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Mom has kept me locked in chastity for 7 years. I used to misbehave & lead a very dubious lifestyle, but now, thanks to her sweet, tender guidance & instruction, I am able to conduct myself with the utmost care, quality & attentiveness.

Our story starts one night when I came home intoxicated. It had been a rough night of bad news & even worse company. I drowned my sorrows & stumbled home to find Mom waiting for me, angry, upset & seemingly on a mission. I asked her what the issue was, but due to being so inebriated, I stupidly passed out on the sofa while she was talking.

Upon waking up, my head was heavy & so was something else. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself & discovered something that would change the course of my life forever.

There, encasing my penis, was a solid metal cage, attached by a small hoop that had evidently been put on while I was asleep. My testicles had been squeezed through the hoop & padlocked to the cage to ensure that I couldn’t remove it, even with brute force. In desperation, I tugged at it & tried in any way possible to take it off. But it was there. Solid. Stuck. Permanent.

After a while of fretting in the bathroom, I heard my Mom’s voice outside calling me. I didn’t know what to do nor have any explanation as to how this had happened. I tentatively opened the door & went to see her.

Mom was stood there with her arms folded, leaning on the door frame, looking straight in to my eyes with a slight smirk on her face.

She’s 5’11, short cropped brown hair with a pink highlight, dark red lipstick, purple nail polish & wearing a skintight black dress. She’s always been pretty & my friends have always flirted with her.

She asked me if I was ok & if I had noticed anything different. I did. I had a million questions racing through my head, but no idea how to articulate them.

As I stuttered, she began to laugh, then walked over towards me, her hand outstretched. I thought she was reaching for mine, so I put my hand out to meet hers, which she totally disregarded & went for a firm clasp of my cage instead, which had created a noticeable bulge in my pants. She lent right in to my ear & whispered how it was all to keep me safe & secure.

My mind filled with panic & I asked if she was the one who had put it on me & she laughed again saying that it was entirely her idea to help rectify my unruly behaviour & that I had to learn how to be nice & treat women with the respect they deserve.

As Mom held my cage, I could feel a swelling deep inside it. Oh no, I was getting hard in my own Mother’s hand & couldn’t do anything to stop it.

My penis throbbed until it was pressing hard against the cold, shiny steel, pulsating & out of control. Mom obviously felt it & asked why I would be getting hard in front of her. Surely this was inappropriate, but I was hypnotised by her dark eyes, lips & figure hugging dress as she gently caressed my cage.

Mom told me that she was going to be my keyholder until further notice & that I was never to ask to be released or I would indeed pay the consequences for my actions. She showed me 2 keys that she’d put on a delicate thin chain around her neck which hung in between her cleavage. A plump, shapely bust.

I asked her how long she would keep me locked & if there was anything I could do to get out or help my situation, to which she giggled & told me that I had the right attitude to begin my journey as Mommy’s little Chaste.

I tried to ignore it, but going to the toilet was hard. I couldn’t pee while stood up & had to sit down for all my ablutions. Even in the shower, it made washing very difficult.

After a week of being locked in my new steel home, Mom came to me in the evening & asked if she could see it. I was very embarrassed with the whole situation but thought it was best not to protest too much, given my warning.

I stood in front of Mom & took off my pants. There, hung out for the world to see, was my shiny, caged & again throbbing penis. She took a while to take it all in, watching me, relishing in my discomfort & smiling the whole time.

Once I had finally removed all my clothes, she came over & stroked my chest with one hand & placing the other firmly on my cage again. She asked me how it felt & if I was in any real pain or discomfort. Although it was a very tight squeeze, I had managed to keep my erections to a minimal. But I guessed that it would be short lived.

I told Mom that it didn’t really hurt but that it was stopping me from behaving like a man & that I couldn’t touch myself, even to clean it. She paused, then offered whether I would like her to remove my cage so I could be cleaned.

I immediately agreed & Mom went in to the bathroom & returned with a razor & shaving cream. I asked what she needed that for & the response was to keep clean & fresh. I went to take the cream from her but she pushed my hand away with a shake of her head. She said if she was going to unlock me, then it was her responsibility to tend to my needs. illegal bahis I reluctantly retracted my hand.

Mom pulled the keys from between her curvy breasts & twiddled them between her fingers. She then put the keys between her lips & sank to the floor, resting upon her knees, head level with my cage.

She toyed with it, touching my cage & then giggled when I twitched, which in turn made it bounce. She put the key in to the padlock but didn’t turn it. The suspense was driving me wild.

Mom finally turned the key & the lock clicked open. She unhooked it but clasped the cage on to the hoop so it couldn’t release. This was mental. So close yet she seemed to be enjoying the whole process infinitely more than I was.

She removed the cage but kept the hoop firmly around my base. She then squirted a large blob of cream on her hands & then preceeded to lather up my cock & balls until they were completely covered in foam. She took the razor & carefully started shaving away my pubic hair, leaving clear skin underneath & navigating the hoop around to avoid any missed spots.

When she had finished, Mom took a small towel & dabbed my newly shaved area. She then asked if I had at any point during the last week, thought about release or even escaping. I told her that I had, but I was far from being able to actually make it happen.

Mom, who was still on her knees, looked up at me & asked how I would feel if she was to give me the full release of which I’d been craving.

I knew what she meant, but every fibre of my existence was resisting. I wanted to do it. I wanted to be able to touch my penis & make it cum. Besides, incest is frowned upon by so many, yet here I was, naked, in front of my Mom while she was offering to unload me.

I closed my eyes & agreed.

Mom’s hands went straight to work, caressing, pulling, rubbing, stroking, everything. My cock roared in to life & was stood to attention. I wasn’t sure if I had in fact ever been this hard before in my life, but I quickly tried to put that thought to the back of my head.

Up & down, Mom’s tender hands were stimulating & provocative all at the same time. I held the back of her head as if to will her face closer to my shaft.

I let out a moan, which indicated to her that I was about to blow.

Just as I was reaching pinnacle, Mom let go & slapped the head of my penis really hard. It hurt & I let out a short yelp while my cum suddenly fell from the tip, in a sorry looking dribble instead of the usual jet.

Mom laughed & laughed & pointed at my softening penis. She said that a real man could fire his load under any circumstances & that I had just made a ridiculous & unimpressive mess.

I felt ashamed, but still horny, as I hadn’t been allowed to achieve a full orgasm. My cock was getting soft again & it was cold being stood there naked.

Mom suddenly rose to her feet & looked me in the eye. She said that I was to always say thankyou & that I wanted to be locked back in to my small, tight chastity device.

I procrastinated & it made her angry. She repeated firmly that I was to beg her to put me back in to my cage where I belong. I did so & she happily obliged.

She slid the cage over my drooping penis & squashed it back on to the hoop so the pin could be padlocked shut again. It hurt & I was still desperately horny, all while my Mom was in front of me, teasing with her strict domina & attractive body.

Another week passed, & then another. Soon 2 more weeks had passed & it had been a whole month of being locked away. By this point my hair had started re-growing & it was time for another shave.

I approached Mom to tell her that I needed to groom myself & she merrily stated that she would take care of it. She did.

Once again, she got the razor & cream & began applying it to my body. Her hands glistened like her eyes, which had become alive & widened as she put her hands to work. After she had finished shaving me she asked me to turn around. I did & then felt my wrists being drawn together as something was tying them up. With my hands tied behind my back I was helpless to whatever was coming next.

Mom repositioned herself & slowly moved her head towards the tip of my cock. As she made contact, she looked up at me & smiled & then slid her lips down my shaft until they touched the hoop at the bottom.

My cock grew instantly & I started to thrust gently in to the back of her mouth. Mom took long hard sucks of my manhood & she placed her hands around the base, to get a firmer grip. My balls tightened & I could feel the eruption about to take place. This time, Mom stayed still.

I blew a monster load over & over again in to her mouth, releasing all the pent up energy & semen I could muster.

When I finished, Mom pushed me back on to the sofa, hands still behind my back. She then quickly straddled me, held my face with both hands & then pushed her lips on to mine. With her tongue, she pushed as much of my cum back in to my mouth as she could. illegal bahis siteleri

I was caught in the most confusingly arousing situation of my life. Mom’s tongue wrapped around mine, swirling the cum in between our mouths. She then pulled away, held my mouth shut & pinched my nose. I swallowed.

Mom stroked my face, smiling sweetly back at me & then asked if I had forgotten anything.

I remembered that I was to say thankyou & ask to be locked back up again. I didn’t want to. This had felt amazing, even if it had taken a whole month (or lifetime), to occur.

Mom pushed the cage back on & locked me shut. She then untied my wrists & I was free again.

She then asked me how I felt & if I had enjoyed what happened. I told her I did & very much so. This pleased her & she responded by asking whether I would like this to happen more frequently & if so, what I was prepared to do in order for it to happen.

I was so confused with conflicting emotions. Here I was, locked in a chastity device, the keys held by my own Mom & she was the only person I could trust to take care of all my personal needs.

She then suggested that we turn it in to a game of sorts, where she would supply me with challeneges & tasks for me to undertake to earn my releases. This idea appealed more as I was thinking that I could easily earn my release through being helpful & doing more around the house to please her. I was wrong.

The challenges started off quite basic, like going to the shops & ordering her female products. I always got strange looks & the noticeable bulge in my pants also attracted a few wandering gazes. But I did as I was told & my releases were brought back to once a week.

Soon though, Mom was getting bored of asking me to do the same things, so she upped the wager.

She took me on a shopping trip one day & asked me to purchase clothes from a store, based on my dirty porn magazine perversions. I couldn’t believe what she was asking me to do. She said that she wanted me to look like the person I wanted to fuck most.

This was a solid challenge. I’ve always been in to fetish wear, like latex, leather & rubber & beat my meat to the thought of it on many an occasion & now my own Mom, wanted me to indulge these fantasies & dress all kinky & sexy, for her.

We looked at various clothing & she picked out a few that she liked & insisted that I tried them on to see which looked & fitted best.

The cage was a deciding factor in the end & Mom chose for me a maid’s outfit with black latex tights & a peephole to pull my cage through, a gimp suit & what looked to be a rubber puppy suit that came with a tail.

The store attendant was finding all of this very exciting & asked if we were going to a party or something. Mom quickly responded by telling her that she was in fact my Mother & that it was going to be my new uniform around the house. The girl laughed & I guessed that she didn’t take Mom seriously.

I payed for the clothes & went towards the door. Mom let out a short huff which made me turn around. She asked if I was forgetting something to which I replied by asking if she would like anything. She did.

Mom then took to trying on every skintight, sexy, shiny outfit she could find.

My cock was throbbing against the cage, desperate to break out.

Eventually, she decided on 2 catsuits, one black & one leopard print. She also chose a few corsets that reminded me of the burlesque dancers & showgirls from the magazines. I quickly offered to pay for them too, but she refused, saying that I need to save my money for the next shop. This was getting out of hand, quickly.

We said goodbye to the store assistant & went outside, dressed in our new attire, standing out from every other human being in the street.

I had my old clothes folded up neatly & put in one of the bags. Mom looked at me & told me to throw them away immediately. I hesitated but she looked serious, so I did as I was told.

Mom held her hand out & gestured for me to take it, so I did. Together we walked hand in hand along the path, shining in our new seductive garments.

As we passed a jewellery shop, Mom opened the door & pulled me inside.

Mom had never been married & my Dad had left before I was born. It had only ever been us which may be a reason as to why I didn’t really know how to conduct myself appropriately.

Mom guided me towards where the rings were lined up in their display cabinets.

She tightened her grip on my hand when she saw a shimmering, diamond encrusted ring set & told me that it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. I wasn’t surprised for that price, but I got the hint & asked her why she wanted them now.

Mom took a deep breath & said that she’d always wanted to get married but never had the chance. She then calmly & slowly stated that my latest challenge to earn a release, was a big one. I was to buy her these rings & declare my eternal love & servitude to her from here on & promise canlı bahis siteleri that she would be the only woman in my life.

I was shocked. I couldn’t comprehend what I was hearing. Here was my Mom, telling me that she effectively wants to marry me & that I will no longer ever be able to meet another woman for intimate relations.

The horrified look on my face must have gave me away, because she suddenly turned cold & angry, declaring that despite her affections, I obviously didn’t feel that way for her. I panicked. Quickly I regained some composure & reached out to pick up the rings that she so deservedly wanted.

They were a perfect fit & she almost squealed in delight as I took her hand & got down on one knee in the shop. It must’ve been a surreal for anyone nearby when they heard my Mom accepting her Son’s hand in marriage.

We embraced & kissed & groped & went wild in the shop, eventually being asked to leave by the owner after I had payed for Mom’s new rings.

At this point, I was wearing the gimp suit without the mask & Mom was in her leopard print latex catsuit.

As we sat on the train home, we had many scathing looks from other passengers to which Mom’s response was to take her newly ringed left hand, display it for the public & rub the outside of my now protruding cage, getting it stiff again & ready for action.

When we got home, Mom made me write 4 full sides of A4 lined paper, detailing all my promises & intentions to look after her before all others.

I was so pleased to see her this happy, I had kind of forgotten that she was still my own Mother. Incest didn’t bother me at all anymore & I revelled in the naughtiness of it all, along with my new Wife, Mistress & Mom. I was hooked.

Mom then told me that she wanted to consummate our agreement & treat it like an actual marriage.

I had never had sex before. I was technically still a virgin. I’d had previous girlfriends & we’d fooled around a bit, but I had never actually gone the distance & had sex. I confided this to Mom & she looked shocked.

She told me to lay down on the edge of the bed & then went about tying my arms & legs down so I couldn’t move.

This was my 1st time. I was so excited & caught up in the moment that I didn’t see her pull the dildo out from under her bed.

Mom opened the coconut oil tub on her dresser & lubed it up. She then ran her wet fingers around my exposed cage & then asshole. I shrieked in surprise.

Just as I did, she pushed the dildo right in to my bum, all the way up, balls deep.

I clenched as the pain of insertion went right through my entire body. Mom pulled the dildo in & out, in & out, never letting up or stopping this heinous act. She was defiling me & I was helpless to her ever whim & desire. She gripped my cage in her left hand & pushed the dildo in with her right, asking how I liked losing my virginity to my Mom who was also now my wife.

I saw her rings glisten with the oil over my cage & I was solid for her. She then put her fingers in my mouth & told me to suck them for her. I did. They felt delicate, but elegant, even in taste & texture.

Mom then produced my keys from her chest again & asked me whether I deserved to be unlocked. I would’ve done anything for release at this point & anything was about to happen.

Mom changed her position to straddle my face, sat on my head, engulfed by her beautiful bare behind. I put my tongue to work, licking her moist vagina as best as I could from my captive position. She writhed & moaned in ecstasy as she held the dildo, fully inserted in to my rectum & gripping my cage like a gear stick.

Mom started getting animated, encouraging her chaste Husband & Son to thrust in to her hands, while locked for his beloved one & only Wife & Mother.

She asked how how badly I wanted to fuck her & I responded with muffled acknowledgement.

Mom unlocked me & I felt my penis suddenly expand to its full potential.

Mom then did a gnarly body shift so she was facing me again & then guided my solid, throbbing cock deep inside her.

This was it. I had finally lost my virginity & it was to my own Mother.

We bucked up & down as she rode my cock to new levels of pleasure. I could see in her face that she’d not experienced anything like this for a long time, if ever.

We were sweating & kissing & I was still tied up, unable to move freely.

Mom made sure to wipe her hands across my face, reminding me of her large, new sparkling rings, symbolically defining us as Slave & Wife.

I could feel I was approaching the end & told Mom I needed to cum, but she held me down & stated I wasn’t to do it before she did.

I felt a huge warm gush & contraction around my penis & suddenly I had to let go.

I erupted. My cum came flooding out like a fire hose. Mom lent forward & gripped my face as we came together in unison, all over & inside eachother.

This was the best sensation I have ever had, up to present & I think Mom would agree for her too.

Mom dismounted & quickly left the room, only to return seconds later with ice in her hand from the freezer.

She then apllied it straight to my raw & cooling penis which retracted quickly.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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