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Chapter 23 – Dinner with swingers at Valentine’s party

Jay, I belong to you, I am yours to do with as you please, and I must admit the thought of delving even deeper into the world of BDSM intrigues me too. I don’t know much about it but I want to learn, I trust you implicitly.” She turned to Jay softly kissing him on the lips “Please Master, please make love to your slave.”

Jay sensually pulled the halter over her head sliding the dress to the floor, Barbie returned the favor undressing him then they crawled onto the large soft bed. It was the first time their sex did not involve ‘fucking’, the meshing of their bodies into one was a slow and gentle expression of their feelings for each other.

With her pussy full of her Master’s sperm Barbie snuggled her face against Jay’s chest and soon they drifted off to sleep. Barbie’s first night in her new bed was better than any dream, she was where she belonged, giving herself completely to her Master safe in his arms. Tonight they would sleep together peacefully, tomorrow they would busy themselves collecting her personal items from the apartment, and then celebrating her birthday at the party.

Barbie woke first, going to the shower then to the kitchen to make breakfast wearing only a towel. She returned to the bedroom to properly wake her Master. She let the towel drop to the floor as she crawled under the covers. Barbie found a hard cock between Jay’s legs, something that is normal for a man when he sleeps, especially a young man. She lovingly licked the entire length then took him into her mouth; she was just beginning to give her Master one of her signature porn-star blowjobs when she felt him start to wake up.

“I could get used to this!”

“Good morning Master, your slave wishes to give you a proper wakening; this is the way I will always wake my Master.”

He placed a hand on the back of her head feeling it go up and down as she skillfully sucked his cock. It was not long until Barbie was rewarded with a mouthful of delicious young cum.

“Stay here and relax Master, I will come get you when breakfast is ready.”

Jay had little choice but stay where he was, Barbie had not only drained his balls, she had also sucked every bit of strength from his body, and a man does not instantly recover from one of her fantastic blowjobs. Still nude Barbie came to get him for breakfast; she did not bother to dress as they ate.

“I like you naked like this; I get to admire your beauty uninhibited by clothing.”

“Whatever you wish Sir. I will not wear any clothes when we are alone if that is what you want.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me, it would be great if you were nude all the time at home… except for heels; high heels make your legs and ass look great.”

“As you wish Sir” and Barbie left the table returning wearing the acrylic heels from the night before.

They ate breakfast then went to Barbie’s apartment to gather her things, today it would only be her clothes and personal items. They would wait until tomorrow to get the rest of her belongings, tonight they had a party to go to.

Jay had not seen the outfit Barbie had ordered and she hoped he would allow her to delay revealing it to him until they arrived at the party. They packed their things and headed to the hotel, Barbie mixed a drink in a travel cup hoping to get an early start on the party mood.

A few rooms on the first floor of the hotel remained available to the general public, the rest were reserved for party-goers. This meant when they were not in common areas such as the lobby, those attending the party had a reasonable expectation of privacy and clothing was optional and the same code of conduct to the party applied to the hallways above the first floor.

Other party revelers were arriving as Jay and Barbie rode the elevator up to their room, they ran into Jim and Karen in the hallway, the first couple they had met at the New Year’s Eve party. Jim suggested they have dinner together before the party and Jay happily accepted their invitation.

Barbie was half-dressed changing for dinner when there was a knock at their hotel room door; Jay opened the door not recognizing the man standing in the hallway as the second man that had fucked Barbie at the previous party. Being friendly with staff Alan had taken the liberty to search the list of attendees finding Jay and Barbie’s names, and their room number.

“Hi Jay, my name is Alan; I take it you don’t remember me from New Year’s.”

Hearing Alan’s voice Barbie forgot she was only wearing a skirt when she stepped into view looking to see if it was actually Alan at their door. Her initial reaction was fear and shock when she saw her client, but she felt better when Alan spoke first calling her by her real name.

“Hi Barbie, I just stop by to say hello and see if you guys need anything.”

Barbie reminded Jay who Alan is, both her client from work and one of the men who had sex with her New Year’s Eve. Jay was canlı bahis not sure what the protocol was for greeting a man who had fucked his girlfriend, so he responded as he would with anyone.

“Hi Alan, good to see you again.”

Alan asked what plans they had for dinner, and when Jay told him they were going to eat with Jim and Karen, Jay was surprise to learn that Alan and his wife, as well as another couple, were going with Jim and Karen too. When Jim had invited Jay and Barbie to have dinner with them he neglected to mention Alan and his wife were going to as well as another couple. Naturally Jay felt uncomfortable, being so much younger than the others, and considering this was only their second party he was not sure how to interact with regular swingers.

He also was not sure how to react when Alan stepped into their room giving Barbie a hug and a light kiss on the lips even though she was topless. Jay had read about proper etiquette at a swinger party but the article did not included instructions for casual interaction. For now he would not make a scene with Alan’s brashness, instead he chose to make a mental note of Alan’s conduct and compare it to that of others before deciding if Alan was acting inappropriate.

Alan excused himself saying the group was meeting in the lobby to go to dinner; but before he left he said “Good to see you again Barbie”.

Jay asked Barbie what Alan meant by his comment and if he should have any concerns with how Alan had greeted her. It wasn’t so much that Jay was jealous, he needed reassurance from Barbie she would not be naïve to any attempts by Alan to disrespect him thinking because of his youth Alan could take liberties with his girlfriend he couldn’t with the other wives/girlfriends. Barbie promised she would keep Alan in check, and if he crossed the line doing anything offensive or inappropriate she would let Jay know; she also explained Alan was a jokester, he treated everyone as if they were a friend he had not met yet.

It was getting close to the time to meet the others downstairs for dinner; Barbie rolled a pair of black thigh highs up her legs underneath a short dark-blue skirt, a white long-sleeve button front blouse and a pair of black four inch Mary-Janes. Of course no bra or panties and the blouse was open well below the middle of her cleavage exposing the roundness of the insides of her breasts. Jay simply changed his shirt, Barbie thought ‘men have it so easy’, they left the room to meet the others downstairs.

In the lobby there were four couples waiting instead of three, there would be ten people total going to dinner together. Jim and Karen introduced Jay and Barbie to the others. The first couple was co-owners of the club, Dan was a balding chubby short man who looked to be mid-sixty and very well dressed, the blonde girl with him, Sabrina, was taller and younger than Barbie by about five to ten years. It was obvious Sabrina had quite a bit of surgical work done to her body, her breasts were at least double-D and did not need a bra, her waist was unusually small and there were no wrinkles on her face, her lips were abnormally full and plump. One could easily see Dan was Sabrina’s sugar-daddy and she was his bimbo trophy girl, Sabrina’s clothes had been professionally altered to compliment her unnatural proportions.

The second couple Jay and Barbie were introduced to looked to be normal people more like Jim and Karen; Ronnie and Jennifer were both mid-forty and there was nothing in particular unique about the way they were dressed although they were neat and clean. Ronnie had short dark hair with a graying mustache and goatee; he was tall and slender in contrast to Jennifer who was the shortest of the group no more than five feet tall. She was carrying a few extra pounds along with a small belly which was overshadowed by tits as big as Barbie’s, Jay thought the poor girl probably had not seen her small feet in years.

Her boobs appeared even bigger considering how short she was and Jennifer had an ass that stuck out in back almost as much as her tits did in front. But her most noticeable attribute was her cute face framed by long brunette curls, Jennifer looked like a charming little fuck toy. She had on Jeans and sneakers and a t-shirt with the collar ripped out as well as a slit down the front providing a great view of the cleavage between her large tits.

Last to be introduced was Alan’s wife Teri, late fifties compared to her husband who was no more than fifty; she was a slim woman with light brown hair cut in a neat short style. She was only about five-four with small B-cup tits and narrow hips, also not much of an ass at all. The quality of her clothes was extraordinary though, not something available at popular big-box discount stores. Teri was wearing women’s dress slacks and flat sandals; her top was modestly tailored to fit her thin body. The only thing giving a hint she was with the swinger group was the additional button she left unfastened on her blouse showing her bra was doing its best bahis siteleri to make her smallish breasts look bigger than they actually were. She had on the most jewelry of any of the women too, a large diamond on her finger as well as other precious metals hanging from her ears and around her wrists.

Jay thought Teri would be more appropriately matched with Dan instead of Alan. When Barbie was introduced to Alan’s wife Teri’s expression was one of obvious arrogance making it obvious she was jealous of Barbie’s natural beauty as well as her husband’s fondness for Barbie’s sexual appetite from the previous party.

At the restaurant it soon became evident Dan, Sabrina and Teri thought them to be of a higher social status than the other people in the group, including Alan. The three of them sat together and talked among themselves arrogantly excluding the others from their discussion. Alan joined in the conversation with the other couples getting louder as more alcohol was consumed. Barbie seemed to be getting along very well with Jennifer and Karen, and Jay was enjoying talking with Ronnie and Jim. Alan was attempting to compete with the three men for Barbie’s attention.

The seating positons were Dan, Sabrina, Ronnie, Jennifer and Jim on one side of the long table, Teri was sitting across from Dan, then Alan, Barbie, Jay and Karen on the other side. Alan sitting beside Barbie and Karen sitting by Jay was not a coincidence, while Alan teased Barbie at work saying he would never do anything inappropriate there, at a social was a different story. He was making it known he was definitely interested in sliding his dick inside Barbie’s tight wet pussy again. As for Karen, her hand dropped into Jay’s lap and she boldly whispered in his ear telling him she had unfinished business with his young cock.

The handsome looks Jay inherited from his dad did not go unnoticed by Jennifer; she would intentionally pull her t-shirt down in front flirting with Jay giving him a better view of her large breasts. Jim was a happy-go-lucky guy and he was enjoying watching and listening to the blatant flirtation going on at the table, flirtation that was quickly becoming very sexually suggestive.

Karen and Jennifer were obviously good friends, which led to them challenging each other to do shots of tequila, easily dragging Barbie into their little game. After the second shot of the potent clear liquid Barbie’s buzz from the drink she had on the way to the hotel was quickly rekindled. She was matching Ronnie and Alan’s sexual innuendos with suggestive comments of her own, Alan turned it into a competition to see if he could get Barbie to commit to letting him fuck her before the party started.

Ronnie finally bowed out not willing to match the vulgarity Alan was using when talking to Barbie, but with his wife occupied with Dan and Sabrina there were no distractions to stop Alan except for the arrival of the food. Jim had to scold Alan telling him to watch his language reminding him they were in a public restaurant. Jay had his hand on Barbie’s thigh trying to keep her calm, but instead of being offended her slut side was quickly coming to life due to the alcohol she had consumed combined with Alan’s sexually explicit banter.

Thankfully eating kept Alan quiet for a while but as soon as he finished his conversation returned to pressuring Barbie for sex, but now that she had eaten Barbie was becoming annoyed by his constant badgering for her to have sex with him. After everyone was finished it was time to head back to the hotel, Alan tried his best to get Teri to ride back with Jay wanting Barbie to ride in Dan’s large SUV in the back with him. But Teri wouldn’t hear of it, even though she had not been involved in Alan’s conversation she had heard him practically begging Barbie for sex, and she was obviously not impressed with his lack of restraint.

Ronnie and Jennifer were riding with Jim and Karen and Jay had driven Barbie’s car to the restaurant. Barbie whispered to Jay asking if it would be ok if she rode back with Ronnie and Jennifer rode back with him, she wanted to reward Ronnie for being a gentleman and not talking to her the way Alan did.

Jay gladly gave her permission having a good idea of what Barbie was up too, not only was she planning on giving Ronnie a blowjob in the back seat of Jim and Karen’s car she intended to rub it in Alan’s face that Ronnie got his dick sucked and he didn’t.

Barbie, Karen and Jennifer went to the ladies room before leaving telling the guys they would meet them outside. Jay knew Barbie’s plan hinged on Jennifer agreeing to switch vehicles with her and she wanted to let Karen in on her intentions. The look on Alan’s face was priceless when the three girls came outside and Barbie got in the backseat of Jim and Karen’s car with Ronnie and Jennifer got in the car with Jay. Karen had Jim pull out first letting Dan fall in behind so Alan could see what was happening in the backseat; even though it was dark Barbie’s silhouette through the rear window bahis şirketleri was clearly visible from the lights that lined the street.

Jennifer knew Jay was new to the swinger lifestyle and she did not want to ruin any chances she might have of fucking the handsome young man. Instead making sexual advances in the car she made small talk asking if he was sure he was ok with what Barbie planned to do with Ronnie. Jay briefly went into an explanation about the slut side of Barbie’s personality, a trait which gained momentum with the consumption of alcohol, but then he turned the question around asking Jennifer why she agreed to go along with Barbie’s devious plan.

Jennifer told Jay they were all friends, but Alan can be a bit of an ass at times, especially when he is drinking, few women had the guts to stand up to him. What Barbie was doing served Alan right, he deserved everything he got, or in this case, everything he was not getting. In the restroom they had made a pact, whenever the three girls got the chance they would tease Alan the rest of the night but none of them would give him any sexual gratification. Jay laughed, what had been Barbie’s idea was now a threesome of scornful females determined to make Alan’s night a huge disappointment.

Just as Jay pulled into the hotel parking lot Jennifer put her hand on the crotch of Jay’s jeans “What about you, you’re not going to let Barbie have all the fun are you?”

“No, I don’t plan on it, but all this is new to me and while I do have the stereotypical sex drive of a guy my age, just give me a little time to feel things out.”

Jennifer laughed when she responded “Well, just so you know you’re welcome to ‘feel’ me anywhere you want, anytime you want, for as long as you want!”

Jay laughed too “I will keep that in mind.”

Everyone was walking toward the door of the hotel, everyone except Barbie, Ronnie and Alan. Jay asked Jim where Alan was; he knew where Barbie and Ronnie were and what they were doing. Jim pointed to his car on the other side of Dan’s SUV; Alan was standing at the back door with his hands cupped against the glass trying to peer inside. Jennifer was right; Alan really could be an asshole when alcohol is added. Karen wished she had a video camera when Teri walked to Jim and Karen’s car yelling at Alan, telling him he was making a fool of himself as she dragged him across the parking lot.

Dan, Sabrina, Teri and Alan went inside but Jim and Karen sat on a bench in front of the hotel with Jay and Jennifer waiting for Barbie and Ronnie to finish. As the four of them sat there Jennifer spoke first asking Jim for details of what happened when Barbie got in the backseat with Ronnie.

“When Barbie got in the backseat instead of you Ronnie asked where you were, Barbie just told him to scoot over you were riding back with Jay. Then she asked Ronnie if he would like the prize for knowing when to shut up at the table during dinner, he asked what the prize was and she simply answered asking did he want it or not, saying she was sure I would gladly take the prize if he didn’t.”

Jennifer giggled “Ronnie can be so naïve sometimes!”

“Well, of course Ronnie quickly said yes when he realized Barbie was offering for me to take his place. She stripped off her blouse then unfastened Ronnie’s pants pulling his jeans and boxers to his ankles. She wasted no time diving into his crotch head first. Forgive me Jay, but you have a live one there. Barbie asked me to turn on the interior light making sure Alan could see inside our car, her boldness is very impressive.”

“Oh, no apology needed, I am fully aware of what Barbie is capable of, or at least I think I am.”

“Barbie got on her knees making sure her bare back could be seen through the back window as well as the motions of her shoulders going up and down in front of Ronnie. By the way, if they don’t come out soon, Jennifer might want to go check on Ronnie and make sure Barbie hasn’t killed him, the way he was moaning when we got out it sounded like Barbie was trying to suck the life out of Ronnie.”

“Oh, he’s always like that, the noises he makes during sex makes me laugh so hard sometimes I have to make him stop.”

Just as Jennifer finished speaking the back door of the car opened and Barbie and Ronnie got out, receiving a round of applause from those sitting on the bench. Both of them were out of breath, the buttons on Barbie’s blouse were in the wrong holes and her hair was a mess. Jay and Jim stood up letting them sit down before they fell down from exhaustion.

Of the two Barbie spoke first, “Damn Ronnie!”

“Me? What about you?”

“Fuck Jennifer, why didn’t you tell me your husband eats pussy like a champ, his goatee should be registered as a weapon.”

“Oh, he has a few talents I am proud of, but I don’t tell his secrets, you will have to find out about them for yourself.”

“Jennifer, you should have warned me you and Barbie were changing places and let me in on what was going on, it felt like she was trying to suck my balls out through the head of my dick. Shit Jay, you are one lucky man, wonderful big tits, tiny waist, nice wide hips and legs that go on forever. I have never had a blowjob like that.”

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