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Summary: an

Note 1: This is dedicated to Larry, who requested the story.

Note 2: This is part four in the MOM’S MOTIVATION series.

In Part 1, Mom’s Motivation, Stephanie uses her sexual prowess to motivate the younger of her two grown sons into finally getting a job.

In Part 2, Mom’s Motivation: A 2nd Son, after a few fun and exciting encounters with her younger son, she invites him over for another all-nighter of fun (while her high school senior daughter is away at a sleepover), and they’re caught in the act by her elder son, which leads to a very hot threesome. (Which only happens once Andrew, the elder son, convinces his Mom that he too can and will get a job.)

In Part 3: Mom’s Motivation: Anal Mommy, the next day the boys double penetrate their Mommy.


Mom’s Motivation: Daughter’s Boyfriend

Stephanie had enjoyed threesomes with her two sons on three more occasions over the next couple of weeks.

Each time both of them had fucked her, and she’d experienced amazing multiple orgasms.

She’d been spit roasted, double penetrated, and had taken multiple loads of cum both inside and onto her.

Yes, she knew doing this was wrong. It was blatant incest, after all!

Yes, she knew it was immoral.

Yes, she knew it was even illegal.

Yes, she felt some guilt over performing these nasty, incestuous acts. Not much, but definitely some. (While her sons didn’t feel any.)

But she’d also never felt more alive!

Having all that sex with her randy grown sons was amazing!

Even though the mother was always in overall control of this complex three-way entanglement (kinda sorta), and her sons treated her with love and respect… most of the time… they also dished out helpings of utter dominance the rest of the time! That latter approach to sex she’d always craved from her men throughout her life… sometimes finding them up to it and sometimes not… and from her one and only husband, until she got fed up with him and sent him packing. And at least he’d been good at that… but her sons consistently did it so well!

And of course there was the added benefit… the one her desire for which had provided the spark that had first ignited this growing conflagration… which was her do-nothing, adult-in-name-only grown sons had actually found the motivation to become men because of these encounters. Not just because of their strong, dominant fucking and giving her everything she’d ever desired, but because she’d used the possibility of their having sex with her at all as the carrot to motivate them into getting actual fulltime jobs, and suddenly… who would have guessed it was even possible… becoming responsible adults!

Things were going so well… almost too well perhaps….

And then of course thanks to Murphy’s Law, it almost all fell apart… since once while she was hosting her sons’ cocks fore and aft in a rough double penetration, they were almost caught!

Haley came home at lunchtime from school, which she never did, and called upstairs, “Mom!”

Stephanie frantically pushed her two sons away from her, grabbed a robe, and ordered them in a fierce whisper, “Stay here and don’t make a sound!”

“Yes, Mommy,” her boys agreed just as quietly. They were disappointed, since they were each that close to filling their Mom with a big load, but they agreed they absolutely mustn’t be caught in flagrante by their sister. Luckily their mother always cautioned them to park a couple blocks away, just in case this moment ever did occur… having abruptly learned the need for such extreme caution when she’d been caught by her elder son while having sex with her younger one. (That time everything had ended well, since Andrew had always wanted to fuck his mother just as much as his brother had. So before the evening was finished, he’d phoned his employer for his long-time part-time job, had immediately landed the fulltime position of night manager, and thus qualified himself for the additional position of parttime mother fucker right along with his brother! But unfortunately there was no way such an approach would work with their kid sister.)

Stephanie hurried out of her room and closed the door, turning to see her daughter already upstairs and coming towards her… fighting back tears!

“Honey, what’s wrong?” she asked caringly, instantly morphing from DP’d Mommy-slut into concerned mother, even while a little wetness was still leaking out of her well fucked pussy. She’d already had one orgasm, and a second one had been ragingly imminent before it was suddenly doused by a bucket of ice water… her daughter’s totally unexpected voice!

“I-I-it’s J-J-Joel,” Haley stammered, now that she was safely with her mother allowing herself to burst into tears.

“What did he do?” Stephanie Escort Yeşilköy asked, automatically assuming it was the man’s fault, since in her experience it was always the man’s fault.

“He-he-he,” the distraught eighteen-year-old struggled to get some words out through her tears.

Stephanie sighed. She’d been left betrayed and broken-hearted by men many times in her life, and she certainly didn’t wish her daughter to go through heartbreaks like she had. “Honey, it’s okay,” she said reassuringly, although it was obviously anything but.

“It’s just… just… just…” Haley continued, unable to blurt out even the bare bones of an explanation. Truth was, she’d always known this would happen eventually. She, a high schooler, was foolish enough to be dating a college boy, for Christ’s sake!

“Relax,” Stephanie said, forgetting all about her two naked sons hiding in her bedroom while she focused entirely on her upset daughter… now fully inhabiting her protective mother mode.

Haley always felt so safe and comfortable in her mother’s arms. She remained silent for a minute or so longer, before she finally got herself somewhat together and said, “I think Joel is seriously thinking about breaking up with me.”

“Why would you say that?” The Mom asked, Joel seeming like the sweetest boy.

“He’s known all along I want to save myself for marriage, but…” she began, then interrupted herself to switch topics with full spite, “those fucking guys!”

“Which guys?”

“Alex and Andrew,” Haley spat with venom.

“What?! What do your brothers have to do with any of this?” the mother asked, suddenly remembering they were still behind the door she and Haley were right outside of.

“They had a chat with Joel a couple weeks ago,” Haley said, “downstairs, that night he was here and they were waiting for dessert,” wiping tears from her eyes.

“Oh, God,” Stephanie said, having no need to imagine the advice her two sons, especially Andrew, had given Joel. She’d been lurking down there listening in!

“Yeah, they pretty much told him I should put out all the time,” Haley said. “What kind of brothers tell their sister’s boyfriend she needs to be a slut?”

“Let’s go downstairs and get you something to eat and drink,” Stephanie suggested, wishing to get further away from those two brothers and the scene of her own slutty crimes.

They went into the kitchen where Haley asked, “Why are you wearing nylons with a robe?”

“I was just getting ready for work, so I slipped into a robe for you,” the mother lied.

“Oh, okay.”

“So did Joel break up with you?”

“No, but I’m certain he’s going to, thanks to those rats,” Haley said, angrier at her brothers than at her boyfriend.

“Why do you think that?” Stephanie asked as she poured them two glasses of juice.

“Because the boys stressed to him how important sex was to guys, and he quoted them to me as experts!”

“Sex is important to guys,” Stephanie agreed, already knowing that all guys younger than a certain age (likely around 110), even including sweet guys like Joel, spent all of their waking hours thinking about only a few things… ever. Food and sex were the two subjects every guy spent almost all his waking and sleeping hours with his attention on. “And it’s important to girls as well. But only when it’s time.”

“It’s just that…” Haley began, “…and I don’t want this to come out… all judgemental, but…” Haley continued haltingly, and then stopped completely.

“But you don’t want to end up like I did,” Stephanie finished her daughter’s thought.

“I’m so sorry, Mom,” Haley said, “but that’s exactly what I’m afraid of,” knowing how awful that sounded.

“That’s okay, it’s good your wanting to learn from my mistakes,” Stephanie said, “and I’ve certainly made some doozies,” not wishing her daughter to halt her education and any other opportunities dead in their tracks, by having kids at a young age like she had… she didn’t regret having her kids, but she wished she’d been able to wait a bit longer, since having them so young had stolen a lot of opportunities from her.

“It’s just… I’m not ready yet,” Stephanie said, “but then again, I don’t want to lose him.”

“May I ask you some very personal questions?” Stephanie asked. Haley and she were close, and yes, they’d had the sex talk years ago, but they hadn’t ever delved into what Haley had or hadn’t done.

“Sure, why not?” Haley shrugged.

“So obviously you haven’t had intercourse with Joel, or with anyone else.”


“How about blow jobs?” Stephanie asked, knowing a blow job or two could keep some guys content for a few months, although eventually that wouldn’t be enough. Like all people, horny guys always wanted more.

“Gross!” Haley said looking nauseated, having once and only once watched a pornographic film with her friends at a sleepover. She’d been completely Yeşilyurt escort disgusted by all of it.

“Oh honey,” Stephanie said. “Giving your guy a blow job can actually be a very intimate act.” Of course most of the time a blow job was nothing but a sex act, often an act of submission, like when the guy took complete charge and fucked your face… but sometimes it could be intimate.

“What? How?” Haley asked, not able to picture one in any positive way.

“Well, a penis is connected to a lot of a boy’s erogenous zones,” Stephanie explained; it wasn’t quite that simple, but for today’s discussion it would suffice, “and when you give him a blow job, you’re pleasing him in an intimate fashion. You’re also stimulating and interacting with a private side of him that almost no one else does, and most importantly… you’re the one in control.”

“I am?” Haley said, hearing what her mother was saying, but personally seeing a penis as nothing more than a very unattractive part of a guy’s body.

“Yes, you’re the one deciding what you want to do and how you want to do it,” Stephanie explained. “You’re deciding whether to stroke it with your hand, or to lick the shaft, to tease his cock head with your tongue, when to put it in your mouth, and even how slow or how fast you decide to bob. Truth is, it’s not a lot different from kissing.” In her own mind, that was much more the case when she was going down on a woman; but to Stephanie, every sexual act had its own level of intimacy and trust… whether it was a romantic rendezvous or a raw fucking. (And BTW, God did she hope her boys were smart enough to remain quietly in her room.)

“I don’t think I could ever do that,” Haley said.

“I’m not advising you to do anything you won’t be comfortable with or ready for,” Stephanie explained, and since she was giving her daughter advice that might save her relationship, she added, “but you’re an adult now, and sex isn’t such a bad thing, you know. It’s actually one of God’s greatest creations!”

“Maybe so, but the Bible says it’s a sin if it’s out of wedlock,” Haley rebutted.

“It also says an eye for an eye, and it’s okay to keep slaves so long as they’re not from your own country,” Stephanie pointed out. “How’s that grab you in the modern world?”

“But it also talks about forgiveness,” Haley slightly switched topics, always finding comfort in the words of the Lord.

“Of course, and that’s in the New Testament, which I’ve always felt is lots more helpful than the rigorous and often cruel Thou Shalts and Shalt Nots of the Old,” Stephanie said. “I’m not dismissing the Bible, it contains lots of great messages, and I’m very happy if you find comfort in them, and parts of it includes helpful guides to live by. But it was written many centuries ago, especially the Old Testament, and many things in our society have changed since then. And that nonsense about homosexuality being a sin? People are born that way, they don’t decide. Although not to criticize the Bible unfairly, I should add that some Biblical scholars tell us the prohibition was only intended to forbid men from buggering young boys, which was a common practice back then.”

“Yet the Bible has persevered through it all,” Haley insisted, her faith always something that had kept her centered, and had guided many of her decisions.

“Yes, but remember that God was the one who gave humans the ability even to have sex, and to enjoy the pleasures of the body,” Stephanie added.

“But he also called them ‘the sins of the flesh’,” Haley shot back, sounding more like a minister than an eighteen-year-old girl.

Stephanie sighed. She didn’t mean to, but she did.

“What’s with the sighing?”

“Look, I think because of the importance to us both of the crisis you came to me with just now, we need to be frank, or we won’t get anywhere helpful; so I’m about to be very blunt with you,” Stephanie warned. “Is that okay with you?”

“Okay, that sounds fair.”

“The Bible is a great book for helping you to live your life,” Stephanie said, “but lots of ministers manipulate it to instill fear in their congregations and to give themselves power over their so-called ‘sheep’.”

“How so?”

“‘Sins of the flesh’ for example,” Stephanie said, hating that phrase. “Sex isn’t sinful since it wasn’t created by the devil. Sex is pleasurable. Sex is natural. Sex is an integral part of the human experience. Jesus, if it weren’t for sex, none of us would even be here!”

“I guess, but…” Haley began saying.

“No guesses, no buts,” the mother interrupted. “I’m not saying you should have sex with Joel, I’m not saying that at all. But I’m also not saying you shouldn’t. I’m only telling you that sex isn’t something dirty, sex isn’t a sin, and sex is a natural conveyer of caring between two people.” She didn’t go so far as to include the words ‘or more’, even though she’d been the filling in Zeytinburnu escort bayan a sex sandwich only a few minutes ago.

“So if I want to keep Joel I’ll have to fuck him?” Haley asked, rather overwhelmed and frustrated by this conversation’s thrust. Even though her mother was obviously putting a lot of careful thought into her arguments, they were nonetheless arguments against her own point of view. Which wasn’t at all the kind of loyalty she’d hoped to receive from her!

“I have no idea,” Stephanie said. “Only Joel can tell you that. So I’m not saying you should or you shouldn’t, but I am saying that regardless of your faith, you’ll need to be ready to bite the bullet… or at least to bite something unless you even go farther… at some point.”

“And I’m not ready,” Haley said definitively.

“I understand that,” Stephanie accepted her statement unequivocally. “And you shouldn’t do anything until you feel comfortable about taking a certain step, even if you don’t yet feel comfortable about taking another one right afterwards.”

“But what if he dumps me?”

“Then he isn’t the man you think he is, and he most certainly isn’t the man you need: someone who’ll stick with you through thick and thin,” Stephanie said. She was trying to make her daughter feel better, even though she sensed Joel really was going to dump her. He was a college man after all, and getting laid in college was almost as easy as getting bit by a mosquito in Louisiana.

“I just don’t want to lose him,” Haley said, about to start crying again.

An idea popped into Stephanie’s head. It was almost as wrong as fucking her sons… and in some ways even more wrong because of the betrayal of Haley it would be by both parties. Yet it might solve the problem. She’d successfully used sex to address her sons’ issues, so perhaps she could use it to solve her daughter’s as well. So she said, “You won’t. Joel is a good young man. He loves you.”

“But what about when he pushes me for sex again?” Haley asked. “Because I know he won’t give up on the idea.”

“Be honest with him,” Stephanie said. She then asked, having just learned her daughter didn’t give blow jobs, “Do you at least give him hand jobs?”

“No,” Haley said, then added, figuring she’d already said a lot, and although her mother hadn’t agreed with all of it, her overall tone was far from unsympathetic. “Actually, I’ve never even seen his penis.”

“Never?” Stephanie knee-jerk reacted before she could think, but after a moment she did think, the thought being it was a miracle Joel was still dating her.


“Sorry, I was just surprised,” the mother said. “Has he gone down on you?”

“Good heavens no! Gross, gross, gross!”

“Honey,” Stephanie wheedled.

“What?” Haley said. “Why on earth would anyone want to lick a girl’s vagina?”

“Lots of people do it for intimacy and mutual pleasure.” Stephanie explained. “Sex has a wide variety of ways of delivering pleasure to a body. Having someone lick your pussy isn’t only intimate and a display of trust, it’s also very pleasurable. And for some girls, it’s the only way they can even come!” She couldn’t help but think what her daughter would say if she knew fifteen minutes ago her two brothers had been deep inside her mother’s pussy and asshole. Talk about displaying trust!

“He fingered me once for a bit,” Haley admitted. “It just felt weird and wrong.”

“Oh, if he ever finds your g-spot, weird is the last thing it’ll feel,” Stephanie chortled.

“So I still hear you saying I’ll have to tolerate some form of sex if I want to keep him.”

“I’m not saying that,” Stephanie said, “and I can’t get into the mind of a boy,” although truth be told, she knew exactly what he was feeling: constantly horny, desperate and frustrated.

“Who can?” Haley sighed.

“Guys think we’re just as big of a mystery.”

“Why? We’re dead easy to understand.”

Stephanie scoffed.


“Trust me, we’re way more confusing than men.”

“How so?”

“We’re emotional, we’re complicated, and we get moody even when it’s not that time of the month,” Stephanie said, “because simply put, we’re more complicated than just about any man.”

“That’s for sure,” Haley agreed.

“Men are simple and straightforward beings,” Stephanie explained, “They want sex all the time, and they’re thinking about sex all the time.”

“That’s disturbing,” Haley said.

“It’s a fact,” Stephanie said. “One that won’t change. Why do you think Hooters is so popular? It sure isn’t the food.”

“Because sex sells,” Haley said, a principle put forward by one of her teachers just the other day in a psychology class.

“Exactly, sex sells,” Stephanie nodded, “but what many people don’t know, or they’d rather not admit, is that women are also sexual beings.”

“But not to the extent men are.”

“Oh, don’t be so sure of that,” Stephanie advised. “Woman get just as much… actually much more pleasure from sex than men do.”

“We do?”

“Our orgasms last longer, we have more erogenous zones, and we can have multiple orgasms lots more rapidly than men,” Stephanie said, thinking ruefully how her daughter had prevented that multiple part from happening just now.

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