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Ms. Laura: Chapter Six

I sat down at the table and Ms. Laura pushed a tray of food in front of me. It was hard to eat. This woman Shay was staring at me with the biggest grin on her face. It was a little creepy.

“Johnny once you’re done, Shay here promised to take us to her place for dinner, then back to the hotel. Are you okay with that?” Ms. Laura asked obviously up to something.

I nodded; though in my head I was screaming no. What was I doing? I had to tell her what I was feeling, but if I didn’t now, in front of a stranger, it would be terribly awkward for both of us.

Thinking about it, having dinner at Shay’s place wasn’t exactly a terrible thing. I could play the good nephew for a few hours while Ms. Laura and her friend chatted.

“Good,” Shay smiled, “I’m parked in the north lot.”

I finished eating quickly because the two women were already done an waiting. By the time we left the store was closing and the parking lot was a ghost town. Shay’s car was right in front. It was a green minivan with honor roll bumper stickers.

When I saw it I felt my worries shift. This Shay was clearly a soccer mom and the weird vibe I was getting from her washed away. On the other hand I was the willing sex slave of an older woman now in this soccer moms car.

Again I questioned what I was getting myself into. Shay unlocked the van and opened the slider for me. I was immediately confronted by a car seat and children’s toys laying in the seat.

She frowned, “sorry I’ll clear this stuff out Johnny. The kids are with their dad this weekend. Unfortunately their things aren’t.”

She climbed in back on her hands and knees to move the things. As she did I caught sight of her round bottom wiggling at me. Her tight jeans pulled down part way revealing the top of a pink thong. My thoughts immediately went to sex.

I looked away. This is what got me where I was and she wasn’t even Ms. Laura. She was someone’s mother. I am a freak.

Shay finished and backed out allowing me to get in. Ms. Laura took the passenger seat then Shay got in the driver. Once we were all buckled up she started the van.

“You okay back there Johnny?” Ms. Laura asked.

“I’m good,” I said nodding.

But I was anything but good. I was sitting in the back seat of a mini-van wearing no underwear and a cock leash. In the front of me were a soccer mom and a dominatrix I called my aunt. To push it over the top I’m pretty sure I sat down of some stale cheerios.

I should have stayed chained up for the cleaning ladies this morning. They might have been used to it.

I caught sight of Shay looking at me again in the rearview mirror. We made eye contact and didn’t break for a good minute.

“Johnny, how old are you?” She asked.

I broke the stare, “eighteen.”

She chuckled, “so young! Ms. Laura tells me you’ve been having girl troubles. I don’t believe that someone as handsome as you shouldn’t have that problem.”

I hesitated to answer. When was this about me?

“That’s okay Johnny. You just need to grow into yourself,” Shay’s eyes returned to the road.

We were at her house in the suburbs in no time at all. It was small white ranch home with a well-trimmed lawn and a child’s picnic bench in front. We walked up and Shay showed us in.

She found Ms. Laura a seat on the couch and then sat on the opposite side. Awkwardly I was left standing.

“Would you like a drink?” Shay asked, “I got a few sodas in the fridge.”

“Sure,” Ms. Laura said then looked at me, “why don’t you be a dear and get us a few drinks.”

“That would be sweet,” Shay said excited, “I’ll have a coke. The kitchen is straight around the corner.”

“I’ll have one too,” Ms. Laura added.

I followed her directions easily enough and found the sodas. It was weird that she would ask me in her own home to grab them though.

That when it hit me what was going on. I knew Ms. Laura too well for this to be just a casual stopover at a friend’s. I returned quickly escort otel to find the women chackling and whispering to one another. I handed them their drinks.

“Johnny why don’t you come closer,” Shay motioned me over, “look at you.”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me close. I looked to Ms. Laura for help, but she only smiled. I was now standing over her as her was sitting on the couch.

Looking down I could see down her blouse. She was either unaware or wasn’t trying to hide it. She looked me up and down slowly. Then I saw her eyes fall on my crotch. I began to become aroused. There was no turning back.

“Now Laura, where did you find him?” Shay smiled still staring and my growing bulge.

“Where do you find anything these days?” Ms. Laura reached out and grabbed the string from my pocket, “the internet.”

Shay laughed, “What is that?”

Ms. Laura pulled it and me with it, “a means of control, here.”

Shay took the reins and pulled me back to her. I looked at Ms. Laura confused and slightly frightened.

Ms. Laura shook her head, “Johnny, don’t look at me like you didn’t see this coming. You’re too smart for that. Now do at Mistress Shay says.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said reluctantly.

I looked back at Shay in a different light. She was no longer the soccer mom, but now the same ferocious sexual being that Ms. Laura was, if not scarier.

“May I Laura?” Shay said holding my leash.

“Go for it, just be careful he’s still technical a virgin,” Ms. Laura said lying back in the couch.

Ms. Shay looked at me like a kid on charismas. She eyed me up trying to imagine the present under wrapping. A little nervous I was very turned on by the attention and it showed.

Ms. Shay worked her hands all over my body feeling it for a weakness. Finally she found an opening and slider her hand into my shirt.

“Take it off,” she demanded feeling my flat stomach.

I took off the polo and continued to stand not sure what was happening. Ms. Laura on the other side of the couch just watched sipping on her coke. Ms. Shay continued to fondle my torso working her way down to my prize.

Finally her hands fell on my cock, which was rubbed sensitive by my rough denim jeans. My breathing got shallow and I tried everything not to move. She unzipped the jeans and they feel to the floor.

Ms. Shay’s face lit up, “how do you keep him so smooth?”

“Nair,” Ms. Laura said.

Ms. Shay then touched me rubbing her fingers over everything. She manipulated my organ every direction, even sniffing it. Her face was so close I could feel her breath. I closed my eyes trying to hold myself back. Suddenly a felt her lick my cock all the way up the shaft.

My muscles tensed and I drew a long breath. She then kissed my ball sack, moving her lips all over my velvety skin. For a time she took my whole testicle into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue.

I was already breathing heavy when he worked her way back up to the head. In a slow easy motion she took every inch on my cock into her mouth and then back out. Suddenly she pulled away leaving my cock wet, cold, and wanting more.

“Very good, I like him a lot,” Ms. Shay said.

Ms. Laura was in the same spot. Only now she was rubbing her pussy from under she skirt. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Ms. Shay then asked her, “How good is he at head? It’s been too long.”

“He’s fair, just needs some practice,” Ms. Laura said completely relaxed.

Ms. Shay then grabbed my leash and pulled me down to my knees, “take my pants off you sexy little slut.”

Without hesitation I started to undo her belt then peeled her tight jeans off. Ms. Shay had long athletic legs which were shaved completely smooth. As soon as her pants were down I dove between them. She laid back in ecstasy fully relaxed.

I slowly worked my tongue around every fold. Ms. Shay’s pussy started to get increasingly wet and I felt blood beginning to fill her labia. Between moans and satisfied sighs escort gecelik she whispered “good boy” and “good slut”. Anywhere else I would have taken offense, but her words only fuelled my lust.

Towards the top I felt a lump engorge and began to give it special attention. As I did I heard her praises and adulations increase.

“Ooh, look at that you finally found it!” I heard Ms. Laura say laughing.

“He really is a virgin,” Ms. Shay laughed, “Did you want to deflower him? I really would like to feel that cock inside me. Ever since the divorce I’ve missed that the most.”

“No not yet, I don’t think he’s ready,” Ms. Laura scooted closer and started petting my head, “I really like the idea of my little virgin slut puppy.”

Ms. Shay laughed, “Laura, how did you ever do it?”

“What’s that?” she was still petting me.

Ms. Shay kept staring at me, “Stay single and pull hunks like this one.”

Ms. Laura shook her head, “I didn’t, I was married for a time. In fact I was married a few times. To be honest, I wish it was never like this.”

Ms. Shay’s attitude changed, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s all right, I came to terms with it and now I just try to have as much fun as possible,” Ms. Laura took her shoes off then set her feet on me like a foot rest.

“This is really fun…” Ms. Shay suddenly couldn’t find her voice.

Her legs closed like a vice around my head and her hips started to buck. I knew what was happening and kept goings. Unfortunately I didn’t know what was going to happen next. Liquid suddenly started to spray out her pussy and into my mouth.

Unprepared I ripped my head away and caught another round in the face. I crawled backward wiping it off unsure what had happened. When I opened my eyes I saw Ms. Laura laughing under her breath and Ms. Shay smiling half embarrassed.

“Sorry dear, I’m a squirted,” she started to smile, “you were doing such a great job I forgot to warn you.”

Confused and embarrassed I wiped my face with my discarded shirt. I tried to speak, but I couldn’t find word to express what I felt.

Ms. Laura then gave me a loving smile and motioned me over to the couch. The two women helped me up and let me sit between them.

“Are you alright dear?” Ms. Laura asked drawing her finger on my chest, “Do you want us to make it all better.”

I felt Ms. Shay’s hand on my inner thigh and my emotions of the event washed away in a flood of hormones. My dick regained its lost luster as the two women neared.

“Yes ma’am,” I nodded.

The two women descended on me. Ms. Laura cupped my balls while kissing my chest up and down. Ms. Shay then when to town as she had before, coddling my smooth skin while sucking the head of my cock.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Ms. Shay’s tongue was doing loops around my cock while her firm lips massaged my shaft. Soon I was feeling it and again. I was holding it back trying to get Ms. Laura’s attention.

“Ma’am I’m close,” with ache in my voice.

She nodded and looked up at me, “is Shay ready for you?”

I grunted like I was holding back a tidal wave.

“Here stand up!” Shay got on the floor, “cum on my face.”

I got to my feet not sure if I could hold it and longer. Looking down on the forty something soccer mom, she had her eyes closed and tongue out. It felt so weird to think I would do this to someone’s face, but of all people someone like her.

Doubts aside it wasn’t going to hold back. I aimed my dick at her face and released. All the waiting was paid off.

Holding it back as long as I did only increased the orgasm to its full potential. I bit down hard as not to yell. My eyes slammed shut and I felt it all leave my body.

What felt like ten minutes passed and I recovered. Opening my eyes Ms. Shay’s face was had on it three distinct ropes of semen. She was smiling unable to open her eyes.

I felt Ms. Laura get down next to me the grab leash. She spun me around then began licking off the last few drops escort türbanlı from the tip of my dick.

“Good boy!” I heard Ms. Shay, “I guess this is an eye for an eye.”

She wiped some off her face and tasted it.

“He’s delicious, ain’t he,” Ms. Laura wiped off some too and placed it on her tongue.

“Indeed, you have a fine specimen here,” she stood up, “I’m going to get cleaned up, then we can start on dinner.”

“That would be great, why don’t you get washed up too,” Ms. Laura slapped me on the ass then found a seat on the couch, “don’t bother getting dressed.”

“Yes ma’am,” I then followed Ms. Shay to the bathroom.

After we were cleaned up Ms. Shay got dressed again then pulled out some leftovers from the freezer. While they thawed the oven was set to preheat and we all sat again on the couch.

I sat between them being teased while the two ladies talked.

Ms. Shay started off, “so Laura tell me, would you ever get married again?”

“No, three husbands was enough,” Ms. Laura replied, “though if I could do it all over again I might have stayed with my first husband.”

Ms. Shay looked nodded, “why did you leave him?”

“It’s very complicated. I can’t have children. I didn’t know at the time,” Ms. Laura looked away, “we were young I was twenty he was twenty one. Johnny kind of reminds me of him. We tried very hard to have children, but couldn’t. After I miscarried twice…”

Ms. Laura was fighting off tears. I had never seen her like this or even believed it was possible. What she was saying also got me. She had tried to become a mother and wife. In this moment she was no longer an object of my fantasies, but a human being.

“They took their toll on my relationship with him. We were young and hot blooded, and I’m sure with help we would have stayed together,” she sighed, “I filed for divorce only three years after we got married.”

“I’m really sorry Laura. I caught my husband in bed with another woman, but I don’t think I could imagine life without my babies,” Ms. Shay touched her shoulder, “you’ve always got a friend Laura.”

Ms. Laura smiled, “I always wanted kids, but it’s too late. I’ll stick to my little sex slave here.”

Ms. Laura grabbed my balls. I felt my stomach turn over. It wasn’t from arousal, but a feeling of guilt and shame. I deeply cared about Ms. Laura now more than before. I couldn’t leave her or break her heart. At the same time I felt this was wrong.

She was too old for me and what if I was wasting my youth chasing this fantasy? What if I was destroying my chance at happiness by not perusing a family? What if I did get married would I be able to tell her about my time with Ms. Laura? Would my wife understand the things I’m attracted to in a woman? Or would I have to choose between hiding this, yet longing for it the rest of my life, or never being fully fore filled?

My gut turned the rest of the night. Ms. Shay served dinner a few hours later and we ate. I avoided anything to do with the conversation earlier. We just talked about school and the military. I was surprised to learn Ms. Shay was a soldier in her youth and was able to learn a lot from her.

It would have been awkward eating such a polite and civil dinner in the nude, but the last two days had dulled my sensitivities. Later after dinner the women took turned teasing with Ms. Shay’s assortment of toys.

Ms. Laura showed her some pointers and before long we were saying out good byes. I got a few goodbye fondling’s before getting dressed and walking to Ms. Shay’s van.

“So Laura, when are you planning on popping his cherry?” Ms. Shay asked while in the car.

“I don’t know,” Ms. Laura thought about a bit, “I want it to be special for him. He’s been such a good slave.”

Ms. Shay smiled, “yes he has, when or if you do let me know. I’d love to have him as my slave for a weekend and take full advantage of him.”

“Sure I just might do that,” Ms. Laura smiled.

I didn’t know what to feel about this, being traded between two women like an object.t in some aspects was arousing; in others a little degrading. Regardless we were on our way back to the room now. I was exhausted, but something told me the night wasn’t over.

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