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I can’t believe this. I’m getting fired? I joined here just two days ago. And I’m getting fired for misplacing ONE document? The boss was silent for a while after he told me the news.

“Look Clinton, I don’t hate you. But I hate carelessness. I think you have a lot of that. And I don’t want that in my office,” Evan smiled the whole time while he was lecturing me on why I was careless. I could have just stormed out of the room. But I didn’t. I got this job after two years of unemployment. If not for this, I would be on the streets. I needed to convince Evan that I would not repeat the mistake. Maybe he’s just angry, that’s all. But that smile, it was weird.

“Sir, I beg you, I will never repeat this again. I don’t know how it happened. I still remember giving the correct file to Benjamin in the office. I accept full responsibility. But please don’t fire me”

Evan gave a long sigh. “Sit down,” he demanded. I sat down on the chair hoping that he would give me a last chance at this job. He stood up from his chair and slowly walked towards me.

“How important is this job to you?” Evan asked while still strolling around the back of my chair.

“Very, Sir. I don’t know what I will do, if you fire me. I love this job. I will be completely lost without it,” I said with as much grievance I could gather.

“Well see Clinton, for important things in your life, you have to make compromises,”, Evan said while he slowly started massaging my shoulders.

I froze for a minute. What is he up to? I tried to turn my head around.

“Nope, you stay like that. In fact, if you do everything, I ask you to, from this moment onward, I’ll let you keep your job. If not, you can leave my office right now. How about that?”

His hands were still on my shoulders. I did not know what to do. How can I decide something without knowing what he meant by that? I was quiet.

“Good decision Clinton. But still there is a lot of tests you have to go through before I can trust that you are true to your word. Starting now.”

What word? I didn’t say anything. I froze like a deer in headlights when he made the deal. What the fuck is he going to ask me to do?

“Test number 1,”, Evan seemed excited. He had that smile again from before. “Bolt that door, Clinton.”

Is he going to beat me? Fuck me? I had no idea. But I had no choice. I need this job. I did as he asked me to.

“Nice job! But still, lots to go,” Evan sounded like he had a plan. He sat on his chair and put his legs on top of the table.

“Remove your shirt,” Evan pointed to me and said. By now, I understood what he said before. I don’t know if I can do Ankara escort this. My life depends on it. But I’m not gay. I decided to go with it till I can. I removed my shirt and put it on his table.

“Nice, better than I expected. But you don’t have a single mark on your body. We are going to change that later. For now, open that cupboard and take out the collar on the second shelf.”

Collar? What collar? I opened the door to see a black leather collar, with the text: `Evan’s Slave` written on it. I understood where this might lead to and what I may have to give up for this job.

“What are you waiting for? Wear it on your neck. Now.” Evan ordered. The collar was a bit tight, but the leather was comfortable. While I stood there, Evan got up and examined me. Then he took the string of the collar and pulled me towards him.

“You know why my room is the only one in this floor. You know why it has thick glasses?” Evan said with a glimmer in his eyes.

“uhm, Because, you’re the boss?”

“Yes, but more importantly, it’s because from time to time, I need to teach that to men like you”

Evan pulled me towards his chair and sat on it. I almost tripped and fell down. He immediately unzipped his pants and threw it away.

“You know what to do babe,” Evan teased me.

I stood there thinking whether I can really do this. I felt disgusted to see his cock. It was already erect. It was average in size but was really thick. And his balls looked big as well. He had really sexy legs for a boss. And the tip looked juicy. WHAT THE FUCK. Why am I looking at his penis?

Evan had little patience though. He pulled my collar tie down and looked at my face before saying: “You agreed to this. Now you are my slave. You’ll do everything I ask you to. Don’t worry you are going to enjoy it too. Unless, otherwise, you decide to quit?”

I wasn’t looking at his face. I was looking at his cock. Why am I fascinated by it? I thought I was straight.

“Oh, you want it? You’re better than I thought. I’ll make a good cocksucker out of you,” Evan immediately pulled me down to my knees after saying that. He then pushed my head down to his legs.

FUCK IT. I placed both my hands on his legs and began to suck it. I felt a wave of warmth and excitement going through my body. It was good! I actually liked it. Evan’s cock was really thick. And I wanted to savor every moment of it.

I licked the top of his cherry. He looked surprised that I was now liking all this. I started smiling at him.

“Fuck, I didn’t know you were gay. I’m going to have lots of fun with you,” Evan eyes lit up. He pressed my head deep onto his Ankara escort bayan cock. Even I didn’t know I was gay. But this feels awesome!

BLURP. A wave of precum decorated the tip off his cock.

Ah! Evan moaned softly. I started licking the precum. It was good! Why didn’t I do this before? A man’s cock seemed to be the answer to everything, for me, at that moment. I started caressing his balls, it was surprisingly heavy. I licked his cock the whole length up and down, teasing him and started to blow him while looking straight at his eyes. He seemed to enjoy it very much. He grabbed my head and pushed his cock even deeper into my throat. I gagged and coughed a bit. But he didn’t seem to care.

He slapped my face and held it by my lips. I was pouting at him. “You going to do it properly?” he asked. “Yes master,” Suddenly I was a gay man waiting for my inner desires to be fulfilled. I liked him.

“You are good. Please me well, and I promise you, you will do great in this company,” Evan continued to fuck my face. My face heated up. I was getting short of breath. But I needed to please my master. I sucked his cock as deep as I can. He started moaning heavily. He was about to cum. He quickly pulled my face towards his cock. He ejaculated all over my face. My face was covered with his cum. I started licking my lips.

“Ahhh, fuck I haven’t had a good suck like that in years,” Evan exclaimed with joy. “I’m promoting you next month.”

I was beyond overjoyed. This is the best thing that happened in my life. I discovered that sucking cock is my passion and I get paid for it?

“Don’t waste that cum babe,” Evan commanded. I quickly took the cum off my face with my fingers and started licking it. It tasted a bit plain, but the feeling was beyond this world. An hour ago, I didn’t even know I was gay, now I’m licking another man’s cum with pleasure.

Evan got up and ordered me to lose my pants. “Your ass looks sweet, Clinton,” Evan chuckled.

I was unsure of Evan’s new idea. Sucking dick is one thing, but getting fucked in the ass? I don’t have it in me.

“Sir, I’m not sure I…”

Evan quickly pushed me onto the table and bent me down on it.

“Sir, please…”

Before I could say anything, he dropped my pants and began fingering my ass. I felt amazing. I felt so much warmth towards Evan. I started moaning.

“If you want me to stop, say it now.” Evan asked me.

“Fuck me, Master,” I said, still moaning with pleasure.

Evan placed his cock between my ass cheeks and barely touched my hole. He started teasing me. He was still fingering one hand, while caressing my ass Escort Ankara with his cock. I couldn’t wait no more.

“Master, please, I need you inside me,” I begged him.

He chuckled, and slapped my ass. I let out a soft moan. He slowly inserted his cock into my hole. The initial experience was a bit painful. My hole had never been stretched that like. Evan was gentle with me. He slowly took it out and massaged the hole with his cock. Then he inserted it again but with greater force.

“Ahh, fuck,” I shouted.

“I know,” Evan said, “But it’s just getting started.”

He started thrusting his cock faster and with greater force. I moaned harder each time. He took hold of my body and continued fucking me. I had to grab both sides of the table. It started feeling a bit painful, but feeling Evan’s cock inside me felt good. Evan suddenly took hold of my cock and started stroking it. He was fucking me and now he’s stroking me too. This man knows his stuff. I started to feel affection for him.

He fucked me harder and stroked me even harder each time. I moaned loudly before I ejaculated all over his hands. I felt relieved. And pleased, more than ever. I have had sex with women before, but this was nothing like that. Master quickly took his hands and inserted his fingers into my mouth, I started licking my own cum.

“Fuck me harder, Master”

I could feel his cock was getting bigger. He let out a loud moan: “Fuckkkk,” before exploding his cum inside my ass. He lay on top of me on the table. My face was below his now. We both satisfied each other, more than we thought.

“Clinton, you’re my favorite fuck toy from now on. I’m going to fuck you every day. I’m going to call you to my house every weekend, and you will come. Is that clear?”

“Anything for you master,” I exclaimed with satisfaction.


We both cleaned ourselves and put our clothes back on. He took my underwear and said:

“I want this. As a memoir”

“But sir, I might get hard…”

“Yes, and I want to see how that goes,” he laughed

“Before you go, I have an apology to make,” Evan said to me with a look of genuine kindness in his eyes.

“What is it Sir?”

Evan buzzed Benjamin inside and closed the door. He opened his shirt and showed me his chest. It was written: “Evan’s Slave” with a red heart symbol.

“Benjamin misplaced the file purposefully. You planned this!”

“Yes” Evan then proceeded to kiss me. It was the first time we kissed. It felt good to have his firm, wet lips all over my mouth.

“But I like you now. And I will take care of you, if you let me,” Evan said, while looking at both of us.

“I’m yours, Master,” Benjamin said, and winked at me.

“As I am,” I said, smiling.

As we both left the room, Benjamin squeezed my ass.

“Well this is going to be interesting,” I said to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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