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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction intended for the enjoyment of those over 18 years.


My good friend Shar came to me all excited about a weekend lingerie buying trip to San Diego. I wasn’t all that interested but she assured me that we would have a fantastic time. Our guys could golf and do other man things while we were gone. I finally agreed and gave her my credit card to book my accommodations. Shar has been my best friend since high school. We even went off to college together. She is a tall, cool number with luxurious blond hair down the middle of her back. She commands attention everywhere she goes. At 5’7″, 115 pounds, I have thick brown, shoulder length hair with red highlights and green eyes. My breasts are as high and full as Shar’s. We even married best friends, are both 26 and childless. And we’re beautiful together according to our husbands and the looks of strangers.

We shopped and toured the city during the day. The party was that Saturday night. Our hostess had booked two large adjoining suites in which to preview the merchandise displays. The guests had separate rooms on the floors below. After the orders were taken, the food and drinks were delivered. Wines and liqueurs and spiked punch were consumed. We ladies were getting a little tipsy but it felt good.

The weekend package included a special treat for our pleasure. When the hostess announced that the entertainment was here, the ladies clapped and whistled. Shar included. I seemed to be the only one not in the know. The door opened and at least a dozen girls paraded into the room and removed their cloaks. They wore backless or frontless panties or g-strings. The bras were brief and showcased tits to the max. They were walking sex in their thigh high hosiery and four inch high heels. Their faces and hair were covered with thin silk masks. Only their eyes and mouths were visible. Their facial beauty or the lack thereof was not important. The hostess stressed this element was necessary for anonymity and to focus on the lushness of the bodies before us. The girls were not to speak but must obey all our commands.

The women began choosing partners whose bodies suited their taste. With all the drink in them, they were totally uninhibited. Couples began dancing on the floor. The women were groping the girls’ asses or bending their heads to suck on tits. Fingers were inside pussies. Giddy women were eased along the wall as the entertainment girls put their hands inside panties. The hostess was elated as she walked around observing satisfied customers.

One particular girl glommed in on me as I sat in a corner. As she walked to me, I noticed a dark strip of pussy hair very much like my own cut. She began gyrating around me before she offered me a nipple to squeeze. She took my hand and rubbed it in her large pussy and sucked each finger into her mouth. She pulled her nice, full breasts out completely for me. Her globes were smooth and fragrant and warm in my shaking hands. My pussy began to throb and I leaned my head in to suck her.

As we ladies began to get our little freaks on, the hostess informed us that to take a girl to our room for our private pleasure required an additional monetary agreement with the clerk. I arranged for Girl

for the night and through the next afternoon. The room began clearing out two by two. One woman left with two girls. I’d like to be a fly on her wall. Would she fuck them both or watch them fuck each other?

My friend Shar was licking the pussy of the tiny woman standing before her. I caught her eye and smile as my girl grabbed her wrap and bag. We left for my room. I would be fucking her soon.

As we took the stairs down, I remembered when I first saw two women having sex. I dropped over to my parent’s home. I still had a key and went right in. They weren’t home, but my sister Jenna’s car was in the drive. Mournful sounds were coming from Jenna’s room. The door was slightly ajar and I peeped in. Mrs. Teaset from across the street was in my sister’s bed. She was on top of her. casino oyna They were grunting and screwing and cursing. Jenna’s leg was in the air and she was begging Mrs. Teaset to fuck her harder. I backed away in shock. I never mentioned this to anyone.

Now here I am about to experience the pleasure that my sister felt. My pussy was already wet and heavy. She needed relief. I wasted no time when we got to the room. My clothes were off in a flash. She removed everything except the mask and the thigh-highs. She stood there waiting for me to instruct her on what to do.

“Turn down the lights just a bit, sweetie,” I asked as I spread out on the bed. “I want to see what we do to each other. This is a first for me. I expect you’ve eaten a lot of pussy in your profession. Your beautiful, full lips remind me of some one. Put them on my pussy. Now, 6!”

She spread my legs and went down on me. I felt a female tongue for the first time. Her licking was at first very delicate as her tongue explored the mere size of my pussy. I know I am large down south and my clit is very impressive. My little sweetie got very bold as she sucked on my little “dick” and thrust her long tongue up my hot pussy. I expect that mask has a little pussy juice on it after I came. She didn’t let up on me and began my tongue fucking anew. My body rose with each stab of that tongue. This was so, so good. I don’t know how many times I came, but I did know she would get a good tip.

As I was catching my breath, she moved up and lay on top of me. Visions of Mrs. Teaset on top of Jenna fueled me again. Her pussy joined with my swollen one and she began to ride me. How wonderful! I could feel her clit stabbing at my pubic bone. It felt as big as my own. She was sliding on my wet pussy lips, melding with me, gyrating on me and in me. My body was screwing in reverse of hers, pushing up to her, sticky with delicious pussy juice. “Fuck my pussy, I said to the girl. “Fuck it hard.” Mrs. Teaset screamed similar words at Jenna that day. She did so.

“That was so good, 6. Did you like my big pussy? Of course you did. My husband loves it, too. I feel so naughty fucking with you. But it feels so damn good, too. As soon as I rest for a few minutes, I will practice fucking you.”

As I lay there next to this silent fuck toy, I was very happy. Jenna must have been insane as Mrs. Teaset fucked her. Now I know why she was screaming. I think I’ll fuck Girl 6 like Mrs. Teaset. I spread her out on the bed and marveled at a pussy that looked and smelled oddly familiar. Her clit was larger than mine, but our lips were about the same. I slowly rubbed her pussy as she moaned behind the mask.

“You like that, sweetie, don’t you? Your pussy is beautiful and you use it well.” I inserted a couple of fingers inside her and pumped. “You’re so wet already.” Then I leaned in and sucked that clit. Delicious. My tongue explored inside her. The girl went crazy as she squirmed in her orgasm and released girl nectar for me. “Your pussy tastes so good, 6. I think that was a pretty good fucking for a first-timer, don’t you? I took care of that pussy nicely,” I said proudly.

I felt the need to kiss her as I began to fuck her again. I thrust my tongue in her mouth as I squeezed her breasts before I sucked them red and sore as I growled in my throat. Gentleness was not in my vocabulary tonight. I needed more pussy. More of her. My body moved on top of her the same as she did to me. But I needed to be closer as I positioned her for scissoring. I read about this and thought it was very exciting. Mrs. Teaset did this to Jenna. I pulled up her leg and screwed on her pussy. Our clits were in sweet battle as we got closer. 6 whimpered as I wetly licked her leg through the hosiery and squeezed her titties and pumped my tongue in her mouth as I tried to get even closer to her. I repositioned myself and set up a slapping rhythm on that sweet pussy. I was pumping on her a mile a minute. The wet sound was intoxicating as swollen flesh met swollen flesh. What can I say? I came all over canlı casino her and she came all over me.

“That was excellent, 6. I wonder what my friend is doing with her girl. Apparently, she’s been to these kinds of parties and never told me. That girl is probably fucking her from the chandelier, I laughed. You know what 6? I will want to fuck you more tonight before I let you sleep. I am giving you permission to remove the mask. I want to see your hair and look deep into your eyes as we fuck. Go into the bathroom and get ready for me, sweetie. Take off the stockings, too.”

I sat on the bed, rubbing my pussy, waiting for the girl’s return. My little sister walked back into the room.

“Jenna? Jenna! I fucked my little sister?” All the familiarities fell into place.

“It’s ok Cass. You were awesome. Really awesome. I made my way to you, didn’t I? I wanted this special time with you.”

“But you should be in Los Angeles working. Acting or whatever.”

“I’m working now, Cass. And I love it. Take it easy, Sis. I’ll catch you up on my life.”

Jenna eased into bed beside me. “When I was 18 and almost out of high school, you were engaged and living with your fiancé after you graduated from college. Mom and Dad were doing the country club thing. They pretty much left me to my own devices and my friends. One day, Mrs. Teaset saw them leaving with an overnight bag. She came over immediately. Mrs. Teaset had always touched me when she could. I never knew what to say, so I accepted it when she thrust her hand in my panties and made me cum as I waited for her daughter to come home. She squeezed my breasts at will and chewed on my nipples as her daughter took her long showers. I came to look forward to her touches and to enjoy them. I like the way she made me feel.”

“Yeah, Mrs. Teaset. She looked just like her daughter with twenty years on her. She is such a lovely woman.”

“She fucked me in my room that day, doing all kinds of deliciously wicked things to me. My life was never the same.”

“I know, Jenna. I saw you. I thought someone was hurting you, but as I eased closer to your door, I saw you were actually moaning in pleasure and perhaps a little pain. She was humping you so hard that your bed was creaking. I backed my wet pussy out of the house.”

“Wow, Cass. Why didn’t you ever say anything? You were turned on. I would love to have discussed it with you.”

“It was all too much to process. I thought you might have been just experimenting. But I did do a little research about it on my computer.”

“She fucked me until I went away to college that fall. Several times a week, she came to the house and fucked me. Other times, she would call mom and have her ask me to come help with something. Mr. Teaset worked at his car dealership 12 hours a day and her daughter was away at college. She took my virginity with a dick she produced and fucked me senseless after she ate my pussy. I was hooked on her fucking, Cass. Whenever I came home, she always found a way to get into my panties. I was doing girls at school by then and so had constant sex in my life. No man has ever touched me that way. I suppose I will have to marry one eventually. Mom keeps hinting that I should at least get a boyfriend. Even if I marry, I will not give up the pussy. Just look at you, Sis. You’re married and you like fucking women. I could hardly believe it when I saw you sitting in the corner. I’ve done many of these parties and they’re mostly about fucking the entertainment. Here was my married, big sister waiting to do things to a girl’s body. My heart was pounding as I made my way to you. I wanted you for myself.”

“You give good pussy, Jenna. You really know what to do to a woman’s body. I never dreamed I would ever touch or appreciate a woman that way. Honey, your skin is so warm and smooth. I came just sucking your titties. I could feel you squeeze my tongue and my fingers inside you. Your pussy felt like a volcano on mine. I can still taste your pussy in my mouth. I am beyond satisfied.”

“Thanks, kaçak casino Sis. I still get small parts in movies, commercials and television shows. One day, I’ll make it big. But until then, I do this so I don’t have to wait tables to supplement my income. The pay and tips are great and the pussy abundant. We sometimes do parties for celebrities in Hollywood. You wouldn’t believe who is into pussy. Big movie stars have sucked and screwed your sister’s pussy. We have a confidentiality clause in our contracts. We wear the masks so that the women can do to us what they please and go home to their lovers like it never happened. They tip obscenely.”

“I love the way you feel, Cass.” Jenna leaned over to me and began sucking my breasts as I released her pinned up hair. “I was insane when you sucked my pussy like this.” She began sucking and eating me again. I lay back and ran my hands through my sister’s long hair as my body rose off the bed with her thrusts. “I love you, Cass,” she exclaimed before she took my clit into her mouth.

“Oh, Jenna, baby,” I moaned as I felt myself cum on her face. I let her crouch over my face. Her pussy was large and beautiful from this angle as I took it with mouth. I drank my sister’s juice. She tasted like me.

Jenna left our bed and come back with a blue gel dick in her hand. She put half in her pussy and inserted the other half in mine and proceeded to ride me again. The dick enhanced our closeness. It filled our pussies but was short enough to disappear as our lips touched. I was beside myself as my sister fucked her dick in me. As I fucked mine into her. She changed our position to a scissor and attacked my pussy further. “Fuck me, Jenna,” I said between kisses. “Fuck my pussy. I love you, baby. Oh, oh, oh, yes, baby. Just like that. Right there. Unh, unh! Come with me, Jenna. Right now! Aah, aah, baby. Yes!” I kissed her deeply.

We were exhausted after making love, but Jenna had other delicious things in that trick bag that she used to delight me and enhance or pleasure during the night. I showered with my sister again. The water beat down on us and we kissed deeply and felt each other up. She dressed in street clothes and was about to take her leave in the late afternoon. I had fed her and fucked with her all morning. I was ecstatic when she strapped me into a harness with a large dick attached. She lay back as I sliced into her pussy while the clit cover app and pressure from her gave me my pleasure. I flipped on my back for her to ride the dick from above. Jenna was so beautiful and sexy as her hair and breasts began to swing as she fucked me. She caught my wrists over my head and forcefully brought her pussy down on my dick over and over. My clit was ravished in pleasure with her thrusts. I let my sister her have her way with me.

My eyes were glued to the lovely sight of her as she was about to leave. She had given me so much pleasure. Her lips were still swollen from my kisses and her breasts heaved as I slowly slipped bills in her bra. I kissed her against the door as I raised her dress and cupped her pussy one last time.

“See you at Thanksgiving, Sis,” she said before leaving. “You were fantastic. I’ll give you some more pussy when I get there. Ok?”

“I’ll look forward to it. Love you, Jenna.”

As we taxied to the airport, Shar informed me that she has been fucking women since we were in college. She used this trip to finally show and tell me about her secret passion. As she talked to me, she rubbed the inside of my thigh. Oh, wow!

“Did you enjoy your girl, Cass? You sucked her pussy, didn’t you? The taste of pussy is wonderful, isn’t it?” Her hand was still there, slyly rubbing me.

I nodded in assent three times and whispered some of the things we did together. I kept Jenna’s name private. This was my delicious secret.

“I knew you would like fucking a woman. You’re just like me and we’re practically sisters.”

Emboldened, I ask what she did with the tiny woman she chose. Shar whispered as she rubbed, “I put a lot of very big dick in her little pussy among other things. It was a beautiful sight, Cass. She was so exhausted that I had to send for another girl while she rested. I didn’t get a wink of sleep with them.”

Oh, double wow!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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