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(I felt the need to come today so I went into the bathroom, my favorite place to fantasize. I pulled my jeans and panties down around my ankles and placed my finger against my engorged clit. Leaning against the wall, the side of my face cool against its surface, I fantasized about you.)

I gently rubbed my clit back and forth. It was hard yet warm, and the sensation of my finger rubbing it was delicious. At one point I removed my finger and brought it to my nose, inhaling the essence and muskiness of my sex before putting it into my mouth to taste its sweetness.

My imagination, behind closed eyes, envisioned being lovingly restrained by you, arms raised gently above my head, silk ties binding my wrists to the bed frame, knees up with my feet planted firmly on the mattress. You placed a wide band with ties on the end around one knee and its twin around the other knee, spreading them wide, tightly securing the ends of the ties to the sides of the bed frame, rendering me helpless and at your mercy. Next you blindfolded me and kissed me roughly, demanding entrance to my mouth with your tongue. I sucked your tongue as if it was your cock and you moaned before withdrawing it from my mouth.

“Did I say you could do that?” you demanded!

Even though I knew this was just a game, the tone of your voice startled me.

‘No Sir.”

“You will soon have something to suck, my little toy.”

Having said that, you squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples, twisting them slightly. I knew you would never deliberately cause me intense pain, but never the less I begged you to stop, because if you continued, I would come from the wonderful sensations I was feeling.

“You are not allowed to do anything unless I tell you to. Do you understand?”

There was that unfamiliar tone again and I began to worry.

“Yes, Sir.”

I heard you walk away from the bed and then all I heard was your breathing for what seemed like a very long time. The room was cold and I knew my pretty pink nipples must be hard and at full attention. ‘What a sight I must be’, I thought. ‘My legs spread wide and my pussy exposed to you, waiting for — for what?’

“You have a beautiful pussy, my dear. I’ve been standing at the foot of the bed admiring every inch of your body and deciding how best to use you for my pleasure. Before this night is over you will know who your master is and what you were made for.”

The tone of your voice was gentler now, but you had never said words like that to me before, and I began to wonder if this game was a good idea.

I felt the mattress give as you climbed into bed between my legs, your knees against my pussy. You lay on top of me and took both breasts into your hands and kneaded them, before pulling hard on my nipples over and over again, lifting my breasts into the air by them, then letting go, allowing my heavy orbs to fall. I moaned loudly.

You pinched them and pulled them over and over and over and over pulling them to full length before taking them into your mouth and sucking them hard and fast. Your mouth felt warm against my cold hard nipples, but the pleasure of the warmth gave way to discomfort as you began nibbling on them.

Suddenly you stopped and using just the ends of your fingernails scratched across the tips, quickly scratching them back and forth and up and down. I tried to pull away from the ceaseless irritation but to no avail, you held me motionless with your body. I love when you do that to me and my pussy was dripping wet, needing to be filled.

“Do you know how much I love to ravish your breasts, my Darling? Do you know how much I love to see you squirm when I sweetly torture your nipples? It gives me immense pleasure to know I can do anything to them and you are helpless to stop me. All you can do is moan and beg me to stop and I can even take that from you if I choose to, but tonight I choose to allow you to use your voice without fear of punishment.”

Allow me? You had never used that word before when we played this game. What was happening here?

You pinched my nipples and twisted them almost to the point of pain, as white hot lightning radiated directly to my engorged pussy.

“Please Bahçelievler escort stop!” I begged through my frustration, and yes, now my fear. “You’re frightening me.”

“That’s it, my love, beg me. I love to hear you beg, but you have to learn that they’re not your nipples, they’re mine! They’re not your breasts, they’re mine!”

You grabbed my pussy with your hand and squeezed. “This pussy isn’t yours. It’s mine! All of you belongs to me! I will use you as I desire. I will use you anytime and any place. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

What was happening to me? We had played the bondage game before but never like this. You had never been this masterful before, never frightened me before, yet I found myself responding. I had never been this turned on, ever!

A long thick finger delved into my wetness and I gasped.

“Oh, my sweet pussy, you like this, don’t you? So nice and wet you are for me.”

I felt your hard cock against my stomach as you fucked my pussy with your finger and sucked my nipples. My pussy lips were swollen with need and throbbing. Your finger left my pussy and teased my hard little clit. I whimpered and you laughed.

“You want to come, don’t you my sweet one?”

“Yes Sir. I want to come. Please make me come.”

“I am not here for your pleasure! You’re here for my pleasure and right now it gives me pleasure to know you’re wet and want to come.”

(I was still in the bathroom, against the wall, rubbing my clit, and pinching my nipples, and trying not to come., trying to prolong this searing feeling as long as possible)

You got out of bed and walked across the room. I heard a zipper opening and items being put aside, and then I heard nothing.

I lay there, spread open to your gaze, nipples hard, pussy dripping, needing to come so badly it was everything I could do not to give in to it, taking deep breaths, knowing my breasts were lifting and falling, knowing you were watching. I could feel your eyes on me and knew you were grinning. You loved me this way, at your mercy, turned on, and fighting not to come. I can endure this because I love you, but not sure now if I can trust you.

A soft buzz floated on the air and it was getting closer. Without a word you placed the source of the buzz on my swollen clit and my hips tried to pull away from it by pressing into the mattress.

“Lay still! Don’t you move a muscle unless I give you permission.”

The object was placed in my slit and rubbed up and down, over my clit and down to my anus before it was shoved into my wet pussy. You know my body well and it was placed so it rested and vibrated against my G-spot.

‘Oh, no,’ I thought, how am I not going to come with that on my G-spot? It feels so good! This is torture!” The sensation was so exquisite I began to cry.

“Grab onto that egg with your pussy muscles and don’t let it slip out.”

“Yes Sir.”

I felt you get into bed and place your knees at either side of my shoulders as you grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back, face up.

“I promised you something to suck. Remember?”

“Yes Sir, I remember.”

You placed the head of your hard cock against my lips, tracing them as if applying lipstick, coating them with the slickness of pre-come.

“Open up, here it is.”

You didn’t wait until I opened my mouth. You pinched my nose shut so I had to open my mouth to breath and your cock filled it.

“Suck this, my beautiful one!”

You cock was big and hard and thick and hitting the back of my throat demanding entrance with each thrust of your hips. I tried to suck, but it was too big. You let go of my nose, still it was hard to breath. You pulled almost all your cock out of my mouth except for the head and told me to lick and suck it.

Pre-come was flowing freely as you held my head back with your hands, thrusting your hips so your cock was slipping part way in, then back out. You kept fucking my mouth with varying speed for what seemed an eternity. I thought you would never stop.

At one point you let go of my head and reached around to play with my nipples and I moaned. The vibrating egg Bahçeşehir escort bayan was still torturing my G-spot. I was thankful it was turned on the low setting, but it was becoming harder and harder not to come. I could feel my juices running out my pussy, down my slit to my anus and onto the sheet.

Suddenly you withdrew your cock completely and rubbed your balls all over my face telling me to lick them and suck them, one at a time. You moaned when you felt the flat of my hot tongue against your shaved balls. They were smooth and warm and tasted good, but they were so big!

I didn’t think I could get one of them into my mouth to suck, and knew I’d better not hurt you, so I licked them real good and got them real wet so one would slip into my mouth easier. Once in, it filled my mouth, but I was still able to gently suck it and rub the tip of my tongue over it. Your cock twitched where it was laying on my nose and forehead.

“Now the other one, my lovely cock and ball sucker.”

I gave the same careful attention to your other ball as you leaned against the headboard with outstretched arms and enjoyed the sweet sensations of your balls being sucked. You’re breathing increased and you moaned, encouraging me to continue making love to your balls with my mouth. You’ve always had endurance and I wondered how long it would take before you squirted all over my face.

I didn’t have to wait long. Your balls grew harder and drew up closer to your body. I felt you pull away, your ball falling out of my mouth, replacing it with your steel hard cock. Grabbing my head again you fucked my mouth hard and fast, the head of it entering my throat cutting off my air. Three hard thrusts and you emptied into my mouth, hot come exploding into my throat. I had no choice but to swallow. Each time I swallowed, my throat muscles squeezed your cock, eliciting another eruption.

You leaned into the headboard until your heavy breathing returned to normal and your heartbeat slowed. Sweat from your balls ran down my chin. You had instructed me to not let your cock slip from my mouth until you gave me permission. You enjoyed letting it go flaccid in warmth, while my tongue danced around the sensitive head.

“Oh, my beauty, I didn’t want to come yet. I have other things in store for you —and for me, but no matter, we have all night. That’s it, my sweet, keep circling my cock with your tongue. Make it squeaky clean.”

My tongue worked furiously, giving you the pleasure you crave. When it began to grow hard again, you pulled away and stood up.

The vibrating egg was turned to the high position. I sucked in a deep breath and began to weep from the sheer joy of the sensations. I heard you walk away and then return to the head of the bed. You leaned down and sucked each nipple drawing each to full length, then placed a vibrating clamp on each one. The clamps were just on the verge of being tight, and the sensations were maddening. I cried out in anguish, my hips undulating.

“You are not allowed to come yet. I told you to lay still. You will pay for moving without permission.”

I felt you sit down at the end of the bed between my legs and pull the egg out of my pussy, then heard a squirt of lube. You stuck your finger all the way into my anus, then another finger, and began to stretch my sphincter. When it was stretched to your satisfaction, you replaced your fingers with the vibrating egg. My nipples were vibrating, my anus vibrating and my pussy was dripping, but I had to concentrate on not moving.

I told myself I had to think of something else, think of anything else, anything so I wouldn’t come, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but the sensations my body was feeling. Oh god, this was pure agony!

Another buzzing in the distance and suddenly there was a vibrating sensation against my pussy lips.

“I’m going to love watching you try not to come with this baby inside you.”

A monster dildo was invading my pussy, an agonizing inch at a time. You kept pushing it slowly inside, turning the vibration up every few inches, until I was impaled all the way to my cervix, the head trying to enter my womb. Next Escort Bakırköy you put in place a vibrating clit clamp, and a belt around my waist. You attached a wide strap to the front of it, then brought it down over my pussy and pulling it tightly over my anus, attached it to the back of the belt, thus holding the clit clamp and the dildo and the egg firmly in place.

“Please, Sir. This is maddening! Please don’t do this!

“You brought this on yourself, my beautiful one. I told you not to move. Now you face the consequences. All of these vibrators are remote controlled. I’m going to sit in the chair across the room and play with them, and with you. My dick is hard again and I’m going to masturbate while watching you struggle not to come.”

I heard you walk across the room and sit down, my body splayed open to your view. All the vibrations stopped. I sucked in a deep breath, and let it out slowly, grateful for the reprieve.

It didn’t last long. A jolt shot through my right nipple for a few seconds and I whimpered. It stopped. A few seconds later a jolt through my left nipple. It stopped. My clit was next, then my nipples and clit at the same time. I was going out of my mind and felt an orgasm building higher and higher. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold off. Suddenly all the vibrations stopped.

Oh, how you must be enjoying watching me suffer in sexual agony! I could almost see you sitting across the room, plotting what you’ll do to me next.

“Master, please stop this,” I cried “It’s torture trying not to come.”

“Exactly, sweetness, and I’m enjoying every minute watching your beautiful body tense and struggle not to move. Can you hear me slapping my meat?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Would you like to have it inside you, fucking you hard and fast?”

“Yes, Sir, I would.”

“Fucking you will have to wait for another time, my precious sex toy. Playing with you is too much fun right now. I love restraining you and teasing you and watching you squirm. It makes me hard as steel. The power I have over you is exhilarating! Yes, my sweet one, looking at you lying there helpless, needing to come, your nipples and clit squeezed with clamps, your pussy and ass filled, knowing your sexual agony is immense, is a turn on I will not give up. Ever. We will experience many nights like this one.”

I heard your breathing increase as you masturbated and played with the vibrators. I enjoyed this kind of sexual game too, but I needed to come. My whole body screamed for release. My poor swollen pussy and clit couldn’t take much more and my nipples had never felt this hard and sensitive. The vibrating egg in my rectum was driving me insane! My whole pelvic area was alive with sensation!!

“Sir, I’m going to come, I can’t control it any longer!”

You didn’t reply, but I heard your breathing increase as you masturbated and played with the vibrators. The sound of your hand beating your meat increased speed and I prayed you were close to coming.

“I’m getting close, sweet one. Your agony is almost over. After I come, you may come.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You called me Master a little while ago. I like that. From now on you will address me as Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Here we go my sex slave. I’m going to give you the works now. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Master. I’m ready!”

All the vibrators turned on at the same time, slowly at first and then you gradually increased the speed and intensity. My ass was tingling; my pussy was being assaulted with vibrations and pounded with the undulating dildo, while my nipples and clit were being tortured with strong jolts and squeezes. I felt my orgasm rise and knew I could no longer stop it!

“No! No! I screamed!!

I heard you grunting and moaning and I had to wait for you to come before I could. You came to the side of the bed and shot your come all over my body from my face to my pussy.


My body tensed and pulled against the restraints, finger nails digging into the palms of my hands. My head pushed into the mattress and I screamed as an orgasm exploded inside me. My body jerked wildly, uncontrollably, stomach muscles clinching tight, and I continued to scream. I saw white behind my eyelids and then red and black and then — nothing, as I melted into the mattress and fainted.

(Leaning against the bathroom wall, my finger pushing in on my swollen clit and rubbing furiously in circles, I had a tremendous orgasm that I thought would never end.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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