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(Thank you for your encouraging comments and messages and for being understanding of the missteps of an amateur. I know now that I should have written the first three chapters as a single one so you would have better understood the context I was setting. I will make my chapters longer from now so you will have to bear with me until I can put it all together.)


* Heather *

I couldn’t but notice the way Dad & Sam had reacted to each other. In a way I liked it that Daddy found her attractive. I wanted him to like her. But I hadn’t suspected that Sam would have other plans and she is not one to hide anything. The first moment we were alone, she told me that she found dad hot. What came next stumped me. She asked for permission to seduce him. Actually, it was more like she was letting me know.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. I had always known that she liked men, usually broody serious men which often meant older and there was a long catalog of professors who still lusted after her. I wasn’t jealous of them because they came and went – never more than one night stands, although almost all of them would have liked more. And it always appeared to bring her closer to me. But Dad! I just hadn’t thought through what I was doing when I brought them together. Sam would later tell me I had known it all along at a subliminal level. But at that time it felt weird and I didn’t know what to say so I tried to stall.

I knew Sam wasn’t just joking because of the way she held me and kissed me. The way she does when she wants to persuade me to go along with her ideas. I knew she would drop it if I asked her to and that’s what surprised me. I kind of wanted her to. An image of Dad holding Sam naked in his arms flashed through my head and I felt sexually pendik escort charged. I was surprised by the rush of hormones through my body. This wasn’t right. I couldn’t let her do this and yet I wanted to. And I wanted to make love to her myself. Maybe daddy needed someone too. I knew, had known for a while, that mom and he were married only in name. They had separate bedrooms and sometimes I felt that they stayed together just for me. There were other times when I thought mom was jealous of the bond I shared with Dad. Something she once had and lost. All this went through my head and I thought my head would explode. I had no idea where this was going to lead but I felt powerless to stop it. Sam’s hand on my breast didn’t help me think any clearer.

* Sameera *

“All the more reason,” I held Heather, feeling her breasts press against mine. We’ve always loved the feel of our nipples meeting and I could sense she was aroused.

She looked at me with a confused look in her eyes and a moan escaped her lips. If she hadn’t ever imagined her Dad in a sexual way before she was doing it now. I didn’t give her time to think too much. We kissed even more passionately, and I knew my intuition was right. I knew then why no boys could ever meet her expectations. Her lips were soft, trembling with arousal as I held her and kissed her.

“Shut up Sam, mom will kill you,” she mumbled.

I noticed that she didn’t say anything about her own objection. I smiled inwardly and kissed her again, my hands cupping her breasts and squeezing.

I was deeply aroused by the thought of Heather’s dad. It had been building up since I felt his predatory eyes on me. But the image that floated into my head was a little different. I am sure Heather knew maltepe escort by then that her dad had contributed to my heightened arousal. I’m equally sure that she didn’t realise that her own arousal was only partly because of me. It was only seconds before Heather and I were naked on her bed, pulling our clothes off, kissing and loving each other.

I pushed her T-shirt up and sucked on her puffy nipples, I know what that does to her, but was still surprised by the response I got. She almost leaped off the bed. She moaned and kicked her jeans off, her hands attacking my buttons. I held her down, wrapping myself around her wildly bucking body. My hand snaked between her legs and felt the damp of her panties. I pushed the soaked fabric aside and teased her clit with the tip of my finger. I bit lightly on her nipples and pulled at them. At the same time I stroked her pussy lips with my slender manicured fingers. My fingers slipped on her slick flesh and dipped into her pulsing hole. I found my palm soaked almost instantly.

“Oh my darling, you’re deliciously wet,” my voice probably betrayed my surprise.

She moaned and her body squirmed as I held her close. And before either of us realised, she was orgasming. She shuddered in my arms and grunted. Instinctively, I held her close and soothed her with my lips. There was a wildness in her eyes I had never seen before. Her lips were twisted and there was moisture at the corners of her eyes. It made me want her even more and I kicked off my own jeans. For the next few minutes, our naked bodies came together in an explosion on her bed, our legs intertwined; our pussy lips grinding against each other; our lips kissing each other’s breasts, shoulders, necks, lips, hips, pussies; our fingers kartal escort seeking out and exploring each other’s erogenous zones until we came together. Heather rocking and shuddering like I had never seen her before. My own orgasm almost made me lose my senses. Heather cried out and dug her fingers into my back. She was sucking on my nipples and bit down hard. I couldn’t suppress the scream that escaped my lips.

* Richard *

I walked down with my head still in a whirl. I entered my study and sat down to read some papers, giving up almost immediately because I couldn’t concentrate. Nothing had prepared me for this. Even more to the point, nothing had prepared me for my own reaction. I was hard inside my pants. An aching hardness that demanded release. I got up and opened the window even though I knew the cool breeze is not what my body needed. Standing there, looking out, I curled my hands into fists, closed my eyes and began to take deep breaths.

One, two, three .. twenty … thirty. It didn’t help. Sameera’s face swam before my eyes, the impish smile, the dark skin, the swell of her breasts, the suggestion of a firm ass inside her jeans. My penis strained against my pants.

Without warning, the face was replaced by Heather’s, contorted with desire and pleasure and I felt my penis jerk. I opened my eyes and stared at my reflection in the glass panes. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead. Ashamed, I quickly took my hand away from my crotch where it was stroking the hard bulge within. Damn, the teenagers were making me behave like one. I shook my head to clear it of the disturbing images.

I was turning away to pour myself a drink when I heard the scream. It floated into my sound proofed study through the open window. The unmistakably sexual tone masked a voice that seemed familiar. I froze. My ears tuned to the direction of the scream. It was followed by a loud giggle. Heather! And her friend’s laughter ringing with as much sex as her scream.

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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