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“Do you wanna meet my mother?” Lee asked.

“Sure,” not sounding too bothered.

I’ve always been told I’m a filthy bitch but I think I just topped that. I couldn’t resist her, she wanted me and my God, I wanted her. One sexy mother!

I’ve been dating Lee for a month now, quite an unusual relationship you could put it, sexual and courageous. It was only last week that we had a threesome, myself, Lee and his African stud. I would have much preferred to have played with a girl but haven’t quite told Lee that I like girls yet.

As we approached his house, Lee grabbed my hand and walked a little faster almost pulling me towards the front door. It was a cold frosty afternoon, and was looking forward to getting into the warmth, so I graciously hastened my steps. I wasn’t nervous and wasn’t really that bothered about meeting his mother, but it’s what he wanted. We were walking towards the house on the corner, a dark blue door with a shiny gold door knocker in the centre sparkling in the light. The house on the outside looked pretty average, nothing fancy and quite minimalistic looking. I thought to myself, what am I to judge? I live on a council estate too, can’t all be roses and hanging baskets.

We approached the door. Lee let go of my hand and slot his key in the lock. As soon as the door opened, I could smell a lemon essence, perhaps candles burning. The entrance to the lounge was on the immediate left. I knew this because I could see a large flat screen TV in the far left hand corner, but what struck me were these two long sleek legs crossed over each other horizontally on the couch. This was a female for sure. Legs that were well defined and so sleek belonged to a woman. At izmir escort the end of the couch I could see bright red painted toe nails, which were well distinguished against her tanned skin. Was this his sister? Does he have sister? He never said he had one. I unusually felt somewhat curious and attracted to this mystery woman and wanted to know who it was.

“Hey mum!” Lee shouted.

I sounded shocked and surprised, whispering, “Your mum, noway!”

Lee looked at me looking slightly confused at my response. I followed him into the lounge. I could see a fluffy white sheep rug on the floor, and 3 candles burning on the musty fireplace above. The lemon essence was obvious now, which kind of smelt nicer then I thought.

“Hey there, whose this then?” she said enthusiastically.

“This is Casey,” he said proudly.

“Hey Casey, nice to meet you at last. He’s always talking about you. Sit down sit down,” she kindly and crudely said.

I giggled to myself. It almost felt like she was coming on to me in her tone of voice. She was hot. I was taken back by her beauty, her youthful features and seductive eyes. She was only wearing a short white shirt, almost see through. Her small nipples were piercing through the lining of the shirt. I don’t think she was wearing a bra, not that I was complaining. If it was any other older, average looking lady, I would have questioned Lee about his mother dressing in such a way around her son, but this wasn’t any average lady. She could be naked for all I care.

She swung her legs down as to sit up straight and stretched her arms up as if having her first morning stretch after just waking up. While she alsancak escort stretched her arms up high, her legs were opened ever so slightly, that I could see her black lacy underwear. Watching her shiny black hair, slightly wavy falling behind her back made me ever so turned on.

I sat down on the adjacent chair that sat alone opposite Lee’s mother.

“Tea?” his mother asked.

“No stay there, I’ll get it,” Lee responded.

“Casey, tea?” Lee asked.

“Sure, thanks.”

It was just me and his mother, alone. She looked too young to be his mother, I still couldn’t believe it. I would say she looked about 37, one hot mother I’d say.

“Call me Lou Casey.”

“Lou it is,” I responded slowly. “You look amazing, if you don’t mind me saying.”

She smiled and replied, “So do you, if you don’t mind me saying.” We both giggled.

There was something about her, it almost felt like she wanted me to compliment her, approach her. She began playing with her hair using the tips of her fingers and tossed it to the side, exposing the right side of her neck. I felt the sudden urge to bite her, suck the life out of her. She was bringing the monster out of me, driving me wild. I could see she was flirting with me, not that I understood why but I felt like I had to play her game. I crossed my right leg over my other leg and lifted my brown cotton skirt up to my thigh. She smiled. She knew what I was doing. We knew what we were doing.

“You have great legs Casey. I hope Lee appreciates that,” she said cheekily.

“Oh he does,” I replied in a naughty tone.

“You have to excuse me,” she said while looking down at buca escort herself. “I don’t usually parade around the house like this. I forgot you were coming over.”

“Don’t worry, one has to feel comfortable in their own home, do you?” I asked in a slurrish manner.

She giggled at my response. “Yes, I’m comfortable.”

Lee suddenly walked in with our cups of teas. Totally oblivious to our goings on. He switched on the TV and jumped on the couch beside his mother.

“I need a shower babe,” she said to Lee. “There’s a few things I wanna show Casey upstairs, you don’t mind if I snatch her away do you?”

I was shocked and curious what was going to happen. Why did she want me to come upstairs?

“Fine. I’ll watch some TV, play some games or something,” Lee said in response.

She stood up quickly, and waved her arms towards the door. “Come Casey.”

Now I was excited. We quickly ran up the stairs like two frantic school children. I was behind her and liked what I was seeing. She was wearing a black thong. Her ass cheeks were in my face. I got so close I almost bit them.

I followed her into the bathroom. She crouched down under the sink and pulled out a mesh basket.

“I want your opinion Casey.”

She pulled out a long double ender, a dark red beast of a toy. I was wondering what she wanted an opinion on. Does it turn a woman on? She must already know in having such an erotic toy.

“Have you ever used this before, Casey? I’ve never used it but have always been curious. Is it good?”

What made her assume I would know? Did I look that naughty? I must do.

I mumbled to myself, and looked cheekily towards her eyes and said, “Well, I can show you if you like.”

She steps up close, almost her face into mine, I could feel her warm breath on my lips. My pussy began to tingle and my cheeks began to blush. She tilted her eyes and lifting them up to mine slowly.

“Oh really?” she says, erotically, as if she knew we were about to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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