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Double Penetration

I met Jen and Ed in a swingers group. The conversation via email with them was easy and we seemed to have a lot in common. I didn’t have much bi experience and they wanted him to try it. We really got along well in email and im chat and exchanged photos.

Honestly, he wasn’t exactly my type of guy, being a bit hairier than I like and a little heavier than I am usually attracted to but our conversations and his personality (and hers) raised his and their attraction level a couple of notches.

We chatting a lot via email and eventually talked on the phone. Unfortunately, about this time he got transferred and they moved cities. We kept talking but there was no time to meet.

Luck was on our side as my job sent me to their city about a month after they moved. We chatted and set up a time to meet. They didn’t want to meet in the lobby or the bar as i think they were uncomfortable with others maybe overhearing what we might be discussing so we decided to meet at the elevators on my floor at a specific time.

I planned to act like I was getting ice. The first ice run I took a few minutes early. I then made ice runs every couple of minutes, walking slowly. I was about to give up, figuring I had gotten stood up again when I decided to make one last trip, now more than 10 minutes after the time. I made it to the ice machine and was walking back when the elevator dinged and they got off, apologizing profusely. The baby sitter was late.

When haymana escort we got in the room, he took the chair at the desk. She took recliner type chair and I sat on the bed. Conversation flowed easily. We talked about the job change, the new city, etc. I almost flowed too easily. She looked over at the clock eventually and said oh my god, honey the time, the sitter.

They then talked quietly and then he said – James, we don’t have a lot of time because of the sitter but we really want to play with you. I was looking at him and said sure. By the time I looked back at her, she already was mostly nude, just in her panties. Pulling them down, exposing her pierced clitoris. She was beautiful, curvy size 8 or 10.

I turned back and he was already down to his boxer briefs, removing them. His cock was about as long as mine but thinner. I got up and started taking off my shirt, shoes, socks, etc, stripping down to my boxer briefs as they moved to the bed and he went down on her.

He asked if I wanted to taste her and I said you bet so he moved up so she could suck on him while I went down on her. Looking up and seeing his cock slide in and out of her mouth as I licked her lips and vibrating her hood piercing was unbelievably hot. I had never gone down on someone with a piercing so I was enjoying dancing my tongue and lips all over it. She tasted so sweet. It was fun trying to hear her moan with his cock in keçiören escort her mouth.

Her legs were quivering a lot when all of a sudden his hard cock appeared near me. I grabbed it and slid it in her waiting wetness and then massaged his balls and the underside of his shaft as he slid himself in and out of her. Her moaning got a lot louder without his cock muffling her.

I could see her really squirming, grabbing tight around him before she shuddered a number of times and relaxed. She grabbed him close to her and whispered something to him and he came back up and said, she wants to see you suck me.

Sure I said and moved to where she had been and laid on his back and I went down on him, tasting all of her sweet juices on his raging erection. Feeling every vein and curve against my lips. My tongue and lips really servicing his mushroom head as I bobbed up and down on it.

She moved up and alternated feeding him her supple breasts and straddling his face so he could lick her. The whole time she was being completely encouraging. Saying how hot it was to see, how she wanted him to let go from my oral talents, how she was going to orgasm from his tongue while she watched the hot show. She either had three more orgasms or faked some but it was driving him wild along with my blowjob.

He was squirming more and more so I picked up the pace and applied a bit more friction, really focusing on the tip kızılay escort to just under the mushroom head. He started squirming even more so I went faster and harder and I could hear him moaning and saying he was going to cum.

That got her going even more vocal, telling him things like yeah baby, i want to see you cum for him. I want him to make your cock explode. Enjoy every last feeling of him sucking you dry, etc.

He started really squirming and started moaning that he was going to cum which set her off. She buried herself on his face and orgasmed even harder than before, moaning loudly as his cock erupted in my mouth. I made sure to keep sucking and bobbing and swirling my tongue around. I hate it when someone stops giving me a blowjob just because i am cumming.

I swallowed a decent amount but let some run out, down his cock. I kept sucking until he started to go a bit limp, then licked him clean. She had collapsed next to his face, watching me lick him clean.

He headed off to the bathroom and she flipped me on my back and went down on me. My cock was raging after what I had just done. He came back and helper her suck it though he only focused on my balls and the base of the shaft.

Between it being my first time with a couple and having two sets of lips and tongues on my cock, I was ready to explode and she took it like a professional, swallowing every last drop, at least i think she did. They did make out afterwards so he got to taste the cum breath but I don’t think she saved any for him.

She looked at the clock and I heard her tell him. Oh shit, we’re going to be an hour late. We really have to go. We said quick goodbyes with plans to stay in touch and visit whenever we travel to each other’s city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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