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My eyes wandered around the room, scoping every inch of the hotel restaurant. I don’t know what I was looking for, exactly – an escape hatch, maybe a wormhole to another dimension, perhaps a large rock to crawl under.

The waiter escorted me around a corner toward a set of 12 tables of four chairs, each with a cloth tablecloth, all of them empty except one. There sat my wife, looking down at the cabernet sauvignon she was swirling around in her wine glass. Swirling and swirling, tilting the glass as if she was trying to coat each and every centimeter of the glass with a wave of the wine.

As I strolled toward Stephanie, like a wind-up toy soldier on one of those airport moving walkways, I could barely see her for the image playing in my mind – my son Todd with his 8-inch cock jammed into her mouth and down her throat, her lips wrapped around it while this other guy was fucking the bloody hell out of her from behind. I could almost see her forcing her pussy back on the strong teen’s fat sausage, then being yanked forward by Todd, as he jammed his cock farther and farther down her throat.

As I draw near the table, I can practically hear her groaning, moaning around Todd’s cock, his hand woven into her blonde locks, using her hair to push-pull-push-pull her face off and on his monstrous dong.

The smell of sex was almost and th – “Sit down, hon!!” – POOF! All the imagery went away, almost startling me as I sat down on a chair that had already been turn open a ways.

“Full-bodied … thick and wet … sultry … desirous,” she said, still staring at the wine she maneuvered in her glass. She closed her eyes as she eased the glass to her lips, a tiny stream of the Cab entering her mouth. She gulped, swallowed, poured some more, drank a few more sips and then slowly brought the glass to the table.

“Mmmmm,” she said, her tongue caressing her top lip, then her bottom, then top again in what has to be the most sensual look I have ever seen he cast. “Delicious. Deliriously delicious. Don’t you think so, hon?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me for the first time. I stared at her, then looked at the wine glass and then back at her. I finally found it in myself to formulate some words for just this occasion. I leaned forward and was ready to say something when –

“I found the videos on your laptop,” she said, suddenly blunt and deadpanned. “Of them. Fucking me. All of them. Over and over.”

I stared at her, trying to read her eyes, trying to get a feel for if she was mad, like in “ready to kill me” upset; if she wanted a divorce; if she was unforgivably disappointed – but my “read” of her was blurred by my recollection of the very videos she was talking about: Three teen-agers fucking her pussy, her mouth, her ass, doubling up on her, filling her with their cum until it ran down her leg and out of her mouth.

“You knew it all along. Didn’t you.” Her words were now a terse, prying tone that didn’t so much seek an answer to all of her questions, but rather starved for a simple “yes” or “no.” I complied.

“Yes, aksaray escort but –” was all I could get out as she abruptly tossed her wine glass, sailing it over my shoulder and behind my back, letting it shatter on the tile floor just beyond the next table.

“Todd had, he , he had these … these PICTURES. Ugly photos, Keith. I was being used. They were using me in … doing things I’d never done before.”

I just sat there, listening. ‘Best not to say a fucking word until she asks me to,’ I thought.

“He showed them to me, and I nearly got sick. He … he said he’d show them to everyone, to you, to my boss, to the church, the choral members. My mother. He said he’d show them to my MOTHER, Keith.”

“I hung my head. In shame, in shock, in fright, when he leaned close, whispered In my ear, ‘It’ll be alright mom. You just have to –” and all of a sudden, his cock was in front of me. Keith. Right here. RIGHT HERE,” she said, raising her hand to face as the waiter brought a new glass, but hurriedly scampered away.

“The next thing I knew, I … it –” she stumbled, “it was sucking it. He was running it in, and then out, back and forth, into my mouth. It seemed like forever, Keith. For fucking ever. He came. He, he came in my mouth. There. At the kitchen table. My son. Me, his mom. Doing that.

“Then he grabbed my breast and I nearly threw up. He stood me up, honey, he stood me up and RIPPED off my sweat pants. Then,” she paused, “he fucked me. Pushed me across the table, and rammed his cock into me. I went to scream, but … when I opened my mouth, nothing came out.

“He gripped my shoulders, and slammed into me. Again. again. Again. I lost track of time, I was in shock, as he began to spank my ass and call me all these lurid names. His palm came up and squished my face onto the table. He kept telling me, it was like, “You want this, I know you want this. Want this. Want that. Do me, and do that.

“All I could think of was, ‘How has this happened? Where did this side of my young Todd come from? And where did … how did, those pictures happen?’ When he was done, he left me slumped over the table. Right there. Gasping for air, with his cum dripping down my leg.”

She raised the wine bottle, poured a nearly full glass of wine, and almost chugged it down.

Then she verbalized the dagger that caved in my chest, drained every breath from my lungs, sent lightning shooting through my veins.

“And you know what? I liked it. I LIKED IT, do you hear me? I had reached down and realized – that wasn’t HIS cum, that was MINE. I couldn’t catch my breath because … I was so – aroused. I couldn’t believe he, he … my own son, had … had just practically raped me, in my own home. And – I LIKED it.”

She looked at me, with this evil-yet-sultry and seductive look, “I reached down and starting touching myself ‘down there,’ Keith. Then, faster. And harder. With purpose. With intent. I needed to cum again. I pushed my own damned fingers deep into my pussy and orgasmed, Keith. I’d never done anal yapan escort that before. Not EVER.”

Again, I sat blindly staring into her eyes, but all I could see was her nude body flung across that table, her hand jammed against her cunt with her fingers working furiously inside her, trying to bring her off.

“Honey, I,” I spoke for the first time as the waiter passed by, knowing it probably wasn’t a good time to stop and take our drink order (to this day, I wonder how much he and the rest of the staff had heard of our intimate conversation).

But then, the words I then heard come out of my mouth surprised even me, as I uttered them. “Honey, I … I was so fucking turned on when I saw you, you, you getting fucked like that. I came on the back of the bathroom door, for Christ’s sake. It buckled my knees I came so hard.”

Her eyes got big as saucers. “Yeah, no shit, honey. You … they – it was like I was in the studio while they were filing a porn movie gangbang, but I happened to know all the characters involved. It was indecent, it was immoral, it was – sexy as hell. THEE most erotic thing I’ve ever seen, Steph. And I know. I KNOW I should have stopped it right then. But –”

She jumped in and blew my mind with her next sentence.

“And they are still fucking me today, Keith. They have been, for weeks. At first, Todd made me pay for it. To keep him quiet. Then, right after you’d leave for work, he’d bring a friend over. They were wicked at first, they loved to dominate me, make me ‘do’ things,” she said. “But then Todd brought some sexy bras and panties, crotchless of course, made me do sexy poses and … and … I couldn’t believe it, but I actually began to enjoy it. They became less vindictive, less rude and forceful. It was then I realized, ‘Hey, they don’t have ME where they want me; I have THEM where I want them.’

“So I told them, if you are going to continue to fuck me, you are going to start PAYING me for it. No more freebie shit or I’ll tell your fathers, tell all of their fathers, let the college entrance boards know, tell your employers – big, big trouble for your asses.

“I told Todd, ‘Your dad will kick you out of the house, cut off your college funds, and probably ruin you. Unless, you come over here and lick my pussy.’ And he did, Keith. I told him to crawl on the floor. And he did. I was in control now. “

Her tone had changed. Her voice had dropped about an octave, she was leaning forward on the table, with her middle and ring finger were rubbing circles on the wine glass. She seemed to squint her eyes just a little tad.

“They are paying me Keith. PAYING to have sex with me. It’s like I’ve become their whore. I set up an account at Sturgeon Bank and whenever they want sex, they make a deposit, and I receive a text from the bank. It’s followed by one from the boy – or boys, Keith, boys – these young men. They stay hard all damned day, Keith. Like flagpoles. Come once, come twice, it doesn’t matter.

“After they text, I tell them what day and atakent escort time they can see me. I’m not a whore, Keith. I’m making their dreams come true; I’m living out a sex fantasy. I never ever thought having sex with you would be inadequate, or leave me wanting more. But I do, now, Keith. When my phone goes ‘ping,’ I almost cum right then. My God, I never ever … ever expected this to happen. But Keith … it has. And, when I found your laptop that day you accidentally took mine to work, the next day after Todd has assaulted me in the kitchen, I found that first video. I put one and one together, to get 1,000, Keith. I figured everything out.

I called Todd, angrily, and told him to come home right this instant. When he walked in the door, I walked up and slapped him across the face, and told him I wanted him to drop to his knees and lick my pussy until I came.

“Within seconds, I was writhing on the kitchen floor, my legs over his shoulders, his mouth and tongue dancing and lapping at my now-dripping pussy. My hands were on the back of his dear head, it took all of my strength to push his face into me down there, and he was sucking and chewing on me. All of a sudden I went rigid, arching my back, and I freaked out, a mind-blowing orgasm ripping through me. I blacked out. Blacked OUT, Keith.

“When I came to, he was fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before, Hon. Gawd, that cock was deep, it was reaching places no one had gone before. Riding me like a stallion, then he pulled out – I whimpered, Keith, I actually whimpered like a disappointed schoolgirl – before he flipped me over like a ragdoll, brought me up on my knees and took me from behind. Oh my Gawd, I came the second he penetrated me.

“That’s the moment I realized – I now needed this as bad as he did. He dominated me like that for days, weeks, whenever he wanted,. And I let him. But it was when I started dressing up, I knew I was liking it as much as he was. As much as I knew his friends would.

“The day I told them, ‘You’re going to start paying for it’ was enlightening. It lifted me, and my spirit soared. I was no longer being raped and gangbanged at their beck and call; I was going to do it only when I wanted, and only WHAT I wanted, and they’d pay me for it.”

She abruptly sat back in her chair, one shoulder dipped a bit lower than the other, slouching a bit, with the most in-control, sensuous, and lustful look on her face.

“What do you think about that?” she then said, leaning forward, one elbow on the table and her chin resting on her palm and curled fingers. “You didn’t stop it … and now, I don’t want to.”

She flashed this shit-eating grin at me as she sat the glass on the table and seductively ran her fingers up, then down, the glass neck.

I looked at her, forced a smile, and said, “Eat here, or get room service? I am so hard I could chop down a tree with it.”

She looked around, waved her hand in the air and said, “Check, please.” Just as she did, her phone vibrated.

“A text. Hmmmm. It’s Anthony and Allan. $150,” she said. She stood up, pushed in her chair, and tugged on her too-tight jeans. “You’d better hurry and pay that bill,” she said as she strolled past me, her hand seductively lingering on my neck, ear and head. “You haven’t got long …”

POST SCRIPT: I never did get that fucking appetizer …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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