, who is now 29. I’ve known her since she was just a young teenager and she lived with us for a number of years before getting a place of her own.

Joannes young teenage years were probably like most teenage girls. Lots of talking back, tears and tantrums. We had our fair share of run ins over the years but she calmed down a bit when she turned 18.

Since then we developed quite a close relationship and she would tell me about her latest boyfriends and probably quite a lot of stuff that her mum didn’t know about. Her latest boyfriend was called Mark and they have been together for a few months.

Just to give you the overall picture, Joanne had grown into a very attractive woman. She is 5ft 8 inches, very long light brown hair, long legs that ended in a tight ass and gorgeous boobs.

She had started becoming more aware of the effect her looks had on men and would wear low cut tops to show off her cleavage or really short skirts, or both at the same time.

Lots of times before going out she would get me to take pictures of her so she could post them on social media.

Like a lot of 18 year old girls I imagine, she would pout for the photos and put a finger to her lips, pushing up her boobs to get the best photos. Even though she was my step daughter I couldn’t help getting an erection on a number of occasions.

I don’t think it went unnoticed by Joanne as she seemed to start wearing less and less around the house whenever I was there.

She would walk around in the tiniest shorts and tight t-shirts obviously without anything underneath and bend over in front of me to reach things.

I just tried to look away and do the right thing.

On a couple of occasions, she ‘forgot’ I was home and came out of the shower completely naked.

“Oh, sorry.” she would say, acting all surprised before trying to look like she was covering up “I forgot you were home.”

On those occasions I had to go and lock myself in the bathroom and have a good wank.

This went on for a number of months and I got accidental flashes of her boobs and her thong covered ass on numerous occasions.

She had friends over to stay most weekends and that just made things worse. Her friends used to run round our house as well wearing next to nothing. I was beginning to think it was just a girl thing, either that or they were doing it to see my reaction.

Not that our house was a sex free or nudity free zone, it wasn’t. Ruth would quite often walk round the upstairs of our house in just in her underwear not caring if Joanne or her friends noticed.

One year we booked a trip to Spain for a fortnight and she asked if she could come too and bring her best friend Amelia with her.

That wasn’t a problem as we had booked a two bedroom apartment so there was plenty of room.

I wasn’t complaining because the girls would be sunbathing all day by the pool and they would probably do their own thing at night leaving us free to have our own time together.

After arriving at our apartment we got settled in and the girls went to have a look around.

Ruth and I lay down on the bed for a rest after the long trip and one thing led to another. It was pretty hot in the room and we were lying on top of the sheets in our underwear making the most of the air con which had just been turned on.

Wondering just how many chances we would get over the next two weeks to fuck I asked Ruth if she was up for it when the girls were out.

She looked over at me and the bulge in my tight boxer shorts and smiled.

“Well, it looks like you are anyway.” she said as she turned on to her side and grabbed my cock through the material.

She sat up properly and took off her bra and thong. She then nodded down to me looking at my boxers saying “If you want to fuck me you would really need to take those off.”

I was naked in no time and turned round to admire her figure.

She lay down on her side so we were facing each other and reached over to take hold of my cock.

I reached round to squeeze her gorgeous ass before taking a nipple in my mouth to suck.

Ruth’s boobs aren’t huge but to me they are just the perfect size. Big enough to grab in my hand and with large hard nipples which I loved to play with.

We stayed like that for a while, just playing with each other before I moved my hand down to her pussy.

I gently pushed her over so she was lying on her back and slipped a finger inside her.

She had let go of my cock and I moved closer so I could suck her nipples while fingering her pussy. My hard cock tipobet365 yeni giriş was rubbing against her thigh.

She closed her eyes and used her hand to start playing with her other nipple.

I slipped a second finger inside her after a few minutes and she moved her hand down and placed it on top of mine to make sure I was hitting the right spot as I fingered her.

“How many fingers is that?” she asked breathlessly

“Two at the minute.” I replied “Do you want more?”

“Yes please.”

I slipped a third inside her as her body writhed on the bed, practically humping my fingers like they were a cock.

She reached round to grab my cock and started to wank me off.

After a minute she let go of my cock and pulled herself away from my fingers.

She put two pillows behind me head, telling me to lie back, before throwing her leg over me and guiding my cock into her wet pussy.

“Oh that feels good,” she sighed, before starting to grindmher body against mine.

She had her hands on my chest as she fucked me while I held on to her hips.

After a few minutes she leaned forward and held onto the headboard.

This made it easy for me to grab hold of her ass with both hands so I could really get going and pound her pussy from below. It also meant her boobs were swinging in front of my face and I took the opportunity to suck on them and bite her nipples.

I could tell she was nearly ready to have her first orgasm and I speeded up trying to help her along.

Just then we heard the door to the apartment open.

“Mum.” Joanne called, just as Ruth was orgasming on my cock.

“Go away, we’re having a fuck.” Ruth shouted out between moans.

Now the layout of the apartment was such that our bedroom was right beside the front door. The girls bedroom was next, followed by the bathroom and then an open plan kitchen, living room and a balcony.

When we lay down earlier we weren’t intending to have sex, we were just taking a break so we hadn’t closed the door.

That meant that Joanne and Amelia were now standing at our door watching Ruth orgasm on my cock.

They were both a bit speechless and I don’t think they knew what to say or do. They just stood there with their mouths open as Ruth climbed off my cock.

She lay back on the bed and looked over to the door “Did you not hear me?”

“Sorry,” Joanne said “we did, we were just going to tell you about how good the pool is.”

Now while this conversation was going on I was lying on the bed with my rock hard cock on full show to the world. Not only that but it was covered in Ruth’s pussy juices and the smell of sex in the room was unmissable.

“Well Pete hasn’t cum yet so can you tell us about it later?” Ruth asked.

“Sure.” replied both girls who hadn’t taken their eyes off my cock since they had been standing there.

“Ok, where do you want me?” Ruth asked me.

I looked over towards the girls who still hadn’t moved and inch.

“Don’t worry, they’ll go when you start fucking me.” she said, looking over towards them.

“Lie down across the bed.” I said hesitantly.

Ruth turned over and lay face down on the bed with her head off the edge.

The girls still hadn’t moved…

I got up and lifted my legs over Ruth so my cock was resting in between her ass cheeks.

The girls still hadn’t moved…

I slid my cock up and down a bit, squeezing her ass with my hands so it clenched my cock as I did.

The girls still hadn’t moved…

I lifted up slightly and took hold of my cock, giving it a few strokes while looking towards the door.

The girls still hadn’t moved…

I then guided my cock into Ruth’s wet pussy, held on to her ass and started fucking her.

Ruth gasped as I thrust inside her, gripping the side of the bed for support.

I knew there was no way I would last that long, especially with an audience. I debated whether to cum inside Ruth’s pussy or pull out and cum all over her ass so the girls would see.

I decided to pull out. After a few more thrusts deep inside my wife I pulled back, grabbed my cock and wanked furiously over Ruth’s ass.

There was spurt after spurt. It seemed to go on for ages. It went up her back and onto her ass before running down her crack.

I let my cock go so it was resting between Ruth’s cum covered ass cheeks before rubbing it back and forth making my cum go everywhere.

I looked towards the door and the girls had gone.

I wondered just how much they had seen?

“Did you enjoy that.” Ruth asked, turning round to look at me.

“Of course.” I said, before giving her a kiss on the lips.

“I told you they would leave once you started fucking me.” Ruth replied before getting up to go to the bathroom.

After getting cleaned up we went into the living room where the girls were sitting chatting.

I still didn’t know just how much they saw but I knew they must have got a good look at my cock. They were still sneaking glances over it as I sat there in tipobet365 giriş my swim shorts.

“Ok,” said Ruth “Tell us what you found.”

The girls went on to tell us all about the complex, how good the pool looked, the fact that there was a bar and two different restaurants.

It was late afternoon by the time we had arrived so I suggested that we go down to the bar for a couple of drinks and then we can back to the apartment to get freshened up before going for something to eat.

The girls grabbed their bags and I grabbed the keys to the apartment and off we went.

I got a round in at the bar. Wine for Ruth, beer for me and cocktails for the girls.

We spent an hour chatting about this and that and just enjoying people watching before going back to the apartment to get ready for dinner.

One thing we hadn’t banked on when we told the girls they could come with on holiday was that the apartment only had one bathroom. With three girls and me that was going to be difficult enough.

We decided that whoever was in the bathroom wasn’t allowed to lock the door. Just in case someone really needed to pee and there was somebody in the shower. Just knock first.

That was fine by me as Ruth would use the toilet when I’m in the shower whenever we were home, so it wasn’t any different. The only problem was that Joanne was here and not only Joanne but her best friend Amelia.

I hadn’t any plans of ‘accidentally’ walking in on them in the shower but I wasn’t so sure about Joanne walking in on me in the shower.

I don’t think Amelia would. She’s a bit more innocent than Joanne. I’m not even sure if she has a boyfriend which is crazy…

Amelia is stunning. She must have some Spanish ancestry or something because her hair is as black as coal and comes down to her shoulders. Her skin is a lovely shade of light caramel. She’s shorter than Joanne but not by much. Her boobs aren’t quite as big but she has a really cute ass. She just seems to lack the same sort of confidence that Joanne has.

Back to the present and Ruth went to shower first as she wanted to wash her hair and get it dried before going out.

I waited in our bedroom for Ruth to finish before going in next.

When Ruth came back to the bedroom to dry her hair, I grabbed my clothes and went to use the shower.

“What are you taking those all for?” Ruth asked

“I was going to get dressed in there so I’m not walking round in front of the girls in just my boxers.” I replied.

“Don’t be daft.” She said “You’ll be fine. Sure they’ve seen plenty already.”

There was no point in arguing. It wasn’t as if I was going to be walking round the apartment with my cock bouncing in front of me. My boxers are all pretty snug so the girls would be able to see the outline of my cock but that was about it.

Ruth started drying her hair and I went to get showered.

As I was walking past the girl’s room their door was lying open and they were trying to decide what to wear.

They were both standing with their backs to me and all I could see was two stunning 18 year old bodies.

They were only wearing a bra and a thong as they swapped outfits.

I stood for a second taking in the view, my cock growing harder in my shorts, before Joanne turned round and noticed me looking.

I hurriedly went to the bathroom, thinking that I really needed a cold shower to calm me down.

I closed the door, stripped off and got into the shower.

The shower was a decent size and had glass panels all round.

My cock was still hard so I took the opportunity to have a quick wank so it would be well down for going out later.

Next thing I knew the door opened and in came Joanne, closing the door behind her.

“Sorry,” she said, as she looked at me wanking in the shower “I really need to pee.”

She pulled her thong down and sat down on the toilet to pee.

I didn’t know what to do. If I let go of my cock it would just be sticking straight out. I couldn’t keep wanking it while she was sitting there either so I decided to turn round a bit and try and hold it down while pretending to shower.

“Don’t mind me.” she said “I saw you looking at us earlier. Did we do that to you?”

“No of course not.” I stammered “I was just horny.”

“Oh.” replied Joanne a little dejectedly, getting up from the toilet “Are we not hot enough?”

“Of course you’re hot.” I replied “You’re both stunning and very sexy but I’m twice your age.”

“I like older guys.” she replied “It was cool watching you earlier with mum. It got Amelia and me a bit worked up.”

“Really?” I asked, quite surprised.

“I’ve seen the outline of your cock before but never really when it’s so hard.” she replied “It’s a lot bigger than I imagined. I didn’t think there would be as much cum either. That was so hot to watch.”

“You watched me cum as well?” I asked, a little surprised.

“We couldn’t really take our eyes off it. Marks cock isn’t even close to the size of yours… Because I’ve really only tipobet365 güvenilirmi seen a few cocks I thought they were all around his size. Mark is the first one I’ve fucked but we’ve only fucked a few times and he cums really quickly so I don’t really enjoy it.”

“Amelia has even less experience than me. She lost her virginity to her first boyfriend Michael in the back seat of his dads car. She said it was awful and it was over in minutes. She thought your cock was huge compared to Michaels.”

I didn’t know what to say. All this talk wasn’t helping my ‘situation’. My cock was as hard as it has ever been.

“Can I watch you cum again?” Joanne asked hesitantly.

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.” I replied, somewhat reluctantly. “I don’t think your mum would be too pleased.”

“Please…. can I even just watch you stroke it for a bit?” she pleaded “Just for minute and then I’ll go.”

“Fine, just for a minute.” I agreed and turned round to face her.

The only thing separating us now was the glass of the shower screen as I wanked in front of my step daughter.

I was naked and she might as well have been, only wearing a tiny black thong and skimpy bra.

I gave my cock a few strokes as she watched.

“Ok,” I said “Thats enough.”

“Don’t stop yet.” she replied, flattering her eyelashes at me as she lifted a finger to her mouth and sucked on it.

Fuck… she might still be young but she knows what buttons to push.

She looked down at my cock as it started to twitch in front of her.

She then reached inside her bra and pulled her boobs out one at a time before putting her hand down the front of her thong.

What the hell was she trying to do to me…

“Cum for me.” she pleaded as she fingered her pussy in front of me. “Just pretend you are fucking my tight pussy. It’s so wet right now. I bet even that big cock of yours would slide in so easily.”

I couldn’t help myself and started wanking furiously in front of her.

“That’s it.” she whispered “Your cock would feel so good inside me. Will I bend over this sink so you fuck me from behind?”

That was it… My cock erupted. Spewing ropes of cum all over the glass of the shower screen. Even though I had come only a couple of hours ago the screen was covered. It was running down the screen as Joanne pulled her fingers from her pussy and lifted them up to her mouth to suck clean.

“Now doesn’t that feel better?” she asked.

“You are such a tease.” I replied, smiling.

“Maybe one day I’ll let you fuck me for real.” she added, before getting herself presentable and going back to her bedroom.

I finished showering wondering what the hell had just happened and went back to our bedroom to get dressed.

“You took your time.” said Ruth, as I came in.

“I didn’t think we were in any rush.” I answered, wondering could she see my cheeks getting red.

The rest of the night passed by uneventfully. We all went out to dinner to a local Tapas restaurant and got plenty of food and a few drinks.

The girls were dressed to party in very short, revealing summer dresses which made it hard to concentrate during the meal. Joanne kept looking over at me and smiling about what went on. I’m not sure what she told Amelia but she must have told her something because every time Amelia looked my direction she blushed.

When we had finished our dinner Ruth and I headed back to the apartment while the girls headed to the bar for a few drinks.

It had been a long day and it wasn’t long before Ruth and I were fast asleep.

I was woken around 1.30 in the morning by the sound of the girls coming back.

“Quiet.” Joanne whispered as they closed the door, their heels clicking on the tiled floor.

There was a lot of giggling and I could hear them getting glasses in the living room so I got up to see what they were doing.

I normally sleep in the nude so I pulled on my boxer shorts and quietly got up to investigate.

The girls were in the kitchen pouring themselves a drink which they definitely didn’t need. They looked like they already had quite a few at the bar.

“Hi girls,” I whispered “What’s going on?”

“We’re just getting a drink.” replied Joanne “Sorry, did we wake you?”

“You woke me, but you know what your mum’s like. She’d sleep through a tornado.” I replied

“Do you want a drink Pete?” asked Amelia, before pouring me a large glass of what looked like red wine.

“Just one.” I replied, thinking I really should keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t swallow their own vomit or something.

I sat down on the sofa with my wine in hand.

“Shift up.” said Joanne as she sat down beside me with her glass of wine, the hem of her short summer dress riding up to give me a good view of her thighs.

Amelia then came over and sat down on the other side of me with her wine and lifted her foot up under her thigh so she was nearly sitting cross legged. Her dress also edged up giving me a good look at her caramel coloured thighs.

“So what did you get up to?” I asked, trying to ignore the amount of leg that was pushing up against me on both sides.

“We just had a few drinks.” replied Joanne “We’re not too drunk though, just tipsy.”

“Joanne told me about earlier.” said Amelia, blushing as she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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