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We are out for a walk in the park in the early morning. This park is in a partly wooded area tucked into a bend in a slow moving river. Today will grow to be a nice summer day and the park will become crowded. At this time of the morning however, the park is nearly empty. There is an older couple sitting on a bench feeding ducks at the other end.

It’s unlikely anybody else will arrive to the park for a couple hours, giving us plenty of time to enjoy our walk. We aren’t actually here to walk, though. We’ve been planning an outdoor fuck session, and today is the day!

We are both dressed in “easy access” clothing. You have on a short summer dress and nothing underneath. I have on a t-shirt and shorts.

We reach a small secluded area, surrounded by trees, with a large flat rock about waist tall in the middle of it. You kneel on the soft grass, knowing what’s expected of you. You unfasten my shorts and fish out my cock, taking it into your mouth.

I quickly become erect as you begin to bob your head up and down my shaft. I grab your hair into a fist, and push my cock deep into your mouth. You nearly gag on the sudden cock hitting the back of your throat. Your teary eyes look up at me.

I release my hold on your hair after the initial feeling of bliss from having my cock suddenly fully sheathed in your warm mouth passes. You drop my cock from your mouth with a gasp for breath. My shaft is covered in your spit, and strings of drool run down your chin.

You start to suck on the tip while stroking the slick otele gelen escort shaft with your hand. Your eyes look up into mine. You begin to caress my balls as your lips slide further down the shaft.

I grab the back of your head, and push my cock in deep once again. I can both hear and feel you moan around my cock.

I let go and slide my rod out from your lips. You wipe the drool from your mouth with the back of your hand and smile up at me. I help you to your feet and pull you close into my arms. My wet cock is trapped and throbbing between our bodies.

We lean in for a kiss, our lips clashing together passionately. I hold you in my arms as you wrap your legs around behind my waist and your arms around my neck. I brace your back against a tree as we kiss deeply. You can feel the rough bark through the thin material of your dress.

I reach between our bodies and pull the bottom of your dress up above your already wet pussy lips. Then I guide my stiff cock, still slick with your saliva, to the opening of your awaiting slit. I bury my cock inside slowly, holding you pinned between the tree and my body.

I put my hands under your ass to support your body, and try a few short experimental strokes.

I take a step back from the tree, holding you against my body. You are still suspended above the ground and impaled on my cock.

I start to fuck hard and fast. Your breasts nearly pop out of the top of your dress as I bounce you pendik escort up and down my shaft. Within a minute, I start to feel very close to an orgasm from a combination of the deep throat and the hard fucking.

I turn towards the rock and set you down on it’s rough surface the slide my cock out before falling over the edge into orgasm. I push you roughly over onto your hands and knees.

I pull the skirt of your dress up over your hips, and lean over to spread your ass apart. I lick your wet slit and up over your small asshole. You gasp as my tongue passes over the sensitive flesh of your rosebud.

I hook an arm around your thigh to keep you in place, and start making rough circles on your clit. With my tongue, I spear your puckered hole as you moan and writhe your hips.

I thrust a couple fingers inside your wet cunt while continuing my tongues administrations to your back passage. You can feel your climax rising quickly.

You gasp out between moans, “don’t stop… I’m going to cum!” I continue to fuck your slit with my fingers as I eat out your ass.

Your muscles spasm as a powerful climax shoots through your body. Your moans grow louder as the orgasm washes over you.

As it at last begins to recede I help you flip onto your back atop the rock. Pushing your thighs back I swipe my fingers again through your sopping wet pussy, gathering your lubricant into my hand and slathering it over my hard cock.

I line up with your slit rus escort then push in slow and deep. You pull the top of your dress down, releasing your gorgeous breasts to the open. You grab them, one in each hand, and massage them in small motions as I begin my slow thrusts inside your stuffed pussy.

Your eyes roll up in pleasure as you start to moan with each slow thrust. I slide my cock deeper until I’m plunged entirely inside your pussy, then slide out until just the tip is left poking inside your inner lips. I repeat the strokes over and over, each inward thrust punctuated by your soft moans.

You squeeze your nipples between your fingers, pinching and pulling them. “Just like that. Fuck my pussy just like that,” you smile up into my eyes as I admire your body laid out on the rock for me.

I increase the pace of my thrusts, still pushing in just as deep. I begin to groan as my body nears orgasm. I push my cock in deep and hold it for a few seconds, in an attempt to stave off the impending orgasm for another few seconds.

You smile at me with a mischievous look, and I can feel you clenching your pussy tight around my shaft. It’s enough to send me over the edge, and I start to shoot my cum deep inside with a groan.

You moan in satisfaction as my cock pumps the last of its cum into your filled pussy. I lean over your body to plant a happy kiss on your lips. Then I stand up and withdraw my dick slowly, releasing a torrent of cum from your abused slit.

I walk around the rock to your head, and you roll over to clean our sexual juices from my shrinking cock with your tongue.

We strip from our clothes and jump into the river to clean up as best we can, with some playful splashing included.

We lay out on the grass to dry a little. You lie in my arms, as we enjoy this one last pleasurable moment under the warm sun before getting dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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