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My name is Raja and this is the story of we (my mother-in-law, mother and wife) became a loving family.

I was 19 then and living with my mother Rukmini, 39. We were pretty rich and lived a luxurious life, my father had run away when I was 3, so I never knew how or who he was.

My mother had a best friend Padmini, who was 3 years younger to my mom, she was 36. They used to work in the same office and her husband was a drunkard who was 12 years older than her at 48. Now both my mom and her friend are very good looking. Padmini was a 39-27-37 and my mom 39-29-40. She lived in the next street and everytime her husband was drunk and was beating or something she would come to our house with her daughter Rekha who was a year younger than I was around 18.

Rekha was very beautiful and had a sexy looking body, must have been a 34-24-34.

She and I had grown up and together and I was pretty muscular as I used to work out in the gym and she was studying in a nearby town staying in the ladies hostel, as her mother did not want her father’s drinking to create problems for her

One day, my mother called me and said Padmini has asked me to get you married to her daughter, “what do you think son?”

I said “mom what is the hurry I am only 19.”

“yes, son you can marry her after 2 years, she thinks you two will make a great match and she is very beautiful you know” mom said.

“what about Rekha, what does she think about it” I queried.

Padmini told me, Rekha likes you a lot and is in fact she who told her mother that” said my mom.

I was surprised and at the same time I did not know what to do, but I had a crush on her mother Padmini!!

I said, “let me think about it” and went outside.

When I came back I saw Padmini at home crying.

I asked “what is wrong Padmini aunty, did your husband beat you again?”

She said “He wanted to, but I came running here”

I etiler bdsm escort said “It is ok, you stay here only from now on, dont go to his place”

“No, No ” she protested that wont be good.

I firmly said No and said I will look after your husband’s drinks, since you are going to be my mother-in-law it is ok for you to be here.

My mother was happy hearing this and also insisted on the same.

I immediately went to her husband’s house and made a deal, saying I will provide you drinks if you leave her alone. He was more than happy and I also said I will marry your daughter.

My mother had quit the job by now and was not working, my college was near Padmini aunty’s office and I used to visit her as often as I could, always meeting her for lunch

She used to talk about the office personnel, I used to ask her about Rekha and how she was, she used to tease me about her, I started flirting with her more and more telling only because mother is beautiful daughter is beautiful She used to blush hearing comments like that.

She used to wear sleeveless sarees to her office and sometimes while we were having food, her pallu used to fall and I would catch a glimpse of our beautiful breasts.

I always used to bring her back from the office on my bike. She used to cook for her husband during the day and come in the night to our house.

I stole a glimpse of her in all stages of dress everyday and one day my mother caught me!! I aplogized to my mother and said sorry, but I cant help it, she is so beautiful, I told my mom, I wish I can marry her instead of her daughter.

My mother was angry and she said, she is also my age, you think that of me as well and she slammed the door and left angrily. She ordered me not to drop her or pick her from the office, I am not going to tell her, she said.

I however continued to meet her for lunch and flirted etiler elit escort with her a lot, one day she started crying saying “u r so nice, my daughter will be very happy with u, I am so glad to have found you for my daughter, you will take good care of her wont you” she asked me

I immediately sat by her side and wiped her tears and she leaned on me, I kissed her on the cheeks, i” will take care of my wonderful mother-in-law too” I said and smiled. She smiled back and asked “y dont you pick me up anymore” I said “our timings are clashing, so I am having difficulty my mom thinks I am thinking of u, not Rekha” I blurted out

She looked at me surprised “why is that You are like my son she said and kissed me on the forehead” but I think she felt my hard on poking when I was turning towards her

I said “yes” and I escaped from the situation.

My mother then had to go a wedding in a nearby place and in this time, they had another fight and she said “I wont go to office” I said “I wont go to college either” and stayed with her and she cooked. I asked her to feed me.

She looked at me strangely, I said “I miss my mother and you r like a mother to me”

She started feeding me, her pallu fell down and she did not pick it up, I kept noticing at her breasts and I just bit her finger,

She immediately took it and said “what r you doing”

“I love you Padmini and I want to marry you ” I blurted “So your mother was right about you” she said “What do you mean” I said “She warned me to keep away from you as you are a young boy” I did not say anything, but just went and hugged her saying “I love you I love you”

She looked at me and asked what about my daughter “I like her,” but I want you.

She just looked at me and I kissed her on the mouth, do you like me Padmini “Yes, I love you a lot, you have always been by my side when I needed you, I etiler escort was the one who said Rekha likes you a lot just so that I can be with you atleast as a mother-in-law”

We deeply kissed each other and she said “wait” and handed me a mangalsutra to tie around her neck, I was very glad and tied it around her neck saying Padmini, you are my wife and you will have my baby” she said yes, my love and I took off her clothes slowly and kissed her on the neck, breasts, tummy, navel, and her legs” I lifted her petticoat and kissed her cunt

She moaned deeply, Raja my love, my husband I lifted her and took her to my huge bed and I lay her down and kissed each part of her body one by one, sucking her nipples, as she moaned, I smelt her cunt and told her, my baby will come out from here, and she smiled at me. She put her hand on my head and went through my hair as I started sucking her cunt.

I kept telling her how beautiful she was and I was love with her even as a kid she said, “now you want me to have your kid” and smiled

I now kissed her on the thighs and slowly pushed into her cunt, she gasped “Oh Raja this is so wonderful, it is so hard and thick”

“Yes my love” and I kissed her. Now our hands were together each others fingers in each other as I started pounding her I started banging her faster and faster and the moans became heavier and heavier and finally I exploded inside of her.

She lay smiling saying “I wanted this for a long time, but I had to wait until you were grown up and ready.” I kissed her. She started worrying about her husband, so to calm her I said “if we give him drinks he wont care what is happening” and we both laughed. She then asked “what about my daughter?” I didn’t know what to say.

“we will see about that, but I saw her once or twice and she likes me a lot” I revealed to her. She looked at me and asked “Did you do it?” I said “No” and then she was ok.

We spent the next few days making love all the time, she took leave from the office and I made her try various dresses and even made love calling her mother and she loved it.

Then the day my mother was coming back, we were still in the bedroom making love and my mother entered…

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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