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My Dad was a brilliant scientist who wanted to create the perfect body with a single drink. No need to worry about a diet, going to the gym, or whatever: just take a drink and you’re an instant model. Soon enough my father would find that serum but with the results, he was not expecting

A party was coming up and people were expecting me to arrive with a gorgeous woman named Rose. Only one problem: she doesn’t exist. I, unfortunately, am surrounded by friends who are under the impression that the single life is for losers so I made up Rose to make them shut up. It was a week before the party so I was thinking of any kind of excuse to stay away from the party. I pulled into my father’s driveway, stepped out, and then walked into the house calling out,

“Dad? Hey, Dad? Listen I thought we could order a pizza and hang out for the weekend. You home?” I made my way upstairs to check and see if he was napping in his bedroom. It wouldn’t surprise me: with no wife, surrounded by nothing but his work: all he does is stay up to work on his formula then pass out. However what I saw was not him napping: I walked in to see this half naked mature but gorgeous woman crouching to take a picture of herself in the mirror, “Whoa! Jesus!” I scared the woman out of her skin then I immediately slammed the door shut in my face then followed up with, “I am so sorry!” I was expecting to be called a pervert or a call to my father but instead, the woman excitedly spoke to me,

“Sean! Sean!” She opened the door with a giant grin on her face, I avoided gazing at her bottom half as much as I could and she didn’t seem to notice, “It’s me!” All I could do was stare with utter confusion, assuming this was some nutjob who broke into my father’s house especially when she followed up with, “It’s Dad!” Immediately I ran down the hall, down the stairs, pulling out my phone about to call ‘911’ but she followed me yelling, “No seriously it’s me! Stop!” Before I could finish dialling, she took my phone away, held it underneath her palm on the counter and spoke firmly, “Look, I know it’s impossible to believe me! I can prove it!” I was tempted to push her out of the way just to get my phone back but instead, I responded with,

“You expect me to believe you, some admittedly attractive but psychotic MILF, are my father? Right, and I’m the Pope!” The woman looked stunned by what I said for a few seconds but then she shook it off, walked over to the television, and used a special remote to turn on a video, “You know I like to record my work just in case. Well…watch.” She didn’t look like she wanted to hurt me so I slowly approached the living room, making sure to keep a good distance, where I watched the security footage of my father,

“This is Harrison Porter. This is will be the test of my final formula. I’m out of rats to test it on so…let’s do this. I am Subject 63B, engaging test number…whatever. Cheers.” I watched as my father ingested a red fluid, I couldn’t help but be nervous: what if it kills him? Seconds went by and it seemed like nothing was happening which my father commented on, “Dammit…” He sighed with disappointment, “It would appear that this formula is yet again, a dud. I guess it just wasn’t meant to b-” He stopped, feeling his chest and letting out a groan, “Wait….something’s happening.” My interest became piqued so I stepped closer to watch as my father began letting out yells of pain, I became worried but I backed up in shock when luscious brown hair sprouted from his balding head with minimal white hair. The camera was knocked over to the ground and that’s when I suddenly heard his grunts become womanly moans of pain. I was able to see subtle changes but only in the legs which became extremely long. My father dropped to the ground only to reveal the face of the woman that was standing in the room with me; that said woman went to grab the camera and it cut to black.

Eyes widened and my mouth wide open, I slowly turned to gaze at the woman- no, my father! My father had transformed into a woman all because of his experiments and he looked back at me with an ashamed look,

“I told you it was me.” Somehow despite all the terror going through my brain, I managed to muster a smart-ass remark,

“You can’t exactly blame me.” My eyes analyzed every curve and detail of my father’s new form: not only was it one of the curviest bodies but the physique was astounding: she looked like a retired Olympian, “So…you’re a chick. Is this permanent?” My father was quick to respond with,

“Actually no, I changed back after about 12 hours the other day. I needed to study this so I made more.” So my father deliberately chose to transform back into this form, wow. However I couldn’t exactly blame him since this was quite the discovery but I had to ask,

“And that mirror selfie upstairs?” Dad was able to explain,

“Oh, I was taking pictures of this new body, show off every aspect of it. It’s amazing when I’m like this: I have so much energy, agility, yalova escort and muse. I was able to accomplish so much: I cleaned the entire house so quickly. I could only reply with,

“Yeah…EVERY aspect it seems like.” Dad gave a confused look then saw where my eyes were looking to his newly acquired womanhood so he gasped and covered it up with a newspaper,

“Oh god, Sean, I’m so sorry. Um…I have no clothes that fit this body other than this tank top. Hold on!” My Dad walked off, I instinctively gaze at his large but firm ass which jiggled slightly when it swayed. Damn. Minutes later, he returned wearing a woman’s shorts and the same tank top which made me relax a bit, “I “borrowed” these from Ms. Jackson next door. I’ll give it back when I can.”

We sat there in the living room for minutes in silence but it felt like hours. Clearly, I was unsettled by seeing my father in this perfect womanly form so I needed to break my silence by asking,

“So you’re going to keep going with this?” Dad sighed though he understood by worries he tried his best to explain,

“Yes, Sean. This could be it! Look at me! I have the perfect female body! With enough tweaks, I could probably create the results I was going for before. At the same time, I want to test this body to the fullest: what can it stand, is it allergic to anything, does it affect me strangely? Who knows, maybe I’ve created the perfect sex-change serum! No expensive surgeries, just take a sip and you can be the gender you want.” My father, was always the scientist but a part of me suspected there was more to it than that, however, I wasn’t going to pry so I nodded and responded with,

“If that’s the case you’re going to need help. I’ve saved up enough off-time at work that I can take a week off to get you situated with this…whatever this is. You can’t keep stealing from the neighbours so if you need it, I’ll take you out shopping.” A smile formed on my father’s womanly face and it didn’t help trying to stay unattracted to that body so I was happy he responded but did he have to say it in the most sensual voice ever,

“Thanks, Sean. I really appreciate it.” I could already tell I was going to regret this decision.

It was a very strange week. I was taking my Dad in a woman’s body to the mall and many other shopping centres to buy clothes, makeup, and anything else he needed to blend into this new form he was trying to discover everything about. Dad made sure to learn how women walked, talked, and dressed and much to my shock, he was good at being a woman: he gained new lady friends including Ms. Jackson next door. He needed a name for his female life so I gave him a name: Rose. Everything new he discovered about his new body, he made sure to log it down for his research however, it wasn’t always just for science.

Every day, he’d take another dose and drag me along into town which was annoying at first but soon enough, it became kind of fun: we would spend time together, laugh, joke around, go have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, or in the case of tonight we went to the movies to enjoy the latest blockbuster action flick and we had a blast but I couldn’t help but notice how comfortable both my father and myself were with this situation. We held hands at one point during a romantic part but I was quick to pull away but I didn’t seem to mind when he rested his head on my shoulder. Honestly, despite how insane this situation was, I was closer to Dad than over the last ten years since Mom left us.

The next morning, I sat on the couch in the living room and instantly, I saw Dad walk out already in his female form. I noticed that Dad stopped waiting to transform back into his normal self: he would just immediately drink another formula to keep his female body and honestly, I was used to it by this point. Dad sat beside me wearing a pink robe, handing me a mocha with his dainty fingers with finely trimmed and polished fingernails,

“Hey kid, enjoy. Made it myself.” I took a sip and went wide-eyed, shocked by how delicious it really was. I immediately took another sip which made Dad let out a giggle, “Like it?” In pure admiration, I only responded with,

“Like? Hell no. I fucking love it!” Dad formed a wide grin and a nervous chuckle as his womanly hand gently placed itself on my leg to caress it,

“Aw, well thanks, Sean.” That voice. Every time she spoke, it sounded like heaven. I watched him situate herse- himself in the seat. Every curve was perfection, I was started to breathe heavier but saved by the bell as my phone went off. I checked it to see a text message from my friend that read,

“Yo dude! Are you coming to the party tonight? You should bring that babe of yours. Rose? Text me back when you got the chance!” All I could do was groan then set the phone down, hoping to avoid that mess for the rest of my life. Dad noticed my frustration so he asked,

“What’s up?” I was so comfortable around Dad now that I didn’t even try to avoid talking about yalova escort bayan it with him,

“Oh, I was the dumbass who created a fake girlfriend to just impress the guys. They want me to go to this party with her but she doesn’t exist.” We sat there in silence as Dad pondered my situation only to respond with a question,

“What about me?” Confused, I quickly replied with,

“What do you mean?” Dad sat up and began to explain his plan,

“Well, I happen to inhabit the body of an extremely hot woman. Why don’t we go to the party together? I’ll pretend to be this girl for the night and the guys will get off your back about it.” I immediately thought this plan was insane but you could describe this whole last week that way so I gave it some thought: Dad’s womanly form is definitely extremely sexy so it would impress the guys,

“…Okay. But just for tonight!” Dad smiled and got up, grabbing his purse and car keys,

“Easy! Now I gotta take care of some things. You go ahead back to your apartment and get ready. Come pick me up when it’s time to go, okay?” Dad left, excited about this party it seemed like which surprised me but he probably wanted to attend a party for research. So I went home and spent the whole day preparing for the party. I got my fancy suit on, heavy musk cologne, and did up my hair: I didn’t even know why I did.

At around 7:30 PM, I texted Dad to make sure he was ready and after responding that he was along with a heart emoji, I drove back over to his place. I parked in the driveway, stepped out then looked to the porch to see a sight that nearly made me lose balance: an absolutely beautiful mature woman in a blue dress with blonde hair stepping towards me with a smile: it literally took me a good twenty seconds before I realized that THIS WAS MY FATHER! He dyed his hair from a brunette to a blonde and he made it look so damn good,

“So…what do you think? Is it too much?” I was flabbergasted, I was struggling to do anything other than admiring this blonde beauty before me but once the woman blushed slightly, I shook myself out of the daze and said,

“Look, you’re my Dad.” Dad looked slightly disappointed by that but then I followed it up with the words, “But I have to admit that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Dad’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, forming a massive grin,

“Aw, thanks! Worked hard to get this look perfect!” With that, I made my way over to the passenger side and opened the door for Dad who climbed in, that smile not fading for a second. After climbing into the driver’s seat, I drove off heading towards our destination. We didn’t talk much on the way there but at the corner of my eyes, I saw Dad take in a good whiff of my cologne and emit a gentle coo of approval, “You look great, too.” I didn’t even respond to that which made him smile even more.

We parked underneath a building and we could see the party lights on the top floor so I instinctively held Dad’s hand and helped him up to the door and guided him inside the building, into an elevator, then up to the top floor where a bouncer immediately gave a thumbs up letting us enter my friend’s penthouse,

“Damn! She was fine!” We heard the bouncer say to himself and the two of us couldn’t help but let out a laugh. That’s when we were approached by my buddy Derrick,

“Dude! You came! And hello…” He was shocked by the lady beside me so he followed up with, “Um…you must be Rose, right?” Dad looked to me, realizing where I got that name from so he smirked then looked to Derrick to reply with

“Rose Smith. A pleasure to meet you! About time Sean introduced me to you!” Derrick joined “Rose” with a laugh in unison,

“I know right? What the hell man? Why did it take you this long? You afraid I’d take her from ya?” The three of us now laughed though mine was a bit awkward; then I froze when Dad caressed my chest,

“Oh, you wish, honey!” At that moment, the party started and we mingled with others, drank, and played a few party games, drank, Dad made a few lady friends, drank, and just had a wonderful time. However during the night, my eyes hardly ever left Dad: he was beauty incarnate, the way he moved, the way he laughed, the way she danced, the way she smiled at me, the way she…he. HE! What was wrong with me? The dance floor lit up brightly and Derrick got onto the microphone,

“Clear the dance floor! It’s time for two love birds to get down! Give it up for Rose and Sean!” The crowd cleared the dance floor so that only the two of us remained and we gazed at each other a bit nervously but Dad formed a smile and approached me,

“Let’s give ’em a show!” And just like that, we danced. I can’t even remember what we did because the entire time, my focus was on being this close to Dad: I was holding his waist and hand in my arms. I believe we performed a fusion of break dancing and ballroom dancing because we were all over the place plus dubstep was playing in the background. Dad and escort yalova I just stared at each other: we both were obviously attracted to each other but what came next completely shocked me. As we struck the final pose with me dipping Dad, he formed a smile which quickly came close and merged with my lips for a kiss that made me go wide-eyed but…I just gave in, I returned the kiss as Rose and I made it last as long as we could until she released and whispered, “I think they bought it.”

We enjoyed the rest of the party together and we drove back towards Dad’s place. The drive there was incredibly quiet, neither of us emitted a single sound. When we arrived back at his place, I opened the passenger door for Dad and then walked him to the door like a gentleman would. At the door, I avoided eye contact until he spoke to me in a beautiful voice,

“Sean…” I looked up to him, “I had an amazing time tonight. I loved EVERY moment.” When he put emphasis on every, I knew what he meant and I couldn’t believe it. I was about to try and come up with anything to get out of this situation but instead, instincts kicked up and I went in and gave my father the most amorous kiss I could give. I back up, unable to believe what I was doing,

“I’m sorry! Look…Dad…I…” He approached and put one finger over my lips to shush me,

“Shhh. Call me, Rose.” I couldn’t fight it any longer and neither could she-he…SHE! Rose and I had fallen for one another and we both gave into those feelings tonight when we kissed which we did one more time except this time: love and lust merged as we sensually kissed, mixing our tongues and feeling up our bodies. Rose curled her legs around my waist and I carried her upstairs to the master bedroom where my Dad slept. We made out, we felt up each other’s bodies all as we stripped off our clothes.

I don’t even know how it happened but soon enough, she brought herself on top of me and lowered herself onto my throbbing hard cock. When I penetrated her soft folds, she let out a mighty yell of pleasure having never felt this sensation before,

“I’ve wanted to do this since the movie.” She admitted as I didn’t admit that I probably would have taken her any day this week beforehand but now? There was no way I could deny myself her body anymore. She began to ride me, letting out vicious moans while I thrust myself as much as I could while lying down, “Yes! FUCK ME! YES!” In many ways this was so wrong, this was my Dad I was thrusting my cock into but…it didn’t feel like it. This wasn’t my Dad, this was Rose Smith: the most amazing woman I could ever meet.

The formula definitely worked because Rose had more energy than anyone I’ve ever met: we fucked for hours and hours and we both experienced multiple orgasms. We fucked for so long that we had gone through so many positions: I was currently on top of her plunging deep into her pussy when I noticed her moans became manly so I focused on Rose’s face to see that everything else was still Rose: the blonde long hair, the curves, everything…except for the face which was that of my father who was smiling at me. Admittedly I wanted Rose back but I whispered,

“Is it wrong that I think this is kind of sexy?” We joined for a kiss, our tongues dancing while Dad reached to the side table, grabbing a vial of the formula,

“As much as I want to fulfill your every fantasy.” He said, breaking the kiss to drink the formula, instantly changing his face back into Rose’s along with her voice, “I want to stay Rose. Now…fuck your Daddy like you mean it!” Oh, we weren’t even close to being done. We continued for another hour or two then I just passed out from exhaustion while Rose remained full of energy. I believe she still fucked my cock after I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to an amazing sight: the blonde beauty in front of me. I gently placed my hand on her hip making her stir in her sleep, smile, and then respond as she woke up,

“You up for some more?” Damn, she was a sex-fiend and I approved of it but I had my limits so I leaned over and planted a few kisses on her neck, then once more on her cheek,

“Later. You wore me out.” She turned her head to merge her lips with mine. This was already going to be an amazing morning.

Days went by, and I went back to work but instead of going back to my place, I immediately went back to Rose and spent time with her. From then on, things changed: my father was gone and Rose was here to stay. Rose was still a brilliant scientist who kept the secret of this Formula 62 to herself and became a stay at home wife. That’s right. A year later after this whole thing, I proposed to Rose and of course, she agreed. Perfect timing too because she gave me the good news: she was pregnant.

Three years have passed: we are still living in the same house with my beautiful wife along with my two amazing daughters. Rose still loved to experiment with her formula: our neighbour Ms. Jackson asked why she apparently saw two women having sex one night then another night she saw tentacles. What can I say? My wife was kinky. Speaking of, she soon developed Formula 63 which permanently left her in this amazing form and that was definitely for the best.

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