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It was the first weekend after my nineteenth birthday. I only had one class this day so as soon as it was over I took off to spend some time by myself. I enjoy being by myself some of the time. So I walked down the railroad tracks that run through town. The railroad is no longer used so I followed the tracks out of town. I ended up about a mile out of town sitting on the rocks above the little creek I once used to swim in. Down below was a small grassy area where many a day I had laid out stark naked sunning my bottom.

That was a long time ago. The kids today have a nice clean swimming pool in town. No one comes out here any more. But I like the area and still have many fond memories of summer in the ole swimming hole. It was late spring and the weather was warm and sunny. I must have fallen asleep for when I woke the sun had moved across the sky to west. I sat up that is when I hear voices. They must have been what woke me. I am not a snoop but I was somewhat interested as to who was out here so far from town. I made no sound as I peeked over the edge. There below was a large blanket spread out on the grass. I almost let out a gasp as I looked upon two naked people. A woman was on her hands and knees a man was behind her making love to her doggie style. Her head was lowered so her long hair fell over her face.

The man was half turned away from me. He was a tall man, slim and muscular. He had a tight grip on her broad hips and was pulling her back into him as he pushed forward. He was driving a very thick cock deep into her on every thrust. He was moving easy and she was rocking back in rhythm to his movements. It was obvious that they had worked this way together for a long time. I started to smile from ear to ear as I finely recognized the couple. They were my own parents. Dear old Mom and Dad were out in the woods screwing like a couple of kids. I damn hear fell off the rock.

I rolled back out of sight. Racked with pain to keep from laughing at what I had seen. I took another peek this time I took a good look at Mom. She did look pretty good naked for a gal her age. Lets see she was forty-four on her last birthday and I think Dad is fifty-one. Well from the looks of it he sure don’t need viagra and Mom is still trim. It was hard not to notice she had a firm round ass. I could not see much of her tits but what I could see told me she was sporting a nice pair of knockers. I guess I take after my Dad because I have a thick rock-solid cock. In fact if I had to guess I would say that my cock is even thicker than my Dad’s.

“Thanks Dad for passing that along to me.” I thought to myself as I watched like a peeping Tom. I was about to roll away and go some where out of sight and jack off. My cock was as hard as Dad’s was. But I heard two more voices. Once was wooing and whaling while the female voice said, “Oh my, Harvey they got started with out us.”

Mom looked up and Dad turned to look in the direction of the voices. Dad said, ” Well Harv it’s about time you and Sally got here.” The man walked over to stand looking down at Mom. He said, ” God damn Fay you sure look good” Mom smiled unembarrassed by being caught naked screwing. She just laughed and told the couple to hurry and join the fun.

What the fuck was going on down there. My parents kağıthane escort were screwing out in the woods , now another couple joined them. I was thinking all kind of things but it was quiet obvious that my parents were swingers. They had been waiting for this couple. I had to see what was going on. I was dumb founded and at the same time I was so fucking aroused my cock was throbbing in my jeans. The other lady was shorter than mom, but with larger tits and a broader ass. Her hair was blonde and she was very pretty. The guy was from what I could see much younger than many of the others. He looked to be not much older than I am. He had to be twenty years younger than his wife.

“Oh, well stranger things had happened.” The other couple dropped there clothing. The Young guy got down in front of Mom and aimed his hard cock at her. I was shocked as she eagerly took his cock into her mouth even though she still had Dad’s cock in her pussy. My Mom was down there with two guys ramming cock into her from both ends at the same time. The blonde was down along side of Mom.

The blonde was feeling my Dad’s ass and playing with one of Mom’s tits. She told me Dad to fuck her harder. Make her cum, Dough; make Fay cum so I can lick her cunt. Dad was pulling Mom hard back into him as he was close to cumming himself. The guy in front was getting a great blowjob and he was about to cum. My Mother was sucking a guy off as she was getting fucked doggie style. Wow, Holy shit, I was about to cream in my jeans my own cock was so hard I had to open my jeans and take it out.

I rolled back and opened my jeans. My cock jumped out as I took a tight grip on it. My fucking cock was throbbing. Looking back down I was just in time to see the guy in front of Mom roll his shoulders back and rammed his cock down her throat. He was cumming deep in her throat. Dad was jerking as he pumped Mom cunt full of his load. I found it so erotic watching Mom and Dad screwing. But watching Mom suck that guy off drove me wild. I jerked my cock back and forth a few times. That is all it took for me to shoot a load three feet in the air.

My balls were on fire my guts were cramping up. I could not watch any more so I crawled off on my hands and knees. It was all I could do to make it down off the backside so on one would see me. As I came to an up right position my steps came easier. As I made my way home I was sure there would be room for me in that swinging party or maybe I could make it a private for just me and Mom.

Stopping times along the track back home to think. It was after dark what I walked up the back alley. The Family car was not in the drive but I could see Mom in the kitchen. I said, ” Hi Mom” as I came in the back door. ” Davie did you have some thing to eat?” She asked me. I told her no that I had been out walking and forgot about dinner. Mom told me to sit and she would fix me something to eat. I sat while at the same time I took a good look at my Mom. It was like looking at a sexy girl in school. I checked out the curve of her hips and how her bust filled out her jersey top. She had changed since last I saw her.

I asked her “Mom what did you do today?” She smiled at me and I could see she was thinking of this afternoon as she kartal escort smiled and said, ” Not much your Dad and I went over to Millersville to visit an old friend.” I sipped my coffee and I said, ” Gee that is great to hear. You see Eddie, you remember Edward Blake. Well I saw him this afternoon and he told me he was down by the old swimming hole and he saw two couples. Older people not kids, fooling around on a blanket down there.” Mom jerked around and looked hard at me. Her jaw was tight and I could see a strange darkness in her eyes. Her voice was clear but strained as she asked. ” My oh, my I guess even older people can still fine time to fool around as you say. Did Edward recognize anyone?”

“Well Gee Mom that is why I asked you where you were because he said, one of the ladies looked just like you. I don’t think Ed ever met Dad but I remember him coming over here a few times a year ago or so. Back when were we in school together. So I knew he remembered what you looked like.” I smiled as I looked her in the eye.

Mom smiled and said ” That is strange. Did he say just what the couples were doing.?”

I smiled at her and in a way I wanted he to know I knew it was her and that I was the one that it was me that saw her dong the double duty. ” Ed told me these couples were making love to each other as a group. I think that is called swinging. You have read about that kind of thing. Ed told me the lady that looked like you was the main driving force between two men at the same time. He said, she was so exciting it aroused him to the point he had to go off and masturbate.”

“Davie, you can not believe such a thing about your own mother!” Mom said, with some power in her voice.

” No, Mom I know it was not you. But you know I can see where a lady that looks as good as you do would be wanted by a lot of guys. I mean your really a fine looking lady Mom. Your still slim and trim. You got a body a lot of guys would like to get close too. Oh, Eddie, said, you, or the lady that looked like you had a great body. I can see that Mom, it would be something to see you naked or someone like you. I can see why Ed got so aroused. I would have done the same thing. I would have had to masturbate if I saw you naked. I mean someone like you. Ed did say she had a fine plump ass his words not mine. OK. I can see you got a great ass Mom. I hope you don’t mind me saying so. After all I think your sexy and beautiful but I love you and that makes a big difference.”

Mom was now standing there with a little tear in her eye. I saw it and I could not help myself I stood. She saw my erection was pushing my cut off jeans out in front. Mom smiled and came to me. I took her in my arms. Mom said, ” Some how I don’t think it was your friend Eddie that as out there watching today.” I kissed her on the ear and the neck.

I said, “No it was not , it was me. Mom I think your the sexiest lady I have ever seen. I wanted you so much I hurt. I wanted to be the one making love to you. I wanted to be the one getting loved my you. Watching you saw so sexy. I want you mom, I want to make love to you. I know you and Dad are swingers, but I don’t want to be part of that I want to be with just you. Just one time. I need to see and make it with you küçükçekmece escort . I want to show you my body as I see yours. Can you understand that. Is it so wrong to love your mother and want her for sex.?”

“Davie, your my son and I love you. Your father and I have been swingers for nearly six years now. I have come to enjoy the attention of other men. I have come to enjoy sex as a fun thing. I love to taste men and feel them in me. So you see letting my own son , my fully grown son fuck me would be no different than anyone we have met for sex.”

My heart nearly stopped as I listened to her words. I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. Then she said, ” Your father is over at his club and will not be home for tree or four hours. Why don’t you take your mother upstairs and show her what you want to do?”

That was the first tie I ever kissed my mother full on the mouth as a woman not a mother. I did not see her now as my mother I saw and held a sexy beautiful lady. I was hot and wanted to fuck her. I was to the point of lust so I told her, I wanted fuck her, I wanted to lick her cunt and I wanted to lie back and watch her suck my fucking cock.
She smiled and said, ” I love it when men talk dirty to me. You area man I know so let go up stairs and you can show me just how much a man you are.”

We embraced standing at the side of my bed. I helped her off with her cloths and she did the same for me. Mom, pulled down my underwear and as she did she dropped to her knees I front of me. I felt her tiny hand encircle my cock. she let out a sound that told me she was not disappointed. I looked down and she looked up as she opened her mouth. Her hot wet lips captured the head of my cock. My cock jerked involuntarily at the first touch of her mouth on my cock. I said, ” Oh my, Your sucking my cock. My mother is sucking my cock. Oh, my God. I want to cum in your mouth Mom.” She shook her head not taking my cock out of her mouth. I knew she wanted it as much as I did. I said, ” Your a great fucking cocksucker. Suck my fucking cock Mom, suck my fuckig load.” My dirty words were arousing me as much as they were her. Her grip on my cock tightened as she used her other hand to cup my balls. I felt my cock swell up then explode. I think I shot a big gob of cum into her mouth and she choked for only as second but managed to suck it all down. My knees buckled and I fell on the bed. As I did I jerked her up off the floor and she came into my arms as we fell together on the bed.

It as several minutes before I could get my voice. ” Oh Mom that was great, I have never had my cock sucked like that before. “

She laughed and said, ” Your Dad, has told me I have become the best fucking cocksucker in our group since we started to swing. But I must tell you Davie, you have got a really fine thick cock and I loved sucking you off. But now I need you to fuck me from the back and ram your hard fucking cock up my pussy. Davie, when you get ready to cum, push a thumb into my ass hole I really like that OK.?” It was not a request I was about to turn down. I had even though of fuckng my Mom in the ass but did not know if that was part of her swinging style. I found out it was and that she rally enjoyed getting fucked in the ass. She later told me my cock was the thickest cock that had ever fucked her ass. She said, she loved it and it felt so good when I cum up her ass. But I wanted another blow job before Dad came home. We got our last fuck in just minutes before Dad came home. Mom jumped in the shower and I was sound asleep by the time got up stairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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