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***All characters are 18+ years old***

My apologies for the length of this one – even if it isn’t, it feels longer than the other chapters. But honestly, I had so much fun writing it. And I got invested in the progression of the story. I couldn’t find a place to stop for the longest time.

I hope you all enjoy!


By Wednesday I was beyond frustrated. Clay was making good on a few promises: he kept out of the showers when I was in them, he was giving me space when we were around each other, and he hadn’t talked to me since Sunday. However his one promise, the one that caused all of my anger in the first place, has yet to be addressed by him.

I was standing by the edge of the field watching practice team A run through some offensive drills as I sipped my water. A throat clear caught my attention and I glanced over, pursing my lips as Devon flagged me over. I meandered past the few teammates between us. As soon as I made it over he threw his arm over my shoulder and pulled me close to him.

“Look runt, Jake and I have been talking about how down in the dumps you seem lately. What happened?” he was not one to beat around the bush apparently. I took a deep breath and sighed, pursing my lips as I watched Zack and Clay jogging across the field.

“Minor complications,” I offered halfheartedly and he sighed, his arm locking around my neck as he pulled me closer. “Dev man come on!” I whined, trying to push away from him as he grabbed my hair.

“You can’t fool me. Some shit went down. Now fess up!” he insisted and I yanked away with a heavy sigh, crossing my arms as he stared at me with smug determination. He glanced around and then slapped my shoulder. “Walk with me,” he gestured to the track and I dropped my arms, walking along with him as I fiddled with my water bottle. As soon as we made some distance between us and the rest of the team I took a deep breath.

“We went on a date Sunday. Everything was going fine, the best it’s been between us since we wanted to start trying this,” I offered, studying him as he nodded. He seemed more comfortable with this than Jake was. I cleared my throat, feeling a bit uncomfortable myself as I glanced at the field. My eyes met Clay’s from across the field, my ears feeling hot as he slowed down to a near stop. Our eyes were locked for a moment before another player bumped into him.

“Get your head in the game Clay!” coach called out and I tore myself away from his gaze, glancing at Devon. He seemed amused to say the least.

“Seems like things are still fine between you. He’s been unable to keep his eyes off you most days,” he started and my chest tightened. “Relax. I only notice it because I know. Honestly, if you hadn’t made it obvious when I asked I’d probably think he’s just worried about you. You know as a captain or whatever?” he offered and I scoffed, crossing my arms.

“Hardly! That’s the problem,” I glanced at Devon, stopping abruptly. “He hasn’t done shit to help me as a captain or a friend. Let alone my boyfriend,” I dropped my voice, glancing around warily. We both glanced at each other before Devon turned to continue walking slowly.

“I’m not going to say I understand, because truthfully I don’t. All I know is, from where I’m sitting? It looks like the two of you are pretty caught up in whatever is going on. Good or bad, there’s some intense stuff between you two,” he started and I nodded slowly, crossing my arms as I stared at the dirt under my feet.

“It feels that way most of the time. But the back and forth between being together and not being together?” I shook my head, studying Devon. He hesitated and pursed his lips, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Well if it doesn’t seem worth it, then move on. It’s not like he’s the only other gay guy in the whole world who could make you happy. And if you’re really bi, you have a plethora of women out there too!” he laughed lightly and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Don’t give me the plenty of fish speech Devon,” I chuckled a bit, feeling a fraction better than I did a minute ago.

“You really like him, huh?” he nudged me and I exhaled sharply, blushing as I couldn’t help but nod.

“Even though I’m mad at him I still want to see him, to get to talk to him. It’s kind of torturous not texting anymore,” I admitted finally, feeling a weight lift off me as I studied the field some more.

“So what happened exactly?” he pressed and I took a deep breath.

“Zack and some other teammates caught us in the middle of our first date,” I started, Devon grabbing my arm and stopping me.

“Hold up, what?” he demanded and I nodded, feeling nervous as Devon’s eyes narrowed. “So the team knows?” he pressed and I sighed, shaking my head.

“Clay played it off as being a worried captain. Because of the shit that went down he wanted to try and make me feel better. That’s what he told them. Zack accused him of being gay, like you and I,” I offered and that istanbul travesti made Devon laugh, shaking his head.

“What a fucking moron,” he muttered and I shrugged. “So what? Clay’s playing the I’m a straight ally angle?” he offered and I shook my head.

“He said I was weird and gross for being gay,” I grumbled, my face getting hot as my anger started to bubble up to the surface. Devon was silent. “Which was rich coming from the guy who couldn’t get enough of my ass just that morning!” I blurted out, a bit louder than I intended. I gasped, covering my mouth as I looked around. Thankfully none of the team heard me. Except Devon.

“You fucked him already?” he teased, a dubious grin on his face as he pinched my nose. “You nasty little fucker. You’re a bi-bottom bitch?” he pressed and I scoffed, slapping his hand away.

“He asked. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t top him,” I crossed my arms, Devon seeming overly amused with the idea of that.

“That’s like a Chihuahua trying to get it on with a German Shephard!” he laughed at my expense and I rolled my eyes.

“I am not that small compared to him!” I insisted, but it was kind of true. He was taller and more built than me. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t want him like that either. Who cares about size? If a dick in my ass felt that good, then he might like it too!

“Relax Scrappy, I’m just messing with you. Give yourself time, right? Get over the shock and anger and really think about it,” he offered and I nodded. Coach called out for team B and we detoured to the field to run our offensive plays for practice. Once practice ended Devon walked with me toward the athletic building, scrolling through his phone as we walked in silence.

“Bruno!” I glanced back, confused as I saw Zack waving me down. He was hanging back with a few of the guys from the arcade and Clay.

“Want me to go with you?” Devon offered quietly and I hesitated, glancing at him.

“Kind of, but I don’t think that would help me at all,” I shrugged and he nodded. “Wait here?” I offered and he smirked.

“Hurry back to me sweetie,” he teased, blowing me a kiss as I walked off. I rolled my eyes, hurrying past the team to the group. I hesitated a few steps away, clutching the strap of my bag as Clay studied me.

“What’s up?” I demanded hesitantly. Zack glanced at the other guys and then Clay slapped his shoulder. He sighed, grimacing as he glanced at me.

“I uh, I wanted to say sorry I guess?” he offered. It sounded insincere as hell, but I was surprised those words actually came out of his mouth.

“Sorry?” I clarified, glaring at Clay.

“Yeah,” Zack shrugged and I crossed my arms.

“Why all of a sudden?” I demanded, feeling skeptical. Something wasn’t sitting right with me. The other guys looked uneasy as they studied Zack.

“Just ’cause ok?” Zack insisted, pushing past me. I faltered, my bag hitting my ass as I swung from his force. He walked up the stairs toward the door, Devon gesturing to him with a confused face. I shrugged and turned back to the other guys.

“Honestly Bruno, most of the team is pretty ok with you being bi or whatever. It’s just hard ’cause if we upset Zack and he quits or doesn’t play well,” one of the teammates started and I scoffed, smirking maliciously as I pushed my hair back. I ignored the urge to lash out, shrugging away my frustration as I licked my teeth. A sarcastic chuckle did escape though, but the guys looked sympathetic.

“No I get it, let the sophomore secondary striker suffer. He’s more replaceable by the time we could get to playoffs right?” I offered. They all looked plagued with some degree of guilt. “Whatever. If you don’t have problems with it, why encourage his behavior? Or act like you agree?” I asked, staring Clay down boldly.

“Sometimes it’s easier to just not do anything,” Clay offered and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “He apologized, isn’t that a good start?” he pressed and I shrugged. Something still wasn’t sitting right with me.

“I want to get my gay shower out of the way so all you straight guys can shower safely,” I muttered flippantly, waving my hand as I walked up the stairs toward Devon. He noticed the shift in my mood and shoved his hands into his pockets as he whistled quietly. We made it to the showers and I got undressed, wrapping my towel around my waist as I was about to get in the showers. I hesitated, hearing Zack’s voice. The last thing I wanted was another confrontation. I was about to walk away when the topic caught my attention.

“Clay and coach warned me if I keep my guard up around the team homo then I could get a title IX investigation or something opened up on me. That gay perv seems like the kind of guy who would do that just to continue all his nasty shit,” he continued and a rage consumed me. Clay didn’t even tell him he was in the wrong? He just, saved him?

“Don’t you feel a bit harsh Zack? Bruno is only bi anyway. He might not even be that into guys,” who was that? I couldn’t quite place the istanbul travestileri voice. I didn’t hang out with too many of the people on the team. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, but I preferred to just keep to my small group of friends.

“Damn Ty, you sympathizing with the queer too? You sound like Devon, or how Clay tried to act like it was ok at the arcade? We all know Clay is just doing his job as team captain. If he didn’t have that responsibility I’m sure he’d feel the same way I do,” Zack insisted and I scoffed.

“I don’t know man. Everyone on the team seems to really not care. Bruno doesn’t seem any different. He’s actually been acting more normal than you have,” Tyler offered and I smiled. I knew it would blow over.

“Having fun?” Devon’s voice shocked me and I jerked, gasping as my hand clutched my chest.

“Shit don’t sneak up on me like that!” I slapped his chest and he chuckled, brushing past me into the showers. I followed, ignoring Zack and Tyler on the other side. I hung my towel up, turning the water on when things got loud by the lockers.

“Party at Clay’s place this weekend!” someone called into the showers and my heart dropped. What the hell was he up to?

“Hell yes! Bruno we’re going,” Devon decided for me. Before I could argue I heard a laugh.

“There might be too many women there for his taste,” Zack called out and I glanced back, noticing him walking out in his towel. “Or do you still like women too?” he shook his head, Tyler glaring at his back before he sighed and glanced at me apologetically.

“Don’t let him get to you,” Tyler breathed and I smirked.

“Honestly, it just sounds like he’s overcompensating,” I offered and Zack froze at the door, glaring at me.

“You sayin’ I’m gay too?” he demanded.

“Zack chill!” Clay called out and I snickered, pleased I could get under his skin so easily.

“Whatever man,” Zack left and I sighed, feeling smug and satisfied. Devon and I met up with Jake for dinner. I was thankful the two of them really went out of their way the past few days to make me feel better.

“So this party, can I come?” Jake demanded and Devon shrugged.

“I feel like it’s a plus one situation, so if you want to be Sweetie’s date,” Devon gestured to me and Jake grinned wickedly, gasping as he pressed his hands to his cheeks.

“Oh gosh, it’d be my dream!” he laughed and Devon did too. I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“You want to be my hot, buff boyfriend for a day?” I challenged, raising my eyebrow as I took a bite of my mac ‘n cheese. He smiled, slamming his drink down into the table.

“If you call me hot and buff all day, I’ll be whatever you want,” he laughed and Devon nodded. “Seriously though, get me in that party,” he pressed and I glanced at Devon warily.

“Why?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Want to keep my eye on you?” he offered and I rolled my eyes. “Alright fine, I want to see this Clay fucker and what he’s all about!” he insisted and I sighed heavily. “I won’t start shit I promise,” he crossed his heart and held his hand out. I crossed mine too and grabbed his hand, both of us spitting into our hands.

“That’s fucking disgusting,” Devon threw napkins at us and I chuckled.

“We spit swear on everything that’s important. Been that way since we were kids,” I shrugged and Jake nodded.

“Gross,” Devon chuckled and I smirked. “I’m thinking about inviting someone myself,” he started, piquing Jake’s interest. I just sat back, fading in and out of the conversation as they chatted about Devon’s lady of interest. My phone vibrated and I glanced at it seeing a message from Clay. I frowned, opening it.

Msg: can we talk?

I took a deep breath and glanced at Devon and Jake who both were staring at me curiously. “I’m going to head out. Catch you two later,” I snuck away before they could interrogate me. It was like having two older brothers I never asked for. When I got out of the dining hall I called him.

“Bruno!” he sounded shocked and excited.

“What happened to one week of space?” I demanded and he sighed.

“Just meet me by the soccer field, ok? We won’t go anywhere I just want to talk,” he pressed and I hesitated, glancing off toward the athletic building. I shook my head, walking over there anyway as the voice in my head told me not to.

“Just a conversation,” I insisted. “I’m on my way,” I hung up, shoving my phone into my pocket. I got to the stairs, jogging down as I studied the field. I saw Clay pacing by a bench piled with his stuff. A weird excitement filled me as I neared him. It was these emotions that reminded me why I wanted space. Because I knew being near him would make me want to forgive him too easily. “I’m here,” I called out and he turned on his heel, glancing over his shoulder with a warm smile.

“Thanks for coming,” he breathed and I shrugged. He glanced around and then went to hug me. I pushed my hand on his chest, shaking my head.

“Just to talk. You promised,” travesti istanbul I sighed and he frowned, grabbing my wrist as his forehead wrinkled.

“I told you I’d fix the Zack thing,” he started and I bit my lip, trying not to be too frustrated as I laughed. “What?” he demanded and I pulled my hand away, crossing my arms.

“You threatened him. Sounds like you did your research too. How’d you get coach in on it?” I challenged and he looked away, crossing his arms as he pursed his lips.

“How’d you find out?” he asked, his eyes shifting as he studied me. I took a deep breath and exhaled through my nose dropping my arms.

“Doesn’t matter. The goal wasn’t to get Zack off my case. The goal was to get you to admit to everyone you support people like me, or us?” I offered with a smirk and he sighed.

“Why does that matter?” he pressed and I shook my head.

“I heard Zack in the shower. He said if you weren’t captain or if title IX didn’t exist you and half the team would be acting the way he was,” I breathed and he scoffed. “See! That’s been my point this whole fucking time!” I jammed my finger into his chest. “Problem is I’m positive the team doesn’t care. It’s only Zack. If you just grew a fucking spine and told him to cut his stupid homophobic shit, he’d be entirely outnumbered!” my voice started to raise and I worked on controlling my anger as I collected myself.

“I had to start somewhere Bruno! And I feel like appealing toward Zack’s ego and self-preservation was a faster route than trying to unify the team immediately. Zack giving up will help this whole thing blow over too. What’s so wrong with playing the best cards I have?” he challenged and I hesitated. Was I being too petty about how he went about it? He did something he said he never likes, which was addressing conflict and taking an opposing stance. It would be in his best interest to just sit back and let things casually blow over. But instead he took action for my sake.

“Fine I’ll credit you for going out of your way to confront Zack. Whether or not I like your method, at least you tried,” I grumbled with a weak shrug, conceding a bit and he smiled.

“And coach, because he shouldn’t condone it. That’s an even worse Title IX offense,” he admitted and I sighed. “I can’t appeal to the better judgment that isn’t there Bruno. I’m doing what I can with what I got. And I’ll talk to the teammates over the next few days too,” he insisted and I felt a warmth in my heart as he studied me. There was a plea, an unwavering desperation about him, as if he was on the edge of his seat waiting for my approval.

“Why do I matter so much to you anyway? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to date someone with less expectations?” I started and he sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Because I am honestly tired of empty relationships. I’m also tired of not accepting who I am. It feels so lonely and depressing living like this,” his voice sounded broken.

“You’re also living a big lie,” I added snarkily and he actually laughed. It sounded broken and pathetic, but he looked a bit happy too.

“I want to fix that eventually too. Just have to grow the fucking spine I guess?” he offered, a jab at me. It made me cringe as I hugged myself.

“I’m sorry for sayi-“

“Don’t be. You’re not wrong. I told you Bruno, that’s one of the things I like most about you. Since you joined the team last year I’ve been fond of you,” he mumbled and I felt a lump in my throat. “I’m proud of myself for never showing it. But it makes me wonder how oblivious you are. Considering I never went out of my way to help anyone else unless they asked. But I approached you every time,” he laughed then, my cheeks hot as I gripped my arms tightly.

“Are you serious?” I demanded and he nodded, biting his lip as he smiled warmly. His eyes studied me then. It felt like he was undressing me and I shuffled uncomfortably.

“I avoided showering with you at all costs because I didn’t need that kind of fuel to my fire. Especially because until your drunken confession I was convinced you were straight,” he stepped closer to me, his eyes locked onto mine. “But you are just my type Bruno, in every way,” there were only a few inches between our bodies.

“You don’t get to do this,” I choked out, blinking as I pulled away from his stare. He chuckled, his hand brushing against my stomach. From afar it probably looked like a casual gesture. But feeling him touch me again had me weak in my knees.

“I’m guessing there is no chance you’d come back with me to my place?” he whispered and I swallowed hard, glancing at him out of the corner of my eyes. His eyes were running up my body, his tongue pressed between his teeth as a lustful smile stretched his lips apart.

“You have no shame,” I scoffed and he laughed.

“This is your fault. I’ve never been this into anyone before. But I told you that already,” he turned away, grabbing his stuff. He stepped up against me, his hand on my lower back as he let his lips hover over my ear. “You change your mind, you can call or text me anytime. Just say the word Bruno, and I’m yours,” he whispered, his hand sliding down as he walked past. His touch disappeared before he made it to my ass, but the fiery tingles remained as my heart raced.

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