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I knew better. I knew right from the moment I woke up this morning something would change my whole life.

I just never dreamed it was going to be like this.

Vacation is always my favorite word. It means friends, family, fun, relaxation and laughs. I knew it all could change in a second. Hey, got to live. Got to learn. Gotta get fucked up and forget for a while. Went to the beach that morning, watched the clouds scud across the skies. Watched the buff beach boys flex, watched the toned beach bunnies watch the boys. Didn’t realize I was being watched. Caught a glimpse of a familiar tall, blond with a hot bod, and a really nice ass, wished I could’ve seen more.

Went for swim in the cold, cold ocean. Hoping to chill down my raging horniness. It worked for a while. Long enough to get a bite to eat, a cold drink and another glimpse of the blond giant with the really nice ass. Hit the showers, rinsed off the salt, slid my flip flops back on, carted my bag and chair back to my truck and drove home. Met with my kids for an afternoon snack, talked a while, and caught up. Took a real shower, shampooed, conditioned, shaved yadda yadda…and went to my room to crap out for a while.

Guess I musta been really wiped from all the sun and fun cause I slept like a log for three hours. Ate dinner with the family, joked with my folks, made plans for the day after with my oldest, went up and got ready to meet my girls.

They’d picked out a local bar, great food, awesome drinks, decent men to gaze on they said. They’d also promised music, dancing, fun. Which, I knew they’d deliver. I walked inside and straight into the blond giant. His hands steadied me at my hips. His hazel eyes smiled down to me.

“Guess, I should at least buy you a drink, since I almost knocked you down.” His voice was like a warm whiskey over the country rock pouring from the jukebox. I could see my gals over his shoulder, grinning and poking at each other.

“I’d love one. Thank you.” I smiled, joining him at the bar. The bartender grinned at me. We’ve known each other since high school, and she knows how to fuck me up, royally. I could tell she was ready to prime me up. She slid a shot glass in front of me, a couple of limes, and held the Patron bottle up for my inspection. I could only laugh and nod. She set out another glass for my giant blond friend.

“Guess they know you here, huh?” He laughed, as my bartender poured two shots. I lifted mine, he lifted his, our glasses clinked and poof, tequila’s gone. He nods for her to refill them and she does. On our third tequila shot, my friends joined us. Loud, boisterous, making a joyful etiler escort noise I knew I’d miss when vacation was over.

They gently pawed at my giant blond friend, until he sidled close to me. They joined in for shot number five. My giant blond friend was snugged up tightly against my hip. I could let myself lean against him, let myself really feel that bulge pressing hotly against my hip.

One of my gals whispered to me in my other ear, making me turn away from my giant, so that his bulge rubbed gently against my ass. I felt his hand on my hip, pulling me gently back, as my gal chattered on about how she wanted this giant for herself, making me laugh, making me press back against him, rub against him.

I heard him groan softly in my ear. I leaned back, resting on his broad, strong chest, watching her eyes change as his hands held my hips, as he bent his mouth to my throat. As he nuzzled me. Another shot of tequila. He danced with me, draping my arms over his shoulders, holding my hips tightly as we ground together.

“I’ll be right back.” He whispered, heading for the men’s room. I knew he was either going to jerk off, or try to calm his cock down. He met me in my gal’s booth, with the bottle of Patron, limes, and more shots. More laughing. My gals slowly began to head home. Some alone. Some not. What they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt either of us.

Like him being married. Like me being in a relationship forever. Like we’ve met many times, all over the country. Like I was the one he was leaving his long time wife for. He was the one I was leaving my old man for. Like one whiff of us to anybody would set off major cataclysms and repercussions. We knew how to be careful.

Three months more and his divorce would be final. Three months more and my youngest turned eighteen. Three months but they didn’t realize who had been partying with them. They didn’t recognize his face or his voice. I still couldn’t believe it.

Two years ago we’d met, when his boat broke down. Hunny and I got it fixed for him, ASAP. He invited us to his campsite, met his friends, bandmates, and family, and had a blast hanging with him. When my hunny finally crashed in one of the lounge hammocks, I went for a walk along the shore. Not ocean, lake shore. I was dreaming of my upcoming vacation in the moonlight, not paying any attention to my surroundings, when I stumbled into him. Literally.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching…” I began. His look stopped my voice. His eyes were fierce, his face set, his body tense. His lips parted. He sighed softly.

“Oh, hell.” eve gelen escort He whispered, crashing his lips to mine. He lifted me against his body, sliding me down him so I could feel him against my belly, hard as rock. His hands caressed, molded, groped, and tugged. I pushed back a step. Panting heavily.

“I can’t do this. I gave my word. I can’t…” He silenced my words with his mouth. Drowning out all reason as his tongue plunged, wrestled with mine. His hands cupped my ass when my legs wrapped around him. We staggered to the closest hard surface, where he could prop me against it, then grind against me.

I knew who he was. I knew when we fixed his boat, I would fuck him. I tried to resist and failed. His fingers slipped under the hem of my panties, stroking along my slit, sliding in my wetness. I felt him slide whatever material I wore aside enough for him to slip inside me. He pounded me against that wall until I hung limply from him. Spent, satisfied. Sucked in.

We’ve met at his concerts. In hotel rooms. At his home. Two years of playing fucktag like this. Always discreet. No one ever even suspected. Tonight his truck was outside the bar. He helped me stagger my way to it.

“You did it to me again dintcha? One shot for every three of mine, huh?” I saw the grin he tried to hide. I knew he’d gotten me just drunk enough for wild jungle sex. And boy I wanted it. Right there in his truck. He managed to buckle me in, don’t know how I stayed there as I was a puddle. And drove us out a long unused fire road to a wide open field. “Dunno why you buckle me in….pain in the ass to get out…” I sulked, wishing he would strip me already.

He got out, came to my side of the truck, opened my door, unbuckled me, and turned me to face him. Kissed me. Letting our fire slowly build, letting our mouths seduce each other, letting our hands travel over our bodies. I know I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it on the dash. I know his hands cupped, and squeezed, groped my breasts, my ass as our mouths melded.

I felt his bulge tight against my puss, rubbing slowly, grinding slowly. My hands streaked into his hair, thick and silken. Over his shoulders, down his back, pulling his hips even tighter to mine. He leaned over me, pushing me down on the bench seat, pumping against my heat. I felt his fingers grab my panties and pull them away.

“I really love these stockings. Silky.” He groaned into my mouth. I was desperate for him to be inside me. I didn’t care where we were. I wanted him. His cock. Pounding into me until I couldn’t even scream fatih escort any more. I heard his zipper open. Felt him pick me up and skootch me over the bench, felt him between my thighs. Felt him slide inside.

I grabbed the steering wheel, pushed my feet to the roof, and humped him just as hard as he was pumping into me. We never spoke sweet nothings. We grunted, groaned, moaned and sometimes screamed and yelled. We knew we were fucking. And fucking as hard as we could. As we always fucked.

He’d promised to never make love to me, he promised to always fuck the ever lovin shit outta me. He said if he did that I’d never want anyone else but him. And it’s been true. No one can fuck me like he does. No one fucks him like I do.

Like a couple of teenagers we fucked in the cab of his truck. Rocking it on its springs. Riding him like he’s my personal stallion. Pounding into his personal pussy. I screamed when he made me come, when I continued to come with every stroke, when I flooded him, when I could just lay there and love every stroke he pounded into me.

He knows me so well, he rested on my breast. Nuzzling, licking at my nipples, slowly pumping just enough for me to feel his withdrawal, feel his return, feel the pulsations in my core as he nibbled and bit, pinched and sucked. He knew the tone of my moans, knew when I was ready again, knew how to stoke me up. I have no idea how we moved around in that truck cab as quickly and as nimbly as we did but oh, my god.

The windows were open and I grasped onto the sill as he rode me doggy style. Pounding in me, hearing my soft groans grow into howling moans of ecstasy. Riding me. Pounding me. Fucking me.

He held tightly as I bucked beneath him, letting me ride down this orgasmic slide. Resting on my shoulder, stroking my clit absently. Stroking me everywhere. His fingers were magic, not just on the guitar strings, but on me especially. He knew where to soothe, where to stoke up, when to rub just a little bit harder. He held my hips as I sat astride him, facing the windshield.

“No, wait….wait angel…” he whispered in my ear. His voice was another tool he used on me. His rich timbre, deep resonance, and whiskey sound gave me to purring. Pacing him. Waiting with him. His hands stroked my back, traced over my tattoos. The Celtic knot, at the base of my spine that matched his, marked me as his, marked him as mine.

Again, I rose over him, sliding over him, on him. His hands lifting, pushing. His hips thrusting like a powerful ram. Shoving into me, making my whole body thrum in the throes of this, our most incredible orgasm together.

I think I knew he’d changed my life the first time we’d fucked. I knew now, for absolutely certain that I’d changed his as well, when he roared his orgasm out. Never look at a woman like me, and not wonder a little about what’s inside, what would make a man like this celebrity, this star, bend to my will, could be because women like me, know a good fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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