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After that final night of pleasure, after the elation and thrill wore off; fear and uncertainty taking their place, Sonia and I lost touch for many years. Somehow throughout that time I heard that she had in fact gotten pregnant with our child. But as the wheels of fate steer ever so slightly in our favor, she’d had a miscarriage a couple months into her first trimester.

For me, the aftermath of hearing the news had been bittersweet. Rejoicing had been replaced with longing, and the anticipation of seeing my cousin again grew with each passing day. The reels of our sexual encounters spun over and over in my mind like so many cinema movies. Most nights, while naked under the cool confines of my sheets waiting for sleep to overtake me, I smiled at the memories. It was within my mind those many nights that I sat, the lone voyeur in my own personal movie theater, viewing those trysts between us, the taste of her skin still fresh on my lips.

As a bachelor, the need for release was imminent, so I kept a special sock under my mattress for those occasions. Upon thinking of Sonia, my cock would begin to stir, awoken from its slumber. Within moments it’d be throbbing, eager to spill its contents into my sock.

I was like a moth, and she was the flame of desire I just couldn’t avoid. She was the promise of trouble, and I, the antagonist. She was the hooded individual peddling dreams to the downtrodden, and I was the customer, desperate for a fix. A fix that I could only get from her, my cousin.

However, out of sight, out of mind wasn’t just a quote. With enough time, the mind began replacing those urges and I began to forget what she looked like. The sexual memories became less and less frequent, and harder to recall. Not to mention I had become increasingly popular with other women, a far cry from my days of ridicule. Those days of personal resentment and self loathing in my physique had given me what some would call an unhealthy obsession with weightlifting, and a yearning for something that would enhance my confidence. And in just a year I had fine tuned myself into a stronger and ever confident picture of just how superficial the opppsite sex could be.

Women might swear that looks don’t matter, but I was irrefutable proof that they lie.

All it takes are two things: A muscular body and methamphetamine.

So one fateful day as I picked up my phone and opened my social media app like I’d done countless times before, imagine my surprise upon tapping on recently requested friends.

A solitary friend request. From Sonia.

For a fleeting instant, my heart raced, and I inhaled sharply. As if summoned by magic, all of the memories flooded my mind, but were dismissed just as quickly. Many years had passed, and we had both grown. There was no way she’d held onto our forays; they were only practice, a prerequisite to the many lovers we would each go on to meet and experience. With a resigned sigh I clicked on accept. As I scrolled and laughed at the posts of all my friends, my phone chimed with the loud fart that announced a notification.

It was a message from Sonia.

“Hey cuz!” It said.

“Hey yourself,” I typed back, “how are you? Its been a long time.”

“Yes it has,” came her reply. “I’m good! Alot has happened. Where are you?”

I told her.

“Are you serious? That’s only thirty minutes from us.” She typed back.

“Us?” was my reply. “You’re seeing someone?” My heart sank.

“We’re married,” she replied, nullifying any hope I might have had completely. “But he works all the time. You should come get me sometime so we can catch up. I can’t ever use the car because he’s always working.”

“Of course!” I typed eagerly. I still wanted to see her. She was my cousin after all, and my family had lost touch with so much of our family already.

I looked at my watch. It was only 11 a.m. on a Sunday.

A quick reasoning deduction told me that, although it was the sabbath, he must still be working, otherwise she’d have suggested coming to me. So I typed, “I can come pick you up today if you want. I’m not doing shit.”

It was true. I.hadn’t made any plans and I was all alone in my RV-turned-bachelor pad. I had a couple of women that I brought home from time to time, but these were women that shared a mutual interest. We’d do some crystal and fuck. There was minimal talking before and afterwards, never any emotional attachment between either kaçak iddaa of us, and we rarely spoke in between calls. However, it’d been better than a week since I’d had sex and my cock twitched at the slightest dirty thought.

“Yeah, that’s fine! Let me get ready. And here’s my address.” She typed.

“I miss you cuz. I can’t wait to see you again!”

With that, the conversation ended, and I sat my phone on the table.

I went to my small bathroom and started the shower. I had a very small hot water heater so I stepped out of my shorts and boxer briefs and into the warm water. I showered quickly, and remembered to shave my balls. Stepping out of the cold water, I toweled off and put on a couple sprays of my favorite cologne. I threw on a pair of jeans and a t shirt and brushed my long hair before wrapping it in a low bun right above my shoulders. After brushing my teeth, I gave myself a once over and headed out the door.

The drive to where she lived with her husband didn’t seem too long. With the whine of James Hetfields electric guitar pouring from my speakers, I sped onto the highway.

“It’s so good to see you again,” I said, pulling her into a hug outside of her house.

“You too,” she replied, her cheek pushing against my shoulder. “It seems like it’s been forever. I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” I said as I let go of her and looked her up and down. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The years had aged her well enough, but she still exuded the same sexual aura she did so many years ago. Her hair, the same shade of ebony, now had the slightest tinge of gray sprouting from its roots. Her body was still a delight to witness, with her prominent D cup tits and evident love handles. I would come to find that she’d had seven kids over the years we had been apart, but one could never discern that based on her appearance alone. Her belly was still petite and trim except for the obligatory baby fat, and as she stood before me dressed in a light green t shirt and short denim shorts, I felt a familiar warm sensation in my groin.

“So what do you want to do?” I asked, breaking my own fantasy. For the sake of self preservation, I knew I had to.

“Well he won’t be back until tonight. I really want to get out of this house for a little while, cuz.”

“Shit, let’s go then,” I replied, opening the car door.”

I didn’t have alot of money so I decided to just drive back to my RV since, fortunately, my car was very good on gas. Stepping inside I said, “Welcome to my humble abode, cuz.”

“Hey, I like it, cuz.” She said smiling.

“Hold on, let me go fire up the generator,” I said stepping out the door.

One pull of the cord and the portable generator roared to life. Stepping back inside, I quickly closed the door and cut on the window air conditioning unit. “Its too damn hot outside,” I breathed, the repercussions of the sweltering ninety degree heat evident in my face. It didn’t take long before the RV to begin its comforting decline in temperature

I took off my shirt and sat down on my bed/loveseat beside Sonia and picked up the remote control.

“What you want to watch?” I said pulling Netflix up on the screen in front of us.

“It don’t even matter cuz. I’m just glad to be out of that house for a little while.”

“Why? What’s the problem?” I asked while absentmindedly surfing through movies.

“Its nothing,” she said, looking at the floor. “He just drinks alot and it seems like we’re always arguing about something.”

Suddenly I became extremely aware of our close proximity to one another on my sofa bed, and I had a fleeting thought of switching seats. It seemed like the courteous thing to do, but I knew I couldn’t. The light aroma of apricots tap danced through my nostrils; the scent of her body lotion. I knew she had taken a shower too, and as the image of this bronze skinned beauty, naked under the spray, beaded dewdrops glistening down her neck along the swell of her ample breasts in a race to rest in the convex of her navel imprinted itself in my mind like a still life painting, I realized I was squirming next to her.

Did she think about it at all?

I cleared my throat, painfully aware of the fact that my cock was throbbing between my legs. I tried not to acknowledge it, willing it to retreat back to its normal flaccid state, but with Sonia sitting just inches away from me, it was to no avail. I felt her leg brush against kaçak bahis mine and suddenly my cock bulged angrily against the crotch of my jeans, begging for release from captivity.

At that moment I’d have given anything to fuck her again. I was going insane with lust. I waited for her to give me a sign, any small signal that our being in my house alone brought back a memory.

I stood up and briefly entertained the thought of retreating to my small bathroom and stroking myself to relief, but I dismissed it as quick as it came. My RV was just too small and crowded and Sonia would hear every bit of my “session.”

“He doesn’t…hit you, does he?” I asked, my anger ever ready to come roaring to the surface.

“No, cuz, nothing like that. It’s just that his cousin is always running his mouth about me being there, and when he gets drunk it’s like they gang up on me and I ain’t got anyone.”

“Why are you there then?” I asked. “Lord knows if it’s because you have nowhere to go…” I trailed off, kind of waving my hand around my place.

She just stayed quiet.

We spent the day watching Netflix and I smoked on a bowl while scrolling through my phone. I even made us hot pockets and before I knew it, I noticed the sun beginning to set outside the window.

“What time do you want me to take you back?” I asked her.

“It don’t matter,” she said softly, as she scooted herself closer to me. “I don’t really give a fuck if I go back tonight at all. He’s already running his mouth and I’m about to tell him to kiss my ass.”

My breath caught in my throat and my cock twitched slightly.

“You know you’re welcome to kick it here.” I said non chalantly.

“Hey cuz, let me have a line.” She said.

I looked at her sharply. “What? Have you ever done this shit?”

She cast me a sideways glare. “Come on now,” she deadpanned and I realized how silly my question was. Of course she had. Everyone in this town had. So I cut her out a small line and handed her the tray, where a rolled up dollar bill rest beside the pile. After she was finished, she stood and cut the faucet on and took an obligatory nasal rinse.

I slid over to give her room but she sat down right beside me and lay her head on my shoulder. Like a second nature I draped my arm around her and pulled her into my chest. My index finger lightly grazed the top of her breast and I decided to press my luck by moving my finger down. It was now resting comfortably on her tit and when she pulled my hand down so that my palm was planted right on it, I had to reposition myself. My cock sprang to attention. I craned my neck down and kissed the side of her head and as I pulled away she said, “let’s lay down. It’ll be more comfortable.”

I kicked my shoes off and used my elbows to pull myself up onto the bed and she lay beside me as I wrapped my arm around her. My hand freely roamed over her t-shirt, as I rubbed her belly and squeezed her full firm globes. When I slid my hand under her shirt, she leaned up and unfastened her bra, pulling it off and out of her t-shirt. My hands now carelessly explored her soft mounds, squeezing and pinching her nipples. I kissed her ear, nibbling on the lobe, and then I softly blew into it, relishing in her shudder of excitement.

It was like all those years had never passed. In three breaths her t-shirt was off and on the floor and I was on my knees in front of her and undoing the button on her shorts. Her gorgeous tits, sagging a bit from seven kids, pooled towards her sides. I chalked it up to gravitation as she lifted her ass just enough for me to pull her shorts down her legs and finally off her feet where I was greeted with a pair of tiny green thong panties that barely covered her smooth, hairless pussy.

I couldn’t get my shorts off fast enough.

I’d always loved the way a woman looks with just a pair of panties on. So I took a moment to admire my cousin and her underwear’s futile attempt at concealing her vagina, before peeling them off of her smooth tanned legs.

“Oh my God, Sonia.” I breathed as I pulled my cock out of my boxer briefs where precum had already begun staining the inside of the crotch. I put my head in between her legs and inhaled the musk of her sex, before I began flicking my tongue over her clit.

What began as a low moan in her throat soon became a pleasurable whine as I parted her lips with my fingers and hungrily continued flicking my tongue illegal bahis against the swollen nub at the top. I felt her hand grasping at my hair and I pushed my shoulders into the back of her thighs rolling her up onto her neck. Holding her legs back I shot my tongue rapidly down into her tight pink asshole.

“Oh Godddd!” She cried. “Fuuuck! Uhhhh fuuuck!”

I continued to tongue fuck her asshole as she squirmed and wriggled up under me, until finally I eased out from under her thighs and went back to work on her clit. I had waited for this for so long, and had imagined every single fantasy I could think of. I had craved the feel of my cousins pussy so intensely over the years that I’d dumped many loads of cum into my cum sock at just the thought of her. As my cock throbbed angrily, yearning to erupt like a volcano, I paced myself. I knew I wasn’t going to last long inside her after this. Just the smell of her soaking wet cunt made me want to cum right there!

“You gonna fuck me?” She asked breathlessly as I parted her legs with my knee.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you!” I replied, barely able to control myself.

“Do you got a condom?” She asked, a look of pure seriousness in her eyes.

“N, no.” I stammered. I hadn’t ever been concerned with condoms. Usually the girls I brought home to fuck had condoms.

“You gonna pull out?” She asked. “I’m not on birth control.”

(Clearly) I thought, a vision of seven kids dancing in my head. But I said, “Yes, I’ll pull out.”

I positioned my cock right over the tiny tight entrance to her love tunnel and I slid it in slowly, savoring the grip that I felt around my shaft. Even as wet as she was, and the fact that she’d pushed seven kids out of her cooch didn’t take away from the fact that she was still incredibly tight. I groaned out loud as I sank in all the way to my balls. I withdrew all the way to the tip of my cock head and then slowly thrust back into her, picking up speed and rhythm as I pumped in and out of her. I used my shoulders and pushed her legs back up, and with her feet to the sky I continued to pound my cousins forbidden pussy as she whined up at me.

“Mmmmmmmm! Oh my Godddd! Uhh! That feels so good!” She serenaded me with the sounds of her enjoyment as I groaned my approval.

“Oh fuuuck!” I breathed. “Oh my fucking God! Oh God Sonia, God your pussy feels so good! Uhhhh!”

“Yeah?” She purred. “Does it feel good cuz? Did you miss my pussy? Uhhhh…fuuuuck!” She gasped as she clawed my back with her nails. I felt her legs begin to tremble and from her sharp, rapid breathing I could tell she was in the grip of an orgasm. I slowed my pace giving her long slow strokes as I rode the wave of her orgasm with her and when she finally caught her breath she screamed.

“Fuuuuck! Oh myyy Godddd! Fuuuck! Uhhhhh!” She cried as she threw her pussy against my torso, meeting my thrusts half way. She was fucking me back and that’s when I felt the old familiar tingle of sperm boiling in my sac. As I felt the cum rising up from my balls, I knew I had to make a choice.

I continued pumping and decided I simply didn’t care. I was going to cum and I was going to cum inside her. And as I felt the semen pass over my prostate and enter my shaft I groaned “oh Sonia…fuuuuck!” As the cum shot out of my cock with the force of a gunshot. I groaned loudly as spurt after spurt after spurt of thick potent cum flooded my cousins tight fertile cunt, swimming to and pushing past her cervix. I felt the clasping velvet folds of her forbidden pussy pulling each shot of sperm deeper and deeper into her, and I was powerless to stop it. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had and I just knew that I was getting her pregnant. I was putting a baby inside my beautiful cousin at that very moment and I knew that the consequences of my actions right then would possibly come back to bite me. But I didn’t care. As I drained every drop of my potent sperm deep inside her pussy all I could think about was the pleasure I felt.

Nothing I’d ever felt before could compare to the sheer pleasure that was coursing through my body right then and when my cock twitched with the last feeble pulse of cum, I pulled it out of her and watched as thick white sperm gushed out of her pussy, and dribbled down her ass crack before pooling into a puddle on the sheets between her legs. It oozed out of her for what seemed like forever before she said, “uhhhh. Oh fuuuuck.”

This time she was whimpering. “Oh fuck cuz. No. Oh no.”

She missed her period 2 weeks later.

Two more weeks and her belly began to swell.

I had impregnated my cousin.

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