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Big Dick

Chapter 25: High heels In the Woods

Part 1 is Ch. 24

The next morning I sat down and realized what I had done, and I better get to the doctor and get myself tested to make sure that I had not got anything. When the doctor’s office called and said no problem, “Thank you sweet Jesus, than you!” Will next time I’ll use protection.

I told myself that I wanted to help those men anyway I could and see if I could give them a helping hand. The next night when my husband got home I ask him if he had any old clothes that he may want to give to the homeless and when he looked at me like are you getting religion on me. I smiled and said

“I’m cleaning out my closets and going to give it to a homeless shelter and laugh.”

He said he did have a few thing that were old but might help someone. I called a few of my married friends and told them I was getting a few thing together for a homeless shelter and went though the same song. By weeks end I had boxes of old clothes for kids, woman, and men. I spent the weekend going over what I had gathered and put to the side what I wanted to give to the guys. I tried to make it where every guy got about the same thing and no more or no less.

This was becoming a full time job trying to get her boys fixed up. Every 2 days she would take a bag of can goods to the gate and leave them. She knew that they would make soup out of the can vegetables she left and they needed the vitamins. It was Sunday night and she still didn’t have all her clothes for the guys so that would just need to be put off for the next visit. Tomorrow would be a lunch and show time for them, she only had a few more visits before they head south. During the week she had gone to see one of her girlfriends who was married to a much older guy. Her friend was 35 and the husband was 62 and she had been told that the old guy had to take the little blue pill to get it up. She wanted to know all about it and did it work.

Over lunch she got the chat around to sex and the husbands and how they were performing. She asks her friend does that blue shit work? “Oh girl does it he takes it 2 hours before and that thing is hard and good for 2 hours. Damn can I see one what does it looks like?” Her friend went to the bath and opens the medicine cabinet and took down the bottle and open and poured some out into Marca’s hand. “That is it one and he is up all night”. When the woman turned to show Marca something else in the bath, Marca took 2 of the pills and put them in her pocket and put the rest back in the bottle and gave them back to the friend.

On Monday as her husband was going out the door she waved goodbye and got out of her robe quick to get her day started. She had got an 8-pound ham, made potato salad and coleslaw the night before. And with a jug of milk she had lunch ready, paper plates, cups, plastic forks, knives and napkins were in order. She had a busy week just trying to get ready for her Monday visit with her boys and today she had to put on something sexy, as per the request. She had gone to the discount store and found the cheapest pair of high heels she could get. They were platform 6″ heels, when she put them on she look like a whore and felt like one.

“I can’t walk across the room in them how can I walk down to the stump!”

She put on an old short tight min-skirt that was black and a black thong. The top was a black and white peasant blouse. She had shaved the night before put on a lot of cheap perfume for the big day.

With her 2 bags of goodies for lunch she headed for the back gate, she had to walk slowly because of the heels, and the bags were heavy. She had to stop and rest 4 times before she got to the rise. When she got to the top she could see her boys standing by the gate all-looking in her direction. Big smile’s broke out and the gate open and they came running to meet her, they could see she was struggling with the bags and it was all she could do to hold them off the ground and walk. When they got to her she was out of breath and had to stop and take a deep breathe before she could go on.

“Will I see everyone has used the razors I left.” “I hope you all took a bath this morning?” They all answered at one time like a bunch of schoolboys, “YES Ms. MARCA!” The big Black guy step up and said “our ladies needs some help” and with that he picked her up in his big arms and held her close and looked at the rest and said “lets go to the stump.”

Marca put her arms around the big guy’s neck and looked at him and said, “you can be a sweet guy when you want to, can’t you?” He smiled and said “I’ll be anything you want Ms. Marca, I’m just not going to let etiler escort anything happen to you!” I love what he did to me the last time! I felt safe in the big mans arm and being with him, it had been just a few days ago that he raped me in the ass with his giant black cock.

He carried me all the way to camp and no one said a word on the trip, which I found to be unusual. When we got to the stump he put me down and they all just stood and looked at me. I looked back and said “what no chatter; cat got your tongue!” They said they found a sign that the woods was being put up for sale and whoever bought it would make homes out of it just like had happen to my side of the stream. Next spring they may not have a place to come back to. I said so be it, but lets take care of the day, and with that they all smiled and said you got it. They told me they had something to show me.

We went up the side of the hill deeper into the woods to a hide away place where they had put an old iron 4 posted bed. The mattress was fresh cut grass/hay and was covered with an army blanket. They had put fresh flowers on top and I could see they were looking forward to the day’s actives. They were like bunch of kids at Xmas, and a few of the guys just wanted to talk to me. They had not been around a woman in so long they just wanted to be near one. One guy came up to me while the other were getting the place ready I had told them to put the food away but keep the milk in a cool place.

The guy who wanted to chat, got me off to the side and told me he had a problem with his sex drive and that he would be laugh at by the others when they saw he could not get it up. I told him, “let me take care of that, I know what to do!”

Everyone took their seat and I walked around letting them see my legs and my ass. God did it stand out in the heels, I bent over so every guy could see my ass and up my legs down my blouse and any other view he could have. I took off my skirt and did the same number in my thong and top and you could see them getting excited and a few were rubbing their cocks. After 30 minutes of this teasing I pulled my top off and rubbed my tits and squeezed and licked them kissing and feeling them as I walked around all the men. I would then get up in the face of each guy and tell him to lick the nipple and tell him he can’t touch, just lick. This drove them crazy and I ended back on the bed on my back pulling my thong off and holding it up in the air on my high heels. When I flipped it off it shot across the bed and I rolled over and went to my all 4’s and shook my tits and wiggled my ass at them.

I looked at them and said, “who wants to fuck?” With that I had high five’s and back slapping and 8 horny guys ready to go. A big yes came out loud and strong. I told one of the guys to look in the milk bag and get the little slips of papers out and make sure each guy gets one. On the slips were numbers. Also get the condoms out of the bag and he went to passing them out and the games were ready to begin. “Everyone got a number?” They all held them up and I could see it was show time. “Listen up, if you do oral this morning, you fuck after lunch, that is how it is, any question?” Everyone looked around and not a word was said. “Number 2 and 7 lets go!” They had all took off their clothes as I was doing my strip and no one was going to be late for this party, when Ms. Marca said jump they asked how high.

My pussy was ready the minute I left the house and my tits got hard as soon as the big black guy picked me up in his arms. I needed no help in getting ready for my playtime. The first two guys up had no problem of getting it up so I didn’t have to think about it working for them. It was 10 when they got on the bed with me and I was going to do round one with all by 12:30./1:00 (lunchtime). We were sucking and licking and feeling and kissing every sex organ we each had my tits were the center of attention at all time. Someone had his hands or mouth on them at all times. I love to have my tits sucked and the guys knew by this time what made me get hot and what I liked.

It was just a matter of minutes before I had one of the cocks in my mouth and sucking him and before too long I put a condom on a root, most of the time not knowing who’s it was. This told the guy to move to my pussy and do what you want. Most of the men would lick it and kiss it for a few minutes to get my taste on their tongue and mouth and when I was ready to fuck I got in a dog position and spread my legs.

To feel a hard cock going in my love hole was a thing of bless and having these men watch me and know that each was eve gelen escort going to get some part of me made it just that much more exciting. On all 4’s and having a tool ramming into me and sucking one at the same time caused me one problem! I would need to take my mouth off the hard and moan and scream whenever I had my orgasms. As soon as I had got my breath I would go back to my licking and sucking. Doing 2 at one time was no trouble and it made them work harder trying to get me to get off which was a big thing to them. They wanted to tell each other later how they had made me cum. I had news for them I made myself cum just anything in my pussy made me cum.

Some times I would change the system up and get off the bed and stand at the foot and spread and let one eat my pussy and ass as he got on his knees and went after it. While I had the other guy stand in the bed and I sucked him off. Most of the guys knew that he who was on my pussy eating and sucking was the one who got to fuck it first. But I still had the last say; I put the condom on and told them when, they knew how. These men were all in there 40’s and 50’s. That 3 of them were old enough to be my father didn’t make any difference to me they had cocks and wanted to fuck. The sex drive of a guy this age was not that of a 25 year old, but with 8 of them it was like having 2 guys who were 25 for the night. Not many of the men could last more than 20 or 25 minutes; I had to pace the action to keep them from going off to soon.

The big black guy and one other man had staying power. I learned over these sessions that these two were the youngest and had not been on the streets that long. Both could do something with that tool they had, they could cum harder and more than the other guys. But I had so many climaxes that no one knew who was doing a good job or who was just helping me have one.

THERE ARE 3 TYPES OF ORGASMS, Number 3 is GOOD, number 2 is BETTER AND number 1 is BEST.

I always have a good one even when I did myself.

The guy who could not get it up was a shy very quite guy, always had a smile on his face never said a thing but you could tell he was always thinking. During the first session I gave him a head job, and faked a climax as if he shoot off in my mouth. I made an announcement to the group you better see what he is doing for he got the system down right. That made him feel like a top dog and the hoot and the bull shit went flying.

What he didn’t know was that at lunch I had crushed one of the pills up the night before and had it ready to mix into who’s food I wanted it to go in. I slip his pill into his potato salad and would not pick him until last that afternoon. It took 2 hours for the thing to work so I was told, will the test was about to happen. When his turn came he got to the bed and look down at his cock you could see it getting stiff and the look on his face was “Damn how did that happen”. I looked at him and said we better get a condom on that big thing and soon! I slip it on got on all 4’s and he was holding my hips before I could spread my legs. I looked back and said in a low voice slow, take your time make it last make it feel good. “Yes Ma”. He was going to town in a matter of a few minutes. I had the second guys cock and was sucking and licking and kissing his balls, after several orgasms I sucked the cock dry and got my 8th mouth full of cum for the day.

Damn that pill is working he is still humping and when I looked back he had that look on his face like I’m trying but it want go off. I reached back between my legs and took hold of his nuts and began to squeezes them and roll them in my fingers, to prime them to shoot. Not knowing what was happening, he just kept pumping and humping and I could feel him trying to strain to get them to go off. God this might go for a while. “IT DID” He went for 45 minutes and gave me to many climax’s and god was I glade he was the last one. When he pulled out I looked at his cock to see how much cum he had in the condom, not that much but he didn’t care that boy had himself a ride and I would say it was a 1) BEST.

My big black guy looked at me when everyone was back in the bleachers and he had that look of “Baby it’s time for your ass fucken!” He had raped me the last time and I loved it! I wanted his black cock back in my ass.

He knew instinctively that it was time — time to ram his burgeoning cock deep up into my softly waiting rectum, its entrance now well lubricated by cum from the others. He came toward the bed and everyone just stop what they were doing and looked on as if this was the final act. God it was fatih escort and what an act. When I saw him coming back to the bed I turned and got on all 4’s and knew not to say anything. He got on the bed and ran his big hands over my round ass and in a low voice told me what a perfect ass I had and how he had dreamed of making it his private cum hole.

He than began to pull my hips high in the air, he pressed outward with his thumbs and opened the softly yielding crevice of her buttocks to his gaze. Then, positioning the smooth rubbery head of his cock against the tiny puckered mouth between, he moved up another inch, and Marca moaned as he wormed the first tiny portion of his penis into the tiny cringing circle with a pressured assault that made her grunt openly with pain. Still he continued to press forward and penetrate her hopelessly resisting anal passage, until half of his massive cock was buried up inside the tightly clasping aperture. Marca groaned aloud, savoring the lewd sensation of him bending her to his will as her burning entrails closed like a tightly clinched fist over his hardened length. “Uuuuuuugggg!” Marca screamed and she tried to twist her buttocks away, but he held her firmly and with her bucking body aiding more than stopping him, he rammed forward with a buttock-flattening lurch and filled her full of his hard, turgid shaft.

“Push back!” he commanded, and she did, for every way was agony for her, and she tried to fart and opened her ass that final inch and stretched her buttocks wider until she thought she was going to rip open right up the middle. His viscously coated penis surged into her until his balls slapped her up-tilted vaginal slit, and then crooning with delight. He began to fuck mercilessly in and out of her, watching her as he kneeled above her moon-shaped ass cheeks as the darken/reddish skin of her now oval stretched little anus drew back with his cock, grasping possessively at it as if it didn’t want him to leave.

At first the pressure had almost been too much, but now it was just right, promising to draw his sperm out of his testicles with the ferocity of a sucking vacuum. He thrust forward again, and his cock renewed with tingling fire. He would cum soon, and all the way up into her lovely buttocks! Shit! Oh Shit God this is good! Were the words coming out of her mouth.

The constant pumping was still a discomfort, and strangely, she felt a growing wetness between her legs, and she tried to concentrate on this perverted response of hers as she found that she was actually squirming back against his cock, heaving and undulating her backside in tiny, welcoming circles! Marca couldn’t halt the rising tide of obscene excitement that was reaching her hot throbbing pussy and she began to mumble, no longer feeling pain or discomfort. But raising her buttocks higher so she could absorb more of him up inside her nakedly upturned ass hole. More and more to quench the raging fire which was flaming like a forest fire inside her loins now!

The crazed, lust-inciting scene was too much for her! She was going to cum… Oh, God, she was going to cum like she never had before… Ohhhhh… She moved her left hand back underneath herself, along her belly to her hot wet cunt, where she ground her middle finger up inside, fingering it faster and faster, desperately prodding her orgasm on as insane, hurricane-like waves of desire washed through her. Faster and faster her fingers fucked into her hungrily exploding vagina and faster and faster the panting black cock behind her fucked into her rectum as she Then… though only moments had passed… cried out: “I’m cummmmmiiiiinnnnggggg!” He heaved forward in a hip-crushing jolt to meet the eagerly absorbing rectum of the wildly twisting woman as the first spurts of his semen burst along his shaft and filled almost to the rim.


I had to rest after that and they had a shower ready for me. The guys had put up on a tree branch an old bucket with small nail holes in the bottom and one guy poured warm water in it and the shower flowed out on me. I made that part of the show for them washing my ass, pussy and tits. Getting soap all over them and having the water run down my body just made it shine. By the time I dressed and was ready to go, “Any request for next week”. Just make it good Ms. Marca. Big guy carried me back to the gate as the rest ran behind him as if they were making sure I was safe and sound. When we got to the gate he put me down and they were looking at me and waiting for me to say something. I told them you guys better be careful about peeking in these bedroom windows at night, you may get caught. How did you know we been watching you? “I didn’t until just than”, and walked off wiggling my ass as I made my way in 6″ platform heels, “God who’s idea was it to wear high heels!” When I got to the rise I turned and they were still watching, I blew them a kiss and went home.

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