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Faith was tired. She’d been away from home all week, demonstrating a new laboratory analyzer to potential clients and was finally headed home, the big crate secured in the back of her SUV. To treat herself, Faith had made a one night reservation at Canyon Hot Springs, a nice campground along the Transcanada highway, about three hours from her home. They had small log cabins and larger ones for families. However, it was the hot pool that Faith was most looking forward to.

She got to the office just after 3:30 pm and after filling out the paperwork, was given the key to her little cabin. Her cabin was in a secluded area with one other cabin and nobody else was there when she made her way to the one that was hers for the night. Once she’d taken her suitcase in, Faith changed into her bathing suit and grabbing a change of clothes and toiletries for later, headed towards the pool.

There were two pools: one hot, at around 104 F and the other, a cooler one at around 80 F. Faith relaxed in the hot pool for about 15 minutes and then went to the cooler pool and swan around. It was so nice that there were very few people there on this Friday night. Normally, Faith would have talked to others but on this day, she felt the need for some quiet time alone so she kept to herself, looking at the mountains around instead of at the people. She altered between swimming in the cool pool and relaxing in the hot one.

After a few hours, Faith felt the beginning of hunger creep up within her so she left the pool and headed for the change rooms where she showered before getting dressed. Then, she stopped by the small cafe and had a quick dinner. Fully intending to read and turn in early, she made her way back to her cabin on foot, using a different path she’d taken to get to the pools.

When she got near the cabins, she saw someone looking into her vehicle. Was it a thief trying to see if there was anything valuable? While that analyzer was pricey, it certainly wasn’t a gold find for thieves. Yet Faith hesitated. What if she surprised them and they got angry and hurt her?

The fight or flight decision was taken out of her hands when a second person came out from the other side of her SUV and saw her. He asked “Is this yours?” Somehow, his face didn’t look like that of a thief or a “bad guy”. This guy looked so honest that Faith felt compelled to answer honestly so she nodded. What happened next surprised her, shocked her really. Both men drew weapons and yelled at her to put her hands up! They called out that they were police yet neither of them was in uniform and if this new vehicle parked nearby was theirs, it sure wasn’t a police car!

They yelled again for her to put her hands up and the tone was clear: she had to comply.

“Police! Keep your hands up and lean up against that blue car. Now!”

“What’s going on? You sure don’t look like officers!” Faith refused to move.

“We’re off duty. Now do as your told. Put your hands up against the roof of the car and do NOT turn around.”

While Faith proceeded to the car and put her hands on the roof, she asked “What’s going on? What are you suspecting me of?”

“You don’t get to ask questions! You get to answer ours.”

“Well, show me your badges then. And I have the right to know what you’re accusing me of!”

They pulled out their badges and flashed them.

“That’s way too fast and too far. Come on now…. there’s two of you with guns and just one of me. I am not going to harm you! Just come closer, show me your badges long enough that I can read them and I’ll answer all your questions! There is no need for all this macho show of force!”

One of them got close enough and put his hand on her back, pushing her against the car while the other kept his gun trained on her, getting closer also. They showed her their badges, still not close enough for her to read them, and then asked “Is that a bomb in your vehicle?”

Faith whipped around in shock “a bomb?”

The Esenyurt Escort officer closer to her grabbed her and pushed her back against the car, pinning her there with his body. He then tensely said “You do NOT move, you do NOT turn around, you answer the questions calmly and slowly and nobody’s going to get hurt, understood?”

Faith nodded, suddenly afraid that their own fear would cause them to shoot her before she could explain.

“Guys, please relax. It’s not a bomb, I swear. If you just give me a chance to explain, I will.”

The officer holding the gun said “Maybe you should make sure she’s not packing a remote on her or something.”

And the officer holding her against the car told her “Spread your legs and do NOT move.”

“Knock yourself out. I don’t have a remote or any weapon, I swear. In my right pocket are some keys and in the left is my angel. That’s it.”

The man took his time feeling her arms and torso and legs. He pulled out her car keys and the cabin key from her right pocket.

“What did you say this was?” he asked as he felt a lump in her left pocket.

“It’s an angel in an acrylic oval. It’s my dad. Have a look but please don’t lose it, it’s very precious to me.”

He reached in, looked at the angel and then slid it back in, almost tenderly.

“She’s clean.”

The other lowered his weapon and Faith, thinking it was a sign that she could straighten up, let go of the car and took one step back. She was pushed back quickly. “We didn’t say you could move. You have a lot of questions to answer.”

“Well, go ahead and ask!”

“What’s in your car?”

“The big crate is a laboratory instrument. It’s a mini x-ray. Not for taking pictures of bones, but for chemical analysis. The blue plastic box is a car emergency kit with first aid kits, flares, spare wipers, tools and such. The bag has my work laptop and work documents. There is also a multi-head screwdriver in there that I could use to open up the crate if you want to see the anlyzer. Do you want to see it?”

“So it’s not a bomb but it’s radioactive?”

“No, it’s not.”

“But you said it was an x-ray.”

“Yes but the x-rays aren’t produced by a radioactive source, they are produced by a tube. And without power, the tube is off and no x-rays are generated. Trust me, it’s very safe. Otherwise, I would not have it in my car!”

“How come it’s not identified on the outside as having x-rays in there?”

“Because it can’t generate any x-rays while in the box, unplugged, so it’s not a requirement. The machine itself has two warning lights that would come on as the tube would power up.”

“I think she’s telling the truth, dad.” The one behind her said.

Faith thought “They’re father and son?”

“Well I want to make damn sure she’s not packing so switch places with me.” The son went to where his dad had been standing and drew his gun and pointed it at her. Meanwhile, the dad went behind her and proceeded to pat her down. Only this time, it felt more like being felt up than being searched. He actually started at the bottom and made sure he thoroughly felt each and every pocket, including the back ones on her jeans. He slowly felt her back and Faith was anticipating what it would be like when he’d feel her front that slowly. As he moved to feel her stomach and move up, Faith felt his body really closer to hers. When he cupped her breasts, feeling the underwire of her bra, she inhaled sharply. Then he asked “What do we have here?”

Faith, thinking he meant her bra said “It’s the underwire in my bra.”

“No, not that, this here…” he said as his fingers brushed against her stiffening nipples. He didn’t give her a chance to answer and said “I think we need to take this search inside.”

Then, he stepped back and told her “put your hands on your head and walk towards our cabin.

They all made their way to the cabin and the son, having put his gun away, Avcılar Escort unlocked and opened the door. Once in there, they told her to lean against some bunk beds on one side of the cabin. Then, the father said “Let’s see if it was just the cold or if there’s more.”

They each took a side and again, felt her stiff nipples through her shirt and bra. Then, one of them undid her jeans and reached in. He felt all the way down and dipped his finger into her pussy. It was the father, Faith concluded when he spoke.

“Just as I thought, she’s wet!”

And then, to her, he said “You willing to play with us for a while? I promise we won’t hurt you.”

Faith nodded. Then, she was turned around. For the first time, she got a good look at them. There was no mistaking they were father and son now that she could see them. The father was about mid-fifties and the son, maybe late twenties. Both had deep blue eyes and full heads of hair, although the father had his salt and pepper and the son’s was dark brown.

Then, the son asked “You by yourself?”

Faith nodded.

“Show me your hands”

Faith showed them both her hands, first palms down, then palms up.

“Holy shit, these are weapons! Are they for real?”

Knowing he meant her nails, Faith said “Yes, they are but don’t worry, I wouldn’t use them as weapons unless I was scared for my life.”

“You’re not wearing a ring either. You single?”


“Good. Now how about you start by getting down on your knees?”

Faith did as she was told as both men lowered their shorts and took out their hardening cocks. Faith reached towards the dad’s cock and stroked it before she pulled it into her mouth. She gave it a few strokes and then turned her head and did the same to the son’s cock. Both were nicely endowed, the son slightly bigger than the dad. She alternated between the two cocks, licking, sucking and gently nibbling on them.

Then, the son said “Focus on him, make him come.”

Faith did as she was told and focused on the older man’s cock, using her tongue and hands to pleasure him. He wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her and pushed her on his cock, setting the pace. Faith gently used her nails to tease his sack and then caressed his balls. She gently squeezed them and then released. Soon, she felt him tense up and he said “Get ready for it!” and then he shot his load down her throat.

Faith then turned to the son and focused on him, treating him to the same caresses, quickly taking him to a groaning finish. The father then told her to stand up and proceeded to undress her. After he took her blouse off, the son got her bra off and quickly reached for her breasts, kneading them and teasing the nipples with his thumbs.

The dad took off her jeans and thong and then told her to hang on to the top bunk’s safety barrier. She followed instructions and soon, had both father and son on each side of her, taking her nipples into their mouths. They feasted on her breasts, licking and sucking and gently biting her nipples. Then, she felt one of them reach between her legs and start caressing her there. The other’s hand joined the first hand there and soon, there was one pair of fingers inside her pussy, finger-fucking her while the other worked on her clit. They had her moaning and pushing her pussy against their hands, wanting more.

Soon, they had Faith close to coming and she panted and moaned as they pushed her further and further. Then, she came, hard. They slowed their movements and allowed her to ride the waves of her orgasm.

Then, the son said “why don’t you get dad back up.”

Faith started caressing the father and stroking his cock. Soon, he was standing at attention. The son said “Dad, get on the large bed.”

His dad sat on the side of the bed and laid down. Then, the son said “You, get on top of him, reverse cowgirl style.”

Faith followed orders and impaled herself onto the father’s hard cock. She moved up and down a few times and soon felt the dad’s hands on her breasts, caressing them.

Meanwhile, the son got on his knees between their legs and attached Faith’s clit from the front. And what an attack it was. No slow licks and gentle sucking. He meant business pulling her clit between his lips and teasing it intensely with his tongue. She stilled as she felt the first waves of pleasure approaching. The dad gently rocked his hips to cause some friction without disrupting the process. The son focused even more and pushed her over the edge. As Faith groaned her climax, she ground her pelvis on the dad’s lap and held the son’s face tightly against her pussy.

When she was done, the son said “Dad, get behind her doggy style. I want her to suck on my cock again.” They switched position and Faith enjoyed being penetrated again even though the interruption had only been a few moments. As the dad worked his cock in and out of her pussy, she wrapped her lips around an even bigger cock.

“Mmmmm” she moaned on his cock.

With one hand, she gently caressed his balls while she continued to lick and suck his cock. Soon, she felt him tense and he grabbed her hair, not allowing her to pull back and shot his load down her throat. He held her against him until she’d licked him clean. Then, he pulled off the bed and said “Want to take her any other way dad?”

The dad pulled out of her pussy and turned her around. He then lay on top of her and said “I’m an old-fashioned guy, I like the missionary position for the finale. Just don’t use those nails on me, okay?”

Faith smiled and replied “don’t worry, I won’t leave any marks.” And she gently ran her nails on his back, not scratching but rather teasing his skin. He kissed her lips and rocked his hips between hers. Soon, it was his turn to groan as he shot his load inside her. When he was done, he laid beside her, face to face, and she felt the son behind her. To her surprise, he was ready to go again and he pushed his thick cock between her legs to reach her pussy.

“Just a little further” Faith encouraged him. His cock slipped in and he pushed up slowly, not wanting to hurt her with his bigger size. He fucked her slowly and the dad focused on teasing her nipples. They gently moved like that for several minutes. Then, the son said “I need to take you a little more roughly, think you can handle that?”

Faith nodded and he grabbed her hip and started really pounding her. Meanwhile, the dad stopped using his lips and focused on using his fingers to tease her nipples, each in turn. The son reached around her hip and his fingers found her clit and he rubbed it while he fucked her hard. Faith came just before he did and both groaned as they slowed down. They fell asleep like that, with Faith sandwiched between the two cops, father and son.

Halfway through the night, Faith was awakened by the son who was ready for another round. He reached between her legs and caressed her while he kissed her neck and breasts. Once he was satisfied that she was ready for him, he got on top of her and slowly pushed into her. For the first time, he kissed her on the lips and as they explored each other’s mouths, he continued to slowly fuck her. Then he said “I really want to fuck you from behind.”

They switched positions and he grabbed her hips as he pushed in. As they moaned, they woke up the father. Soon getting an erection of his own, he turned his body to push his hard cock towards her mouth. Faith obliged, taking him in and giving him her almost full attention. Once again, she was pleasuring the two men at the same time and loving every moment of it. Soon, all three of them came and collapsed together on the bed.

In the morning, they had another round. It seemed that all three of them knew this was not something that would happen again. After they said their goodbyes, Faith returned to her unused cabin and washed up. Then, she loaded up her SUV and left.

Even though she’d enjoyed her night, Faith made sure she put a blanket over any crate she carried after that, never wanting anyone to worry about what she was carrying.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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