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Big Tits

Many thanks to MoonlitClover who agreed to edit this super short piece for me. You rock, babe!


We’re in a mostly empty movie theater. There are a few people seated in rows far in front of us, but we’re in the top back row and no one has decided to share it with us. The movie credits start and I take your hand in mine, tracing my fingers girlishly across your palm. I smile up at you, glad you didn’t do anything to draw attention to us like yelling out the answers to the quiz on the movie screen.

For whatever reason, the movie just doesn’t interest me much but you seem to be enjoying it. I lean over closer to you and kiss your neck, attempting to distract you. You wrap an arm around me and turn my head to kiss you and we make out in the theater but a couple of minutes only to return to watching the movie.

I try to get interested in what’s going on but I’m distracted with the idea of giving you a blowjob in the dark. Leaning close again, I whisper sancak escort in your ear to be very quiet and then lean across your lap unbuttoning your pants. I slide a finger into the opening of your zipper and rub your dick, feeling you get hard beneath my fingers. Glancing around quickly to make sure the other people in the theater are watching the movie I pull your pants down enough so that I can have access to your boxers and then stick my fingers through the opening, feeling how hard you are.

Holding your erect dick in the palm of my hand, I slowly slide up and down, underneath the fabric of your boxers, down until I reach your balls which I run a finger tip over before sliding my hand up again. Glancing around one more time, I lean over, laying down my whole body on the seats, with my head in your lap, the back of my head facing the movie screen. Quickly I pull the head of your dick through sarıyer escort the opening in your boxers and my tongue darts out of my mouth to lick it. Licking all around, I finally suck it into my mouth which is cold from the soda I’ve been drinking. Licking more as the taste of sprite is removed by the taste of you, licking lower down your dick, stopping to place small feather light kisses when I want to.

Reaching your balls I kiss each of them too before working my way back up. Running my tongue over the head of your dick again, I lick your inner thigh and a hand reaches away from the hip I’d been holding on to to steady myself and cups a ball, while the other runs up and down the length of your dick again. Eager to have you back in my mouth again which has warmed up considerably from running over your hot throbbing skin, I suck you back in watching you try to keep from making any sounds so no one will sefaköy escort realize you’re getting head in the theater.

Your fingers slide into my hair and push my head forward as I slide you back into my mouth, you’re eager to feel my lips wrapped around you, my tongue tasting as much of you as possible. Slowly at first, I slide you in and out of my mouth, the cool air conditioning cooling you off briefly every time I slide you out only to feel the warm wet saliva again. My hands continue to rub your inner thigh as I increase the pace, my head moving in and out of your lap quickly, as I suck your dick harder and harder.

Since we’re out in public, I just want to swallow your cum rather than let it get on me at all and I whisper instructions for you to cum for me whenever you are ready as I continue to suck on your dick.

Threads of your cum flood my mouth and spill down my throat and a soft grunt escapes your lips. A little cum has dribbled down my chin and I swallow the rest before my tongue darts out to lick the rest. Softly, I kiss your softening dick and place it back inside your boxers and zip up your pants. I kiss your lips, the taste of you still on them but you don’t mind. I whisper to you that this was my favorite movie ever and you smile as you tell me that you’re sure they’re making a sequel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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