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When I was 18 my Aunt Karen came to live with my family after her divorce. All in all she stayed with us for about 2 years. These years turned out to be the most special time I had in my life..

My first sexual experience happened when I was 18, Aunt Karen had been living with us for about 4 months.

I look back on that summer morning with true, loving memories. They were very special.

It all started out with me being in a bad mood as my younger sister Laya had been getting on my nerves at breakfast. She had found out from friends at college that no girl would come near me as I was well endowed, they were scared of my penis size. So she had been teasing me about this, I was not happy.

My mam and dad were going food shopping, I refused to go, but Laya had to go with them.

Mam said I should be in a better mood when they got back and I had to make Aunt Karen a cup of coffee. They left and when to make Karen a coffee, after making it I went upstairs to take it to her bedroom, I thought it would be a nice surprise.

The surprise was on me!

I saw the door was slightly open, I just walked in. There was Aunt Karen in her bra and knickers laying on her bed masturbating! She sat up and shouted at me to get out! I did very quickly and went straight to my bedroom, I was so embarrassed.

After about 15 minutes I heard Aunt Karen calling on me to go and see her. I thought here goes I am in trouble, she will tell my mam about it.

I knocked on the door and Karen told me to come in, she was sitting on her bed this time with a dressing gown covering herself up.

“You know Lee I am sorry for shouting at you before, I was embarrassed and my reaction was to shout, sorry” Aunt Karen apologised.

“Oh Aunt Karen, I am sorry I should have knocked on the door. This was your personal and private time, I am sorry” I replied.

“Don’t worry Lee, I thought you had all gone out shopping. I should have made sure first,” Said Karen.

She leaned over and gave me a hug, then a kiss on the cheek for me, then she gave me another hug.

This time the hug was longer and I felt her a lot closer to me, in fact, I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. I liked that.

We broke from our embrace and the movement must have loosened her gown, as her breasts were beşiktaş escort on show in that bra. I just looked, I could not hide it!

She noticed straight away, but to my amazement Aunt Karen said “Lee, have you ever saw a woman’s breasts for real? Would you like to see mine?”

I was blushing a little, but this is what I had thought about. Aunt Karen was a beautiful woman. Long brunette hair, dark eyes, olive skin and she was a curvy woman. Her breasts were about 36 dd and she had a nice waist and bum.

“I would like to look at your breasts, yes. I’ve not seen a woman’s boobs like this only in mags and on tv ” I replied.

“Ok honey. Here look” Karen said as she took off her robe and unhooked her bra.

When her bra fell to the floor, I was shown the most beautiful rounded breasts I have ever seen, large and full with nice round nipples. Karen was 32 and had not had children so her breasts were very pert and not sagging, they were perfect.

I just looked and looked! Then she took my hand and placed it on her breast and started to feel herself with my hand. She was looking at me.

“Do you like your Aunt Karen’s boobs Lee? I like showing them to you. It makes me feel alive again,” she said.

“Wow they are beautiful, you are beautiful Aunt Karen,” I replied.

I started to feel myself getting an erection, this was embarrassing.

I think Karen was looking for this and when she saw the bulge in my shorts getting bigger she had a little giggle and said” Don’t worry, it obvious you’re going to get aroused, you are only young it’s natural. Just let it happen”.

She stood up and took down her knickers, she was now naked.

She stood me up and slowly pulled down my shorts and underpants, and took off my t-shirt.

“We are both naked now Lee, so we cannot be shy! Have you had any naughty fun with a girl yet?”

“No, I mean I want to but no girl will come near me because they say my cock is big!” I said.

She knelt in front of me, and just looked at my semi erect cock, took it in her hand and started gently to stroke it.

“I think the girls are right, it is a big boy Lee, it is very thick. Can I get your cock fully hard?” she replied.

I just nodded my head I was speechless. She began to stroke my cock and beşiktaş eve gelen escort looking up at me and smiling. She then gave it a kiss, this made it twitch up and down.

“Oh I liked that, it’s twitching up and down!” Karen giggled.

“Lee if you promise not say anything, we can play with each other for a while before anyone comes home. I need to feel close to someone again and I cannot think of anyone better than you, my handsome nephew. Do you want to?” Karen asked.

“I would love that Aunt Karen, is this wrong?” I said.

“It is wrong but in some ways it is right, you are a good looking young man you just happen to be my nephew.. So don’t say a word to anyone what is going to happen this morning. If your mum finds out, I am in trouble. She is my big sister!” Karen said.

She opened the window so we could hear for the car pull in the driveway. She took me by the hand and we lay on the bed together. We started to kiss and the feeling was electric. I could feel her tongue with mine. I began to suck her breasts, I loved suckling on her nipples and kissing them.

She got me to rub her vagina as she started to stroke my cock again. I could feel my cock dribbling and Aunt Karen was getting wet too.

She got up and moved around the bed so she was kneeling in between my legs, and she was stroking my cock, looking to her left as she was looking in the mirror at our love making.

“I want this big willy of yours in my mouth so I can feel its size. Lee, for a young lad, your cock is very big” she said as she began to suck me off.

I was loving every moment of this and was watching her suck my cock. Karen then just started stroking me I was looking at her boobs wobbling about. I could see her thinking.

“Lee, I want you to have your first time with Auntie Karen. Let me take your cock inside me. I know it is wrong but I have wanted you deep down in my mind since I moved in with you all.”

I lay there, my cock rock hard. I pulled her up towards me. She took hold of my cock and started to put it inside her as she sat on me, cowgirl position. She gave out a gasp of air as my cock was fully inside her.

“Oh wow Lee, your fucking cock is so good inside me. You don’t know how much Auntie Karen wants this so bad. I beşiktaş grup yapan escort am such a lucky girl to have this big dick inside me. I am a lucky Auntie” She purred.

I could tell she was getting off on this, me a young lad, a virgin, a big cock and I was her nephew. It was taboo. She was looking in the mirror as she rode my cock telling me too look too.

“Look at my Lee Fucking his Auntie Karen. Auntie Karen has wanted you to breed with her for a long time” she moaned.

I loved watching our reflection too, so Karen suggested that we try the spoons position so we could both watch better. We got in position, facing the big mirror. I was kissing her neck and shoulder, she had her hand on my hip, guiding my speed speed back and forward, her breasts looked amazing as they bounced about.

“We look good together Lee, look at how my nephew is making his Aunt feel special again. This can’t be wrong, it looks and feels so perfect” Karen told me as we made love.

Karen got up and lay down on her back and asked me to lick her clitoris. She told me what and how to do it. She was loving this, looking down at me and looking across at our reflection as I licked and sucked her clitoris.

She was feeling her boobs and had a hand behind my head moving my mouth in closer as she started to cum, her body was shuddering with each orgasm. She had a finger in her mouth to stop her from making too much noise..

She pulled me up to her so I was on top, she got hold of my cock and guided me inside her vagina.

“Oh Lee honey, I want you to buck me as hard and as fast as you can. Auntie Karen wants you to cum inside her. I want to feel your sperm shoot inside my fanny, I love you that much.. I want your cum inside me regardless of what might happen” she moaned.

I began to buck her hard, we were now on the verge of orgasm together, when we heard the car pull up on the driveway. Our family was back!

“Don’t stop now, you can’t. Keep going Lee. Oh my god, I am going to cum” Karen told me.

I carried on I could not stop, we began to orgasm together it was perfect. I must have shot my load of sperm so hard! Her big breasts bouncing underneath my chest, her legs around me.

We got up and quickly gathered our clothes up, I ran to my room. We never got caught.

Aunt Karen and I would make love at any time we could at home when nobody was home or asleep, she would also take me for a drive in the countryside where we would fuck in corn fields.

I hope to tell you more about what Auntie Karen taught her Nephew Lee, soon.

We loved each other very much our attraction was too much to hold back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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