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My best friends sister, she 15 at the time, me 16. During the summer months living in Southern California we always went to the beach before daylight to surf. By 10am the wind would pick up and blow out the surf.
I always was an early riser so it was me most of the time that was up and ready to go and I had to walk down the few doors to his house and knock on his window to wake him up.

One morning while walking by the window of his sister to my friend’s window to wake him up, I see her night lamp on next to the bed and it allowed me to see right through her curtains as if they weren’t even there. Again, it’s 4:30 in the morning and still very dark outside.
Anyway, I see clearly her arm stretched down between her legs and her hand moving up and down. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I just froze there not knowing if what I was seeing was really what was happening or if she could see me standing outside her window.
It wasn’t but a moment before she spread her legs and lifted them up nearly to her chest. I was bummed at first because now I couldn’t see her hand moving anymore and was looking at nothing but the blanket stretched over her legs hiding everything, even her face.
Just as I was ready to move on she started kicking her blanket’s off. There before me, not 10 feet away was her laying there with her fingers working over her clit like it was on fire and she was trying to put it out.
I had always wanted to see her naked, but this was more than I ever dreamed of. I could see her biting her lower lip and her eyes closed hard and tight. Suddenly she pushed up her nighty with the other hand and exposed one of her tits. Fine tit, firm and the perfect quarter size nipple erect and sticking up as if she was cold. I know she wasn’t cold because it was 70 some degree’s already. She grabbed her tit with all her fingers and squeezed hard on the entire nipple and through her head back into her pillow driving two fingers deep in her pussy and shoving in and out very fast. It was only seconds and her legs shot straight out and pointed her toe’s while she shook all over, it looked as though she was going to scream but didn’t.
Then as fast as it all happened she reached down and pulled the covers back up over her and rolled on her side. I walked away at that point to go wake up my friend. I woke him up and walking by her window again she had not moved.
Not thinking about it much after that I waited out front of the house as not to wake anyone else up in the house. I heard him walking up and as I turned around I see she was right behind him. Now I know why she was awake because I have walked by her window a thousand time’s and never saw her light on before.
My friend says, “Connie wants to go with us today, ok?” I said, “sure”.
I spent the whole day hiding a hard on, I couldn’t look at her without thinking of what I saw just that morning. Now every time we planned to go surfing I would always ask if she was going and made sure I was there early to see if I could catch another show and I did many times. I think it was something she did every morning before getting up to start her day.
She was about 5’-7”, medium build, no to skinny but not fat at all. Her hair was a blonde as blonde could get as most of the girls in Southern California were with all the time they spent in the sun and the ocean. Her tits were about a b cup. Not a real fine looking girl but not bad at all.
Later as the summer came to an end that year, I found myself better friends with her than ever and she more open to fun and games we would play which lead to us fucking on a regular basis. No one knew about us as we didn’t want everyone freaking out in our families. It was just sex and not a boyfriend girlfriend thing.
She started coming to my house to see what I was doing after school and we usually found time to get in some sort of sex. I taught her how to give the best blow jobs! One time she didn’t stop soon enough and I came in her mouth, she spit it out on my sheets! I freaked out on her and told her if she was going to do that for me she had better be willing to go all the way and swallow it or not do it at all. She said she was sorry, that it took her by surprise and didn’t know what else to do escort but would do as she was told from now on.
That gave me idea’s for other things I had in mind. She spent a lot of time with one girl, her best friend Pam. I asked her if she and Pam talked much about sex. She said, “We do all the time.”
I asked if she ever told her about what we do and she said “No, I would never tell anyone unless you wanted me to.”
I knew Pam didn’t have a boyfriend and I asked her if she ever talked about wanting to fuck anyone. She admitted that Pam had always liked me and wondered why I had never asked her out.
So I told her that next time she talked to her to tell her that I liked her and wanted to fuck her. Pam was about 5’-3”, very nice body, tits of average size for a 16 year old. Brunette hair, straight down to the top of her ass. I love long hair on a woman still to this day.
It wasn’t two days later and they both came knocking on my door. We went out to the garage shed, which was an add on to the back of the garage like a lawn shed, where I had it set up like a party room. I kept my surf boards, wet suits and stuff in there as well as a stereo and posters of all my favorite bands. I had a bench seat out of my dad’s old pick up and some fold out chairs in there to sit on. The floor was all carpeted with 2 layers of foam padding; my dad laid carpet at the time for a living. I had a bamboo blind set up at the back of it that closed off a part that had a single bed behind it.
My friend and I would go out there after school, turn on the black light and stereo and smoke pot before my dad would come home from work. We would bring all the girls there and make out all the time and those that would fuck us did there where no one would bother us.
Anyway, Pam was hanging on my arm and in no time, sitting on the bench seat I started kissing on her and playing with her tits. I looked over at Connie and she had a big smile on her face.
I said, “Hey Connie have you ever seen Pam’s tits before?” She said, “Hell yes, lots of times.”
I looked at Pam and said, “I think it’s time that I see them to.” Pam looked at me kind of surprised but did as she was told. They were as any 16 years olds tits would be, firm as hell as they still had some growing to do I’m sure. Her nipples were very small atop her mounds.
Connie laughed and said, “Pam I can’t believe you just did that.”
Pam looked over to her and said, “Don’t just sit there take your top off too.”
Connie wasted no time in doing so. I told Connie to come over and sit next to us but instead of sitting next to me she sat next to Pam. I looked at her kind of funny, like what the hell you are doing.
Pam and I started kissing again while I played with her now exposed tits. She was moaning in my mouth and squirming around as her sexual tension built. I look over at Connie while still kissing Pam and she is now rubbing her own tit’s and says, “You guys are making me hot.”
I told her, “Don’t be shy, put your hand in your pants and rub your pussy if your that hot.” She wasn’t wearing pants, she was wearing shorts as most of the girls did in the summer around there.
Pam chimed in with, “Yeah Connie, you play with it night and day anyway.” Connie’s face turned several shades of red before saying, “So do you!” They both laughed. I said, “You mean you play with Connie’s pussy Pam?” Connie jumped at that and before Pam had a chance to answer and said, “Yes she does!”
Now Pam was the one turning all different shades of red. What else do I need to know about you two? This time it was Pam to speak first; “Connie likes me to fuck her with her hair brush while she is on her hands and knee’s.” Is that right Connie? “Yes” she says, but so does Pam.
Well you two don’t have to use a hair brush anymore. You can come fuck me any time you want. But right now I want you both to take your shorts off. They both stood up and shed their shorts, Pam wasn’t wearing any panties and her lightly hairy pussy was beautiful. Connie on the other hand had these bright red bikini panties that really showed off her tan. Both girls had very nice tans and the lines were vivid against their otherwise white skin.
They both look at me with their hands izmit escort bayan on their hips, and ask what do I think? I think you two are beautiful or you wouldn’t be here. Pam made the first move and knelt down in front of me between my legs; grabbed me by the neck and pulled me into another full on kiss.
I felt Connie sit next to me at that point and I pulled Pam up onto me still kissing her. I was playing with her ass cheeks pulling them up, down and apart. She was now trying to fuck my hard cock in my pants by rubbing her pussy on it.
Without even opening my eyes I felt over to Connie and got hold of her hand and put it on Pam’s ass. With her hand in mine, showing her what I wanted her to do. It didn’t take much coaxing and Connie knew what to do. She moved closer and slid her hand between Pam’s legs and started finding Pam’s pussy with her fingers. Pam did what she was supposed to do and spread her legs as much as she could still laying between my legs.
Pam let out a heavy moan when Connie found her clit and started rubbing it. She pulled away from me at that point and said “Yes, you know what I like” and lifted her ass high in the air. I whispered in her ear to go down on me and she slide down between my legs to her knee’s again. This allowed her to spread her legs further open to give Connie full access to her pussy.
She unbuttoned my 501’s and tugged them down for me. My cock was so hard that it hurt me some when my pants were being pulled down but as soon as they were clear it popped up inside my boxer’s free and waiting for her to get a hold of it. She fished it through the pee hole in my boxer’s and both girls moaned at the sight of it.
Pam wasted no time in getting it in her mouth and was taking it hard and fast in and out of her mouth like she was starving to death for cock. Connie slid down on the floor and started fucking Pam’s pussy hard with her fingers and the harder she drove her fingers into Pam the harder she would suck me.
It didn’t take Connie more than a couple of minutes to make Pam cum. Pam pulled her mouth off my cock and she yelled “Oh fuck yes, fuck my pussy baby. You’re going to make me cum!” Harder Connie, harder, you know how I like it.”
I could hear Connie’s fingers fucking the hell out of this girl’s pussy and by the noise it was making she was as wet as hell with all the sloshing it was making.
Then Pam started in again, “Oh, Oh, Oh I’m cumming, I’m cumminggggggg! OK, Ok, Ok just hold them in hard and deep.” By the way it happened I knew these two had done this many times before.
As she got hold of herself again she started to suck my cock again. I told her to stop and trade place’s with Connie. Still not really recovered from her orgasm she just kind of rolled to the side.
Connie wasted no time in getting my dick in her mouth and sucking it down her throat. Pam moved in behind Connie’s ass and started playing with Connie’s pussy but Connie was having no part of that. She turned around and looked at her and in a demanding voice told her “You know what I want now eat my pussy and make me cum.”
Pam didn’t say a word but rather bent down and spread her cheeks and started doing as she was told. Connie just looked up at me and smiled then went back to sucking my cock. God that girl was good at sucking my cock, she didn’t just do it cause I liked it she did it cause she liked it and that makes the difference between just a blow job and a great blow job. Connie let go of my cock again and turned to Pam.
I’m thinking what the hell now? Connie told Pam to lay down the way she liked it. Pam laid down under Connie and Connie sat down right on her face. Honestly I don’t know how the poor girl could even breathe.
It wasn’t long before Connie was rocking and bobbing around on Pam’s tongue and unable to keep my cock in her mouth. She started telling Pam what a good girl she was and that she was going to get a mouth full of cum in a minute. Connie started rolling harder on her girlfriend and asked her if liked eating pussy? All I could hear was a muffled yes.
You eat my pussy anytime I want don’t you? Another muffled yes. When I say fuck me you fuck me don’t you Pam? Yes came another muffled answer. I’m going izmit sınırsız escort to come are you going to suck it all out of me Pam? Uh ha came the answer.
Just then Connie reached down and grabbed a hand full of Pam’s hair and pulled it hard forcing Pam’s face hard into her pussy. I heard a muffled scream from Pam just as Connie started cumming. Oh you’re so fucking good at eating pussy she said to Pam. Riding her face like it was a big hard cock.
OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING! She yelled. It’s a good thing that the shack is way out back of the house or I know my dad would have come to see what was going on. He never came out there unless he had to though. Pam continued to finish her job cleaning up Connie’s cum before Connie let her up to sit next to me again.
Oh that was good baby, Connie said to Pam, now get up on your hands and knee’s and let Mike fuck you like you came here for. I stood at the end of the bench seat and pulled her little ass to my cock. Pushing it in her pussy for the first time; she was very ready and my cock went in easy. She let out a shriek of pleasure and hearing how she liked Connie fucking her with her fingers I went to fucking her hard and fast.
Right away she started with Oh Fuck Yes, Oh Fuck Yes, I knew you were going to be good. Oh Fuck my pussy hard, that’s the way I like it.
Connie jumped up and said, “You want to see her cum real fast and hard?” I said, “Sure” “Watch this” she said, and stuck two of her fingers in her own pussy, when they came out they were wet with her cum.
She leaned in and stuck her fingers in Pam’s ass and said, “Now fuck her and watch how hard she cums.” Just as Connie stuck her fingers in Pam’s ass, Pam let out a loud yell and then a moan of pleasure. No objection at all which was blowing my mind.
I thought I was the one teaching these girls things and now I realize that it was them showing me a thing or two. I was fucking Pam for all I was worth when she let out a loud “I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnnngggg” Her ass started bucking and shaking when a flood of cum hit my cock. At that point she fell forward flat on her stomach on the bench seat gasping. Oh my God that was the best ever, Pam said. Connie looked at me and said, “Told you”.
Connie, since you know so much about her, does she know how to finish a blow job? Connie just smiled at me and leaned down and grabbed Pam by the hair and pulled her back up off the seat.
Here she said, finish what she started in this hole. Holding Pam by the hair still, she looked her in the eye and said, “Suck his dick and don’t stop until you have swallowed every drop.” Pam just nodded her head yes and took me in her mouth and started sucking.
Connie, still holding her by the hair pushed my cock in and out of her mouth over and over making remarks like, suck it you fucking bitch, that’s what you were made for now suck it good for Mike or he won’t let you fuck him anymore.
Watching Connie was amazing, I never knew her to be like this because when she was with me I made her obey my demands; a complete turnaround from who I thought she was. Pam had no problem sucking my entire cock down her throat, like she much choice the way Connie was forcing it down her.
This whole thing got the best of me at that point and I came with a big blast to the back of her throat. She started whimpering and sucking harder as not to lose any of my cum as rope after rope shot into her mouth.
Oh fuck Pam, you’re going to suck my cock all the time, aren’t you bitch, I said. She didn’t respond fast enough for Connie and she spoke up, “Answer him bitch” Connie pulled her head back and let my cock out of her mouth and she said, “Yes Baby, Yes, Anything you want.”
Connie looked at me and said, “I guess you got two bitches’ to fuck you whenever you want now.” I smiled at her and said, “Just one more thing, you two are not to touch each other without my permission from now on. You will fuck when I say fuck and suck when I say suck, understand.” Both the girls looked at each other and agreed though not too happy about my restriction.

Hope you enjoyed my story, no need to correct my spelling or grammar. I’m not a writer or want to be but I like this site and just wanted to share some of the things I have encountered along the way. I wasn’t going to make any corrections to this but after seeing it posted I too realized to was way to hard to read with out putting the space’s in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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