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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, using Microsoft spell check. You have been forewarned.

Also, there is male homosexuality in this story. If that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, please hit your backspace key now.

For those that have not hit the backspace key, I hope you enjoy this little tale of getting some tail.


Her ass was made of two luscious globes of pale white skin. A deep furrow ran between the two pretty hillocks of flesh. Her back was pale, smooth, leading up to her narrow shoulders. Her hair was still in a ponytail, dark brown hair tied back against the base of her skull.

Brian knew what Mr. Wellman had seen when the fifty nine year old man had knelt down behind him.

Webster Wellman had seen a pudgy backside. Two perfectly formed globes of pale flesh, with a deep furrow separating them. And When Mr. Wellman had pulled Brian’s buttocks apart, the man had seen Brian’s crinkled little anus, the light brown ring of flesh clenched tightly.

Brian pulled Amanda’s buttocks apart with his left hand, saw her tightly clenched little anus. She grunted when he brought a greasy finger to that clenched ring, but Brian pressed the greasy fingertip into her hole.

“Ugh!” Brian had cried out when Mr. Wellman had pushed a thick finger into his virgin hole.

At that first penetration, Brian had very nearly told the old man to stop. He had very nearly told the old man he no longer wanted his fifty bucks.

That first penetration had been uncomfortable. Not painful, just uncomfortable, odd.

As Mr. Wellman had worked that thick finger deeply into Brian’s rectum, the discomfort gave way to an odd tingling feeling. Brian’s balls tightened up as Mr. Wellman fucked the greasy finger in and out of Brian’s anus. A second finger joined the first finger and Brian felt a new spasm of discomfort. Then that discomfort turned into that odd tingling again. Brian actually jerked when Mr. Wellman added a third finger, opening his rosebud up.

Brian felt Amanda shudder as he fucked her virgin ass with the greasy finger. A low moan escaped the chubby girl’s throat and Brian smiled. He knew what she was feeling; he had felt it too.

Brian marveled at Mr. Wellman’s control. Looking down at Amanda’s plump buttocks, Brian wanted to just grease his cock and shove it into her.

But Mr. Wellman had slowly, methodically greased Brian’s virgin ass with one slimy finger, then a second finger. The man had slowly prepared Brian for the sodomization of his virgin hole. He had taken his time, ensured that he would be able to slide his greased cock into Brian’s bowels.

Amanda let out a grunt when Brian wormed a second finger into her tight little ring. Brian continued to thrust in and out, wiggling the two fingers in Amanda’s tight orifice.

“That feel weird yeah,” the eighteen year old girl grunted.

Brian did not respond. He knew exactly how it felt; he’d been finger fucked too. But he wasn’t about to admit that he had been fingered by a man; that a man had jammed one, then another finger into his back door.

But he certainly knew how weird it felt, to have a finger in his ass. Then to have a second finger worked into his ass.

He could feel the slick walls of her rectum. He could feel her sphincter trying to squeeze him, to expel his fingers. He remembered clutching, bearing down as Mr. Wellman fucked two fingers in and out of his back door.

“Ugh! Oh, now that just got to stop,” Amanda protested when Brian jammed a third finger into her rectum.

But she made no move to get to her feet. The girl remained on her hands and knees as Brian fucked her ass with his slimy fingers. Slowly, methodically, Brian plunged and twisted his fingers in her greasy little ring.

Mr. Wellman had taken his time, had fingered Brian slowly, methodically. He had not pushed a second finger into Brian until Brian had become accustomed to the first finger. Mr. Wellman had not added the third finger until Brian was gently, cautiously pushing back against the double digit invasion.

Amanda was now letting little squeaks escape as she rocked slightly.

Brian let go of her buttocks and gripped his greasy cock with his left hand.

“Aw,” Amanda grunted when Brian pulled his fingers from her anus.

He moved quickly; her anus began to constrict the moment his fingers were pulled out.

“Ugh!” she grunted loudly when the blunt head of Brian’s cock gained entry.

Again, Brian marveled at Mr. Wellman’s control. He wanted to grab Amanda’s hips and pull her hard against him while he jammed his cock deeply into her.

But Mr. Wellman had introduced the head of his cock to Brian’s tight little hole. Then the man had made shushing sounds while Brian grunted and jerked. The man had made no move to push forward. He had made no move to pull out. He had just remained still while Brian grunted.

Then when pendik escort Brian had grown accustomed to having a man, another man’s cock in his hole, Mr. Wellman had pushed forward slightly. Brian had let a loud grunt escape. Again, Mr. Wellman had paused, waited.

Amanda gave a guttural grunt and Brian paused. He made shushing sounds while Amanda grunted and twitched.

Her anus was squeezing him, squeezing the head of his cock in a painful grip. The feeling was bliss. Brian closed his eyes and remembered what it had felt like, having the head of Mr. Wellman’s cock in his tight hole.

He had found it uncomfortable, even slightly painful for those first few moments. Then that odd pleasure had begun to well up inside of his guts as Mr. Wellman’s cock was nestled just inside of him.

Brian chanced pushing slightly forward. Amanda gave a little shudder, but made no sound. Brian’s cock was gripped in silky smooth heat as his cockhead pushed past her sphincter.

Brian remembered letting a little shudder like that ripple as Mr. Wellman’s cock pushed into him. It was a shudder of pleasure as Mr. Wellman’s cockhead had pushed past Brian’s sphincter.

From that little shudder forward, Mr. Wellman’s entry into Brian had been steady. Mr. Wellman had progressed slowly, but the progress had been steady. As the man’s cock had pushed in, Brian had enjoyed the feeling of being filled up. He had enjoyed the sensation of being fucked.

Brian pushed steadily into Amanda. To him, the progress was excruciatingly slow. Infuriatingly, excruciatingly, painfully slow.

“Yes!” Amanda let out a hiss as Brian’s pubic hair rasped against her stretched anus.

She felt full, a fullness in her guts. It was an odd, pleasant sensation, this intrusion.

Brian panted slightly. Again, he wanted to grab Amanda’s chubby hips and pound her. Her anal sheath squeezed and pulsed and milked his cock.

Brian remembered hearing Mr. Wellman pant slightly when the man’s grayish brown pubic hair had been pressed tightly against Brian’s raw, stretched anus. Brian could remember his body twitching and jerking, could feel his guts clenching and twitching as a large cock was fully imbedded in him.

At that moment, Brian had wondered if this made him a fag. Did it make him gay, having a cock up his ass, and liking the feeling of a big fat cock up his ass.

He began to slowly, steadily pull his cock out of Amanda. The girl panted and grunted as Brian pulled out.

Beads of sweat dotted her forehead. Sweat trickled slowly between her shoulders.

Brian remembered; right when Mr. Wellman began pulling out, the man had reached down and began playing with Brian’s hard cock, Brian’s hanging balls. An electric shock had rippled through Brian’s body when Mr. Wellman’s hand began lightly stroking Brian’s dick.

He reached around and sought out Amanda’s furry pussy. The girl had a dense carpet of brown curls. Brian kept his own pubic hair neatly trimmed to just a thin patina of curls above his fat cock and heavy balls.

His fingers found Amanda’s wet slit and she shivered as he tickled her pussy. Her coarse pubic hair rasped against his hand as he stroked her.

Mr. Wellman had liked the sight of Brian’s neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. He had liked the sight of Brian’s fat cock and heavy balls. The man had slowly sucked and licked and stroked Brian’s cock and balls, then had swallowed Brian’s six inches down to the little patch of pubic hair.

Brian had wondered then if that made him gay, letting a man, another man suck his cock. He had wondered if it made him gay, enjoying the way Mr. Wellman’s mustache tickled his shaft as the man sucked and licked his rod.

Brian had not had much time to contemplate his straight or homosexual inclinations; his spunk bubbled to the surface and he filled Mr. Wellman’s throat with his semen.

“Oh, I do love the way eighteen year olds, you are eighteen right? Don’t need get into any trouble, you are eighteen right?” Mr. Wellman had crowed when Brian’s limp cock fell from his shiny lips.

“Yeah, just turned eighteen yesterday,” Brian mumbled.

“Oh! Well, happy birthday! How’d you like to earn fifty bucks? Normally I only pay twenty five for some ass, but because it’s your birthday? I’ll make it fifty,” Mr. Wellman had enthused.

He had even pulled the fifty dollar bill from his wallet and shown it to Brian.

It had been a squishy, springy feeling when Mr. Wellman began fucking him, really fucking him. Brian had grunted and gasped. He had grunted when Mr. Wellman pushed his thick cock in and gasped when he pulled that fat piece of meat out.

Amanda grunted and gasped. Brian continued to tickle her dripping pussy as his cock slipped in and out in and out of her raw, angry looking hole.

“Oh mother fucker,” Amanda called out.

Her anal sheath clamped down, held him firm. She grunted loudly as she shuddered through her first anal orgasm.

Brian had grunted and gurgled and shook as his cock spurted rope tuzla escort after rope of his semen onto Mr. Wellman’s neatly made bed.

Then Mr. Wellman had stiffened and gave a strangled scream. Brian’s cock had twitched and jerked as he felt Mr. Wellman’s jizz spurting into his guts.

Amanda shook again when Brian gave a strangled scream and loosed a torrent of his jizz deep into Amanda’s guts.

Mr. Wellman had pulled his slimy cock from Brian’s abused hole and slapped Brian’s pudgy ass. Then the man bent and licked Brian’s semen from the comforter.

“Got to wash it anyway, surprised the damned thing hasn’t fallen apart by now,” the man chuckled.

He did pay Brian the fifty bucks. Brian had recoiled, though, when the man bent to kiss him on the lips.

Brian felt weak, light-headed as he pulled his rapidly shrinking cock from Amanda’s ass. The girl wiggled around and both teenagers smiled weakly, unsure.

Amanda laughed happily when Brian bent and kissed her on the mouth. The two chubby teenagers hugged each other and kissed a little bit more.

“Man, I like that yeah,” Amanda admitted, placing her finger up into her slimy ass.

She looked up at Brian, an admiring look in her eyes.

“I mean, Terry? We tried that? He didn’t even get halfway in and I’m like stop, stop, I ain’t doing this no. But you? You do this a lot, huh?” Amanda stated.

“Uh no, not really,” Brian lied.

He wasn’t about to tell the school slut he’d learned about anal sex from a man. He could only imagine how much worse his already unhappy life would become if everyone in Kimble Academy found out he’d been fucked up the ass. By Mr. Wellman.

Everyone in their neighborhood knew Mr. Wellman. For as long as he could remember, there’d been those jokes, those suggestions.

Of course, no one knew for sure. It was always a friend of a friend of a friend, a random, nameless guy that had supposedly gone into the man’s home, only to be seduced. Concrete proof was never produced, though.

Brian had wanted money. He’d gone about his neighborhood, asking if anyone had any odd jobs, perhaps yard work, washing a car that he could do.

“Must be a mind reader, boy,” Mr. Wellman had said. “Got the back deck furniture out, needs to be cleaned off and there’s just no way in Hell, God, I’d rather just throw it all out and buy all new furniture than do that shit myself. Forty bucks?”

Brian worked slowly, methodically. He scrubbed each piece of furniture with a soapy rag, then rinsed each piece off. Finally he dried the chairs and tables and two benches.

The furniture had not been filthy, as Mr. Wellman had claimed. They’d been dusty from being stored over the winter. But Mr. Wellman praised Brian’s work, then invited him in for a soda.

The soda was followed up with an offer for a blow job. Then the blow job was followed up with an offer for fifty bucks to let him fuck Brian’s cherry ass.

Brian walked home, feeling the man’s semen oozing, dribbling out of his raw anus. No matter how tightly he clenched, he could just feel it leaking into the seat of his briefs.

But his mom had been thrilled with the seventy dollars Brian had made that day. He kept twenty bucks of his day’s labors for himself. Twice that night, as Brian relived the sex, he developed a raging erection that demanded he take care of it.

In school the next Monday, Brian had blurted out that Amanda Breaux had the sweetest ass out of all the girls in their school. The boys had jeered, one or two had even shoved the unpopular kid for saying such a thing about the chubby girl.

His declaration had made its way to Amanda; the others were all too happy to tell their girlfriends what the dork had said. Their girlfriends were all too happy to giggle to one another, and the giggles had reached Amanda. Instead of getting upset, she had actually smiled across the cafeteria at him.

He wasn’t a popular kid. He was slightly short, somewhat plump, and had a little bit of acne.

Amanda wasn’t popular either. She was short and plump, much of her weight in her rear and her short stubby legs. But it was rumored, if you asked, Amanda would never say no.

That smile gave Brian the courage to ask and she said yes.

Now, in her bedroom, Amanda kissed Brian again. Then she told him he needed to get dressed; her daddy would be getting home soon.

“Oh, okay, I uh, I see you later, huh?” Brian said and dressed.

“Man! That feel funny yeah,” Amanda giggled as she wobbled out of her bed and started getting dressed. “Feel like my butt about go all over the place.”

Brian knew that feeling. Again, he said nothing about their shared knowledge.

Her butt had looked beautiful, sexy as he thrust into her, causing her globes to jiggle. The smacking sounds as he’d driven his hard meat into her had been a sexy rhythm of sound. The squelching sound of his cock slipping in and out of her had added to the rhythmic beat. He had enjoyed hearing those sounds when Mr. Wellman fucked him. He had kartal escort enjoyed those sounds when he’d fucked Amanda.

Brian went twice more to Mr. Wellman’s home. Twice more, he received a phenomenal blow job. Amanda could give a terrific blow job and even swallowed. But she could learn a thing or two from Mr. Wellman. The man even sucked nut.

And twice more, Mr. Wellman fucked Brian’s tight hole. The last time, he had Brian lie on his back and the man took Brian like a girl.

“You like it? Huh, boy? Like getting fucked?” Mr. Wellman taunted.

Brian did like it, even craved it. But again, Mr. Wellman had to ruin the experience by trying to kiss Brian. Brian decided there would be no next time.

Besides that, he was getting pretty serious about Amanda. She was a lot like him. Short, fat, unpopular. Unlike him, Amanda had a pussy and had used that pussy in an attempt to become popular. It hadn’t worked; she was the butt of several jokes.

“What’s the difference between Amanda and a mosquito?”

“Dude, what?”

“A mosquito will stop sucking on you if you slap it.”

Alone, Brian Arnaud and Amanda Breaux were lonely kids on the periphery, looking in. Together, they were still on the periphery, looking in at the popular cliques, watching the popular kids sail by. But they had one another to share their isolation with.

“Oh I love having me a boyfriend yeah,” Amanda said, squeezing Brian tightly.

“I love having me you,” Brian said softly.

“Well, that what I meant me,” she amended.

Spring Prom arrived. Brian’s dad smirked but wrote the check for Brian to go to the prom.

“Hey, get me a picture, huh?” John Arnaud demanded into the telephone.

Brian’s eyebrows shot up at the sight of the one thousand dollar check. He cashed the check and gave his mother five hundred dollars of it. Then he called his father and thanked him for the generous check.

“It’s all right boy; shit, remember when I was your age,” John chuckled. “But hey, listen, got to go; damned grid’s freezing up again. Might be springtime in Louisiana but it’s always winter here on the rig, huh?”

Uncle Nick, his mother’s brother agreed to let Brian borrow his 2015 Mustang for the festivities. Of course, that came with the threats of grievous bodily harm and possibly death, certainly loss of life should anything happen to his Mustang.

“Uh, Uncle Nick, death and loss of life are the same thing,” Brian pointed out.

“Hmm? Then better make sure nothing happens to the car, huh?” Uncle Nick laughed.

The suit had come from the Bargain Bin; both Brian and his mother had been shocked, delighted that the discount clothing store even had anything in Brian’s short, plump size. It was a rich grayish brown color. The cream colored shirt looked perfect and the black and gold fleur-de-lis tie was the finishing touch. And that left Brian with just over three hundred dollars.

Annie’s Floral Designs sold him a wrist corsage and Brian was set.

Amanda’s father grumbled good-naturedly, but did buy her a two hundred dollar dress from the clearance rack of Abdul’s Department Store. It was a pale yellow in color, which looked good with her pale complexion and dark hair and dark eyes.

“How about Wack’s do your hair?” Jerome Breaux offered.

“How about no?” Amanda said.

She took one of her mother’s hair pins and pinned her hair back on one side. The other side, she allowed to drape over her shoulder, falling forward.

Jerome said he didn’t know where Amanda’s mother was. Amanda didn’t know whether she believed him or not. But by now, it no longer mattered where she was.

“Just up and left one night, last I ever seen of her,” Jerome shrugged. “Had her one or two boyfriends yeah.”

“Aw, now ain’t you looking all gorgeous, huh?” Jerome praised when Amanda finally came out of her bedroom.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Amanda mumbled.

Daddy was always telling her she was beautiful, pretty, gorgeous. She had never believed him, though. A daddy’s supposed say that.

But now Brian was always telling her she was beautiful, pretty, gorgeous. Maybe she was beautiful.

“I’m want me a picture yeah, hear?” Jerome ordered.

Then they heard a car door slam. Amanda squeaked and ran back into her room.

“What a woman yeah, oh, got to make me my grand entrance,” Jerome teased.

“Shush you, Daddy,” Amanda yelled through her bedroom door.

Jerome tried to put on his ‘Mean Dog’ face. He hated anyone going out with his little girl. But he had to admit, Brian was a nice boy, a good kid. And he seemed to think Amanda was something special.

“Hi, Mr. Breaux,” Brian gulped nervously.

“Huh? What you wanting? Why you in a suit like that?” Jerome ordered.

“I uh, me and Amanda, we going Prom, sir,” Brian swallowed, Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“Prom? Huh? Amanda ain’t said nothing ’bout no prom, boy. You sure ’bout this?” Jerome said.

“Daddy!” Amanda screamed through the door.

“Come on in boy, I’m just funning you yeah,” Jerome chuckled. “Boy you about pee on yourself, huh?”

Amanda tried to take the scowl off of her face. Her daddy infuriated her sometimes. She counted to ten, then opened the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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