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I had been given one bit of advice, passed as a note with the dessert plate. “Don’t fuck it up man – she’s way fucking hotter and cooler than anyone you’ve ever been with.” It was signed by the whole staff. Mirabelle saw the note, grabbed it read it, and said “they’ve got that right.” She took my hand, guided it under the table and right to her crotch. Steaming hot and damp would be an understatement. “Get me out of here and take me home right now or I’ll never speak to you again!” She winked, grinned, and pressed my hand harder into her crotch.

We tumbled through my front door. My foot was throbbing. We were full from truly inspired not-on-the-menu creations. I had treated the wine cellar gently but not too gently and we had made out like an entire party of sex-starved ecstasy-munching porn stars at every possible stop on the way home. Everything was groped, pinched, caressed and fondled to the point that Mirabelle said “you’re getting sucked and you’re going to explode in my mouth because the last thing that’s going to happen is you sticking that big dick in me, pumping twice and cuming. I’m going to empty you out first and THEN you’re going to fuck the daylights out of me! Right?” “Right” I responded immediately. Never argue with a lady!

We went straight to my bedroom – no house tour – and as I proceeded to light the candles that are all over the room and plugged in the mp3 player, Mirabelle stretched out on her side with one leg raised and bent at the knee, on the bed watching me. “I want to see you – slowly” she said. I looked over and marveled at her beauty and her size. Never before had a large woman turned me on so much. I knew I would cum quickly with the slightest stimulation at all but now she was driving me crazy. As I looked at her she smiled and not taking her eyes off of mine, moved her hand down to her pants clasp, undid the button at the top of her shorts, slowly slid the zipper down and then her hand disappeared down inside her panties. It was easy to tell when she found what she was looking for – she looked at me with half-closed eyes and just said “mmmmmmmm” as she arched her back. The effect was brutal on me. Her huge breasts, still covered, thrust out further and her big ass thrust back with a lustful mind of its own.

“Aaron – you, you need to start taking those clothes off for me” she groaned.

“Keep playing with yourself baby – that is so fucking hot watching you” I replied.

“I can tell you like it when I stroke my pussy – look at your pants babe” she said.

I looked down and not only was my erection huge but a big wet spot had formed where my head met my slacks. “Oooh I want to taste that honey right now – come here!” she demanded.

I moved over to the bed and Mirabelle simply engulfed my cock head sucking at the spot on my slacks making me jump from the contact. And then she came for the first time that night. Her hand was still busy working her pussy inside her pants when she cried out and stiffened up. A huge wet spot spread out at the crotch of her shorts as if she had peed and then she did something that turned me on even more if that was possible. She brought her hand up to her mouth and started licking her bostancı escort bayan fingers.

“Oh god… save some of that for me baby” I hoarsely groaned.

“Oh don’t worry baby – there’s plenty where that came from” she grinned. “I hope you like it wet baby because that’s what you’re going to get with me…”

I pulled back from her, dropped to my knees and buried my face in her crotch. This woman smelled like ambrosia… pussy and perfume flooded my senses and I just simply buried my face into her womanhood and nuzzled her soaked crotch. I needed to get our clothes off and now.

“Not so fast there buddy…” she grinned. After holding head my head in her hands at her pussy and grinding away for a few moments. She took my hands gently in hers and led me up to stand with her. She pulled me to her and treated me to the best if not longest tongue lashing kiss I’ve ever experienced. We just stood there, my cock screaming hard between us as we both grabbed each other’s asses, trying pull each other closer, kissing each other ferociously as if it were our last meal. Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore and I reached up between us and grabbing the bottom of Mirabelles’ top I pulled it up and practically ripped it into pieces getting it off her.

“I’ll pay” I growled as I pulled her back to me with those huge bra encased breasts crushing into my chest. “So much for slowly” she giggled. Then Mirabelle did the same to me destroying one of my favorite shirts. “I’ll pay” she laughed as she pulled me back to her and we renewed our lip lock with vigor. Again our hands roamed everywhere. Her skin felt like it was on fire and she shivered with every stroke and fondle I applied.

I needed to gaze upon her naked chest. I reached back around her and pulled back a bit looking into her eyes. I hugged her to me and reached around putting my hands on the clasp of her bra and she just smiled and nodded yes. She reached down to hold my cock through my pants. I undid the first clasp and felt her gently squeeze my dick. I undid the second clasp and she squeezed me again. I undid the third clasp and with that Mirabelle pushed me back on the bed. She very slowly crossed her arms up to her shoulder straps and looking at me pulled her bra away spilling breasts everywhere.

Never in my life have I ever seen – even when surfing porn on the net for huge tits – such magnificent breasts. They hung to just above her midriff and did not need her hands on either side to create a deep cleavage between them. Her areolas were a light mocha brown and large like little pancakes and her dark pink nipples, perfectly centered, were about an inch long, which had my mouth watering just thinking about playing these beauties until I made this woman squirm in heat! “Do you like them Aaron?” she asked.

“Oh god honey they really are unbelievably beautiful. I have to ask… what is your size baby?”

“Last time I had them measured for bras they came out as 52 double g’s.” she giggled. “I have to get custom bras made.”

She came to me lying shirtless on the bed and grabbed my slacks. “It’s time for these to go” and with that she pulled my pants down with ümraniye escort my underwear only slowing to gently remove shoes and socks past my feet. She took extra care with my injured ankle though at this point it was feeling just fine. In fact I couldn’t have cared less if she crushed it again right then and there.

She stood between my legs staring at my rock hard cock pressed against my belly and smiled. “Mmmm I’m going to ruin that big cocks’ desire for any other women – forever more…” she grinned.

“Now I’m naked and you’re not…. No fair … I’m begging you baby… take it all off… I need to feast my eyes on you too!” I pleaded.

She gave me a sly smile, reached for the sides of her shorts and peeled them off slowly bending at the waist as she lowered them to the floor in a puddle at her feet. This caused her breasts to dance along my shins which sent shivers through me.

She then slowly stood up. I just couldn’t say a thing. Before me stood a goddess – a paragon of womanhood. Her public mound was lightly covered with a neatly trimmed landing strip of dark brown hair while everything below was shaved smooth and clean. Her lips were obviously swollen from excitement and I could see her labia extending past her outer lips. God she was beautiful. “Please Mirabelle, turn around for me?” I pleaded. She grinned and ever so slowly turned around to reveal the sexiest big ass I could never imagine. Two big globes of perfectly round cheeks split by her deep cleft, without a ripple or blemish anywhere were presented to my hungry eyes. When her back was to me she slowly bent down until that stunningly sexy big butt was pointing right at me. She then reached back and grabbed a cheek in each and hand and slowly spread herself open to my gaze. Oh man I needed to love to this woman and bad. My cock was leaking like an old dripping faucet and the room already was perfumed with sex.

She slowly stood and turned back to me. “Did you like what you saw baby? It’s all for you if you’re man enough to claim it” she smiled. All I could do was groan.

She then got on her knees between my legs and slowly worked her way up, planting kisses and little licks up further and further until she was face to face with my balls. She placed her face right in my crotch and inhaled deeply. She then did something no other lover had ever done. She took a leg in each hand and gently coaxed them apart, bending them at the knees until I was spread wide open like a woman ready for fucking. And then she started in on me in ways I never had experienced. Looking into my eyes she moved in and pressed her tongue right to my asshole and slowly licked up and down my balls, taking each one in her mouth gently and then moving back down to my ass – all the while staring at me with pure lust. Then she danced the tip of her tongue up either side of my crotch at the juncture of my inner thighs over and over again. She worked me like this for a good five minutes and I was lost. I was squirming. I was moaning like a wild animal in heat and she hadn’t even touched my cock yet. Then it came with a sudden ferocity that stunned me. In a flash she had my cock in her mouth and a hand at the escort kartal base jerking me with skill while her tongue danced all around the head. I was so primed that I moaned out “oh baby I’m going to cum” and with that she clamped her lips around just the head and jerked what must have been ten full squirts from my cock into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed never letting up on me for a second as my orgasm tore through my body.

I was seeing stars and grasping for breath, my toes cramped and curled, when I felt her crawl up and plant a deep open mouthed kiss on me. I tasted myself on her and was loving every minute of it – something I had not expected. Her hand never left my cock and was gently stroking it, already urging me back to life. I was having none of it!

“My turn! Now get up here and bury me! I’m going to eat you till you beg me to stop …” I growled.

“Yes baby – that’s it – need that pussy – crave my pussy – claim it baby” and with that she scooted up and turned around and crouched over my face. I reached up and grabbed her hips and pulled her to my face. I planted may face firmly into her crotch and just started rubbing it everywhere. I could not get enough of this womans’ scent and taste – I wanted it permeating everything my brain could store in sense memory to recall at a moment’s notice till the day I died. It dawned on me in a blinding flash that this is what is referred to as a chemical bonding – when two peoples chemistry match up in a way that is absolutely perfect. Never had I felt this way, so powerful, so animal, so pure, as at this moment. I went to town! It was my turn to turn my lover into a puddle of quivering delight and I dove in with gusto. From her clit to deep inside her slippery hole, to her anus and back I ate this woman like a man possessed while she bucked and rode my face for all she was worth. She didn’t have a choice – I refused to let go of her and held her to me with all the strength I had and just kept worshiping her every nook, hole and cranny.

Moaning? Not even close. Mirabelle was wailing with joy and damn if this woman could produce cum like a fire hose. Every time a spasm ran through her she would squirt a little and my god – it was sweet and salty at the same time. Finally it was time. I wanted her to explode like she had done to me so quickly I slid one hand around from holding her and slipped two fingers deep into her pussy and used my pinkie to tickle her asshole, while I sucked her clit into my mouth pulling it even further from its hood. I swirled it with my tongue and the moment I touched her g-spot she clenched her thighs around my head and screamed – and gushed an orgasm from her pussy like I’ve only heard about. I was being sprayed with an amazing fountain of pussy juice… I was relishing it and wanting more.

Mirabelle literally collapsed to my side, twitching and trying to catch her breath. I quickly changed positions and held her to me kissing her face gently. She was gasping in between twitching through the aftershocks of her intense orgasm and then wrapped her arm over me and said “oh baby – I’ve been waiting for you forever!” just before delivering a passionate kiss that send me reeling yet again.

We drifted in each other’s arms for a while when Mirabelle softly said “don’t think you’re done for the night. That cock is going to hurt

as much as my pussy and ass tomorrow.” Did I just hear right?

To be continued in Part 4

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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