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I come from a very long line of sexually perverted individuals. My family is riddled with tales of incest and debauchery. My parents, my Aunts & Uncles, my nieces & nephews, my Cousins and most of my In-Laws have engaged in Incest and every other form of sexual deviancy. You name it, and someone in my family probably did it.

However, not every family is like mine. Most so-called ordinary families are governed by what is known as the “Westermarck Effect.” That just means that they are not sexually attracted to one another, but several studies seem to contradict the standard view of the Westermarck effect. People seem to have sexual preferences toward faces that resemble their parents’ or their own. If correct, this would suggest that Freud’s idea of the Oedipus complex had more merit to it.

My whole family has always seemed to be devoid of the Westermarck Effect, but heavy on the Oedipus complex. We have some relatives that just love sex with whoever is available. We also have our share of gay, lesbian, or bisexual individuals. With that said, let me tell you about my older sister’s ex-husband, my ex-brother-in-law, Jason.

Jason’s Story

My named is Todd. I am a forty-five years old divorcee, and I love sex. I prefer heterosexual sex, but that’s not to say I would outright reject a non-heterosexual encounter. It would depend on a multitude of things such as how horny I was at the time of the contact. Or how much I had to drink when the opportunity presented itself, or maybe how persuasive the person was who tried to seduce me. I have known since puberty that I was addicted to sex. I just never got the opportunity to experience sex with anyone other than myself until high school. Yes, you heard me right. I was heavily into chronic masturbation until my Aunt Bella took me under her tutelage and introduced me to the joys of real grown-up sex; with someone other than myself. During my early teenage years, I had never gotten around to experimenting with my classmates so that part of my sex education didn’t exist. I never gave any thoughts to being with another guy. However, I am and always have been intrigued by the female breasts. My mother told me she had a hell of a time weaning me from her breast. Even today I am easily calmed with a nipple in my mouth.

I’ve already told you about my first sexual experience with my Aunt Bella who first introduced me to sex with another person. That happened one night after Thanksgiving. I was still in high school. Aunt Bella was instrumental in teaching me about the things women really liked during sex. After my sexual encounter with Aunt Bell, I moved on to seduce my Sister Amy. That was a delightful period in my sex life. Amy would only let me suck her tits and eat her pussy. And in exchange, she would give me the most delightful blowjobs. She refused to let me fuck her because she insisted on saving that for her future husband.

That brings me to my brother-in-law, Jason. He was the lucky man who finally had the privilege of taking my sister’s virginity. Jason was a highly-paid corporate attorney with a major law firm on the East Coast. He had a substantial salary, but once he made partner with the law firm, his annual salary quadrupled. Jason was about ten years older than my sister, Amy. They met sometime during Amy’s last year of college. It was a whirlwind courtship and they married shortly after Amy’s graduation. We were all so excited Amy found a rich husband, none of us ever questioned her about the details of their courtship.

Mom and Dad were skeptical of Jason at first because of the age difference but finally welcomed him into the family because Amy loved him very much. I liked him right away because he was super rich and didn’t mind sharing that wealth with the rest of us. Jason would buy us expensive gifts at Christmas and our birthdays. Jason owned a big yacht he kept moored in the Chesapeake Bay. On the fourth of July, Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend he would take the whole family for a cruise on that yacht. I always looked forward to those cruises because the liquor and food flowed freely and I could drink and eat all I wanted without having to worry about paying the tab. I was a college kid at the time, and it was one big party for me.

Unfortunately, Amy’s marriage to Jason only lasted a couple of years. One day she called Mom and told her that she was moving back home. Amy was heartbroken and very depressed. Mom tried to get the details of the breakup, but Amy told her she didn’t want to talk about it. The only thing Amy would say was that the marriage was over and she received a very generous divorce settlement. There was a confidentiality clause that stated she was not to reveal the details of the agreement. Amy told Mom that she would never have to work again for the rest of her life if she so chose. Amy and I had always been very close, and after a month of brooding to herself, she finally confided to me that Jason had taken a male lover. She was informed that she could remain his wife, but kurtuluş escort their intimacy was over. She could continue to live in their house, spend their money and enjoy everything except sex with her husband. Amy chose to break it off entirely and return home.

One day Amy was so uptight and distraught I offered to give her a massage to relax her. We used to give each other massages in high school. About thirty minutes into the massage, Amy broke down and began to sob. Before long she shared the whole story with me. She told me Jason spent a month in New York City with one of the senior partners working on a big corporate merger. The merger was worth millions of dollars to the law firm, and it had to be perfect. Jason was promised a full partnership if the merger was successful. During the work on that merger, Jason became romantically involved with the law partner working on the project with him.

Amy started telling me her story by first informing me that the senior law partner Jason was teamed with was a very demanding person with a strong personality. Jason was a very energetic attorney and wanted very much to please his senior partner. Jason didn’t mind working late hours into the night preparing the perfect legal documents to make the merger successful. However, the togetherness, along with Jason’s desire to please, and the late room service dinners led to the apparent sexual bonding between Jason and that senior partner. That’s why Jason thought nothing of excepting the invitation to join his senior partner for a late-night relaxing steam bath in the senior partner’s luxury suite. When Jason first started his story, Amy assumed the law partner was female. It became obvious the partner was male when he told her about their time together I the private steam bath.

Wrapped in only towels, Jason and that law partner sat in the private hot steam room and casually chatted about the day’s accomplishments while sipping expensive red wine. The private steam room was designed for only two people; possibly three at most. The closeness made it more intimate, and Jason’s head was swimming with fantasies of a sexual encounter with the senior partner. Jason was clearly anxious when his senior partner gulped down the last swallow of wine, gazed directly into Jason’s eyes and smiled. Jason told Amy he thought he knew what was about to happen but was still astonished when the senior partner stood before him and quietly dropped the towel. Jason told Amy his heart began to beat rapidly. He knew what was about to happen. Jason admitted that he secretly wanted it to happen and felt like he couldn’t take his next breath. He had never entertained the thoughts of ever cheating on Amy, but when that senior partner’s hips moved slightly forward, Jason excitedly opened his mouth and accepted the hard cock that was offered. Jason told Amy, he had fantasized about that very moment for the whole two weeks they had worked together. Jason said he felt chills throughout his whole body as the man’s long slender cock moved entirely to the back of his throat.

Jason told Amy that the only other time he had sucked another man’s cock was in college. His roommate had been a tall, slender black man named, Reginald Johnson. Reginald was a skinny six-foot kid with a long ridged uncut cock. Reggie had taught Jason how to suck cock properly. Relying on what Reggie had taught him, Jason concentrated really hard on relaxing the muscles of his throat so his law partner’s cock head could travel at least one more inch into his throat. Reggie taught him the secret was to close the throat muscle on the head of the invading cock and then pull off slowly thereby milking the cock. Jason said it never takes long to trigger a fantastic orgasm milking the cock head in that manner. Jason had come to love the thrill he received with the first blast of cum down his throat. For Jason, that moment was the most addictive part of sucking a cock. He hadn’t experienced that delight since the last time he had been with Reggie. Amy said it made her sick to hear how much Jason loved having that cock in his mouth. I felt sorry for her grief.

Jason had told Amy that the very first time he sucked Reggie’s cock he had been taken by complete surprise. After they had been college roommates for only a few days, Jason had been sitting on his bed watching the news on TV when Reggie walked out of the shower with a hard cock and without warning shoved it into Jason’s mouth. There was no discussion, no foreplay, and no asking permission. Reggie just grabbed a hand full of Jason’s hair, pulled his head forward and started fucking his face.

That bold move startled Jason, and he said he had every intention of asking Reggie to stop, but the thrill Jason was receiving as Reginald’s cock hit the back of his throat; sending chills all the way down to his balls was so gratifying Jason just sat there until he felt hot creamy cum burst into his throat. It was so emotionally impactful on Jason’s psyche, it caused him to climaxed levent escort harder than he had at any time in his young life. Jason told Amy he knew at that very moment he loved sucking cock. He worshipped Reggie’s cock every night until Reginald graduated and moved away to the west coast. Jason never approached anyone else with his desire to suck cock because he was shy and afraid it would hurt his career in law if people learned of his fetish. Back then people didn’t accept homosexuality as they do now. Law firms were reluctant to hire openly gay lawyers. After successfully passing the bar exam, Jason actively sought out a suitable female to marry; One that could be his beard and further his law career. That suitable female turned out to be my sister, Amy.

Once that senior law partner started jamming his cock down Jason’s throat, all the thrills and sexual gratifications from his college affair came back. Jason had finally found someone who understood his needs. Someone who was in a position to feed those needs and at the same time bolster his law career. It was an extra bonus that person could mentor and also help him with his law career. There would be no more hiding his real sexual preference. The senior partner knew he had made the right move when he observed Jason’s eagerness to suck his cock.

“You really enjoy sucking cock, don’t you, Jason.”

“I absolutely love sucking your cock, Mr. Carrington,” Jason proclaimed before putting Mr. Carrington’s cock back of his mouth.

“Please call me Cedric…!” the man panted. “Mr. Carrington is much too formal considering what our new relationship will be from here on.”

“New relationship?” Jason took a quick pause from sucking Cedric’s cock. “Does that mean we won’t be hiding this from everyone else at the law firm?”

“We won’t make a formal announcement, but the partners will know, and everyone else will figure it out within a short period,” Mr. Carrington assured.

“What happens if my wife finds out about us?”

“There is no IF she finds out because I will insist that you and I be exclusive. That means you will no longer have sex with your wife. I will not share you with anyone from this moment on; that includes your wife. She will have to be told immediately. That part is up to you,” Mr. Carrington explained. “We don’t want a scandal disrupting our law firm.”

“What do I tell my wife about us?” Jason asked.

“You tell her that you and I are now lovers and will be spending a lot of time together. We will have a lot of late-night meetings, and some weekends we will go off together and do our thing. If she agrees to the terms I set and will continue to act as your wife, she will be richly rewarded.”

“She will be rewarded how?”

“She will be given a company credit card with no limit to be used for shopping sprees or for travel to anyplace in the world. And if she needs sexual relief from a man or woman for that matter, we have several young lawyers, both married and single, who will be made available to her at any time of the night or day to take care of her sexual needs. All she has to do is keep up the appearance of a happy family life.”

“I’m not sure how Amy will react to that proposal, but if she doesn’t agree to those terms will it hurt my career to divorce her?”

“You would be willing to divorce your wife for me?”

“Yes, Sir!” Jason answered without hesitation.

Carrington smiled, gave Jason a kiss on the lips and said, “Consider yourself exclusively mine. I will inform the partners.”

Amy refused to live a pretend life and the law firm quietly rushed through her divorce settlement that would take care of all Amy’s needs for the rest of her life. Amy and Jason remained friends, and Amy returned home to live with Mom and Dad. Amy never associated with Jason after that, but Dad and I continued to go yachting with Jason as though he were still married to Amy. I still thought of him as my wealthy brother-in-law. Dad loved to go deep sea fishing with Jason, and I enjoyed going out on the yacht every chance I got. I didn’t want to give up the free booze and free food. I was still in college and never passed up a chance to eat or drink for free. I also like to sun on the deck of his yacht and check out all the sexy bikini-clad women on passing ships.

One day Jason and I were cruising alone because Dad canceled at the last minute. We cruised out beyond the limits of where local law didn’t apply. We were at that point where Maritime Law applied. I was sunning on the bow when Jason approached and said, “Why don’t you remove your bathing suit and get an even tan?”

“Can’t we get in trouble being naked on deck if a passing yacht sees us and complains?” I asked.

“We are operating under maritime law, and the Captain of the vessel decides what is against the law,” Jason replied, “And I am the Captain of this vessel. Therefore, I set the law on this vessel.”

I was uneasy about being nude in front of another man but maçka escort didn’t want to appear homophobic, so I didn’t make a move to remove my bathing suit. I was determined to sit there and let Jason set the parameters. Jason didn’t have any problem being nude in front of me, so he slipped his suit off and tossed it to the side. I waited a minute and then did the same. I was surprised at how liberating it was to lay on the deck with nothing but the sun covering my body.

The wind blowing across my crotch caused my pubic hairs to move in sync with the breeze. It created a tickling sensation, and I could feel my cock start to stir. I was lying nude on the deck next to a naked gay man, and I did not want my cock to get hard and leave the wrong impression with my ex-brother-in-law. I was not gay and didn’t want him to think I had leanings in that direction. I believe Jason sensed my predicament and asked, “Are you ready for another beer, Todd?”

I still had a couple of swallows in my bottle but said, “Yes…I’m almost empty.”

Jason jumped to his feet and headed toward the galley. I surprised myself by unconsciously checking out his ass as he walked away. I was glad for the moment of privacy and concentrated really hard on preventing a full fledged boner. Jason returned shortly with two ice cold long neck beers. I was sitting up now and peering out at the ocean. I was leaning a bit forward to shield my cock from his view just in case it tried to stiffen again. Jason stood next to me and offered me the beer. I looked up to take the beer, and his cock was inches from my face. My eyes involuntarily locked on to his cock. I felt awkward when he didn’t move away. I was sure he noticed where I was looking, but he didn’t make an effort to give me more space. I looked away but had to fight to prevent my eyes from darting back to his cock occasionally.

I glanced up at him and noticed he was staring out to sea. I don’t know why but I covertly began to study his cock more closely. It was about six inches long while soft. He was circumcised, and his purple head looked like a ripe plum on a long narrow shaft. I remember thinking at the time that such a long sleek cock was wasted on a gay man. I know many women who would trade their husband’s tiny cock for a nice long one like Jason was sporting. Then I thought to myself, maybe gay guys like a cock that is long enough to go deep yet narrow enough not to rip them open. I had to slap myself in the face to get rid of the stupid thoughts running through my head at the time. I had never been remotely attracted to another man, but I suddenly had the urge to lick the tip of Jason’s cock. The alcohol was beginning to hamper my judgment. I kept one eye on where Jason was looking, and my other eye continued to study his cock. I had a crazy urge to take his cock in my mouth and see how it felt and tasted. I had never felt that way before. I remember thinking at the time, “No one would ever know if I sucked his cock just this one time.” I began to wonder if I was a latent homosexual, but after a moment I dismissed that thought. Jason finally walked away, and I went back to working on my tan and looking for beautiful women on passing yachts.

At sundown, Jason called me to eat dinner. He had grilled two large T-bone steaks on the galley stove, and the pleasant aroma filled the cabin. Jason had chosen an expensive red wine to go with our superbly grilled steaks. We ate without speaking. My mind kept going back to how happy Amy had been before she learned Jason was gay. He had always seemed to be the perfect mate for her. She had never once complained to me about his inability to please her sexually. I do remember she once asked me if all men liked to fuck their wife in the butt. It now made sense to me. He was probably fantasizing about fucking some guy in the but while having sex with her. Suddenly the thought occurred to me that he may have been pretending it was my butt he was plowing at the time. I certainly hope not, Although I did experience a slight chill when I thought about it.

After dinner, Jason poured us both another glass of wine and then proceeded to clean the galley. I moved to a small sofa in a sitting area off the kitchen and watched the TV while sipping my wine. When Jason finished cleaning, he joined me on that sofa with another bottle of expensive red wine. He topped off my glass without asking. I was flipping through the channels because there was nothing on television. Jason suggested we watch a few videos from his exclusive collection. I was pleasantly surprised when the TV screen was filled with beautiful women with big tits.

Jason apparently noticed my surprise said, “I bet you expected to see a bunch of guys butt fucking and taking large cocks down their throats. Didn’t you?”

I had consumed enough wine that I no longer filtered my comments. I blushed and said, “I did expect that would be the topic of your porno collection. I was prepared to just sit here without insulting you about your taste in the porno.”

“I still enjoying viewing tradition porn,” Jason quickly said. “I especially enjoy seeing large tits jiggling and bouncing. I once knew this guy in college who had taken hormones and was beginning to grow some tits. It was delightful to feast on his tits as we played our gay games.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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