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Mrs. Coppersmith, or Joyce I should call her now that we’d become more familiar with one another, was clearly in heat and wanting to be violated by a younger man.

My cock was aching for release from my pants so that it could also look at Joyce’s breasts and get ready for her pussy. As she stood braless, with her knockers looking spectacular, I began to undress. Now it was her time to inspect me.

Joyce kept on her skirt and heels, but her naked chest gave me plenty to enjoy as I slid off my trousers and removed my shirt. Soon, I was only in a pair of tighty-whitey stretch briefs that were new for today’s business with Mrs. Coppersmith. Her eyes were glued to the briefs, studying the bulge that was too large for the little bit of fabric holding my cock and balls.

I invited Joyce to sit and enjoy her first look at the cock that would soon fuck her. She rested in an armchair and watched me peel off the briefs. My cock was on the edge of its maximum puffy length of about eight inches. Its thickness has often caused my lady friends to be a little worried about their pussy capacity.

With a concerned look on her face, Mrs. Coppersmith watched and then finally said, “It’s twice the size of my husband.” I smiled at a comment that I’d often heard before.

“It’s not quite erect yet, Mrs. Coppersmith,” I said, using her formal name on purpose to remind her that she was someone else’s wife. “But don’t let its size worry you,” I said, “If we can’t get it into your pussy, there are other ways to pleasure you.”

Joyce was in a zone. Her eyes were fixed on my dick, and I don’t know if she paid much attention to my balls or how they compared with Mr. Coppersmith’s balls. So I held up my arching cock and asked, “Are my balls larger than your husband’s?” I stepped close and took her hand and rested my hanging ball sack in her palm.

Joyce cupped my balls as I released my cock. It flopped downward but still was suspended in air. She let her hand slide under my dick and caressed its length.

I moved back to the sofa so I could see her sitting with her nude breasts in front of me. I desired to see them for so long, and now I sat naked with her looking at my stiff cock while I took in the sight of those grand nipples. The few drops of cum that had oozed from my dick had now become a small flowing stream.

“What next?” I asked her.

Without any further encouragement, Mrs. Coppersmith relaxed her legs and let them part. For the first time, I saw her panties. My fascia muscles pulsed causing my cock to jerk and move. Joyce kept on her skirt and heels as she opened and closed her legs to let me enjoy her panties snug against her pussy. For the first time, I caught glimpses of her rich black hair pushing her panties into a little puff over her slit, with bits of black pubic hair to the left and right of her intimate place.

After a little teasing, she stood and reached under her skirt to pull down her panties. Once removed, she sat again and treated me to a teasing show. Her black pubes concealed her most intimate secret places, but the view was still amazing. By now, acıbadem escort my cock was completely and fully inflated, hard, and ready for entry into Mrs. Coppersmith.

Pleasant as they are, these preliminaries must come to an end. I stood and walked to Joyce with my cock waving back and forth with each step. I took her by the hand as she arose from her chair. We embraced and kissed while my hands caressed her back and buttocks. She also let her hands wander from my backside to my cock, pulling on it like a kid with a new toy.

I was rather sure this was her first time cheating on her husband. She had once told me that she “had always been a good girl.” But she certainly had the right instincts for the task.

I unzipped her skirt and let it fall, then led her to the bed as she balanced on her high heels. On the bed, I spread her legs and descended to examine her concealed lips. Mrs. Coppersmith only sighed as I got to work, first looking to see her pussy folds, then using fingers to trace them and outline her cunt. She moved her hips as I stared at her sweet pussy.

Then I had an idea.

I pulled her legs to the edge of the bed as I stood over her, relishing the view. With my hands lifting her legs and holding them apart, she could look down and see my pussy pounder cock elevated and hovering just over her hairy mons. I flexed to let my cock bounce up and then down to gently touch her furry pussy. Then I spoke, “Before a meal, do you say a grace, a blessing for what you are about to receive?”

Joyce stared at me but didn’t reply.

“Well, this would be a good time to give thanks, don’t you think?” I said. Then I went on, “For this fucking that we are about to enjoy, let’s remember our blessings. You are about to enjoy a wonderful new pleasure, and that is a reason for gratitude.” I flexed and my cock again bounced up and down just barely touching the uppermost part of her slit.

“You have a good life, security, you’re cared for by a loving husband,” and at that moment I angled my dick downward for penetration. My cock touched her pussy entrance as I added, “I’m sure Mr. Coppersmith would approve you enjoying the pleasure and relief that you are about to feel.”

All this time, I could feel Mrs. Coppersmith panting and getting more and more eager for me to fuck her. My words of this “blessing” seemed to inflame her more and more.

So I went on, “When you were young, you imagined making love like this, but it was never as passionate as you hoped, was it? But now you will experience all that you ever dreamed. Isn’t this a good time for us to pause and remember how blessed we are today?”

Mrs. Coppersmith was about to go out of her mind, and her reactions to my words strengthened my hardness. I’d never felt so stiff and ready to fuck a woman.

But there was one thing that I suspected she’d never experienced. “Before we say amen and we both enjoy this long thick cock going into your pussy, let me see if we can’t get you more ready.”

Ready? She was already over the moon, and akbatı escort I was pretty sure she would go ballistic as soon as a few inches of my cock entered her. But there was one thing I felt she needed to be even more prepared.

I leaned down and let my tongue slide the length of her slit. As she felt this sensation, I paused and said, “You’ve never felt this before, have you?”

I didn’t expect an answer, so I retraced her lips with my tongue, this time with greater pressure so that my tongue actually parted her lips and tasted her juices. As I neared her clit, Mrs. Coppersmith tried to escape the sensation. Her hips raised just as my tongue flattened on her clit and massaged it.

That did it. Joyce lost it for the first time. Her panting became rhythmic as I repeatedly licked her with long slow movements that forced her to anticipate the pleasure of another orgasm each time my tongue passed over or around her little button.

Finally, I stood again, took her legs by the ankle, one in each hand, and opened her wide, “Yes, we are lucky and glad to be doing this willingly, and we wouldn’t mind if Mr. Coppersmith himself were here to add his blessing on the pleasure his wife is about to feel.” Once again I centered my cockhead on Joyce’s entry, and finished, “Let’s pretend he is here, standing over there, naked as we are, and waiting his turn to fuck you. Amen!”

At that moment, with those thoughts in her mind, I began my entry. First the easy first inch as her lips parted and her moisture welcomed my cockhead. Then the pressure for depth began. Slow firm pressure gained another inch. Then another. Joyce moaned and reacted.

This was the moment to change strategy for entering a pussy that’s not used to thick cock. Pressure and release, slide in and out, repeat with gradually more force and pressure until the pussy yields and provides more space for me. At a depth only a few inches, the folds and lips of her pussy were drawn in and out and even her clitoral area became part of the theatre of pleasure. I pushed her legs up and watched as half my cock gained entry.

Mrs. Coppersmith was breathing heavily and moaning as little mini-orgasm pulsed through her at unpredictable intervals.

“Half way there,” I announced as I let her bend her legs at the knees. “I think we’re reaching the point where Mr. Coppersmith must fuck you.” She didn’t reply, so I asked, “How long has it been since he fucked you?”

She still didn’t reply, so said, “Well he’s here watching us, so I can just ask him.”

Her eyes opened wide when I said that, as if she thought that maybe he was in the room watching us. I laughed, “I’m going to guess that you haven’t been fucked for years.” She didn’t answer and was too busy enjoying the rhythmic penetration as I gained another inch or two.

It took a full half hour of wiggling and stretching before I could announce, “There, now I’m all the way inside you. Now we can begin the fucking.”

Joyce’s eyes widened at the thought that fucking was only now starting. I’m sure aksaray escort that she already felt plenty fucked.

Once fully inserted, I stood there calmly, my dick entirely in the warm confines of Mrs. Coppersmith’s pussy. I paused and kept myself packed into her and reached down to play with her nipples, pulling them upward until they slipped out of my pinching grasp. Each time, I would moisten my fingers with her own pussy juices and then again play with her distended nipples, drawing them upward as far as I could before they released with a little popping sound.

I moved us to the center of the bed, not withdrawing my cock an inch. Once in a comfortable position, I began the proper fucking. Out and in, each stroke sliding my cock over her sensitive places. Sometimes half way out then back in, or fully out and an entire fresh reenter to her pussy. I had to vary the motion and speed to keep myself on the edge, hard, and not risk ejaculation.

A favorite game is to keep this up for a while, all the time counting the ins and outs, then say aloud, “96, 97, 98, 99, 100!” Cease the fucking for a moment, then begin again, saying out loud, “1, 2, 3,…” On more than one occasion, just saying that out loud has brought on a crashing orgasm for the wife I happen to be screwing. I suppose it reminds them of their husbands who cum quickly and leave them unsatisfied.

Joyce was delighted and squealed when I announced, “100!”

Instead of starting over, I dismounted her and cuddled with her. Her kisses smothered me, so I reminded her, “Did Mr. Coppersmith teach you to kiss like this?” Then, “Does he fuck you to 100?” “Would you like him to watch us?”

Joyce’s responses were to get more and more passionate with me. She got on top of me and put my cock in her and fucked me as long as her knees lasted. Finally, she sat on me with my cock impaling her.

I could feel the muscles in her pussy squeezing me, and I had to fight hard to keep from losing my load. Her beautiful face looked down on me, and her amazing tits swayed before my eyes. She said, “Naughty, aren’t we?”

I told her, if you move, my cock will explode. She smiled and then she moved herself up and down, giving me a final stoke. I could no longer resist, and I warned her that she was about to be filled with my cum. Joyce sat and looked satisfied as my ejaculation began. I could feel the pressure and throbbing of the early jets of jism, then the power of the involuntary and most voluminous load of cum that followed until the trailing six or seven pulses continue to drain the supply I had built up for this occasion.

At the first pulses of my cock, Joyce moaned with pleasure, then she reacted with surprise as she must have felt she was being inflated by my cum.

She was spent, and I was spent. We caressed one another for a long time while we talked and laughed and I freely played with her breasts and pussy. Finally, she admitted, “When you suggested that my husband should be watching us, I had the strongest orgasm ever.”

“What do you think that means?” I asked her.

Mrs. Coppersmith looked thoughtful, “It means I like to be fucked, and I’ve missed out on what it feels like to have a real man’s cock.”

I said, “That’s what all the wives say.”

Mrs. Coppersmith laughed, then she stroked me to another erection. “Maybe you can bring one of those other wives with you next time, and I’ll bring my husband.”

“Maybe.” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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