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Half a dozen re-writes later, finally have the latest instalment of Stevie’s escapades

Hope you are all enjoying the adventures of Stevie, really enjoying writing it but would love to hear more of your feedback or suggestions as what she should do next. Enjoy the chapter and then drop me a comment to give me some ideas.

If you are one of those people who want to comment on my spelling or grammar, save yourself the time. 

Thanks Dan. X

June 21st — 10.42am

Staring at the monitor of her screen, Stevie was starting to regret her decision to come in today. A couple of days ago she’d had such a fun day with Kim, shopped all afternoon and laughed like she hadn’t done in such a long time, yet she had felt guilty about lying to Tom.

Tom had always been good to her since she started working for him and she felt like she owed him something but the last week had been such a whirlwind, there was no way she was going to be able to return to her job in Tom’s office after everything she’d done but she had no idea how she was going to tell Tom.

Suddenly snapped out of her thoughts, she looked up as she heard Tom shouting, “Stevie, can you come in here please.”

Her heart rate felt like it doubled in an instant, Stevie’s cheeks flushed as she took a breath and rose up from her seat, fixing her skirt she slowly walked into Toms office smiling at him as she saw him sat behind his desk, looking as good as ever in a tight fitting shirt smiling up at her, “Take a seat Stevie.”

Sitting down opposite him, her hands fidgeting with the hem of her skirt nervously, trying to act normal but Stevie’s heart rate was anything but normal as she tried to figure out how she was going to have this conversation, she looked up at Tom as he asked, “How you feeling? Better?”

Smiling, relaxing a little at his question, Stevie nodded, “Yeah, much better thanks, sorry about being off.”

Looking at her with a look of concern, Tom continued, “You don’t need to be sorry, we all get sick, just glad to have you back.”

Seeing this as her opportunity, Stevie knew it was now or never as she responded, “Well, about that.”

Lifting his head from the paperwork on his desk, Tom looked over at Stevie, “What about what?”

Feeling her cheeks burning red once again Stevie took a breath, “About me being back, I, er, this is going to be my last day.”

The look of shock on Tom’s face was clearly visible as he looked at her, “What do you mean it’s your last day?”

Knowing she was committed now, her head lowered, Stevie continued, “I, er, I’ve been offered another job, and well, I’ve accepted it.”

Still unable to look up at him Stevie could imagine his face as she listened, “What do you mean, you’ve accepted it, you can’t just leave, we’ve got too much on for you to leave now.”

She knew he was right but she knew if she stayed then she might never get out, her head still lowered as she spoke, “I’ve made my mind up Tom.”

Her heart rate had picked up once more as she waited to hear what Tom would say next, looking up at him as she heard his next statement, “Well if that’s what you want, don’t wait, you can get out now!”

Stevie looked at him in shock, the friendly, handsome boss she had always liked, now had a look of anger on his face that she had never seen before. The boss that she’d felt guilt lying to had just kicked her out of the office. She slowly got up from her seat, not sure what to say, half waiting for him to say something but he just looked away at his monitor.

Returning to her desk, she gathered up the few belongings she had on her desk and left without saying another word to anyone, she’d achieved what she wanted to that day but she didn’t expect it to happen like this. She looked over at Tom’s office once more before she left, hoping he might pop his head out and be friendly once more but he never did.

June 21st — 12.01pm

Stepping back into her apartment, dropping her box of belongings from the office onto her small table, a sense of panic started to loom over Stevie. The reality that she had just quit her steady job to potentially become a porn star dawned on her. All the fun of her day with Kim seemed a lifetime away as the panic raced through her along with a million questions with the majority focussing on did pornstars earn enough for her to pay her rent. She raised her hands to cover her eyes as she realised she was referring to herself as a pornstar, how had this happened in just a week.

Pulling the covers back from her bed she climbed in, hoping the comfort of her bed would help her relax and stop thinking about what she had got herself into. Closing her eyes for a moment only to hear a ping, she popped her head out of her blanket and looked at her bedside table; her open laptop had just received a new email.

Hesitating for a moment, not wanting to move from her snug spot in her bed, she eventually reached over and pulled the laptop to her, minimizing the Dream Pictures window, still bahis siteleri showing the video of herself and Kim, she clicked on the icon to open her email, her heart racing a little faster as she saw the sender was Evelyn.

Hi Stevie,

Hope you don’t mind I got your personal email from your manager, or should I say ex-manager, I emailed your office but they confirmed you don’t work there anymore.

You’ll be glad to know, we have work for you instead, if you can come to the studio, 10am tomorrow, we will be all set up and ready for you. Don’t worry about your outfit or anything; everything will be taken care of.

See you soon



Falling back onto the bed covering her eyes with her hands once more, Stevie’s heart felt like it was about to burst from her chest. Her mind was racing about what she had got herself into, what was going to be waiting for her the next day, who was going to be waiting for her, could she really do this?

Reaching for her phone to try and stop her panic from taking over her, she text the only person whose number she had that could relate and hopefully relax her, Kim.

Stevie: Hi Kim, just got my first shoot for tomorrow, am scared!!!

Kim: First shoot, you forgot our time together already  x

Stevie: No, I would never, I mean my first shoot since signing

Kim: Lol, even by text I can tell you’re nervous ha ha, relax hunni, you are going to be amazing X

Stevie: I hope you’re right, I know I’m going to have bags under my eyes because I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight

Kim: Excited about a scene already, such a slut x ha ha

Stevie read the final text off Kim, falling back onto her bed with a smile on her face; Kim had brightened her mood like she knew she would. Looking at the clock, she had all day to get through before she could even think about tomorrow, she lay there thinking of what to do with her day.

Without really considering her actions, she reached for her laptop once more and reopened the window with her and Kim’s video on, biting her lip as she looked at the still of her laying back Kim’s head between her spread thighs, the memories of that day flooding back to her and instantly turning her on.

She moved down the page for the comments section, her nerves building again, worried about the potential for bad reviews. She needn’t have been worried as she read comment after comment, praising the video, calling her hot and Kim sexy, every comment made her more and more confident, she could do this.

Sitting up a little in her bed, feeling better, still working through the comments, she had a pop up appear on screen, “new comment available”, biting her lip at the thought that someone had watched her video right then, she couldn’t resist as she clicked on it, the screen refreshing to show the latest comment was from a user called Dream Pictures Admin.

Her mouth fell open as she read the comment;

Big news, you don’t need to wait much longer, our new starlet Stevie will be back on your screens soon enough, we think our fluffer deserves a blowbang, don’t you 

She sat there froze for a moment as she watched the number of likes for the comment go up minute by minute, eventually snapping out of her daze and shutting the laptop down. If there was any chance of her sleeping that night, that comment had officially put an end to them. Grabbing a pillow, Stevie covered her face as she fell back onto the bed once again resisting the urge to scream from her nervous excitement.

June 22nd – 9.54am

Taking a breath as she stood outside the door of Dream Pictures studio, Stevie looked at herself in the reflection of one of the windows, her blonde hair straightened and left loose falling over her shoulders and half way down her back, a slight touch of lip gloss bringing her lips out more but resisting the urge to put too much make up on.

She’d tried on a dozen outfits that morning and re-read Evelyn’s email telling her not to worry about anything just as many times, so she had settled a pair of white skinny jeans that hugged her plump ass, a plain white vest top, that showed off her cleavage without being too revealing, and simple white bra and panties that Kim had helped pick out for her, she said they were simple yet sexy, which was just right for her. Stevie had to admit the underwear did make her feel sexy and her breasts had never looked so good as they did in that new bra.

Reaching for the door, she was as ready as she was going to be but was still fighting her every urge which told her to run away, stepping through the door seeing the smiling face of Evelyn, relaxing her and making her more nervous in equal measure, she almost yelped as Evelyn stood up on her arrival, smiling back at her, “Her she is our star for the day!”

Smiling, almost awkwardly, Stevie walked towards her as Evelyn walked around the counter of her reception desk, she looked professional as ever, pencil skirt hugging her hips and tank top hugging her canlı bahis siteleri other assets. Evelyn wrapped her arms around her in a warm embrace, looking into her eyes smiling, “Relax hunni, it’s going to be fine and you’re going to be amazing, now let’s get you into make-up and get you changed, that outfit is far too nice to be wearing it today.”

Feeling her heart rate drop a little back to a somewhat normal pace at Evelyn’s words, she felt her link her arm and start to lead the way, walking through the doors of the studio which was crowded as ever with people scurrying around.

Stevie’s cheeks blushed as she felt as if the room fell silent and every set of eyes in the studio turned to her and Evelyn, just the sound of Evelyn’s heels clicking on the floor and the soft footsteps of Stevie’s blue ballet shoes could be heard as they walked across the studio and into the make-up room she had shared with Kim.

The next hour or so seemed to pass in a second, people rushing in and out, a make-up artist applying make up to her face that she would never normally choose herself and a bright red lipstick that seemed to plump her lips up more than she had ever known them to.

Jimmy, the director she had blown a few days earlier, had come in and said hello, he was super excited, bouncing around the room but Alana her make-up artist just confirmed he was always like that and to ignore him.

Alana had then wheeled in a rack full of outfits to choose from, Stevie had no idea, she had taken forever to pick the outfit she already had on and even then her underwear was only thanks to Kim. Thanks to the help from Alana she had settled on a red bra that pushed her breasts up and together, making them seem bigger than they were and a matching red thong.

Stevie looked at herself in the mirror, her hair done, make-up on, her lips full and brash red, standing in sexy lingerie, her 32c breasts looking bigger than ever, her plump ass only covered by a tiny thong, once again her mind raced wondering how she had found herself in this position.

Snapping her out of her thoughts, she felt Alana link her arm through hers and start to lead her back in to the crowded room, the hush falling once again, looking at Alana, who seemed to have a look of pride at how she had made her look, she followed her lead until they stood in front of the sofa that Stevie had seen once before in one of the shoots she helped, smiling up at Alana as she thanked her before taking a seat.

It was the first time Stevie had a chance to look around properly and everything seemed just as it was on her previous shoots, except she wasn’t sat on the bench this time, this time she was front and centre with the cameras focussed on her. Feeling as if the lights above her were shining brighter than the sun she was relieved when Jimmy walked over to her smiling, “You ready hot stuff?”

Nodding to him slowly in response, she smiled shyly back as he stood behind the nearest camera, obviously ogling her, “You’re gonna be great, just relax and go with it, we’ll start with some simple questions and then bring the guys in OK?”

Her heart racing like it had so many times in recent weeks, her cheeks blushing but less obvious due to the amount of make-up she was wearing, Stevie just nodded once more looking up at Jimmy as he quickly turned around yelling, “Let’s go people, places everyone.”

Readying herself, she looked up at Jimmy as he pointed the camera on his shoulder at her, “In to the camera sweetie OK?”

Nodding once more, she sat her legs crossed, leaning forward, feeling as anxious as she ever had as Jimmy started with his questions. It was pretty standard stuff that he asked her to begin with, name, age, where she was from but the questioning quickly turned sexual.

Unable to relax with the questions and the eyes on her, Stevie was sat on the edge of the sofa; her chest pressed forward, her already enhanced cleavage pushed forward, oblivious to how it looked on camera. She felt like she was having an out of body experience as she tried to take in the scene around her but Jimmy kept pulling her back into the camera.

Her cheeks turned their usual shade of crimson, visible even through all of the makeup as Jimmy proceeded to ask, when she had last had sex, what her favourite position was and even as personal as what the biggest cock she had ever seen was. Stevie surprised herself with how comfortably she replied, “two days ago, doggy and 7″,” despite her horror at sharing such intimate details.

Her heart starting racing once more though as Jimmy with a glint in his eye smiled and with a naughty tone in his voice asked, “Shall we get you some company on the sofa then Stevie?”

Knowing there was only one answer, but feeling her new found confidence drain out of her, she forced a smile on her face as she looked at the camera and nodded, her voice quivering a little as she replied, “That would be nice.”

Looking away from the camera as she heard footsteps and movement canlı bahis behind the all the people working, Stevie didn’t know whether to smile or be even more nervous as she looked up to see the big smile, dark eyes and strong chest of Mike, her mind rushing back to a few days earlier when she had blown him and even tasted his cum on Kim’s lips, her cheeks burning once more at the thought.

Almost falling into him as his muscular frame sat down next to her in jeans, clearly tight around his crotch and a tight fitting white t-shirt showing off his pecks, Stevie could help but admire his body and admit to herself that he did turn her on, especially the thought of the huge cock he was hiding away.

As she looked up at him, she felt Mike’s large hand drop down onto her thigh, stroking the inside teasingly, such a soft touch for such a big guy, feeling a tingle run right through her body, hanging off his every word as he smiled, “Hi sweetie, you OK?”

Nodding to him, almost feeling like a smitten schoolgirl, Stevie just stared into his eyes but was brought back to the camera by Jimmy as he asked, “You ever been with a black guy before Stevie?”

Pausing for a moment as she looked into the camera thinking of her time with Mike but also her meeting with Amari and Dre, knowing she couldn’t say anything about that she just nervously shook her head.

Jimmy grinned at her from behind the camera clearly loving her innocent girl persona and her answer as he continued, “You’ve heard what they say though haven’t you? You and your girlfriends must talk.”

Staring into the camera once more knowing exactly what Jimmy was getting at not saying anything just instinctively turning her head looking up at Mike and then her gaze slowly travelling down to his crotch, a noticeable gasp escaping her lips as she realised Mike had his cock out and whilst one hand continued to stroke her thigh he was stroking his hardening cock with the other.

Feeling like time stood still as she sat looking at his cock, she’d seen it before but never had time to fully take it in, it was about 9″ long but it was the girth more than anything that sent shivers down her spine, it looked as thick as a coke tin, even Mike’s big hands only just wrapped around it as he stroked it.

She felt a gentle squeeze on her thigh, looking up at Mike as he just grinned at her, “Why don’t you say hello.” Noticeably sitting back and aiming his hard cock in her direction.

Gulping and taking a breath as she looked down from Mike’s gaze to his hard cock pointing in her direction, all thoughts of the cameras on her were gone now as she slowly leant down, moving towards the head of his cock as Mike kept it pointed in her direction, gently kissing the tip, a shiver running through her as she did, before letting her tongue lick around the large head of his hard cock.

Closing her eyes, Stevie opened her mouth wide, her lips stretching over the head of his cock, amazed when she managed to fit it between her lips, feeling Mike’s hand leave her thigh and move atop her head, expecting to feel pressure she was surprised to feel him sweep her hair back out of her face, momentarily thinking he was being nice before realising he was just allowing the camera to get a better shot of her taking his hard cock between her lips.

Groaning as she felt Mike’s hand resting on her head now, keeping her hair out of her face, she slowly worked up and down, her tongue lapping at the head of his cock inside her mouth as she bobbed up and down on the first few inches of his fat cock, barely able to manage anymore before she felt it stretch her mouth to the limit.

Her heart racing, Stevie was lost in the moment now, her hand nervously reached up, gently cupping Mike’s balls as she kept working up and down his fat cock, her saliva dripping down his long shaft, gagging occasionally as the head of his cock pressed at her throat.

Stevie was so lost in the moment of working her mouth up and down Mike’s huge cock she didn’t notice the movement in the room until she felt another body sitting the opposite side to her, feeling a hand stroking over her thigh, she didn’t want to let go of Mike’s cock but couldn’t help herself as she lifted up off of Mike’s cock and sat up.

Not even thinking what she must look like, trying to catch her breath, she looked up at another black guy, taller than Mike, not as muscular, but more handsome than Mike, he had a charm about him, clear blue eyes and a smile that had charmed plenty of women into bed in the past. Stevie just looked at him for a moment, gasping for breath still from trying to manage Mike’s cock, she let her gaze travel down, looking down at his hand stroking the opposite thigh to the one that Mike has been stroking.

Never stopping his gently stroking, he just smiled at her, “Hope you don’t mind, my names Devante and you looked like you could do with a little more company.”

Before she had time to answer, she felt Mike sliding her hair to one side again as he leant into her and pressed his big lips to her neck kissing gently, sending a shiver straight to Stevie’s core, her eyes closing his kisses feeling so nice, as she let Mike speak for her, “She doesn’t mind, do you Stevie?”

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