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Dara awoke refreshed but sore. Pulling her sheet off, she gazed upon her new set of 36D’s with a smile. She squeezed and pressed them together, still trying to accept that she wasn’t dreaming. Yesterday changed her entire outlook on sex, and she loved how she felt. Aside from being sore inside, she loved how she felt and what she saw. What she really took notice of was the tent Zane had pitched.

She pulled the top sheet gently off of him, trying not to wake him. Here stood a tower of pleasure, her mind flooded with the orgasmic sensations she experienced only a day before. Her mind raced; could she handle another pounding? Would he be able to perform the same way again?

One thing she absolutely knew is, just looking as his erect inches made it next to impossible to keep her hands off. Everything about Zane’s dick was the same. Same shape, same everything…but it looks double the size. Her drive took over, wrapping a hand around the middle of his shaft.

He hummed a little as she slowly pumped his length. Thoughts of his meat filling her insides dominated her. Her soreness reminded her that she needed a little healing time, so this would just have to be a ‘wake-up handjob’.

“Shhh,” she sounded as he woke to see her play.

She leaned down, taking him into her mouth. Her hand and mouth worked as one, up and down. She wanted to go deeper, but he was too thick for her mouth to handle.

His body twitched every time she teased the head with her tongue. She loved having this control over him…especially after the control he had over her. For the first time in years, she really wanted to please her man. She felt closer to him, like they bonded all over again.

She sucked his head in a frenzy, eager to taste his juice again. Her lips encased him tight as he stiffened. Knowing he was close to letting go, she unleashed…giving him all she could.

She leaned up, pumping her hand as fast as she could up and down the top half of his length. With a moan, he exploded like a volcano. Every downward thrust of her hand sent a shot out. She watched him erupt like a kid watching fireworks. After just three shots, she enveloped him again. Frantically milking, she swallowed every drop he gave her.

Unable to stand the sensitivity any longer, he lifted her head off him. She giggled like a drunkard as she licked her lips…never letting go of his shaft. Her gentle licks and tugs he was able to tolerate. She kept hold of him, gently running her tongue around his tip. It was her lollipop, and she was completely intoxicated with sexual desire.

“Mmmm,” she cooed, “good morning sexy!”

“Well, aren’t we in a good mood this morning?”


“Look at you,” Zane mocked, “you love that thing.”

“Yes I do!” Dara grinned, sucking his now flaccid stick.

It still felt great to Zane, and he wasn’t about to stop her. It was nearing 10am, and they wanted to see more of the resort today…so he knew he had to.

“Alright you,” Zane pulled her to his side. “Lets get a shower and head to the bar for breakfast.”

A quick shower followed. Dara stared at herself in the mirror; her breasts looked well-rounded in her bikini top. She couldn’t help but admire them. Neither could Zane as he swooped in behind her to watch her model. He pulled her top down, bringing her perfectly centered nipples into view.

“These are awesome,” he smiled, cupping the bottom of her D’s. His hands used to be able to cover her breasts, but not these. He moved them around in his hands, watching her perfect orbs shift and jiggle.

“You better cut that out if you want to leave the room any time soon!” Dara smiled watching him play. She could finally see him ogle over her body, not to mention how much she loved him playing with her tits.

“Ok, ok…”

She replaced her top and they were off. At the cabana was a huge buffet of any and every kind of breakfast dish you could imagine. The sound of water splashing and voices caressed their ears. The smell of food and drinks engulfed their noses, as they gazed on a cabana-style bar full of gorgeous people of all ages.

“Good morning,” a high pitched female voice greeted them from behind the bar. “What can I get you?”

Zane’s eyes followed the voice and met with a tall, thin woman in her thirties. She was at least 6 feet tall, gorgeous and slender. Slender with the exception of a huge set of triple D’s staring back at him. Her bathing suit was purposely cut to show them off. The straps hung over her shoulders down to the lower half of the one piece outfit. They widened just enough at the bust line to cover her nipples, which were clearly visible through the straps.

Dara smiled and watched his eyes fixate on her humungous breasts, pretty much out for the whole pendik escort bar to see. For once it didn’t bother her, she enjoyed seeing his sexual appetite returned.

“What do you think baby,” Dara inquired, “Jack and coke?”

“That’ll be nice, yes.” Zane drooled as he watched her assets swing and sway as she mixed their order. He was hoping to catch a view of those nipples, but her suit never gave one.

Dara took their drinks and thanked her. They picked a table, set their drinks and filled their plates at the buffet. As they returned to eat, Dara couldn’t help but laugh at his staring.

“What?” Zane asked with his mouth half full.

“Like a teenager,” Dara chuckled.

“You have to admit, those were nice boobs!” he said as he took another bite.

“Too big if you ask me, but yes, they were nice.”

“Seems to me you like big things…” Zane chuckled as Dara choked in response.

“Yeah, well…” Dara turned red, unable to think of a retort.


“Interesting,” Zane raised an eyebrow. “Want to see what that’s all about?”

“Sure,” Dara replied. “Why not?

They finished their meals and excitedly took a seat on ferry that would take them to their games. As the seats continued to fill, their eyes wandered and their thought became more lusty.

“Look at that!” Dara whispered turning Zane’s head towards the loading stairs. One lady’s top was completely transparent. She showed off her DD’s, highlighted by sexy oval shaped areola.

“What do you think these games are about?” Zane wondered.

“Not sure, but it seems like no one is shy here.”

“Why should they be?” Zane responded. “We’ll never see any of these people again, maybe we should quit acting so stuck up.”

“What!” Dara snapped back. “I’m not acting stuck up…am I?”

Zane reached over and adjusted her top, revealing most of her breasts…her nipples just covered up.

“Hey! What are you doing!” Dara quickly re-centered herself.

“See? Stuck up.”

Dara’s eyes squinted as she studied his face.

“All I’m saying is, all these other people are able to let go and be free,” Zane explained. “Like I said, we’ll never see these people again…and I doubt any of them care enough to criticize. They are here on vacation too.”

Zane’s words sank in. Dara looked down at her cleavage, concentrated a moment and began adjusting herself. She reset her breasts back to the way Zane had them and looked up to see a man looking her way. She blushed as he smiled and winked at her.

“See?” Zane joked.

“Fine, fine.” She kept her head down, trying to hide her red face.

The ferry arrived at an island with lots of festive colors. On the island, there was many structures…even an obstacle course. The coordinator led them to a wall with holes in strategically placed spots. He pulled a mega-phone to his mouth and addressed the crowd.


“See you in a few,” Dara kissed Zane on the lips as she followed the other ladies and disappeared behind the wall.

“Gentlemen, gather here.” The coordinator’s voice called out as he waved them away from the wall and towards the other end of the concrete slab.

“This is going to be a test to see if you can identify your lady from all the others. Your ability to determine which one is yours will be based on only one thing. Her breasts.”

The guys turned to each other and smiled, some chuckled like children.

“I’m going to give each of you a sticker and a marker. Write your name on the sticker and put the marker back in the basket.”. When the coordinator was done collecting markers, he continued. “Every man that can correctly identify his lady will receive a point. Couple with the most points at the end of all the challenges will have the entire cost of their vacation…REFUNDED!”

Chatter exploded amongst the guys when they heard their prize.

“Gentlemen, may I present…your ladies!”

They turned around to see that bare breasts had now filled the holes in the wall. Pair after pair greeted them.

“Wish I had brought my camera,” one guy joked as they walked to the wall. They squeezed and touched every set as they searched. Some heard giggles through the wall as they felt. After a few minutes, every pair had a sticker on them.

The coordinator faced the guys away from the wall as the ladies lined up behind their men.

“And now,” he instructed, “turn around and see if you were right!”

The maltepe escort guys spun around and looked upon the line of topless women standing only a couple feet from them. Most celebrated as they guessed right, only a few guessed wrong.

Zane turned around and looked. His eyes read the sticker on Dara’s chest, he read his name. They joined in the short celebration with a hug. He was surprised that Dara’s top was nowhere to be found.

“Gentlemen, please follow Miss Jenny…ladies, you stay with me.”

The guys went out of sight behind the wall. The ladies traded stories of that recent game as the coordinator opened a box and approached the group. He pulled a blindfold from the box and held it up for them to see.

“Just like the guys, you ladies will have to identify your man based on only one part of his anatomy.”. He placed the blindfold and the box down, handing out markers and stickers like before. The ladies wrote their names on the stickers, and took a blindfold. The coordinator checked each blindfold to make sure it was completely on. He marched the women forward, instructing them to place their hands on the wall.

“Between your hands is a hole that a man will put his manhood through. If you think it belongs to your man, put your sticker on it and stay there.”

Little school girl giggles could be heard between the ladies as he spoke.

“GENTLEMEN, LETS GO!” he shouted as they pushed through.

Dara wrapped her hand around the first one. It was flaccid…she ran her fingers along to the head. It felt too thin to be Zane’s. As she examined it with her hands, it grew. Further investigation with her hands revealed an unfamiliar shape and angle, so she moved her way to the next hole in the wall.

She felt it, it was hard as a rock and curved to the side. Nope, on to the next hole.

The next shaft she grabbed was really thick. Tracing the length with her hand, she’d guess this one had to be 11 inches. Intrigued, she studied it a little more…then moved on.

As she neared the next spot, her hands met another ladies hands…a voice informed her that a match was already made here. So she felt her way around and moved on.

The next dick she grabbed had a sticker on it, but no one standing there to claim it. She felt it; strong upward curve, but not quite as thick or long as Zane…next!

Her hand found another. Thickness feels right…head is the right size. She wrapped both hands around the length of this shaft, perfect fit. She put her sticker on and stayed as the other women finished.

Same as before, the guys came from around the wall and lined up behind their ladies. They turned around to reveal perfect matches by all the ladies. Seems the ladies are better at picking out their men than vice-versa.

The topless ladies and bottomless guys were led to the next game area. The ladies were taken around to the back entrance as the men were led into the front door.

As the guys talked, beds were rolled in to the room. On the beds, the ladies’ bodies were completely covered. The outline barely gave any clue to who’s woman was where.

“This one is all about the ladies, guys. Between the legs of those ladies, is a small opening for you to pleasure her,” the coordinator instructed as he handed out blindfolds. “The rules are simple; the first three guys to make that lady orgasm, get 3 points. Every one after that only gets one. If you do not make her orgasm, you lose ALL of your points. Now, make your way to the bed sides and get it hard.”

The guys stroked as they took their positions. On the coordinator’s cue, they began.

Zane reached in front of him, his hands following this woman’s leg to her opening. She didn’t feel at all like Dara. He reached forward more and felt for her breasts. They were uncovered and huge. This woman’s arms were folded, holding her 38E’s up like two soft mountains.

He caressed them, touching the nipples lightly as he teased her pussy lips with the head of his dick. Her breathing got heavy as he ran his finger around her clit. She was wet and ready for him. Zane positioned himself and pushed in. She was tight under his girth. He slid in easy, but he felt her stretch with every thrust.

In no time she joined in the chorus of moans that filled the room. He fucked her deep and fully. Her body was his indicator as to what angle and technique worked best.

On Dara’s end, she had really hoped Zane was lined up to her. The fingers that searched her did not feel like his. Although, these fingers knew exactly how to stimulate a woman well. He ran his other hand up her thigh, sending tingles right into her nether-region. His head poked against her opening, searching for its way in.

Dara grunted as this mammoth dick kartal escort pushed inside. It seems she got lined up with mister 11 inches from the wall. He pushed more meat in her with every thrust, her sore insides were doing everything they could to keep up with this baseball bat. The more it got lubed up, the better it started to feel. His dick was huge, thick and filling her up with every push.

Her orgasm was building fast, her G-spot was really sensitive and driving her crazy. He began to thrust faster, pushing even more inside. He’d now passed how far Zane was able to get. She was taking almost all 11 inches of him, and it was shooting her to the moon. No man she had ever been with had a dick like this. Not to mention the fact that it wasn’t Zane made it that much more exciting!

To her left, a woman wailed with pleasure. The first orgasm was had. Dara could only hope it was Zane causing it so they would get their points. Before she could finish her thought, she felt herself tense up and release. This monster dick had conquered her.

Zane heard Dara’s moan, a sense of urgency came over him as only one more man would get the bonus points. His woman was building, but not fast enough. He had to go deep; deep, hard, and fast. He let her have it, slamming all 8 inches he had into her over and over. Her body arched and thrashed as he fucked her. His anxiety peaked as he could hear another woman’s moaning threatening.

Just as he was about to give up hope…his woman’s legs curled up around him as she called out in orgasmic pleasure. He continued ramming her, making her moans drown out anything that would make the judge second guess him. In his fury, he brought himself really close to cumming. Before he blew, he withdrew in panic. She realized his panic and wanted to repay the favor.

Zane’s woman sat up, and ripped off her head cover. Aggressively, she grabbed his shaft. Pulling him towards her and into her mouth in one motion. She sucked and jerked in a crazed frenzy! Zane was already 95% there, he couldn’t fight it if he tried. She pumped his dick hard as he soaked her down; bathing her as he shot over and over to her attack. She took him back into her mouth and sucked all the cum she could find off his shaft.

She stood, leaning towards his ear before she walked away, “…your woman is very lucky.”

Zane removed his blindfold to see her scurry into the back room. He figured she was embarrassed from becoming so sex crazed.

“We have our three winners, earn those remaining points guys.”

After the game had finished, the women remained on their beds. They were never allowed to see who they had sex with. The beds were rolled into the back and the guys met outside, where they were given back their bathing suits. After a short time, the women were also given back their suits and met with the guys outside.

“That was…intense!” Zane said to Dara.

“Intense was not quite the word,” she laughed. “The guy who fucked me was huge.”

“Bigger than me? Now?”

“Yeah. When we did the wall game, I felt him. He had to be as long as a ruler. I felt like I was getting drilled by a baseball bat.”

“You liked it then?” Zane asked.

“Well, at the time…but it was just too big. I wouldn’t want that on a permanent basis. Your 8 is perfect. Lets keep that.”

“Its time to take a lunch break,” the coordinator informed them. “You may meet at the cabana or your cabins for lunch. The games will resume in one hour. The last game could be worth enough points to declare a winner. See you then!”

Zane grabbed Dara by the hand and led her back to the ferry. What a morning of sex! Seems like the whole theme of this vacation was sex. Still, this was the first time in a long time that they held hands. Seems like its working.

At the cabana, they sat at a table for two.

“I’ll be right back,” Zane told Dara, “I need some hot sauce.”

He walked up to the bar, his favorite set of tits was still working. It was difficult not to watch them while she worked.

“Excuse me, could I get a bottle of hot sauce please?” he asked.

“Coming right up!” she replied.

“Hey…” a voice came from beside him. “Look, what happened in there…I hope that didn’t freak you out or anything. I’m sorry, I…”

It occurred to him that this was the girl he had sex with during the game.

“No, its cool,” Zane assured her. “It was just the moment, I understand.”

“That was really great,” she looked down, hiding her face while she played with her hair. “You know, in there…”

Zane chuckled, “thanks. Look, are you ok? You seem…”

The bottle of hot sauce made a thud against the bar as the bartender smiled at Zane and left.

“It’s a long story,” the girl continued. “My name is Carrie. I’ll see you again, ok?”

“Ok.” Zane seemed puzzled by their interaction as she walked away before he could respond with his name.

As he walked back to the table, he knew that the afternoon would surely present more surprises.

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